195 Episode 191 Magic Battle ②

 A fierce battle continues to rage on the south side of the La Porca Fortress. A troop of 5,000 men rising from the eastern stairs, with the help of summons, has finally reached the top of the outer wall.
 Led by the spiritist Gatluga, who came from the west stairway, they're engaged in a pincer shootout with three thousand men, aiming to sweep and occupy the monsters on the outer wall.

 If you take the hull, you'll be able to attack the hexenbiest from the highest point in the fortress, which cannot be defended.
 The capture of the Lapolka Fortress is in its final phase.

 Meanwhile, the battle between Aren's group and the demon tribe is still going on.

 The demon Glaster, who controlled Lapolka Fortress, told his fellow demon Yagov to open the extra gate.

 Yagov's body shook like a shimmering fire.
 Then, from the blown and shattered wall of the building, he rushes toward Dogora.

 With his fist raised wide and close to Dogora.

(Demon race is extra skill! (Remove, and come out the mirror)

 Allen instantly aims for the best answer.
 A dragon B summon disappears in an instant, and a stone B summon appears between Dogora and Yagov.

 A large shield, like a shiny round mirror, is raised to meet the attack of Yagov.
 As it is, Yagov puts all his strength into destroying the shield.

 The shield is cracked, but the power of the attack is completely killed.
 And with a flash of light, Yagov is blown away.

(Oh! (As expected from a brave man who also bounced back)


 Glaster yells at Yagov as he is blown away.

"Fire of Fury, Nine Chews!

 But Allen does not miss this opportunity. Let the remaining two summons use their awakening skills.
 I had the summons on standby with the assumption that they would blow up the Yagov.
 It doesn't give the blown-up Yagov time to stand up, and uses its Awakening Skill to chase after it.

I've killed a demon. I've got 6.4 million experience.

I've got experience from the demon tribe. It's about 80% of the total, but it should be about 8 million. Still, he can use extra skills? So the demon tribe calls it the extra gate.

 Get unprecedented experience over dragons.


Well, two more.

 To an agitated Glaster, Allen nonchalantly says, "We're almost there.

Who are you? Not an elf, is it?

(Do you want to know who we are here?)

"Huh? I'm not going to answer that. You worry about your life before you worry about mine.


 Allen and Glaster start a conversation, and so their friends stop fighting.
 Nephthira also listens carefully to their conversation.

"We're not letting you go alive. I mean you'll be killed here. You have tossed Rosenheim into chaos. You will pay for it with your death.


(Honestly, it would have been better if you had run away. It would have been more fun for me. We'll be able to follow the spirit B summoner. (We also need to gather information on this guy, Demon God Razel.

 The summoner of Spirit B has been gathering information in the fortress of Lapolka, near Glaster and the other demons, while having tea with them.
 We have not yet sent them to the Demon Goddess Razel, who is said to be in the capital city of Forthenia and is responsible for the invasion of Rosenheim.

 It's because we decided that if Spirit B summonses appeared in both Lapolka Fortress and Fortenia, it might somehow be revealed that they are doing espionage work.

 Ideally, along with the three demons led by a fleeing Glaster, the Spirit B summoner should also invade Forthenia.

 However, an enraged Glaster arrived with Nephthira and Yagov.

(Well, that's a lot of defeat. Apparently, there's a pretty heavy blame for the defeat. I have no sympathy for you.

Dogora will have to deal with this one too. Its attack power is ridiculously high. Evade or die.

"Yeah, okay. I'm sorry about earlier.

 Dogora again holds the big axe and apologizes to Allen for being protected from Yagov's attack.

 Thus begins the battle after Yagov is killed.
 The attacks continue against Glaster with the greatsword, surrounding him at a distance.

Now let everyone else take Glaster's place while he takes out Nephthira, who is loitering in the background.

 Allen has decided that Nephthira is his next target.

 Nephthira is the next target, as she will be able to recover Glaster and cast an attacking spell while defending herself from a safe position.

 Nephthira, too, doesn't seem to have the luxury of using offensive magic as she concentrates on covering Glaster as Allen's companions bombard her with fire. She is desperately trying to cast a recovery spell on Glaster.

(The summoner shows us how different he is from the other vanguard and rear guard.

 The vanguard carries a weapon and attacks at close quarters.
 The rear guard uses magic and attacks from a distance.
 This style of combat is common.
 Allen is a summoner and is completely in the rear guard, as he was told by the brave Helmios that his status type is similar to that of a great mage.

"Dora Dora, go Kellorin.




 Further behind Nephthira, who takes cover behind Glaster, two summonses are summoned.
 Before Nephthira can turn around, she's being attacked as well.

Ugh, now that we beat Jagov, it's easier to attack. I'm sure this one can use extra skills too. Let's just take him down.

"Dora Dora, use the flames of anger

 Deleted, regenerated dragon B summoner uses the newly awakened skills.
 A number of buildings are turned to charcoal.

 A similarly regenerated and re-summoned Beast B summoner awaits in Nephthira's blown-up destination.

 Activate the Awakening Skill "9 Bites and Shatters".

 Allen is at a distance against the enemy, but he uses the summoner to unleash a close-range physical attack without pause.
 The Summoner is the rear guard, but summons can be of both vanguard and rear guard types.
 It doesn't matter whether your opponent is in the rear or the vanguard.
 The strength of the summoner is that he can attack at each of their weaknesses.

 However, there seems to be no stopping Nephthira, who continues to do her best to cast a recovery spell on herself while being attacked, including the summoner's awakening skills.

I'm pretty stubborn. You might get to be the old man first. There's no time to cast a recovery spell on the old man, so make sure you drain his strength. Fall back once he applies his extra skill.


 Nephthira, who I thought could be defeated quickly due to her low endurance in the rear guard, persists unexpectedly, so I modify my strategy.

I'm not sure what to expect. So the liberator has emerged among humans: ......

"Hmm? Liberator?

 Glaster noticed something in the situation and spoke up.
 Allen doesn't know the meaning of the words, and asks himself, "Is that why I lost?

So that's why we lost. Was it you or were you the answer: ......

 Then Glaster glares at Allen.
 Glaster is glaring at you, but his earlier exuberance has died down and he is somewhat calm.

"Hey, old man, what's a liberator?

You don't know your place. Well, you're among human beings. But with a liberator in the room, it's a different story.

 Then Glaster's body begins to shimmer like a shimmer.

Nephthira! This is where I buy my time. Tell Lord Hazel the demon goddess Razel that we have a liberator!


 Nephthira is astonished.
 Glaster asks her to give him information about what happened here in exchange for her life.
 It seems that he believes they cannot defeat Allen and the others on their own.


"Yes, yes!

(Well, not good)

 Nephthira shows her back and begins to run away as fast as she can. What Nephthira has is the knowledge of the battle with Allen and his men.

"Krsna, activate extra skills, now!

"Yeah, I get it!

 Krena also invokes extra skills and fights back against Glaster, whose body shimmers like a flame as he heads straight for Allen. Darkness is leaking from Glaster's great sword.

"Well, you're a swordsman.

 Their great swords clash with each other as Krsna tries to keep them from going to Allen.
 He is more than an equal to Krsna, who has raised his status by breaking through the limit.

(Is it too tough even for Krsna? The enemy's extra skill is very unpredictable. Nephthira is running too fast.

 Allen leaves Krsna to deal with Glaster's extra skill, and goes to chase after Nephthira, but Glaster stands in his way.

 He uses his summoner to attack Nephthira, but he is unable to stop her as she continues to cast her own recovery spell on him with all her might, and in the blink of an eye, she disappears completely from sight.

 If you send the summoner out into the chase any longer, it will just let Fortenia escape. Allen is focused on defeating Glaster.

 But without any recovery magic, Glaster was completely beaten by Allen and his team. With his eyes fixed on Allen and his team, just before he collapses to the ground, he squeezes out, "Ha-ha, how's it going?

Ha, ha, ha, we've won. You're going to die for sure. Don't think you're a match for the demon goddess Razel with that much power. ......

 Then Glaster's body turns to ashes and disappears. He is defeated and about to disappear, but his face is twisted with joy.

I've killed a higher demon. I have gained 32 million experience. Experience is now 10 billion/10 billion. Your level has increased to 65. Your strength has increased by 50. Your magic power has been increased by 80. Your attack power has been increased by 28. Endurance increased by 28. Speed has been increased by 52. Knowledge has been increased by 80. Good luck has been increased by 52. The Seal of Command has been lifted.

 Even with 32 million in experience, it's not a complete victory.

It's like the seal of command has been broken.

I'm sorry you got away.

Well, there's no choice. We'll just have to switch it up. It looks like we've got the outer wall completely occupied. Let's go back and focus on hunting monsters.

 After saying this, I joined the elven army that occupied the outer wall to eradicate the monsters and joined the battle to clean up the monsters.

 Thus, after defeating the two demons and wiping out the monsters, Aren and his army of elves were able to take possession of the fortress of Lapolka. However, Nephthira, who had escaped, went to tell the demon god Razel about Allen.