196 Art. 192. Prayer

 The elves have successfully captured the Rapolka Fortress, which is controlled by 300,000 hexenbiest with an army of 50,000.

 All cities have already been contacted through Spirit B's summons.
 Upon hearing the miraculous news, the elven folk offered prayers of thanks to the Spirit King and wished the queen peace. Allen tells the generals that he does not need to speak publicly about his affairs.

 We've defeated most of the monsters and captured the fortress, but there is still more work to be done.
 If we use this fortress from now on, we can't risk having a hexenbiest lurking somewhere in it.
 The monster king's army may have been thinking of hiding in the fortress, and they have placed many monsters such as skeletons and other dead spirits or armor that do not need to eat in this fortress.

 Since it would be unacceptable for these monsters to be hiding in the building, the scouts, who have a high ability to detect them, are mainly responsible for sweeping the building. They have been working with tireless summonses who work tirelessly and tirelessly to capture the Lapolka Fortress completely.

 Allen and his team will return to the city of Tiamo with General Luchidrall.
 The front line is important, but we must talk with the queen and generals about the future.

"Hey, Allen. I'm sorry I let you get away.

 Krsna is sitting behind Allen, who is sitting on the summoner of Bird B. It's late at night, and I'm about to arrive in the city of Tiamo tonight without making a blessing.
 It's late at night, so I didn't make a blessing, and I'm trying to get her to use her Awakening Skill 'Heavenly Drive' to reach the city of Tiamo tonight.


 I was going to pick up Cecil or Folmar and head back to town, but today Krsna said she would ride with me, so I decided to ride with her to town. It seems that Krsna wanted to talk to you alone.

If I had been more proficient with my extra skill, I wouldn't have had to tell you about Allen.

(Oh, you mean. . that's why I'm so depressed.)

Well, I don't know. Even if I'd been able to use my skills in that situation, I would have let him go. Besides.

 Nephthira was running away with great speed. She was reasonably quick, and it would be very difficult for her to defeat an opponent who had cast a recovery spell on her to escape.

 If you let the summons fighting with the elves chase you, you'll be leaving the elves to die.
 And Glaster, who had invoked Extra Skill, was such a formidable foe that it was hard to believe this was the equivalent of an A-ranked power.
 If it hadn't been for Allen, you would have left your comrades to die against a foe so strong that it would have taken you more than an hour to defeat it. I don't think there was any way he would have gone after them himself.

"And then?

"There's no use regretting the past. I was able to bring an Elly along with me. Well, now you have everything you need to meet the demon Razel.

 Currently, Nephthira is heading to Forthenia with great speed. At the moment Nephthira escaped, I managed to get Spirit B's summoner to follow her in the building where Glaster was, so it can be said that the conditions for meeting the Demon Goddess Raisel are now in place.

...... I see.

"I'm glad you can talk like that, too. I'm so happy for you, Dr. Allen.


 Leaning forward, Krsna snickers both cheeks from behind.

"Just kidding. Besides, it's important to run away like he did.

 Like Nephthira, they say it's important to escape.

"Huh? Running away? Don't you fight hard?

"Of course, I used to run away a lot, too. Confronting them isn't the only way to fight, you know.

 You may not always be able to defeat the first enemy. If you can't beat them, despite your efforts, they say the only way to win is to run. When Allen fought the assassin Dagrach, he chose to run.

I get it.

 It seemed to be a difficult story for Krena. She's craning her neck to try to understand what Allen was saying.

It was information that would have leaked at some point anyway. But it's still a lot of information to learn. Demons can use extra skills. I wonder what a liberator is. I know Sophie said she didn't know, but is that a demon term or something? (Do you think the Spirit King knows it?

 In the fight against the demon race, there are many things that I was able to learn.

 I arrived in the city of Tiamo in the middle of the night because of the summoned beast of Bird B with the Awakening Skill "Heavenly Drive".
 The queen and the generals were closed for the day, so we decided to talk about the future tomorrow.

 And dawn breaks.
 The breakfast is getting richer and richer, you think, and you enjoy the slightly lightly flavored elven food.

Good morning. Did you sleep well?

Good morning. Yes, I slept very well.

 Some time after dawn I came to the hall where the queen is.
 The generals seem to be in a good mood.

 I guess dropping the fortress of Lapolka was the best news they've ever had.

(Something to be thanked.) Hmm? It's morning and the Spirit King is still sleeping today. (I haven't seen him awake lately.

 Allen has no particular desire to be a hero. I was thanked for my services in the frontier villages and in the city of Granville, but I only did it because I had to. Now I'm only helping Rosenheim because it's in trouble.

 The Spirit King, with the appearance of a flying flying squirrel, sleeps soundly on the queen's lap.

 I asked if it was okay to talk about the future, and both the queen and generals said it was okay, so Allen spoke up.

As for the future, we were able to take down the fortress of Lapolka in a short period of time, which bought us a lot of time before the four million troops of the Demon King's army in reserve arrived.

 It seems that the demon king's army was divided into two groups, and the one attacking from the north just landed in Rosenheim. The distance from the north end to Lapolka Fortress is not enough to attack the demon king's army, which moves faster than people, in just a few days.

 The demon king's army coming from the south by sea is also about the same distance.

''Oh, wow!

"Mr. Allen, where should I start?

(What, can I decide on everything?)

 I was only going to help you fight the Demon King's army when I came here, but now I think I'm in a very in-depth position. I think that the eradication of a million troops and the capture of the Lapolka Fortress may have had a significant effect on you.

Yes, I think so. I think there are two things.

 Allen said what he was thinking.

 The first is to have the place south of the fortress of Lapolka under his complete control. The land south of the fortress is vast, and there are several cities that have been dropped by magical beasts. I say that you should strike them as soon as possible because you don't want them to congregate in groups.
 If you're left alone, the Demon King's army will come from the north and shoot you down.
 The demonic beast has left the city where it was based, so he says now is the time to defeat it.

 The other is to move the headquarters of the elven army to the fortress of Lapolka.
 This time I will dispatch at least 300,000 troops to Rapolka Fortress to strengthen the defense.

But what do we do about the demon king's army coming to the city of Nest?

"We'd like to take care of it ourselves, just in case. I think the city of Nest needs 100,000 troops in case we're overtaken.

 Out of the army of the elves, which numbered 600,000 strong, I tell them to move 300,000 men to the fortress of Lapolka and 100,000 to the city of Nest. With three million men from the north and one million approaching from the south, both north and south will fight with ten times their strength.

 Is that so, the queen replies.
 You said you would stop the one million troops, but you don't seem to have any objections.

(This is going to be a tough battle, but now let's see what we can do. We need to analyze our commanding skills and formulate a plan as soon as possible. (How many days do we have left?)

 Rosenheim's northernmost fortress fell with an army of three million men.
 This northernmost fortress has an outer wall twice as high as La Porca's.
 After climbing over this wall, the monsters attacked it. I've heard that many flying monsters have come through here too.

 This time, we must defend it with a fortress half the size of La Porca.
 We'll have to deal with the seaway and the pincer attack.

(I have to believe it's more than just a fast summoning skill.)

 I think the strategy will change depending on the results of the analysis of the commanding skills.

Thank you for everything. The battle isn't over yet, but the people have voiced some of their concerns. Let me say thank you as queen. Thank you.

"No, it's thanks to the soldiers for their hard work. Speaking of which, I heard something from the demon tribe in the Lapolka Fortress that worries me, does your Majesty or anyone else here know of it?

"Excuse me?

"The demons used to call me a liberator. Who has ever heard of a liberator?

 "What is a liberator?" and both the queen and the generals begin to nod their heads.
 Apparently, no one here can answer that question.

I wonder if the Spirit King knows. I wonder if the Spirit King knows. I need you to get up. Will you wake up if I call you?

 So I was about to speak to the sleeping spirit king.

"There seems to be a fullness of prayer.


 The Spirit King closed his eyes and, still in the navel, let out a single voice.
 And then the light began to flood from his body.

(Huh?) What is it? (What started?)

"Excuse me, Spiritual King. Hello?

Oh, the descendants of the prayer maiden. It seems that your prayers for me are about to be filled. A little early, but the deeds of the boy in front of me have done me a favor many times. Ha ha.

 Floating in the air, light leaks from his body as the spirit king speaks.

(Shoulder? What did I do?

 I didn't realize that Allen had something on his shoulders.

"Oh, you're going to be a genie god, aren't you?

 Large tears are flowing from the queen's eyes.

Yes. It looks like I'll be a genie god soon. I never imagined at the time that this would happen. I'm terrible at foresight of my own destiny. Ha ha.

 After affirming the queen's question, the Spirit King slowly descends once more into the queen's lap with the light still in his body.

(When was that time? Mmm, the generals and Sophie are crying a lot. Should I cry too? (I can't keep up with it)

 Sophie and Folmar beside her are both crying. Even the generals standing in line were sobbing with joy.

 While non-Elf Allen and his companions were baffled, the Spirit King was enveloped in light.