197 Art. 193 Directing

 I talked with the queen and generals about the future.

 As for the Demon King's army of three million reserve troops coming from the north, they will be led by the elves.

 Allen and his men will fight the one million demon king's army advancing southward across the ocean.

 The last time we fought a million hexenbiest army in the city of Tiamo, we only managed to kill 400,000 hexenbiest in three days. This time, I'm thinking of eradicating all monsters.

 The city of Nest is a port city, so it's easy to get to and from the sea.
 If tens or hundreds of thousands of Demon King's army would invade the city from inside the port, it would cause a catastrophe. It must be eradicated for sure.

 I was going to ask the Spirit King about the liberator, but I couldn't because the Spirit King began to twinkle. I don't want to ask the Spirit King who is trying to become a Spirit God until I wake him up, so I'll ask him the next time I wake up.

 After finishing the meeting quickly, Allen and his friends moved to a point between the city of Tiamo and the fortress of Lapolka.

 A short distance ahead are the remnants of the demon king's army.

 South of the fortress, the demon king's army is scattered in the tens of thousands.
 Although the Demon King's army is too strong to be called a remnant, this time we will use it to analyze their commanding skills.

What kind of skills do you think it is?

"Yeah. I don't know. I'm sure it's a more useful skill than high-speed summoning, though.

 Normal mode reaches its growth limit at level 60, skill level 6.

 Allen exceeded the limits of normal mode when he reached summon level 7.
 The skills available to him at that time were Fast Summoning and Directing.

 The High Speed Summoning was available as soon as he learned it.
 However, you couldn't use Directing until you reached level 65.
 After the battle against the demon tribe, the seal was finally lifted when you reached level 65.
 As I continued to gain experience to break the seal, the army of the three million demon kings who attacked Rosenheim had been cut in half.
 It was a matter of how many demonic beasts they had to hunt.

 There are often several conditions related to unlocking the use of a sealed skill, such as level, skill level, and status limit.
 I'm convinced that this level limit is just like that in Allen's mind.

 And Allen knows that the more stringent the skill is, the more useful it is.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 65
 Physical strength] 1765
 Magic power] 2780 + 1000 (ring)
 Attack Power] 976
 Endurance] 976 + 1300
 [Quickness] 1819 + 560
 Intelligence] 2790 + 1860
 Fortune 1819

 Skills] Summons <7>, Create <7>, Combine <7>, Strengthen <7>, Awaken <7>, Expand <6>, Stow, Share, Fast Summons, Commanding, Delete, Swordplay <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 9,089,285/20 billion

Skill level
 Summons 7
 [Born] 7
 [Combined] 7
 Enhancements 7
 Awakening 7

Skills Experience
 7,833,218/1 billion

 7,756,875/1 billion
 Strengthening] 271,264,760/1 billion
 Awakening: 12,765,800 per billion

Obtainable Summons
 [Beast] BCDEFGH
 Bird ] BCDEFG
 [Grass] BCDEF
 Stone ] BCDE
 Fish ] BCD
 [Spirit] BC
 Dragon B

 [ Bug ] 
 Birds] 6 E, 5 B
 [ Grass ] 
 [ Stone ] 
 [ Fish ] 
 [Spirit] B13 sheets
 [ dragon ] 

 Rings equipped with magic +1000 and magic recovery rings

 Currently, Allen's card holder is rattled because it's not yet engaged with the Demon King's army.

(As I can see, it's been about four months since I fought a hero. So his level has increased by 10 since then? Did you gain about 300 million skill experience from the magic recovery ring and the war? I still have a long way to go.

 Check your growth by looking at the grimoire.
 Allen checks his status every morning, noon, and night, even if there is no change.

 All the while, his status kept rising by the same amount.
 However, when he reached level 61, his status increased by twice the amount he had previously gained.
 I think it might be because I've passed the normal mode.

 Thanks to the magic recovery ring, you can now earn skill experience without buying magic stones from the Adventurer's Guild. Naturally, I haven't stopped buying magic stones in order to gain skill experience as much as possible.

 Earning skill experience in favor of enhancements has also not changed.

 Strengthening skills can be used regardless of the summoning level, and the benefits are great.
 Even if you raise your Awakened skill, you can't summon an A-ranked summoner, so it's an afterthought. Furthermore, in the 20 days since I came to Rosenheim, I have had more opportunities to use my Awakening Skill to use Heaven's Blessings. I'm generating 2,000 heavenly blessings a day.

(Hmm, I don't need skill experience after breaking the seal. So commanding is a skill that does not require skill experience and has a fixed effect. Is it correct to assume that it doesn't consume magic power either?

 Anticipate the effect of a skill before it is activated.
 Skills that do not require skill experience, such as sharing and storage, do not consume magic and have a constant effect.

Let's try it on Hawk then.

 In the meantime, I'm going to try with the bird E summons.


 Cecil, riding in the back, responds.
 Allen calls the summoner of Bird E to his side and activates the commanding motion.

'Huh? Not triggered?


 There is no change in the summons of Bird E. I check the grimoire, wondering if the effect is invisible to the eye. When in doubt, some kind of log will often appear on the cover of the grimoire, so I'll check based on that.

'Cannot be activated on E-ranked summons. The commanding skill is a skill only for B-rank summons.

"What? They say it's only good for B-grade.

"Heh. .

 A few hundred meters above the ground with no safety belt, Cecil grabbed Allen by the shoulders and peered into the grimoire. It's not a good idea, but I think that even if the two of us fell together, if I held Cecil and summoned him at high speed to increase my endurance, my leg would not be broken and I would be safe.

''Hmm~, well then, Dradora, come out.

"Oh, Mister Allen. What is it?

I'm going to use my commanding skills now.


 Thinking that it won't react because of the distance to the army of monsters, you take out the dragon B summoner.
 I'm going to activate my commanding skill.

What do you think? What!


"Oh? Oh, whoa! d*mn, I'm feeling empowered! I have become a "General"!

 The impact in front of them causes Allen and Cecil to scream before they can see the effect of the skill's activation. So do the other companions on the other bird B summons.

 The size of Dragon B's summons, which can reach 10 meters in length, doubled when the commanding skill was activated. Its body muscles became more muscular, and its horns and fangs grew larger, making it look even more ferocious.

(Huh? Becoming a "general"? Oh! (A new page has been added to the grimoire!

 Allen was surprised to see a new page added to the grimoire. The new page that was added shows the new status of the dragon B summoner using commanding.

 [Sort] Dragon
 [Rank] B
 Name】 Dora Dora Dora
 Body strength] 5600
 Magical power] 2000
 Attack Power] 6000
 Endurance] 5800
 Quickness] 6000
 Intelligence] 3600
 Fortune] 3200

 Protection: Attack power 100, speed 100, breath resistance high
 Special skills] Hydration, spitting fire
 Awakening the fire of anger

Oh, all stats have been doubled. This ranks right up there with the best of the A-rated ones. Huh? The 'weaponization' skill is growing.

 While looking at the grimoire, Allen noticed that a special skill called 'weaponization' has been added to the status column's specialties.

Dradra, a skill called 'weaponization' has been added. What is this?

"Hmm? Probably this one'

 The dragon B summoner seemed to know what this was instinctively.
 He turned to Allen and told him that he could militaryize a summoner of the same lineage.

'I see...for now, I'll give you another Dradra to use.

"Okay, I get it.

 Allen brings out the dragon B summoner and lets the commanding dragon B summoner use his special weaponry.

Oh, it's getting big!


 Visible changes occur in the weaponized dragon B as well.
 Dragon B's summons have increased in size by 1.5 times due to the special skill of Hydration.
 If you look at the grimoire, you'll see that the status of the dragon B's summoner was changed through the use of his weaponry.

 Sort] Dragon
 [Grade] Soldier
 [Rank] B
 Name】 Dora Dora Dora
 Body strength] 4200
 Magic power] 1500
 Attack Power] 4500
 Endurance] 4350
 Quickness] 4500
 Knowledge] 2700
 Fortune 2400
 Protection: Attack power 100, speed 100, breath resistance high
 Special Skill] Spitting fire
 Awakening the fire of anger

(Hmmm, so its status is multiplied by 1.5 when it's turned into a soldier? I see, so "commanding" is a skill that puts a summoner into a commanding state and makes it possible to create an army?

 Somehow I'm starting to see the full scope of the skill.

"This sounds like a pretty useful skill. Let's do some more tests.

I like that. I see.

 Allen was to proceed with further analysis of commanding skills.