198 Art. 194 The Devil Razelle

 Allen spent another hour examining the commanding process to see if it was possible to do this, not so much this, not so much that.

 What we learned from the commanding
Cannot be commanded unless there is a summoner within 50 meters
Release can be more than 50 meters away if shared
You can only command one body in one system
No magic power is consumed to activate the skill

 What we found out in the military
Any number of commanding summons can be soldiered
Only summonses of the same lineage can be weaponized
Automatically released when you are 100 meters away from a commanding summoner

(Somehow, it's close to sharing. Does the weaponization have to be near a commanding summoner? Is this both a disadvantage and a constraint? (Then what happens to baby Aripon?)


 Allen's shoulders are shaking as he examines the situation intently.
 You'll be able to see that Cecil is looking at it over his back with warm eyes.
 Cecil recalls that she was examining it like this when she was summoned to level 6 during the dungeon attack.

 You'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

It's a bit difficult to verify if this is the case. Let's examine it while we fight the demon king's army for a while.


 Allen called out to his friends who had been waiting in the sky for nearly an hour on the summoned beast of bird B and told them to start the battle.

 The target is the summoned beast of bird E. Tens of thousands of demon king's army at a distance that can be seen by clairvoyant eyes.
 They're far away, but you'll have to close the distance at once and activate Cecil's extra skill "micrometeorite" first.

 After hitting the micrometeorite for the first attack, a demon king's army of this size would be very easy to fight against, since there would be no command or strategy.

 Then I'll send the commanded summons to the unbeaten army of the Demon King's army.

(Well, the general's baby Aripon, the soldier's baby Aripon, and the normal baby Aripon are all different in status and size.

 The status of the child Aripon appears in the grimoire.
 The child is half the status of an insect B summoner with the Awakening skill. The difference depends on whether the child is a general or a soldier, or is not under the influence of the command skill.

 The strongest status seems to be that of the general's son Aripon, with normal being the weakest.
 In terms of size, the General's Child Arpon is the largest.

It's amazing how well it can be commanded. I guess the summons must have gotten a lot stronger.

 Cecil is also surprised that the summoned beast that kicks out the Demon King's army has become noticeably stronger.
 Their status has been doubled, creating a status difference of nearly five times that of a B-ranked monster beast.
 The special skills of summoned beasts, such as the beast line and dragon line, are dependent on their attack power and other statuses, so their annihilation speed is obviously much faster when they use their special skills repeatedly.

It's certainly a good prospect for the fight against the reserve unit. Hmm?

"Huh? What's going on?

No, it's time for Ellie to get to Fortenia.

 A shared Spirit B summoner caught sight of a town with a large hull near a huge tree.

 I missed Nephthira, but I managed to get Spirit B's summoner to accompany me.
 I can't let a person as good as Master Nephthira go alone," said Spirit B's summoner, and he easily followed her.

 After more than a day's travel without a break, I arrived at Forthenia, the capital of Rosenheim, where the demon god Razel is located.

(As I recall, this tree is a world tree.)

 Allen recalls what Sophie told him about the World Tree.
 This heavenly tree is an object of worship for the elves.

 I remember hearing from Sophie that the order of the elves' beliefs would be Spirit King, Queen, and World Tree, in that order.

 It is believed that spirits are born from this world tree.
 Since the Spirit King is there, you should ask him if it's true or not, I thought to myself.

 As I was thinking about this, I saw a huge temple-like building.
 Inside the building where Sophie told me the Elf Queen and the Spirit King are enshrined, the Spirit B summoner enters with Nephthira.

 Then, they arrive at a large hall at the back of the second floor in a straight line.
 The hall is obviously the queen's room.

 There's a throne at the far end, and something is sitting on it.

So this is the demon god Razel? I have a strong feeling that he's the boss. Hmm?

 The first time you see the demon god Razel sitting proudly with his cheekbones.
 Like Glaster, her skin is sallow and bare with harsh horns.
 She stares at Nephthira and the others with eyes as red as blood.
 And a strange feeling came over the demon goddess Razel's face.

I'm Nephthira, Demon Goddess Razel. We're back.

 Kneeling at a slight distance in front of the throne, Nephthira reports his arrival to the demon god Razel.
 The Spirit B summoner does not line up beside Nephthira, but kneels the same way diagonally behind her.


 In response to Nephthira's words of arrival, the demon god Razel continues to stare at the two bodies in silence, sticking his cheekbones in the air. It seems that the demon god Razel doesn't say anything.

''Well, Demon Razel, I'm sorry. We are responsible for the defeat. The army you were entrusted with and the fortress you were entrusted with are now in the hands of the elves. ...... ...? Master Hazel?

 Thinking that the reason why the demon god Razel is mute is because he is furious, Nephthira tries to apologize to him to speak up.

 Nephthira is interrupted by a palm strike. Surprised by the demon god Razel's behavior, Nephthira immediately falls silent and bows her head.

''I see. So you've been defeated. I was wondering why we were defeated with so many troops and despite giving you an ironclad fortress. Was this the cause of our defeat?

(Oh?) Do you feel the content of defeat is conveyed? (After all, the information from the eyeball bat is supposed to be promptly transmitted to the demon god Razel?

 I try to gather as much information as possible on the Demon King's army side from the words of the Demon God Razel.

''The cause? It is true that we were defeated because we were entrusted with the fortress: ......

 Nephthira says the blame is all on them.

"Yes, yes. Yes, indeed, it was your fault. I've got a stupid crew now. Didn't even know a rat had gotten in.

"Hey, are you a rat?

"Yes. You there. What are you?

 Demon God Razel shifts his gaze from Nephthira to the spirit B summoner and asks.

(Huh?) (Found out?)

"My name is Ellie, and I am in the care of Master Nephthira.

"Hmm, I don't see any upset in this situation. You're just like a well-formed rat. So, you're not a Hexenbiest, Demon, or Spirit, so what are you?

(Fully exposed? Too soon. Too bad.

"What? What, Ellie with a mouse?

 Nephthira turns back and looks at Spirit B's summoner with incredulous eyes.

 While the demon god Razel and Nephthira are staring at it, Spirit B's summoner slowly stands up.
 And it's looking at the demon god Razel with a condescending gaze.

''Ho, there are some clever ones among you, isn't there?


"I am Erides, the summoner of Master Allen.

(Hmm? (What are you talking about?)

 The spirit B summoner started to say something.

''Hou. You're being very insolent.

"No, no, it's a natural attitude. "I am the ruler of the world, Lord Allen's man.

"The world?

(On the matter of not having consolidated)

"Yes. This world is all yours, Master Allen. And Razel. Who gives you permission to wear such an exalted title as witch god? Did you get Master Allen's forgiveness?

"The world. Oh, so this is the kind of person Allen is following.

"This is the kind of person! What the demon gods say about you, Death

You're a genie. Okay, okay. You're gone.

 As he said that much, a bright red ball of light appeared from the palm of Demon God Razel's hand and slammed into Spirit B's summoned beast with great force.
 Spirit B's summoner turned into a glowing bubble and disappeared, and the communication with Allen was cut off. Hence, from here on out, it's a story that Allen doesn't know.

I'm going to be able to see it. Isn't it because of us that most of the Demon King's army's information and operations have been compromised?

"Hmm, well, what's done is done. So, you took the information on this guy Allen with you, didn't you?

"Yes, yes

 Demon God Razel checks to see if there is any information about Allen to Nephthira, staring at the location where the summoned beast of spirit B had completely disappeared.

 And then he seemed to remember something.
 The corner of Demon God Razel's mouth rises and a smile breaks out on his face.

"You're not a ...... demon god. That's the first time in a hundred years someone's said that to me. This is hilarious! Hahaha! Oh, yeah, the liberator is coming!

 In the throne room, where there were only two bodies, the laughter of the demon god Razel could be heard.