199 195 Light and Shadow ①

 In the evening after three days of capturing the Rapolka fortress.
 Allen and his friends are in the Queen's room in the city of Tiamo.

 There's no dinner yet, but I try to return to the city of Tiamo every day to discuss the day's response and future strategy.

(The Genie King is still sleeping, sparkling. Is he in a chrysalis-like state to become a genie god? Will it hatch? (Or will it transform?)

 I see the Genie King glistening in the queen's lap, but sleeping in the navel.
 The Spirit King has been like this ever since he said he would become a Spirit God.

 Then, returning his gaze to the queen, Allen reports on the location and number of the demon king's army he defeated today, as usual.

''You defeated quite a bit of the Demon King's army today as well.

Yes, sir. It took about three days, including today, but now we can avoid being attacked from both the north and south. I'll tell you the location of the Demon King's army that we defeated today later, so please collect the magic stones and so on.

"Okay, okay. That's really helpful.

 Marshal Sigur, the highest-ranking officer in the Elven Army, answers the call on behalf of the General.

 Allen has been hunting the remnants of the Demon King's army south of the fortress of Rapolka.

 From now on, the demon king's army will attack Lapolka Fortress even more than when the northernmost fortress fell.
 It is said that the northernmost fortress fell by three million troops and was protected by a strong outer wall twice as high as La Porca's.

 The elves will be defending La Porca fortress, but if there are remnants of the demon king's army south of La Porca, they are likely to attack with the demon king's army from the north.

 Aren and the others spent three days hunting down the remnants.
 The remnants of the Demon King's army runs in masses of tens of thousands.

 They hunted the demon king's army, asked the elves to collect the magic stones, and kept looking for the next clump of demon king's army to defeat.

 The elves' scouting party collects not only magic stones, but also weapons, armor, and the wreckage of monsters themselves, which are materials for the royal army. This is to prepare weapons to fight and to earn money.
 In exchange for more magic stones, all the materials will be from Rosenheim.

This is not very exciting information, but it seems that the demon king's army is moving fast. There's not much time before the demon king's army comes to Lapolka Fortress. Please hurry up the deployment of the army to La Porca Fortress. My people will help you.

"Yeah, okay. Hmm? Companions?

 We are currently using the summoner of bird E to capture the exact location of the Demon King's army advancing southward by land and sea.
 Since the elves were known to know the operation of the demon king's army, I was checking to see if the operation would be changed. Our target is definitely Lapolka Fortress and the city of Nest, but they seem to have accelerated their speed considerably. It was originally faster than the elven army's march, but it's even faster than that.

 It seems that the demon king's army is more about speed and numbers.

I'll handle the ocean demon king's army alone this time. We're on track, sir.

(Thanks to the commanding officer, we're on track.)


 He looks at his companions behind Allen, wondering what Sigur and the generals were doing alone and why they didn't admonish him for his reckless behavior.
 Contrary to the generals, Allen's companions did not respond to his words.
 After verifying the command structure, Allen has already discussed future operations with his companions.

 This operation will pit 300,000 elves and Allen's companions against the Demon King's army of three million strong.
 And as for the one million-strong army of Demon Kings advancing through the oceans, Allen will fight alone.
 Since the city of Nest is not very well-defended, he needs to completely eradicate the million-strong army alone.

I hope to leave in the morning.

Okay, well, let me know if you need anything else.

 General Sigur will help you with food and anything else he can.

"Thank you, sir. Everything is delicious at Rosenheim. And I just want to make sure that I know one thing before I leave, okay?

(Well, that's complete speculation, but how will it play out?

 Allen has something he wants to make sure of before he leaves tomorrow.

Huh? Of course. Ask me anything.

In coming to Rosenheim and fighting alongside the elves, I've noticed a couple of things. Marshal Sigur.


 Marshal Sigur looks dubiously at the sudden name call.

"Sofiarone, Folmar, General Luchidrall, and Gatluga, you all have the same name. The Spirit King's name was also Rosen.

 Everyone says there is always a long vowel in the name, including the Spirit King.
 Is it just a coincidence, I ask Marshal Sigur.

Is it a coincidence? Well, it's the old way of naming our elves.

 Why now, Marshal Sigur replies, wondering why this is the case. Both the generals and Allen's friends are starting to buzz. Allen hadn't even discussed this matter with his friends beforehand.

Thank you, sir. I have a friend who is a dwarf, Merle. His father is Nenek and his mother is Kanana. After all, each country has its own way of giving names.

(Rodin's kid is Allen and Gerda's kid is Krsna. The names we give our children are somewhat like their parents.)

 I've always thought that my name sounds vaguely like my father Rodin.


 I don't know what you're talking about, but General Sigur thinks that the names are certainly unique to each country.

"May I ask one more thing?

Yes, of course. Does that answer your question?

Yes, I have. Another question: I think it's been almost 60 years since we fought the Demon King's army. I've heard that the northernmost fortress built for that purpose is very solid and wonderful.

"Hmm, a fortress that protected Rosenheim for decades.

 Marshal Sigur adds that this time we couldn't withstand the attack from the Demon King's army.

I understand that the Demon King's army attacked us from the north, so we built the northernmost fortress. But I heard that the Lapolka Fortress defending the south of Fortenia was built long before the Demon King appeared. What was the purpose of the fortress back then, and what were they fighting against?

 It is said that the Great Spiritist built a strong outer wall.
 It is said that the wizard appears every thousand years or so.

 He asks what you fought against when there was no army of monsters.

 Naturally, it could be considered a fortress to fight demonic beasts. But it's even stranger than that.
 I've noticed that Rosenheim has a lot of cities and fortresses with strong outer walls.


 The elves are puzzled by Allen's question, which is so far removed from the military debate about the demon king's army.

"What do you mean by that?

I mean every word of it. I have studied countries outside of the Central Continent in school. I have heard that Rosenheim is a peaceful country that has not invaded another country in a thousand years.

"Uh, I don't see the point of the story.

 The queen inexplicably utters.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I asked such a circuitous question. But I wanted you to understand. It was indeed by order of my kingdom, the kingdom of Latash, that I can help you. But before that, I lend my support freely because this is my fellow Sophie's country and you are a peace-loving nation.

 Allen begins to talk about why he fights together and the cause to join the fight.

"Yes, Rosenheim does not like to fight,

 The queen replies to Allen's words that it is true.

''The supreme commander of the demon king's army that invaded Rosenheim this time seems to be named Demon Goddess Razel. Doesn't that sound familiar to anyone? It seems like a name with characteristics common to elves?

"A name with the characteristics of an elf. That's it.

 After hearing this far, I think Allen finally understands what he wants to say.

I've been able to catch sight of the demon god Razel. It was dark and sallow, with horns and fangs, and had an ugly appearance. But he had long ears much like an elf, and he spoke in a very calm tone. I was wondering if you might be interested.

 Allen tried to get as much information as possible from the exchange between Spirit B's summoner and the demon god Razel. I felt that this demon god resembles an elf in some way.

 The queen's room begins to buzz even more.
 I hadn't told this to Allen's companions either.

What do you mean by "may?

"I'm told that our participation in the war may be complicit in one of the feuds between the elves. This world has not always been peaceful. Is there any reason for Rosenheim to be attacked by our own people?

(Even in the central continent, there was an exclusionary movement a thousand years ago that the beastmen were part of the Hexenbiest race, so the beastmen moved to the southern continent.

 Allen is learning the history of the central continent at the school.
 He knows that history wasn't all that bright.

"Oh, Allen. Does that mean we're fighting among the elves? Then what will happen to the Demon King's Army?

"Cecil, I don't know about that. But you seem to know something about it.

 Cecil wondered, but in this place full of older elves, the generals and queens seemed to be on to something.

"This may be a different story from what Master Allen said, if you don't mind?

"Of course. It's all speculation on my part.

"First, there's something you need to understand. We wanted to live with the dark elves.

 So saying, the queen began to talk about the history of light and shadow that began thousands of years ago in Rosenheim.