201 197: Central China Fortress 1

 Allen and his team are now in a little open square in the city of Tiamo.
 Today, Allen will be the only one to split up from here.

"Hey, it's nice of you to leave quite a bit behind, but how are you doing there?

I think it will work. I mean, it's a new skill, and it would be a shame not to leave it behind. Ariphone can't fight at sea.

Yeah, right.

 Allen is now going to deploy the summons in the fortress of Lapolka.
 I'm going to use the rest of my slot to destroy the Demon King's army that's marching south.

The demon king's army is serious about this. I'm sure they'll move the rest of the army to capture the fortress of Lapolka.

 There are about a million demon king's troops north of La Porca Fortress.
 Since Allen and his team arrived in Rosenheim, they've killed nearly two million demonic beasts, but there are still about a million of them alive and well.

 It seems that this one million troops are also assigned to capture the fortress of Lapolka, and they are gathering one by one. They are expected to attack at the same time as the three million troops in the reserve force.

 Allen sees Dogora in a slump these days.
 Crenna is depressed, but Dogora also looks frustrated that he couldn't activate his extra skill in the fight against Glaster.



"I'm only hoping for extra skills in Dogora,

"What? You, dear.

 Dogora shouts in surprise, wondering why Dogora would say something that would put even more pressure on you.

"Dogora's extra skill is probably a technique that uses up all of its magic power to attack, as the name suggests. As I said before, I think that strike will probably be the strongest strike of the party. That would be a blow beyond Cecil's petit meteo.

"Huh? Seriously, beyond Cecil's petit meteo?

 Everyone listens in silence.
 Allen explains further.

 The more magic is expended, the more powerful each attack is.
 Together, weapon and ring, Dogora has an offensive power of nearly 8,000.
 This figure is certainly inferior to Cecil's intelligence.

 However, Cecil's micrometeorite is only an all-out attack.

 Aren knows from experience that a single attack is often more powerful when compared to an all-in attack for the same magic consumption.

That's right. That's a typical Dogora technique of using all of your magical power and beating your opponent to the ground with every fiber of your being. I hope you'll learn it during this war. I can't use extra skills, and I'm not as strong as you think I am. It's all about the people.

 I explain that I want you to get an idea of extra skill.

'Not strong enough? You can't do that with all those hexenbiests you've been slaying, can you?

That's right. In other words, my strength is different from everyone else's. My summons are lighter than Dogora and Krsna. There are more of them, so they look stronger because they can kill more monsters.

 Allen never thought of himself and his summons as strong.
 It was Krsna's attack that ended up defeating Glaster, who invoked the Extra Skill.
 Allen's summoner attack didn't seem to be taking much damage.

 With an attack power of 8,000, Dogora's attack exceeded the attack power of Dragon B and Beast B.

 Even if a normal mode 1-star occupation, with an adamantite weapon and armor, and two rings that increase status by 1,000, the power of a strengthened and commanded B-ranked summoner can exceed the power of a strengthened and commanded B-ranked summoner.

We're going to be working separately now, so keep that in mind when you're fighting.

(Well, I hear extra skills take a couple of years to learn, depending on the person.

 Dogora and I have been friends since we were six years old.
 I have a lot of things to say.

 And I learned at school that extra skills are learned differently from person to person.
 I've heard from my homeroom teacher that some of them take two or three years to learn.

 Allen goes so far as to bring out a bird B summoner that is twice as long as he is.
 Then he leaves four bird B summons here.

 Allen will now go alone to place some of the summons in the fortress of Lapolka and then head for the ocean.
 Allen's companions will take these four summons to help the elves move to Rapolka Fortress in their magic ship. Then prepare for the siege and defense of the fortress of Rapolka.

 As his friends look on, Allen flies north.

 As Allen flies to the fortress alone, he focuses on one of Spirit B's summonses.

(Well, there's not much room left. We've got a million enemies to fight. (Ellie, is it about time?)

 As Allen asks with that shared awareness, there is a response from Spirit B's summoner.

It's about time. I have called you to a private room.

(No problem)

 Through Spirit B's summoner, I check out the inside of a private room.
 It's a wooden, candle-lit place, a small room of about six tatami mats.

Sorry I'm late.

 Then the door of the private room opens and a young man with light blue hair comes in, heaving.
 And from behind him, a woman in armor, about the same age as the young man, comes in.

No, that's no problem. But, Helmios. I was going to ask you to come alone, Des?

 The summoner of Spirit B screams in obvious frustration at the brave Helmios who enters the room.

I'm sorry. I thought maybe Sylvia would hear it more quickly with me than I would on my own. She's a member of my party. I want you to be comfortable with that.

(Who's Sylvia again?) I've seen him before. Ah, the Imperial Swordsman who came with Doberg. So you're partying with a hero. Ellie, I can't help what I came for.

 Allen asked the summoner of Spirit B to summon Helmios to talk to him.
 I didn't want to reveal my actions too publicly, so I only called Helmios, but the Kensei Silvia, who was also in the same party, came into the room.

I understand. Master Allen also said it's fine.

I see. Allen, are you listening to this conversation too? What about Rosenheim?

It's still light. Well, I'm more of a fan of this than heavy conversation. My conversation with the elven general is too heavy for my age.

"Rosenheim Status Death is ......

 Allen shares the current situation in Rosenheim with the heroes through the summons of Spirit B.

 I've been in Rosenheim for about 20 days, and the battle against the Demon King's army has been going on.
 The elven army has picked up, and we have now killed about two million monsters.
 We've retaken Lapolka Fortress and pushed back the battle lines.
 From now on, we will be attacked by a combined force of five million by sea and land.

"Two million troops in just 20 days ......

 Silvia let out an unbelievable feeling at the mention of Spirit B's summoner.
 The number seems to be on a scale unthinkable even for a swordsman to party with a brave man.

If you are able to defeat that many, as long as Allen comes to the central continent, it's almost as if victory is assured. But then again, it's true that the Demon Lord's army's reserve units have all been moved.

That's right. Therefore, since there is no reserve unit in the central continent, we will win if we defeat the demon king's army that's arriving right now.

(Well, the Central Continent has been fighting pretty hard too. And the recovery potion I gave you won't restore your magic.

Sure. But the demon king's army is stubborn. This battle is going to take a little longer than usual. But still, I guess it's thanks to you that I can recover so quickly when we're fighting.

(Well, the central continent is having a pretty hard time.)

 Allen gave the leaf of life made from 600,000 E-ranked magic stones.
 Thanks to this, the fortress of the Five Continents Alliance has so far been able to hold its own against the Demon King's army without any of its recovering elven troops.

 The Leaf of Life restores 1,000 vitality within a 50-meter radius, but does not recover magic power.
 If it doesn't recover, you'll have to fight against the Demon King's army by limiting your magical power consumption.

 This is where Allen believes that this is the reason why we are struggling in the central continent.

 Besides the Leaf of Life, Allen also sent other summoned beasts to the northern part of the Central Continent.
 In order to help in the fight against the demon king's army, one by one, those summons were defeated, and now there are only four Spirit B summons and one Bird E summoner.

 The summoner of Spirit B is hiding inside the walls of the fortress and using the heavenly blessings that I had in my possession at the right moment.
 Although the amount of blessings is very small compared to the blessings used by the elves, I use them when I have to, to prevent the fortress from collapsing and my soldiers from dying.

 Such a thing has been going on for about ten days, so it's making quite a stir among the Five Continents Alliance as some unknown miracle recovery.

 I'm also talking about this area when I call them up.

I'm just using the elven elixir. Be sure to explain it well to the higher-ups. After that, I have a favor to ask of you, Helmios, and I need to confirm it.

Of course I will. What is it?

 Having briefly reviewed the current situation, let's get to the point of the story. The conversation of summonses of Helmios and Spirit B continues.