202 198: Central China Fortress 2

The battle for Rosenheim will begin in the next three to four days against an army of five million men. The elves' elixir will be left behind, so please use it to your advantage.

 After fighting alongside the elves, I learned enough to know that the grass of life is not enough to fight against the demon king's army. Without magical power, the speed of destruction of the monsters would be reduced and the soldiers would be attacked unnecessarily.

''What is this?

The elven elixir Death used by the soldiers in the shadow of the fortress.

 Hide yourself behind the outer wall of the fortress and hand over the bag of heavenly blessings that you have been secretly using for less than 100 pieces left.

 Then he explains the effect.

''No, that's how you can make your strength and magic power fully developed over such a wide area.

(Hmm, does the Empire not have a recovery pill of the same caliber . (That's the blessing of the summoning level 7)

 Summoning level 7 beyond the realm of normal, Allen is convinced .
 He gazes at the blessings of heaven like he can't believe it's the Swordsman Sylvia.

I see that with this power of yours, Allen, you have rebuilt Rosenheim.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

I'm sure you'll find that this is the secret elixir of Rosenheim's heritage.

 Nonchalantly, Spirit B's summoner lies .

'No, no, no, why would you lie about that? People will be very grateful if you tell them. Maybe this emperor will give you quite a knighthood. You made me a duke.

 Helmios is fighting with Allen in the school town. He is seeing the effects of the blessing he used right in front of him. Allen easily regenerates both of his lost arms.

I've seen that before. Your wise emperor made a brave man into a duke as quickly as possible and is generous with rewards for soldiers who served in battle.

 Hermios says it's more profitable to go public. I agree, says Silvia nodding beside me.

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire is generous with rewards for those who have served in the war against the demon king's army.
 The swordsman of the Latash Kingdom, Doberk, who played an active role in the war for many years, is given a special magic ship, even though he is not an imperial swordsman.

You can check with the Queen of Rosenheim for any lies.

 The spirit B summoner smiles and asserts.

I see . Hmmm, when I was in Rosenheim, there was no mention of such an elixir. So what can I do for you?

 Helmios nods his head in disagreement.

(Well, it doesn't change the queen's answer, no matter what you think.

 Helmios asks what the reason for calling him is.

'I have two things to deal with, Death. One, Rosenheim is about to become a battleground. I can't help you anymore. We'll all be gone from here, too.

 During the siege and defense of Tiamo, as well as during the capture of the Lapolka Fortress, summonses have been at the front line in the northern part of this central continent, but they are all gone.

I see, so I'll give you the rest of them and you'll have to do your best by yourself?

"No, I will deliver a thousand of the same elven elixir that I just gave you this evening. Master Allen says that you can use them and do your best with them.

"1000 pieces ......

 Sylvia is surprised that another thousand of these near-miraculous effects have arrived.
 It seems that she understood how much that much would change the war situation.

 Four days ago, when attacking the Lapolka Fortress, Allen had decided that he had a sufficient stock of Heavenly Blessings and had sent a bird B summoner to the northern part of the central continent that day.
 He also used his Awakening Skill 'Heavenly Drive' to the fullest extent to bring another heavenly blessing before the heavenly blessing ran out.

"Mr. Allen says that even if you use ten of them a day in ten fortresses, they'll last ten days.

No, thank you so much. Then you'll definitely have ten days.

If Rosenheim is not destroyed in ten days, I will bring you a thousand more, and I want you to spend them sparingly. And the Queen said that this is to thank you for your support of Rosenheim, and she said that you should tell the Emperor that this is a thank you for your support of Rosenheim, as the Duke.

(And while we're at it, let's make it a thank you from the Queen.

 Allen has told the queen to send the blessings of heaven in her name.
 Ostensibly, the fact remains that it was passed from position to position.

 Now the empire owes Rosenheim dozens of times more than it helped.

Thanks, I'll tell him when the war is over. You'll annoy the Emperor.

 Helmios seems to have heard that the Empire is supporting Rosenheim with an agenda.

"Thank you, sir. One more thing, would you like to take care of it?

Of course. Oops, can I take this to Sylvia now? Sylvia, I'm sorry, could you go ahead and explain to the generals?

 Before I hear another story about the 100 or so Heavenly Blessings, I'll go to the battlefield to see if I can use them.
 Since today's battle will start soon, if you continue to stay here, the hero and the sword saint will be out.

Of course, sure. Helmios.

 The spirit B summoner says of course, so Sylvia just gets out of the room to use the blessings of heaven to get out.

 Once you are alone with one, you continue the conversation.

"I'm sorry to take your time, Master Allen says.

I don't mind. So what is it?

''We are going to fight against the 5 million demon king's army, but a demon god named Razel is waiting for us. He said that he would like to hear from you about how to deal with the demon god.

I see, oh, the genie is out of the bottle. Well, yes. And with such an army, the target is Rosenheim.

 They say it's only natural that a genie should appear, since they've sent in the reserves.

''Yes, Death. "First of all, do you think the genie will join this army of five million men?

 Whether the demon god is coming or not, the strategy will be quite different.

Maybe they won't. Demon gods don't come into the army. All the demons I've fought would have been pretty far behind the lines.

(There, there, that's not an army of 5 million. We don't want them to attack us while we're dropping fortifications, like Glaster did last time.

"I see. So, do you have a way to beat it or a weakness?

 This is what Allen wanted to call Hermios and ask him this time.

 When Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, he loved to verify everything by himself.
 However, he was not the type of person who would verify anything on his own without looking at strategy sites, even though they existed. I think it is complacent to waste time on verification results.
 He believes that it is important to get the necessary information and go into battle with the highest efficiency.

Huh? Do you fight?

"Of course Death

Maybe you won't be able to talk, or you'll be killed?

 Hermios assured me that he could not win.

What do you mean by that?

I mean every word. You'll never win. You fought me a few months ago, but you can't win with that kind of power. Because demons are stronger than me.

 The strongest man in humanity, the brave Helmios, declared that the demon gods were stronger than him.

''What? So, you've never defeated a demon before?

No, no, no, I've killed two in the past. Well, we got lucky.

"If so, go to ......

Even so, some of my buddies from school are dead. I'm not recommending it, okay? If you don't want to get your people killed, you shouldn't fight.

 The grimace disappeared, and with a bitter look on his face, Helmios advised him, "If you are stronger than Mr. Helmios, how did you defeat two demons?

If you're stronger than Helmios, how did you defeat two demon gods?

Hey there. I believe I showed you at a martial arts convention, Allen, that my extras are suited for hunting demons. Elmera gave me the power to hunt demons.

I see. That kamikiri-sword technique is a technique for dealing with demons, right? (With the God-killing sword is effective on demons)

 Now Helmios' words make all the sense.
 Perhaps Helmios' extra skill will have an outstanding effect on the demon gods.

''I understand. Then, can you tell me more about the characteristics and strength of the demon gods?

Of course.

 Thus, in a private room in the northern part of the central continent, the conversation between the summoned beasts of Spirit B and the brave Helmios continued until the day's siege and defense battle began.