203 Art. 199 Battle of the Sea

 Allen is on the open sea, riding the summoner of the bird B. The bird B is the summoner. 360 degrees, the ocean as far as the eye can see.

(There she is.)

 Out of the horizon, something comes, piece by piece, from beyond the horizon.
 And then, in the blink of an eye, an army that covers the sea will come under Allen.
 It's the army of the demon king's army advancing south.

I see. I see... So the demon king's army has a hard time traveling long distances across the oceans. Maybe they don't have the resources or the food is hard to find on the continent where the demon king is.

 Allen used Bird E's summoner to investigate the direction of the Demon King's army and what form they would take.

 The Demon King's army doesn't use ships, but large monsters that seem to be A-ranked are carried on the backs of large sea-dwelling monsters. It looks like there are dozens of monsters on each one.

 This reminds me of the lesson I took in school about the Zauberuber Army's invasion.

 It's been almost 60 years since the demon king's army began its invasion, but they haven't invaded the two southern continents.

 They say that the Forgotten Continent north of the Central Continent, where the Demon King resides, is a barren land.
 In such a place, it's not easy to grow food, and I wonder if the number of magical beasts will only increase.

 The hexenbiests above the A-ranked monsters seem to be a bit jaded.

I guess we'll have to be thorough if we're going to fight them. I've been dealt the blessings of heaven, and I'm sure the central continent has done the same for me .

 Allen once eradicated orcs and goblins from the forests around the Shiro Dragon Mountains when he was in the city of Granville. Once they were destroyed, no new orcs or goblins arose.
 Recently, my father Rodin told me that they came from the neighboring lands and began to increase again.

 Once a hexenbiest is hunted, it will take time for them to grow back to their original number.

 I don't know how many hexenbiests the Zauberger's army has this time, but I do know that the number of hexenbiests they have is one they won't be able to recover from for years if they're lost. I can't let them retreat when they feel defeated. We must destroy them, not withdraw.

 Since the blessings of heaven have been poured into the central continent, I believe that the five continental alliances, whose skill usage has increased overwhelmingly, will destroy the demon king's army before it decides to retreat.

 The Demon King's army that came to Rosenheim will also be destroyed without forcing them to retreat.

"Don't think you'll get out of here alive.

 With that much muttering, Allen opens the grimoire and checks the number of cards in the holder.

(There are 22 summoned slots. Aripon, Dradra, and Miller's commanding.)

 One in Rodin settlement village
 One in the city of Nest
 One body in the city of Tiamo
 4 summonses of birds B with their friends on board
 30 summonses defending the La Porca fortress
 A bird B summoned by Allen

 The commanding skill is one per B-ranked summoner line.
 This time the commanded summons of insects, dragons, and stone systems fight for the defense of the Rapolka fortress.

 Insect B summons have been greatly enhanced by the change of command.
 They continue to spawn to secure as many summons as possible.

Come out, Ellie. You're on.

"Yes, Mr. Allen.

 A spirit B summoner appears that has reached a height of 3 meters in command.

 The summoning unit will be composed of Spirit B and Dragon B summonses.
 Fish D, C, and B summons will also be summoned to buff Allen from the sea.
 I think this is the first time a fish-type summoner is swimming in the sea.

 As Allen and his summons are also heading towards the group of the Demon King's army, the hexenbiests in front of them begin to sense their movement.

(They're in range.)

Let's go, but first we have to stop them. Crush the head of the first one.

"Yes, Mr. Allen. Gravity.

 Allen instructs the commanding spirit B summoner to attack.
 The Spirit B summoner points its palm toward the target monster and mutters a special skill name.

 A jet-black ball appears in front of the A-ranked monster shaped like a sea dragon, and it gradually grows larger and larger.
 When it touches the face of the monster, it crushes its skull and sprays fresh blood into the sea.

 The sea dragon-like monster is crushed to death by its head, and its head and neck sink into the sea, halting its progress.

(As expected, if you command it, you'll be able to use your special skills to strike a blow at A-ranked monsters instead of your waking skills. Well, unlike Dradra's fire-breathing, which is an all-out attack, Gravity is a single-attack, so that's why it's so powerful).

 Allen believes that a single attack is often more powerful than an all-out attack for a specialty of the same rank.

 Gravity's ability causes a jet-black ball to appear within a 100-meter radius to make a high-gravity attack on any target it touches. It can only be used within the range of the wielder's Spirit B summoner's sight.

Thank you, everyone keep going and crush the ship's head first.

"'Yes, Mr. Allen.

 Let the 20 spirit B summons made in the remaining summoner slots have priority to attack the Sea Dragon monsters carrying them after the Hydration.

''I want to secure a foothold. Dradra and the others, clean up the magical beasts underfoot.


 The dragon B summoner, which has only two dragons, is the cleaner of the magical beasts on the sea dragon type monsters.
 The foothold gives you more ways to fight, so I'll give instructions to the two dragon B summons.

I haven't hunted a hexenbiest by myself since we were preparing for the battle with the heroes when we were separated. I was mainly collecting magical stones then, so I haven't hunted armor ants in the city of Granville since then. (The summons have gotten much better at working together.

 I think it's been a while since I've hunted a hexenbiest by myself.

 Back then, the beast D summons didn't work well together when defeating armor ants.
 But now, the summons of Spirit B that have become soldiers are now working in pairs without instruction, and they are working together to defeat them efficiently.

 It seems that commanding and militarizing create a natural pecking order among the summons.
Previously, the summons did not give any kind of instructions to each other, but it seems that the commanding summons are clearly in a superior position.

 Perhaps this is one of the benefits of commanding.
 It seems that a new chain of command has been created for a summoned beast with a personality and character.

"Attention, Miss Allen! The flying squadron is coming from enemy lines.

(Will you deal with me, not ignore me?)

 As soon as the summoned beasts of Spirit B came within range of their attack, the Demon King's army had already completely recognized Allen as an enemy.
 This time, unlike when they attacked Tiamo with a million magical beasts, they wouldn't ignore him and march on him.

 Many of the hexenbiests on the A-ranked monsters seem to be able to fly.
 They'll spread their wings and come at you from above, attacking you from above.

Are the flying squadron ready? (Idiot)

"Ellie, it's a black hole

"Yes, Mr. Allen. The Kuro Hole

 Allen has the summoned beast of Spirit B commanded to use the awakening skill "Kuro Hole".

 Then a huge jet-black mass appears on the surface of the sea.
 The giant oceanic A-ranked monsters and the monsters on top of it will be swallowed up and crushed as if they were compressed.

 Then the flying monsters in the sky were swept into the air, one after another.
 The remaining monsters are being knocked down by the water.

(oxen and flying monsters are vulnerable to the black hole)

 Spirit B's awakening skill "Kuro Hole" creates a jet-black ball that attracts and crushes enemies over a range of tens of meters due to high gravity. The effect is intellect-dependent, and an additional effect interferes with the enemy's ability to fly. The cool time is one day.

 Summoner's special skills may be effective or ineffective, depending on the monster or beast being attacked.
 Dragon B's Summoner's special skill "Spitting Fire" is great for flesh-and-blood monsters, such as beasts and insects, but not so effective against armor-type monsters.

 Spirit B's Summoner's Special Skill and Awakening Skill are obviously very effective against flying monsters.
 On the other hand, it doesn't seem to have much effect on intangible monsters, such as slime, which can't be squashed.

Take a change of command!

 Allen undoes the commanding of a Spirit B summoner using the Awakening skill and changes it to another Spirit B summoner. Conducting it doubles its unenhanced status, so its Awakening Skill becomes incredibly powerful. If you're going to use your Awakening Skill, then you have to make it commanding.

But still, it's kind of gunning for you.

 Allen doesn't know what it is, but he feels something like a feeling of discomfort, like a feeling of excitement.

 However, the demon king's army is attacking in a form of complete envelopment, so you make full use of your summoning skills and continue to fight on the battlefield.

 After about 12 hours, the discomfort has already become a certainty.
 Basically, the Demon King's army doesn't operate at night.
 Since the monsters in the demon king's army have limited stamina, they will be unable to move when they reach the limit of fatigue, just like humans.
 Only summons are immune to exhaustion.

 But the sun is setting on the horizon, but the demon king's army will keep the lights on and keep coming to fight.

Demon king's army! This is a total trap.

 If the goal of this operation is to capture the Nest, then you should ignore Allen and get to the city of the Nest as soon as possible. If the Demon King's army is thinking about logistics, then there's no reason to waste time here.

 However, when this demon king's army spotted Allen, it sent magic bullets into the sky to inform the entire army that the enemy was coming to intercept him.

 They were preparing their flying squadron as if they knew that the enemy, riding on bird B summons, would send out dragon B and other summons to attack them.

 And the reason why they would do that is obvious.

"You're going to waste my time here and take down the fortress of Lapolka, or perhaps Rosenheim. Or is it just as cheap to sacrifice a million dollars to do it?

 If Allen returns to La Porca Fortress, the Demon King's army will continue its southward march and take down the city of Nest.
 If Allen stays here, it will give us enough time to take down La Porca Fortress.

 Whichever plan Allen chooses, it seems to be in the Demon King's army's favor.

''What are you going to do? Can you rest away for a while? I'll earn your time.

 The summoner of Spirit B also seems to have figured out the strategy of the Demon King's army.

''No, let's fight like this. We can't change our behavior without a plan.

 Allen said he knew how his opponent would play out, so he would think of a countermeasure while fighting. The battle between Allen and the demon king's army continued on the battlefield, where lights like magic or torches twinkled in the pitch-black world.