204 Chapter 200 Military Conference ③

 As the demon king's army marched southward through the oceans, they had taken a countermeasure based on their previous defeats.
 It was to prepare for an attack by Allen and his friends.

 The hexenbiest fought day and night to ensure that Allen would not rest.

 Out of the one million troops in the hexenbiest army, only the front 100,000 to 200,000 are fighting, and the rest seem to be resting.
 Only the area around Allen is fighting with all their might, while the rest are not participating in the battle at all.

Is that true?

"Yes, Master Allen says so, Death.

 The summons of Spirit B replies to the question of General Luchidrall that it is true.

 This is in the building in the center of the fortress of Lapolka.
 I'm sharing the situation of the battle against the demon king's army since yesterday with several generals led by General LUKIDRAR and Allen's friends.

 Allen's battle began yesterday, but he expects the battle for the defense of Lapolka to begin tomorrow based on the movement of the Demon King's army advancing southward by land.

Then, Allen won't be able to return until the Demon King's army is eliminated. But that's exactly what we had originally planned, but if that's the case...

 Originally, Allen went to eradicate a million hexenbiests from the Demon King's army advancing southward through the oceans.
 But there's some concern that it won't work out as planned.

That's right. That's right. Well, I guess that's no rest for you, huh?

 Crenna is worried about the fact that the Demon King's army has a strategy of fighting without sleep.

 There are many monsters that can fly as air power, and long range attacks such as bows and arrows and magic are sufficient to keep you in the attack range of the demon king's army.

You're going to be able to find out the best way to get the most out of the game. It is not a problem for the battle, but the demon king's army has acted as expected: ......

 Allen explains about the nocturnal battle through the summons of Spirit B.

 Leaving the battle to the summons, he used the awakening skill "Heavenly Drive" of Bird B's summons to temporarily leave the battlefield and take a nap on the back of Bird B's summons, which had become huge from commanding.

 However, once the Demon King's army realized that Allen and Bird B's summoner were gone, they were reluctant to fight the remaining summons and began their southward march.

 It seems that the Demon King's army, which had been resting instead of participating in the battle, is now taking a strategy to attack the city of Nest once Allen is gone.

 Since the strategy to annihilate the demon king's army advancing south is the same, I tell my friends that there is no problem to continue fighting.

I'll keep fighting and tell my friends that there is no problem. Isn't it tough to have so many summons in the fortress of Lapolka then? Can't we just bring them back now?

 Dogora said this one was fine, and Allen's friends nodded their heads in agreement.
 Allen has left 30 summons at the fortress of Lapolka, nearly half of the 70 summoned slots.

 The commanding skills are quite useful and the summons have been considerably enhanced. Also, marine warfare is the result of judging that Spirit B summons are better suited for battle.

''There's something more sinister at the Lapolka Fortress. The demon king's army that is on its way to Rapolka Fortress has begun to divide its forces here.

"What? You mean leave the La Porca fortress and attack the others? Ignoring the La Porca Fortress and advancing south, etc. ......

 General Luchidrall was surprised and involuntarily said: "We must change our strategy again if we are going to ignore the Rapolka fortress to the south.
 If we ignore Lapolka Fortress and advance south, we will have to change our strategy again.

 The other elven military officials here seem to think that there is no way they will be able to ignore the key geographic location of Rapolka Fortress and march south.

No, it seems that they are planning to surround the fortress completely.

 Allen tells about the movement of the Demon King's army that is happening right now, through the summoning of Spirit B. The Demon King's army has been advancing southward on the land with a mass of four million.

 The demon king's army has been advancing southward on the land with a mass of four million, but today they have divided the army into three parts: two million, one million, and one million.

 The two million troops are still moving straight ahead, while the two million troops have begun to climb the mountain range bordering the fortress of Lapolka, from east and west.

Silly me. Who would climb such a steep mountain? That mountain has always protected the fortress from hexenbiests.

 General Luchidrall says he is incredulous.

 The Lapolka fortress is a natural fortress surrounded by sheer mountain slopes.
 And the steep mountains are linked together to form a mountain range that is not so easy to get around.

 That's why they decided on the first fortress to attack because it's not a mountain that can be climbed easily, even if you are a hexenbiest.

"That's right. But this time there are many insect-type monsters.

 The army of the reserve unit is different from the first three million troops that had arrived and the composition of the magical beasts.
 The many-legged centipedes and spider-like monsters are forming an army and are beginning to climb the mountainside.

"So, you mean from three directions?

 The Lapolka fortress was designed to be defended only from the north and south. It's hard to attack from the east and west, but it's not easy to defend against either.

Perhaps a million hexenbiests in each of the east and west are too many. There are also many monsters that pass through east and west to gather in the south.

(I spent three days cleaning up all the hexenbiests in the land south of the Rapolka Fortress to avoid a pincer attack. (The Demon King's army has taken advantage of past defeats.

 Allen expects the Demon King's army to attack from four directions from this movement.

 This seems to take advantage of their past defeats. The Tiamo offensive, which was prevented when attempting to defeat multiple cities at the same time, and the Tiamo offensive, which was prevented when attempting to defeat them in a single, concentrated attack with an army of one million men, I feel that this strategy is based on the reflection of both of these battles.

Tomorrow La Porca Fortress will be a battlefield. We must hasten to review the composition of our forces: ......

 He expects that the demon king's army will reach the fortress of Lapolka tomorrow. The demon king's army has changed its strategy to deceive us at the last minute.

 We must now divide the 300,000 Elves' men into four sections.
 I must call my commander for a war council.

We haven't finished talking yet. Master Allen has a plan.

"Oh my! Operation or . True?

 Allen didn't just come to talk about the situation.

......, hey. Aren't you guys fighting right now? How can you think of a plan?

 Cecil dumbfoundedly speaks out about Allen's behavior, which can easily be imagined.

 This is the second day of the battle against the demon king's army advancing southward through the ocean.
 You have been using summons to fight against the demon king's army that has been trying to kill you for hours now.

"Nothing is impossible, Master Allen.

(No, not really.)

 The summoner of Spirit B also spoke without permission, but without blame, telling the plan by Allen.

'No, no, it's possible.

"I can only defend it. Mr. Allen says that no matter how fast we rush, it will take us five days to reach the fortress of Rapolka.

 In the meantime, we must persist with the forces we have.

Yea, five days or ......

(I'm five days early)

 It will take five days from yesterday to eradicate them, and a day to move them.

 Allen's estimate of the number of hexenbiests in the Demon King's army from north, south, east, and west.

 North: 2 million
 East: 500,000
 West: 500,000
 South: 1 million

 North: all of Allen's friends, spirit user Gatoruga, the elven army 90,000
 East: commanding and militarized dragon B configuration, elven army 60,000
 West: commanding and militarized bug B configuration, elven army 60,000
 South: commanding and militarized stone B configuration, elven army 90,000

I see, so you get the most out of your commanding effect.

 Hydration is only effective if you are within a 100-meter radius of a commanding summoner.

That's right Death.

I see, how does a spirit mage or a bowman place?

 General Rukidorar confirms to Spirit B summoner . There are more than 7,000 spirit mages and archers in this fortress of Lapolka, which is a two-star profession. We need to get them closer to the disadvantaged monsters in this battle, but the generals don't know the power of summons as well as Allen does.

''Slightly more in the south, otherwise they should be evenly distributed throughout the city.

 I tell you to deploy more, because the south is the least offensive.

Okay, okay. Is there anything else?

"Of course, Death. The operation is just getting started.

"Operation? Wasn't that the plan so far?

 I thought General LUKIDRALL had been listening to the plan all along.

'Yes, Death. Tomorrow I have a glyph to bring along with 2,000 elven elixirs for this battle.

 While fighting, he did not neglect the creation of 2,000 heavenly blessings a day. Allen took countermeasures from the demon king's army and took action.

 Now I have the bird B summoner bring me what I need for this mission.

""What are you bringing?"

 Spirit B summons further maneuvers.
 A look of doubt spreads across the elves' faces as they say more than 50,000 men will capture the Rapolka Fortress.

 Allen has won the battle against the demon king's army by thinking outside the box.
 The elven generals decided to listen to the plan in silence.