205 Episode 201 Battle of Lapolka ①

 A day has passed since Allen used Spirit B's summons to inform you of the strategy for the siege and defense against the Demon King's army in the fortress of Rapolka.

 The siege against the Demon King's army will begin today.

 The demon king's army has formed a formation that surrounds the fortress of Lapolka as Allen had expected.

 This fortress is surrounded by sheer mountains and is a natural fortress that is difficult to go around.
 It took three days for Allen and his men to sweep the demon king's army south of the fortress to avoid a pincer attack, but the demon king's forceful attack on the terrain led to nothing.

 The demon king's army began to operate at dawn.
 They are already advancing slowly toward the outer wall of the Lapolka fortress.

 While the demonic beasts from the king's army closed in on the outer wall in all directions, the elven soldiers climbed the outer wall to see the signal to attack from the commander.

 This is the eastern side of the hull of the Lapolka Fortress.
 The east and west walls are not designed to be defended, so unlike the north and south walls, you can't put that many soldiers here.
 Still, that doesn't mean we can't climb the outer wall, so the elves are in formation.

 A young elf looks anxiously inside the fortress as the horrifyingly shaped insect-like monsters are creeping closer and closer.

"Concentrate on the battle. This is your country and your battle, right?

 Then, a stern voice descends from far above to the attitude of such a soldier.
 It chides the young soldier who directs his attention to the inside of the fortress, not outside the outer walls.

(Well, it's understandable that you are worried.)

"Yes, yes

 The young soldier looks up towards the sound of the voice and sees the face of a dragon whose face alone is several meters tall.

 A commanded dragon B summoner rides on an outer wall as high as his body.
 And the summons of the militaryized dragon B are also on the outer wall.
 Thanks to this, the situation around the hull is different.

 It's so big that the insect-type monsters coming towards you look literally like insects.

Now, Dora Dora, the monsters here are the type that climb on top of the outer wall to attack. Burn them down so they can't get over the wall.

 Soon to be in contact with the hull, Allen will give instructions to the commanding dragon B summoner.

"Oh, soldiers! Let's burn it down!


 The Dragon B summons used their special skills and burst into flames.
 The scent of burnt animals rises above the outer walls as well.
 Their status has been raised through command and militaryization, and the power of their specialties has increased greatly.

 That was the signal to attack.

 The elves also fire their arrows at once.

No mere attack! Use your skills! Just go for it!


 A commanding dragon B summoner commands the cancerous elven soldiers, while some of the soldiers are of the general or commander's level.

(When commanding and soldiering, his personality does not change, but his behavior patterns are modified to be more like a general or soldier.

 As Allen analyzes the behavior of the summons, stag-shaped monsters begin to spread their wings inside their exoskeletons.
 Thousands of magical beasts of the insect lineage begin to fly in the sky at once.

Shoot! Do not let them in.


 In this battle, there is one possible pattern of defeat in the Elven army.
 There may be only one defeat pattern.
 One of the outer walls, north, south, east, and west, will fall.
 Then hundreds of thousands of monsters would come in from there and the fortress would surely fall.

 That's how the northernmost fortress, which boasts an outer wall twice as high as La Porca's, fell.
 The outer wall would be useless once the monsters were swept into the fortress.

 The elf commander hurriedly gives the order.
 If the enemy is in the air, the height advantage of the hull is lost, so he tells his soldiers to strike down as the first priority.

(Draedra, use the fury of anger.)

"Ha! Why do insects line up at my height! Get your head out of your ass!

 Allen instructs the commanded dragon B summoner to use the Awakening Skill "Fire of Fury".
 The commanding dragon B summoner causes all the light from around it to consolidate into its mouth.
 Then, just as the area seemed to darken for a moment, a ray of fire spits out of its mouth.

 Thousands of magical beasts in the sky above disappeared in an instant due to the intense heat, leaving no corpses behind.
 And the moaning monsters crawling on the mountainside are reduced to ashes.
 Even that couldn't kill the power of the flames, and the rock on the mountain's surface begins to melt like lava.

Wow! What power!

 The stench that arises from the burning of the hexenbiest and the evaporation of part of the bedrock is lingering in the air, and a soldier gasps at the force of the attack.

What are you doing? Defend this wall to the death!

"Yes, yes!

(Hmmm, that's nice. The east side would be safe. I let the Doradora use their awakening skills early on, but if the insects fly overhead again, should I let the Doradora soldiers use their awakening?

 Cool time is a day's awakening skills are important to use at the right time.

 Allen turns his attention to the western hull.
 It's a place where a battle too different from the rest of the world is being fought.


"'Giggle, giggle, giggle!'

 A Summoner of Bug B, which has reached 10 meters in length, is outside the outer wall, accompanied by a Summoner of Bug B, which has become a soldier.
 Against the outer wall, they form a circle and bring their cubs to the front to fight.

Do not let them recover! Definitely defend it to the death!


 On top of the hull, there are as many recovery units as archers.
 This is to protect the summonses of Bug B, which are fighting in direct ground combat against insect-type monsters.

(oxen, the recovery force is reasonably well entrenched behind Alipon's unit. (The hexenbiest will also be able to hit the summons that jump out of the outer wall first.

 Unlike the eastern hull, which is composed of dragon B summonses that breathe fire and kick out magical beasts, the western hull is manned by insect B summonses.
 Under Allen's plan, the elves' recovery team will alternate casting ranged magic against Bug B's summons and their children. When everyone's magic power is exhausted, use a heavenly blessing to restore everyone's magic power.

 With this recovery method, you can cast a recovery spell on Insect B's summons for a long time with few blessings.

 Ten Insect B summons use the "Spawn" skill twice, and 2000 offspring are born.
 Not only do Bug B summons look like they have been defeated by magical beasts, but also their offspring don't seem to have been defeated that often.

(Their defensive strength is 2750 for a militarized baby Aripon. They can't be beaten with a half-hearted attack anymore.

 The defensive strength of the offspring depends on the defensive strength of the parent insect B summoner.
 As a result of weaponization, the child's defensive strength has been greatly increased.
 It is further strengthened by fish buffs and elves' auxiliary magic.

 Aren's analysis is that their defensive strength has greatly exceeded the attack power of the monsters, so their attacks are no longer able to get through.

 The Summons of Bug B and their children are showering formic acid into the distance.
 Formic acid, a special skill, dissolves the protective exoskeleton of magical beasts in the insect lineage.
 Even insect B summons and baby alipons, which do not have the same offensive power as beast or dragon summons, are enough to crush a hexenbiest with a lowered defense.

 The front pups chew up the softened monster beasts with their mandibles.

 The elves also prioritize the magical beasts that swarm the Bug B summons fighting outside the outer walls with their bows. Their defenses are dropping and they're attacking with all their might, so a pile of corpses is starting to form.

(Hmmm, unlike Dradra, I don't turn them into ashes. If I fight too much in one place, will I end up with a pile as big as an outer wall? That way, it's easier to collect the magic stones and stuff later on. (Do you want to move it along the outside wall little by little?

 I thought about changing my strategy slightly, but the west wall seems to be fine, too.

 Since Insect B summonses produce 100 baby alipons a day, their numbers will not decrease unless they are hit by more than 100 in 24 hours.

 At the current rate, the number of baby alipons seems to be growing faster.

(The west and east walls look good. Hmm, is it time?

 Allen checks the position of the sun at the edge of the summoner's gaze.
 At sunrise, the battle with the demon king's army began, and the sun has already climbed to its highest point.
 It seems about eight hours have passed since the battle began.

It's almost time. Maintain the battle and start moving!


 At the commander's direction, the elven soldiers continue to fight, but slowly begin to descend from a staircase on the outer wall.

 Then, from the stairs on the other side of the hull, new soldiers creep up, slowly filling in the positions of the descending soldiers.

 Thus, the soldiers who had fought for eight hours were gone from the top of the outer wall, and the same number of new soldiers filled the top of the wall, and the battle continued as before.

(Oshushi, you did not practice, but that's normal.

 Allen is convinced by this elf's movement.

 The siege of the Rapolka fortress continued as the new elven soldiers took over and fought on the outer walls.