206 Episode 202 Battle of Lapolka ②

 Leaving the battle to the newly arrived soldiers, they descend the stairs to find a squad of soldiers waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

 After eight hours of exhaustion, the elven soldiers are heading to the resting facilities near the center of the fortress.

 Quickly grab a bite to eat, and then enter the temporary building with a bath that has been set up for field combat.

That's good flow. The elves are puzzled though. Well, this is a plan to keep the elves from resting. (The hexenbiest behind them didn't join in the fight.

 Allen is using Bird E's summons to make sure that the elves are working as planned.

 And during the hours-long battle, I have analyzed the strategy of the Demon King's army from the movements of the monsters.
 The movements of the Demon King's army are clearly different from the previous Tiamo siege and defense battles that came with a large army.

 The hexenbiests that march southward through the oceans have a way of keeping Allen from resting, and those that don't participate in the battle have a way of resting. I think this strategy is effective against humans, who are more easily fatigued than hexenbiests.

 This strategy is possible because the Zauberger's army has millions of monsters.
 Even if there are only a fraction of the monsters that fight at any given time, that's still a sufficient number.
 If we rest the non-participating monsters, we can keep attacking the elves all day long.

 There's a huge army of millions of them, 24 hours a day, constantly attacking and trying to bring down the fortress of Lapolka.

(One regret for the demon king's army is that they did the same thing at sea as they did at La Porca. Maybe there aren't so many leaders in the demon king's army to command and plan the strategy. That's why the strategy would be similar. (If we hadn't anticipated this strategy, it would have been very difficult for us.

 Allen, fighting at sea, began the battle two days earlier than the siege of La Porca fortress.
 Thanks to this, I could predict that they would take the same strategy as the ocean.

 The demon king's army was very fast in executing operations. This may be because they have a strong chain of command and a small number of officers.
 But because of that, it would be the same top brass, and Allen could predict the way the Lapolka Fortress would be attacked this time.

 This time, Allen's plan was to divide the 300,000 or so elves in La Porca Fortress by a third.

 Every eight hours they would rotate between fighting, waiting in reserve, and resting.
 The eight hours are now up, and the men who are in reserve and waiting inside the outer wall have been replaced.
 Introduced three shifts in the war in another world.

 The role of the soldiers standing in reserve is to respond to the battlefield when its formation is broken.

 Some of the soldiers were quite anxious, wondering if they would be fighting only 100,000 at a time.
 In order to keep the number of soldiers down, I used my commanding summons and heavenly blessings more than ever before to supplement them with no skill usage limits.

 After taking a break, the soldiers took a bath, and then went into the building that had been converted into a resting facility or a temporary resting facility.

(Good, good, everyone is sleeping well.)

"A wonderful death. That's what I call Master Allen.

 Checking the inside of the building with the summoned beasts of liaison spirit B.
 The soldiers who were excited to fight to the death just an hour ago are already sound asleep.

 The day was bright, fierce battles were raging in all directions, and the sounds of battle, such as the roars of magical beasts, could be heard inside this thin-walled temporary resting place.
 However, the elves are all asleep as if it doesn't matter.

 And in the center of this spacious resting place, there is a tree about two meters tall.
 It's the tree of Grass F's Awakening Skill "Herb".

(Hmmm, I brought 100 herbs, but was that enough?)

 This time, Allen placed 100 trees made with the Grass F's sentient skill 'Herb' on the back of the commanded bird B's summoning beast and carried it with 2,000 blessings of heaven.

 Grass F's summoner's sentient skill 'Herb' turns Grass F's summoner into a 2-meter-long tree.
 Then, when you smell the scent of this tree, the speed of natural magic recovery will be increased from 6 hours to 3 hours. The scent reaches a radius of 100 meters from where you planted it. Plant the two-meter tall trees you brought with you in flower pots and place them in the resting facilities in the fortress.

 The smell of the tree, the "Herb" awakening skill, has a strong resting effect. Allen's father, Rodin, was attacked by the Great Boar and suffered severe pain from a large hole in his stomach from which he could not fully recover, yet he was able to sleep soundly.

 The soldiers doubt that they can sleep in such a situation, but when they get to the floor, they sleep so soundly that all their fatigue melts away.

(So far things are going well in all directions, but the south wall is the slowest to be destroyed. There aren't many summons, and there are no long-range attacks. I guess that's not an option around here).

 The battle is also being fought on the southern exterior wall.
 In the south, there are four summons of stone B.

 Since it's outside the outer wall, insect-type monsters are swarming around the summons of stone B as if they were clinging to them.


 The non-verbal stone B summons is 20 meters long in command and 15 meters long in military service.
 Just as the word suggests, they crush it with their huge feet like insects.

(After all, it can't accept attacks with such a high level of durability.

 Summoner of commanded stone B summoner's endurance is 7000.
 The endurance of the Summoner of the weaponized stone B is 5500.

 It also has a fish buff for increased evasion and damage reduction. They also benefit from the elves' auxiliary magic.

 Most B-ranked monsters have an attack power of around 1000, so the difference in endurance between them and Stone B summons is five times greater.

 With a difference of this magnitude, no damage can be done.

 Allen has been examining the relationship between durability and attack power since he was attending the school's dungeon.
 An attack with an attack power of 1000 does not deal three times the damage of an attack with an attack power of 3000.
 This is because the attacker's damage is calculated between durability and attack power because of the durability of the attacker.

 Attacking a high-durability opponent, a 1000 or 2000 attack will do only 1 damage, but a 3000 attack will do 300 damage.
 So damage is not completely proportional to attack power.

(Some monsters can use these skills too, you know. You have to be careful about that. And about one in a hundred of them are A-ranked monsters.

 Some magical beasts have penetration skills that nullify your durability, or use skills that reduce your defense.
 Don't be overly confident that you'll be fine, and have the four Stone B summons cast recovery magic on them regularly by the elven recovery team.

 Stone B summons use round shields to peel off by force the monsters that crawl up the outer wall as high as their own height.

 Against the attack of stone B, a skeleton wearing a robe points a staff with a red jewel on the tip from behind.
 At the tip of the staff, a huge circle of flame is created by magic and sends the elves on the wall flying in an attempt to burn them all away.

Oh, lucky me. (Total reflection.)


 Use the circular shiny shield that was scraping the wall to bounce it back over a wide area in front of you, including the skeleton.
 Triple the flames released by the skeletal monsters to extinguish the insects.

(It's still important to reflect all the skills of A-ranked monsters. The eradication speed is slow, but the west and east aren't designed to be defended by elves to begin with. (It's all about balance here.)

 The Lapolka fortress, which was built to defend the north and south, does not respond to the offensive from the east and west.
 Therefore, it is left to the commanding and militarized dragon B and insect B summonses. That's why the elves have fewer soldiers than the north and south.

 More time is passing.

 The sun has set, but the magical and big torch lights will not stop the fight.
 Just as Allen had predicted, they will attack throughout the night.

 Since sixteen hours have passed, the soldiers who have been waiting as a reserve have climbed up the front line's outer wall, while the soldiers who have been fighting until now have descended the stairs to take a break. Quickly, the change of positions proceeded.

 More time passed, and it was midnight when the sun had changed.

Now let's go to sleep.

"Yes. Dear Mr. Allen, please sleep well.

 A spirit B summoner picks up Allen's soliloquy.
 It's the second night of the battle against the Demon King's army in the ocean.
 I'm going to clean the monsters on top of the sea dragon-type monsters that I crushed and defeated and make my bed for the night.

 Take off your clothes and move the grimoire over your head to take a shower with the water inside.
 There is enough water in the grimoire to fill a swimming pool.
 You have enough food and a nightgown to change into.

I think we killed about 150,000 of them today. We've talked a lot about coming back in five days, so we've got to be more efficient. Since the monsters are doing everything they can to come at us, tomorrow's target is 200,000. (Should we get in the center of the fight?)

 After the shower, we eat Mormo nuts and reflect on how we fought on the second day, and think about more efficient ways of annihilation.
 I always find this thought and validation through practice the next day to be the most fun.

 Then move to the back of bird B. Even though we are on top of a large sea dragon monster, it is not safe as there are monsters in the sea that attack dead monsters.
 On the back of Bird B's summoned beast was Allen, who was taking a brief nap.