The siege and defense of the Rapolka Fortress, where Allen had joined them, was quickly eradicated.
 And the number of elf soldiers sacrificed by the monsters of the Demon King's army has decreased.

 Allen continued to attack the exhausted troops after the battle against the monsters of the Zauberger's army, and fought with his friends to eradicate the Zauberger's army in a short time.

 Eight days after Allen's return, the five million Demon King's troops surrounding La Porca Fortress were gone. This happened 13 days after the demon king's army attacked the fortress.

 Based on the lessons learned last time, Allen attacked from the main demon king's army to the north. Thanks to this, even though the war was being lost, the demon king's army had no choice but to retreat.

 If you retreat, the demon king's troops would be scattered and it would take a long time to defeat them. We can't waste our precious time. I've hunted most of the monsters in this battlefield.

 I've surrounded and eradicated the demon king's army with Bug B's summoner and his ever-growing baby Aripon. Thanks to their commanding skills, they did a great job.

 The elves were jubilant at the great victory. They saw that their three hundred thousand or so men outnumbered the demon king's army by ten to one.
 In the center of the city, many of the elves were wrapped in cloth and reporting their victory to their comrades in arms who were about to be buried.
 They know how big this victory is.
 The demon king's army has gathered and assaulted the troops north of the fortress to capture this fortress of Lapolka.

 Since they have been eradicated, the threat of the demon king's army to Rosenheim is almost gone.

 The elves still have some work to do.
 It's to dispose of the magical beasts around the fortress of Lapolka.

 We must collect the magical stones and materials and dispose of the corpses before they decompose.

 Bearing the grief of their comrades' deaths, the elves are desperately working to get rid of them.
 Allen uses a summoner to help them.
 He has Bug B's summoner and his son Aripon to dismantle and transport them, and Dragon B's summoner to burn them.

 About two days later, in the city of Tiamo.
 Aren and the others have roughly completed their remaining work and reported to the queen and generals on the current situation.

This is what we have done now.

Well, thank you so much. I will definitely repay you for this favor.

 To Allen, the queen thanks him extraordinarily.

 The generals should be thanking you, too, but they seem to be speechless with so much success.
 The entire demon king's army has disappeared in a little over a month since Allen's arrival, including his reserve units.
 The annual demon king's army is usually about half a million. This meant that he had destroyed fourteen times as many Demon King's troops.

 No one doubts that the Spirit King's prophecy is true.
 We can only be thankful that the Spirit King realized the danger our elves were in and told us many times that we had a hero for salvation.

No, we owe it to the soldiers' dedication to their country and to Your Majesty. Also, Your Majesty, I do not think it is too early to say thank you, Your Majesty. The battle is not over yet.

 Allen doesn't think he did it alone.
 It was only because of the battle of the elves that we were able to achieve results in such a short time.

 even with Allen's plan.
 or with the blessings of the gods and the buffs and aids of fish-type summons.
 or summons to fight in front of the elven soldiers.

 Still, it was the elven soldiers who fought against the hundreds of thousands of demon king's troops without fear.


 At these words, the generals who lead their soldiers are shocked. Then, once again, you say words of thanks to Allen and the others in your heart.

(And yet you're still shining on the Queen's lap. It takes a long time to evolve, doesn't it? It's been more than half a month already, hasn't it? Oh, so you're going to be a genie god, so you're going to be a deity. (Pfft)

 Despite the gratitude of the queen and generals, Allen imagines the evolved state of the Spirit King.

Indeed, the capital, Fortenia, is still lost to the Demon King's army.

Yes. I believe that the end of this battle is to retake Fortenia from the demon king's army and defeat the demon god Razel. Thank you for your continued cooperation, Your Majesty.

 Rosenheim's capital, Fortenia, is still lost to the Demon King's army.

No, I never thought I'd have to tell you this story: ....... Have I done a bad thing to Emperor Ghiamut?

What are you saying? Your Majesty, the 5-continent alliance is desperate. I'm glad to see that our earlier investment helped us move this along so quickly.

 When you say that much, a questioning look appears on Cecil's face.
 Because you don't know what you're talking about.

"Talk? An advance investment? What's that?

(I know, it was a mission after Cecil, or rather his friends, left for the fortress of Lapolka. I didn't explain it to you because I didn't know what would happen after that.

"Oh, Cecil. I had to ask Your Majesty to do a little favor for me to defeat the demon Razel.

"Huh? What's that? The story of the Rosenheim treasure?

 Cecil, Allen once said, 'I wonder if there are any treasures in Rosenheim? I remember saying, "I wonder if there are any amazing weapons or tools lying around? 'I wonder if there are any amazing weapons or tools lying around? What a story Allen had with his friends.

No, that's not it. I think I need some help in defeating the demon Razel, and I asked Her Majesty the Emperor Giamut if he would be willing to help me.


 The voices of Allen's companions overlap with his words.
 Then he notices the twitching faces of Her Majesty and the generals.
 Allen's companions realize that Allen has been playing a trick on them again.

You've arrived much earlier than I expected. I mean, if you're arriving, why didn't you just come in?


(I'm waiting to go into the hall. Are you shy? (Come in and join the meeting)

 Then, the door of the hall where the queen is located opens and a young man with light blue hair enters the room accompanied by the summoned beast of spirit B.

"Moo~. You're still rough with your seniors~. You should respect your superiors a little bit, Allen.

What do you mean? It's a big deal for you to come all the way to Rosenheim, all the way to Rosenheim's predicament.

"Hey! Hey, why are you here, Helmios ......, Lord Helmios is here!

 Cecil will question you vigorously.

"Oh, I'll tell you briefly what happened,

 Since there was no prior consultation with the companions, I'll explain the situation to them.

 Allen was asking Helmios in his fortress on the central continent what he should do to defeat the demon god Razel.

 At this time, the strength of the demon gods that Helmios had told him about was even greater than Allen had imagined.
 Even with the use of commanded summons, the battle would be quite tough, which is what I thought the most after listening to him.

 Even if we managed to defeat them, even though they were tough, it would be awful if a few of our friends died.
 After thinking about how to do it, I decided to summon a hero to Rosenheim.

 If Helmios had defeated two demons and had an extra skill that would give him an effective strike against them, he would need it even more.

 Including the 100 or so blessings I had, I delivered 1000 blessings that day on time.
 But to give the additional 1,000 blessings, I've made a condition to Emperor Giamut via the queen.

'Condition? What are the terms?

It's 10 days on loan for a hero. I was the equivalent of 1,000 elven elixirs. ......


 Allen's companions wonder why they look at him with pity, when he is supposed to be a great hero, and yet he is treated like a pawn between Allen and Emperor Giamut.

Rosenheim is fighting a tough battle. We cannot give away such a valuable elixir for free. There has to be a price.

The price. How did you get Master Hermios? Maybe ......

 Cecil asks Allen how Helmios got here. It doesn't look like he came on a magic ship somehow.

"A while ago, a translucent woman came again and was carried away on a big bird. I've already talked to the emperor.

 Cecil's words tell me the situation when Helmios is in the fortress.
 I briefly explained to Spirit B's summoner and asked Bird B's summoner to fly to me.

''No, no, thank you for your quick response.

Now, you can't choose any means to win. To beat the boss, you'll need to assemble a party to beat him. Good thing there's a stray in the Central Continent.

 To defeat the boss without damage, you have to have the necessary number of players and configuration.
 If it's the first time you've seen the boss, you should be more careful than ever before.

 This time, if Hermios hadn't come, and if the Ghiamut Empire had decided not to send a brave man, we would have decided not to fight the demon gods, and after some years, we would have to fight the demon gods.

 Moreover, I'm providing a demonstration of the precious blessings of heaven.
 It works very well. The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire agreed with you.

"But we're still in the Central Continent, right?

 Cecil worries about the war in the central continent with Hermios out.

"Yeah, it's all good over there. You don't have to worry about it.

(Well, the battle is likely to be won, so as the Emperor of Ghiamut, he prioritized his relationship with Rosenheim.

 The first thousand blessings had already changed the war situation.
 Helmios says the battle with the demon king's army is already largely over.

''Well, since we're not here, shall we talk in the conference room?

Yeah, I guess so.

 Helmios, hunched over his own head as a bargaining chip, followed Allen's lead out of the Queen's hall.