209 205, Brave.

 Aren and the others change the place to a conference room and talk with the brave Helmios about the future.

 The queen, Marshal Sigur, General Luchidrall, and the spiritist Gatluga also participate in the meeting.
 This meeting is so important that it would not be an exaggeration to say that this meeting will change the future of Rosenheim.

 Thanks to this, I was shown to a meeting room with round tables that can accommodate more than 10 people.
 As a sign of appreciation for Helmios, who has come a long way, we have a meeting over dinner.

Oh! Long time no see! Sounds great.

 With that said, Washa and Helmios tucked into an elfish dish with more vegetables.
 Helmios is from a commoner's background, so he doesn't seem to be a very mannered eater.

"It's been a long time, come to think of it, there is something that has been bothering me for a while.

"Hmm? Allen, what's that?

Helmios, you're on the front lines of the Ghiamut Empire fighting against the Demon King's army. How do you travel to Rosenheim and Baukis Empire?

(It looks like you got a magic recovery ring from the Spirit King in Rosenheim and you've been to the S-class dungeons of the Baukis Empire, so I wonder if you can hold the line? (What do you usually do?)

 Allen will try to investigate the biology of the brave.

Yeah, it is. Well, we don't always fight with the Demon King's army all year round. We don't spend as much time fighting as people think we do.

 Then Helmios tells us about the daily activities of the brave.
 All of Aren's friends are listening with great interest as they hear about the activities of the brave men. Kena is the only one who is absorbed in cooking.

 According to Hermios, the battle against the demon king's army is only a few months a year.
 The actual battles are even shorter. They say it's three months long, all together, moving, sharing strategies, and post-war processing.

 Allen came to Rosenheim and changed the war in about a month, but I wonder if that's how long it would be if we were dealing with a brave man and a demon king's army.

What do you do for the rest of the time?

"Hmm? What about you?

I'm Cecil, a member of Allen's party.

 When asked, Cecil usually says his name.
 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who is always looking at Allen out of the box, but it seems that the brave Helmios is not that nervous.

"Cecil-san. For the rest of the time, there are about 20 academies in the empire. I travel around there to teach them.

""20 pieces!"

(Hey, I heard it was a little high, but not that high. Is it natural considering the ratio of population to the kingdom? I think there are three types of schools, unlike the kingdom.

 The Ghiamut Empire boasts a population and territory dozens of times larger than the Kingdom of Latash.
 The academies do not all have the same curriculum, but are divided into three types.

 The first type lasts for one year and provides only combat training to ordinary soldiers.
 The second type lasts for three years and provides a certain range of education from general education to detailed tactics.
 The third type lasts for five years and educates noblemen and those with valuable talents.

 The one country one school system decided by the Five Continents Alliance is the educational content of the second type of academy.

 When Allen heard about this in the academy, he wondered if most of them would be sent to the battlefield in the first type, where they would only be taught hard combat training and absolute instructions from their superiors.

 It should be noted that Helmios received three years of education at the school for the second type.

I also go into dungeons in the country and other countries to get my equipment. That's how I know about the Baukis Empire.

 Basically, they say that Helmios has a free pass to all countries, including the other continents.

I see, so that means you and Silvia will be together.

"Sylvia? Allen, who is Ms. Sylvia?

Oh, Crenna. That's the swordsman Mr. Hermos is having a party with.

 Krena responded to the name Sylvia. I guess she wasn't just eating elfish food.

"Yeah. We have a party of about ten people. A saint, a great mage, and a swordsman are the basic ingredients.

(I see...so they all have 3 stars of rarity. I see, that's why the equipment of a brave man is so good.

 I somehow understand the situation of the empire.
 The important thing in the battle against the demon king's army is of course to win the war, so you have to become stronger.
 In order to do that, you have to get more powerful equipment.
 In the normal mode, you'll be able to go through levels very quickly. If levels don't make you stronger, then equipment will make you stronger, which is what Aren had in mind.

 That's why Hermios was equipped with a ring that increases his speed by 3,000 in addition to his orichalcon equipment at the school's martial arts tournament.

 The empire takes the lead in gathering a party that can withstand S-class dungeons and the like.
 Then the rare 3-star jobs would be further strengthened to become active on the battlefield.
 I'm sure that even a 3-star job can work like a champ if it's reinforced enough.

Thank you very much. I think I understand the activities of the brave men. You said the battlefield is all clear, what's the situation?

 I know that the brave man has cleared up enough to come to Rosenheim, but I don't know the specific situation of the battle as most of the summonses from the northern part of the central continent have been pulled out.

''Oh, thanks to the elixir you delivered, Allen, we were able to defeat most of the magical beasts in 10 days.

Does that mean that the Demon King's Army has been eradicated?

(Check here because it's important)

 The demon king's army can run away quite often.
 I experienced this in the battle at Rosenheim, but I also learned it in school class.

 The Demon King's army will retreat when the monsters are overwhelmed and exhausted.

"No, they retreated after we killed 70 to 80% of them. That's why they've formed a pursuit party and are on their way. There's still some elixir left over, so we can fight.

 Even if the demon king's army retreated, they still came back in numbers and attacked.
 It seems that the military leaders in the northern part of the Central Continent decided that they wanted to kill as many of them as possible for the sake of the future .

''Then, were there any demons or demon gods in the Demon King's army in the Central Continent?

 Allen also asked this question in the fortress room on the central continent.
 The answer from Hermios at that time was that he still didn't know.

''Yeah, I think it was one upper demon and three demons. I've already killed them.

"Oh, you mean at a party?

Yes, that's right. That's what the party is for.

I see, I understand. So a brave man has formed a party to defeat the top demons and higher demon gods of rank A and above? ...too much for a few soldiers to handle.

 Helmios fights like any other soldier in the fortress.
 But there is an enemy in the demon king's army that other soldiers can't defeat.
 It seems that the Ghiamut Empire has a plan to let a small party of brave men defeat the higher demons and demon gods.

(And when the saint or saintess dies, a replacement will come along.)

 I don't ask questions, but I do know something.
 In the fortress of the Central Continent, Hermios said that his people were killed by a demon god.
 But now he says there are only ten of them in the party.
 Was there originally twenty or thirty of them?

 Parties are not always better when there are many people.
 There is a better organization to work with.

 Perhaps the easiest number of people to work with is around ten, and the empire will replenish the party with new ones if their comrades die.

"So, what's this thing called Mr. Allen's summoner? Tell me what you can do.

Of course. I'm putting my back into it now.

 The friends ((What! I'm going to teach you!))) and looks at Allen with a surprised expression on her face.

(Come to think of it, when we were taking the exam, there was a dispute about whether or not to teach or not to teach. In the end, I just summoned one choroske to show him.)

 Allen will disclose his abilities when he thinks it's necessary and not when he thinks it's unnecessary.
 That's the simple idea.

 This time I will teach Helmios about Allen's abilities.
 I have decided that we can't win without Helmios, so I will fight the demon with Helmios involved.

 Naturally, I will teach him only what I have seen and heard from the elven soldiers. The abilities necessary for warfare have been shown to the elven soldiers, so it doesn't matter if I explain that much to you.

 There is no need to explain about enhancement or sharing, or summonses of bird strains. That's all the information you need for the battle.

 You've been asked what the upper limit of the summoning limit is, so I'll tell you that we have both elixirs and magic recovery rings, so you won't be able to stop being able to summon them during a battle against the demon gods.


 Hermios seems to have realized that he did not explain everything.
 But he doesn't say anything else.

Is there anything else I should ask you?

 With a hint of "I'll give you the answers you need," Allen asks Hermios, "No, no, well, if there's anything on your mind, you can ask me when you think of it.

No, well, if something comes to mind, I'll ask when I think of it. I see.

 He's convinced of something.

Okay, let's talk about the plan for the future.

No, yes, but before that, there's something else that's been bothering me.

"Yes, what is it?

"We've all heard the stories, and we're all pretty sure this fight is just going to be me and you, Allen, right?


"What, what! What does that mean?

 Dogora stood up and shouted loudly in response to Helmio's question, while Allen's companions shouted in astonishment.