210 Art. 206 Friends

 An enraged Dogora stands up and punches the table.
 The table is dented and the food floats for a moment as the highly aggressive Dogora punches it.

"Why do you want to go alone with me?

 Dogora bites the brave Helmios.
 Helmios has assured him that he and Allen will go alone to defeat the demon.

That's because he's slowing us down.

 To Dogora's awesomeness, Helmios asserts without any fear.


 Apart from Dogora, all of Allen's friends are "What do you mean? And looks not at Hermios, but at Allen.

(Hmm, I don't plan on going alone with a brave man, but, well, I see. But I gotta tell you.

 Allen and Helmios were not planning to fight the demon together.
 But the stories Helmios told him on the central continent were not shared well enough.

 Allen looks at his friends and starts to talk.

''Mr. Helmios says we'll go alone, but I'd like each of you to decide on the final part,''

Does that mean I can decide for myself if I want to fight a demon?

That's what I mean. But now I'm going to tell you about the strength of the demon that Helmios told me about.

 Then Allen talks about the strength of the demon god.
 Dogora sits back in his chair once more as Allen begins to speak.

 Helmios has defeated two demons.
 But he says that he has only defeated two of them in his five battles with the demon gods.

 And even in a party made up of rarer companions such as swordsmen and saints, he has suffered many deaths.

 Hermios listens to Aren with his eyes closed.
 You can tell that Allen doesn't want Helmios to hear such stories.
 He is silent, hoping to help Allen's friends decide.

I see, I know the going gets tough. What kind of odds do you think Allen has against a demon?

 Winning percentage is something that Allen sometimes says when fighting a powerful enemy, such as an A-ranked monster, for the first time.
 You're not going to be able to win against these monsters, so your friends are familiar with this kind of talk.

"The Hexenbiest is much stronger than I thought. Probably, the odds of winning without Helmios are 10%. Fifty percent at best. Apparently there are different types of demon gods with varying strengths. In fact, they could be the top demon gods as well.

 I will tell you what I heard from Helmios that the demon gods are quite different in form and strength. And there is a higher level of compatibility with demon gods.

"Higher-ranking demon gods?

As the saying goes, it's a higher version of the demon gods. Perhaps this one won't win when it comes out. Hermos once fought a high level demon and lost a lot of friends.

 I would add that our lost comrades are stronger than the current members of Allen's group.

 He goes on to say that the odds of winning are linked to the mortality rate in this case.
 If you only win 10% of your games, then you have a 90% chance of dying.

 If you include Helmios and 50%, then you have a 50% chance of dying, even if you have the world's hero, Helmios, you have a 50% chance of dying.


 In the silence, Helmios speaks to Dogora, who is folding his arms.

Dogora, you said. Dogora, why do you fight demons? You're not from Rosenheim, are you?

 Why go to the trouble of risking your life to fight, Helmios asks as if to admonish.

"Because we are friends.


"Friends fight a powerful enemy. Your country is attacked. Do we need another reason to fight?

I see. That's true.

 To Dogora's immediate response, Hermios replied, somewhat disappointed.

''Allen, what do you do when you find out that the demon gods are too strong to win?

 Crenna asks Allen if he is trying to change the atmosphere.

"Of course I'll run. The alternative is to run. Let's just say that the next meeting will be about how to get away.

 Allen assured him with a determined look. Allen joins Krsna to change the atmosphere.

d*mn! Oh, hey.

 Keel blows out. I'm talking about what the tension has been up to now.

No, seriously, if you listen to Helmios, I'm not sure we'll win. I'm sorry for the elves, but depending on the outcome of the war, we may have to wait a few years before we can take back the capital, Fortenia, or even worship the World Tree.

(If a boss can't be defeated in the first game, it would be common sense to train and try again.

 Only Allen's friends here understand the true meaning of these words.
 It means that Allen has assured them that after a few years of practice they'll have the power to surpass the demon gods.

''But then, what about the promise to the Spirit King? You can't be a grand mage.

(Hey, you're getting real.)

 Cecil worries that the promise Allen made to the Spirit King will not be fulfilled.
 I'm more worried that Cecil won't be able to become a great mage.

That's not a problem. That's not a problem, because I have already fulfilled my promise to the Spirit King.


 All eyes at the round table are focused on Allen, and an exclamation of surprise escapes.

''I want you to remember . I promised to 'save Rosenheim'. It wasn't to take back Forthenia or the World Tree. The understanding is that I saved the elves, and they understand that I saved them.

 Allen explains further.
 The threat to Rosenheim's existence is almost gone.
 The seven million hexenbiests in the Demon King's army have been nearly wiped out.

 In comparison, losing nearly two-thirds of Rosenheim's land for a few years doesn't seem so bad. Compared to the extinction of the elves, that is.

 You may have to use Lapolka Fortress as a borderline against the Demon King's army for the time being, but since we've hunted down the Demon King's army at this point, we won't be fighting him for at least the rest of next year.


 It's here that Allen's companions find out about Allen's plan and the promise he made to the Spirit King.

(To the extent that it was achievable, we promised the Genie King without giving him any specifics. I wasn't sure if we could beat the demon king.

 Allen certainly wanted to get a reward from the Spirit King.
 There was no need to raise the bar for a reward in vain.

Of course, I'm not going to ask for more. You're right, Master Allen.

 The queen, who had placed the Spirit King of the Navel Heaven on her lap, answered on behalf of Rosenheim.

 He doesn't seem to care that just a moment ago, Allen said that the battle isn't over because there's a demon god.

You have a really unusual way of thinking. Your strength scares me, to be honest. But it's better than being overpowered by brute force.

 Helmios agrees with Allen's idea.

I'll try to make it as safe as possible to win. Don't worry about that. So, before we get started, here's some basic information about my party.

 Before discussing the story of demon warfare as a basic knowledge, Allen began to explain about the fighting style of Allen and his friends, and how they usually fight.

 Helmios listens for about an hour or so, saying that he understands.

 Helmios says he would like to hear everyone's point of view, so his friends join in and talk about the vanguard and rear guard perspectives.

Well, thanks. It's a little different from the combat patterns in school classes, but I got the gist of it. The rest can wait until after we go outside, not in the conference room?

(I guess that's enough talk in the conference room.)

 Helmios says that it's good to plan a strategy in the conference room, but it's better to actually do some physical activity.

 As for Helmios, I wonder if he's already heard everything he could in the conference room.

Do you mean coordination in motion?

Partly, but I want to see how strong you really are. Go out there for a second and show me how strong you guys are and how you fight. I'll take care of it.

"Good. I'm the only one who fought in a martial arts tournament.

 Allen agrees. Demonstration is more instructive than words. From now on, if we are to fight demons, we must work together.

You said your name was Dogora.


You were so bossy earlier. Of course there's enough to make me groan, isn't there?

 Helmios puts his hand on the hilt of his sword at his waist and provokes Dogora.


 Wordlessly, Dogora grabbed the axe that lay at his feet, put it on his shoulder and walked out of the room.

It's kind of nasty, isn't it? Are you okay?

Mr. Helmios doesn't want Dogora to die, either.

 Allen takes Helmios' feelings.
 Allen and his team walked out of the building with Dogora.

 They head to the square, which is some distance away from the building.

The vanguard is the swordsman and the axeman. So few in your party, really, aren't you, Allen?

 I look at everyone and mutter a few words.

"I've got one of the guys back in the Baucis Empire, but yeah, I guess so.

Then you can start, Dogora. I'd like to see the extras.


 Dogora doesn't answer.
 Hermios seems to have noticed something.

Oh, I see. You don't think you can fight a demon without using extras, do you?

 With that, he pulled out the golden orichalcone sword at his waist.


"What's the matter with you, silently. Come on. I'll knock that silly idea out of you.

 Helmios continues his challenge to Dogora.
 Dogora grabbed the axe and went at it with all his might to respond to Helmios' challenge.