211 Art. 207. Fortenia

 Three days have passed since Helmios came to the city of Tiamo in Rosenheim.

 Aren and his friends are in the square at a distance from the building.
 A large boy lies on his stomach in the middle of the square, breathing heavily.

"I knew you'd better stay here, Dogora.

"...... Ugh, shut up. Definitely go.

(Three days have gone by. It's time to make a decision on whether Dogora's extra skills are tough.

 I was hoping that Dogora would be able to awaken to extra skills, just like Krsna, who learned to use extra skills after training with Doberg, but it seems that it was impossible to do so in three days or so.

'Helmios, I heard that some people in the academy take years to learn to use extra skills, is there any reason for the difference in learning?

 I've heard in the school that extra skills can be learned by the good and the bad.
 I'll ask Helmios, the school's practical skills instructor, if he has any hints for Dogora's problems.

It's said that professions with high intelligence and magic are easier to remember. It's generally believed that it's because the use of magic is similar to the sense of extra skill. That's why swordsmen and axe wielders have a bad memory. And wizards learn skills faster than swordsmen.

I'm sure you're right. As expected of an instructor, you've been to many schools. You're as brave as you are.

 Allen thinks about the life of a man who was raised as a brave man from birth and lived as a brave man.

 Then Allen applies his own experience to Helmios' analysis and is convinced.

 Not only was Cecil, who had been educated by a mage since childhood, but the monk Keel also claimed to have learned the skill by attending church for a few months.
 However, I remember that it took quite a while for Krsna and Dogora to learn their skills when they attended the school.

I see, I think I know what you mean. But with Krsna's training, I was able to use it in a day.


 Krena quickly learns and asks if there is any reason for Dogora's poor memory.
 Dogora listens to the conversation between Allen and Helmios, breathing deeply.

Well, it's a well-known fact in the Empire that people who are stupid, or who don't think about it, remember the extras better.



 Allen's companions uniformly pick up the word "idiot".
 Only Krena is listening to Helmios' story with admiration.
 Seeing Krena listening to the conversation between Allen and Helmios while she takes a bite of a Mormo nut, Allen's companions agree with her.

"So, Dogora, I'd say you're either hard-headed or stuck in common sense: ......

 Despite being in Allen's party, Dogora seems to have been identified as a sensible person.

Do you think too much?

(That's two extremes. The more intelligent ones are easier to remember and the dumb ones are next. (The half-wit is half-remembered.)

"That's what I'm going to do. What are we going to do now? I hear my loaner is 10 days.

 I dare to use the word "ten days". Hermios seems to be bitter about being lent to you.

"I've made up my mind and I don't want to stay here too long. We'll leave for Forthenia tomorrow.

 I wasn't just here for Dogora's training.
 We've been thinking and discussing a plan that includes Helmios.

 Allen was told by all of his friends, including Dogora, that he would participate in the battle against the demon Razel.
 Since everyone who wanted to participate was going to be there, we have a plan for everyone to go together, and I've shared it with Helmios as well. They don't seem to strongly oppose Dogora's participation in the war, saying, "Well, then, well.

 We've also examined the use of Kreena's skills when she activates extras.
 According to Hermios, I was assured that you can't use the skill for extra-status skills.

All right. Let's go tomorrow.

 Thus, I have done what I can in the city of Tiamo.

 The next morning, in the building, I greeted the queen and generals with my departure.

You don't want me to go?

 Rosenheim's most powerful man and spirit user, Gatluga, asks again if you don't want to participate in the fight against the demon god Razel.

Yes, we will go alone. Please take care of Rosenheim without us, Mr. Gatruga.

Yeah, okay.

 There is no Gatoruga in this mission.
 Gatluga wanted to participate for Rosenheim and the queen, but he was reluctant to do so.
 If something happens to Aren and the others, we'll need someone who can fight in Rosenheim.

(The Spirit King hasn't changed from his glittering state after all. Well.

 On the queen's lap, shifting his gaze from the spirit king sleeping in his belly button to the queen.

"Your Majesty.


As I told you yesterday, the goal is to defeat the demons. As I told you yesterday, the goal is to defeat the demon, and since he is a powerful enemy, there may not be any more Fortenia, is that clear?

"Of course. If only to shake off the plague from Rosenheim.

Thank you. Now I can fight with all my might.

 The goal is to defeat the demon god Razel. This does not include taking back Forthenia.
 I'll check to see if it's okay for her to return to the ashes, and I'm told it's okay.

 I don't care where the battle takes place in Forthenia, I'm not going to take it easy.

"Blessings of the Spirit King to the heroes of our country.

 Finally, the queen folds her hands in front of her chest and prays for the safety of Aren and her friends.

 Leave the building and ride the summons of bird B to Forthenia.
 Here are seven people: Allen, Krena, Cecil, Dogora, Keel, Sophie, and Formal.
 Hermios has already left the day before for the mission.

 In the evening of the second day we will arrive at the fortress of Lapolka.

 It's been days since the siege at the fortress ended, so the monsters around the fortress have been cleared away. Allen's summons have also taken the initiative in helping to dismantle and burn these monsters.

 After collecting Allen's share of magical stones, you'll spend the night at the Lapolka Fortress.

 The next morning, you'll leave in the morning and in the evening you'll see Fortenia.  

 You can already see it from a little distance, but up close you are overwhelmed by the size of the tree.
 The world tree in the evening glow is quite magical. At the foot of the tree, you can see Forthenia, the capital of Rosenheim.

"Formar is here on a separate assignment.

 Allen will launch the operation.

"Oh, take care of Master Sophia Lorne.

 Folmar asks Allen for the safety of Sophie, the princess.
 Allen brings out a new set of Bird B summons and rides Folmar.
 While Folmar waits in the sky, the bird B summonses ride over the high walls of Fortenia and fly through the city.
 There are six people, excluding Folmar, entering the city.

 Allen and his friends are aiming for the temple in the center of the city where the Spirit B summons faced off against the demon gods.
 The demon god Razel is sitting on the queen's throne in the temple.

''Nobody's here.

 Cecil speaks at the sight of the city.
 Rosenheim's capital city of Fortenia, an area that seems to have housed a million people, is surrounded by silence.

 It must have been a beautiful city with wooden buildings full of history and the atmosphere typical of the elven country.

 It fell more than two months ago, and parts of the city seem to have caught fire and are now charred like coals. There's no one to be seen anywhere.

There's not even a hexenbiest. Do you have them waiting in the building?

 It was a very quiet city.
 I thought that the city would be overrun with hexenbiests and intercepted by Aren and the others, but that's not the case at all.

(Is this an attempt to get us to hide and let our guard down? Does this mean there's no need to send out a hexenbiest?

 Proceed through the empty, empty streets and enter the temple.
 Aren and his friends descend from the summons of bird B and enter the temple.
 There is no second floor in this temple, only straight wooden pillars of straight wood at regular intervals, as if the tree were hundreds of years old, with a high ceiling supported by the pillars.

 In the back of the center, there is an altar to the spirit king and a throne in the center.

 Continue straight to the throne in the center of the temple.
 On the central throne sits a red-eyed deformed figure looking at Allen.

 Beside him, the demon man Nephthira, who you missed earlier, stands staring at you and Allen.

''It's finally here. I see...so you've come alone, without an army. Are you Allen?

Yeah, I'm here to kill you. Demon goddess Razel.

"Beat it. Do you have no fear at all, knowing that you are a demon god?

 You are looking at Allen like he's assessing you.

"Huh? Didn't you hear from Ellie? How can I be defeated by a mere demon, the chosen one?

 Dare to be arrogant and show the demon god to his opponent.
 His words are in line with the attitude that Spirit B's summoner had shown to Demon God Razel in the past.

How ignorant and unafraid. That's the liberator! You misunderstand yourself among humans.

 A grin lifted the corners of his mouth at Allen's words, and the demon god Razel slowly stood up.