212 208. Battle of the Devil Razelle ①

"Huh? You don't know anything? Are you talking about me, the liberator?

 Allen is irritated with the demon god Razel, who said he was ignorant.
 Then he asks her what a liberator is.

(Well, he's pretty big when he stands up. She's about 2.5 meters tall. Her body doesn't look very elfish. I don't have a weapon of any kind, but his muscular build makes him look good at the vanguard, right?

 Despite the attitude, you can check the body of the demon god Razel from top to bottom as he stands up.
 You'll be able to find out whether you're a physical vanguard or a magical rearguard, and you'll want to know your opponent's fighting style before the battle begins.

 Allen believes that fighting style is something that oozes from the body.

 This reminds him of how the demon god Razel once defeated a spirit B summoner with magic. Based on its appearance and knowledge of the past, she analyzes whether it's the type of enemy that can play both vanguard and rear guard.

''Hmm. That's what I'm saying I don't know anything about.

(Doesn't tell me anything about the liberator . But okay. I let him down, so I'll have to provoke him.

"You think you can afford it, but I'm listening? You're a dark elf, right? Tell me how to become a demon with a career change.

"...... method

 Demon god Razel's expression changes. Nephthira next to me gasps.

"What's the matter, you've changed your color? You invaded Rosenheim, saying that you want the World Tree. Did you enjoy Forthenia with a good view of the World Tree?

"You heard from the Elf Queen? The World Tree has been ours to begin with. The elves have monopolized it.

 The demon god Razel speaks quietly, but his voice is clearly filled with anger.

''It's not true! The World Tree has always been managed by elves!

"Humph, you are the royalty of the High Elves ...... Rosenheim . The heir of the prayer maiden appears to know nothing. You really believe you've been in charge all along.

(Hey, hey, don't make Sophie angry. Well, it sounds like the World Tree is important to the elves and dark elves. I have no idea what it means to me. Does it still belong to the dark elves? (The queen didn't say anything about that.

 Allen thinks about the history of the elves and dark elves surrounding the World Tree, in a conversation with Sophie and the demon god Razel.
 Maybe there was a time thousands of years ago when the dark elves were really in charge of the World Tree.
 Maybe the older dark elves led the demon god Razel to believe that he was in charge of the World Tree before he became a demon god.

 I don't know, and it doesn't change what we're going to do.

"I don't know who's right, but one thing is clear: you slaughtered millions of elves with your magical beasts in tow.

 Allen interrupts the conversation between the demon god Razel and Sophie.

That's certainly true. More elves are going to die. That's why I'm here. What if that's the case?

"Of course I'm going to beat him. Do you have any idea how much it cost us?

 Allen's words were the signal.
 Everyone shifts to combat readiness.

 Crenna and Dogora are at the ready with their weapons, and Keel is preparing to recover.
 Allen and Keel have all the necessary support in place before they enter this throne room. It's too late to call the aid back.

 The demon gods Razel and Nephthira are also reacting to Allen and the others, trying to get into attacking stances.

 The fastest to attack is Allen, who can use high-speed summons.
 A commanded dragon B summon appears right next to Nephthira and forces her to use her Awakening Skill, "Angry Fire".
 The commanded dragon B summon spits out a beam of fire from its mouth, which is filled with light.

 Demon Goddess Razel and Nephthira are engulfed in flames like a flash of light.

 The flames of the Dragon B summoner's sentient skill, commanded by the dragon B, burn a large area in the temple. The wood-based building is unable to withstand the flames of the commanding dragon B's Awakening Skill, and is being turned into charcoal. Several large log pillars are reduced to ashes and fall down, unable to function as pillars.

 It seems that this temple was too small for the 20-meter-long dragon B summoner to command, and the roof of the temple peels off with every movement of the dragon B summoner.

 The temple was instantly destroyed by the commanding dragon B summoner.

One demon has been killed. I have gained 7200,000 experience.

We killed Nephthira. Now all that's left is the Demon Goddess Razel.

 The grimoire log confirms that you have defeated Nephthira.

 Allen has half destroyed the historic and atmospheric Temple of Forthenia, but is focused only on the battle. I knew this would happen when the demon god Razel was in the temple.

 After we defeated the genie, you can have the elves rebuild it again.

 On the cover of the grimoire, there's a log that says we killed a demon. I'll be able to use Nephthira's recovery magic to withstand the summoner's attacks because I didn't release my commanding skills last time, but this time it's impossible.

"Ho, a blow to Nephthira?

 But out of the flames comes out slowly the demon god Razel, whose armor is not even burning.

(Zero damage?)

 Your calm demeanor makes it feel like no damage has been done.

"Krsna, Dogora, you are a formidable opponent! Don't let an attacker take you down!

I get it!


 Saying that, Krsna and Dogora rush in with weapons in hand.
 Demon God Razel seems to have no choice but to deal with them.



 The demon god Razel's fist crashes into Krsna's weapon. Then Krsna can't hold on any longer and is blown away. Dogora does the same.

Keel, heal Dogora is the main focus.

"Yeah, I know.

 The Dragon B's Awakening Skill was used to hit the Demon Razel, but it was nearly unharmed.
 With this kind of durability, the result would not be that different from a beast B or spirit B summoner that also has an attacking awakening skill.

 Allen changed his position between Cecil and Keel and Krsna and Dogora, taking the middle guard position and utilizing Stone C's Summoner's special skill "Miigawari" and the Awakening skill "Self-Sacrifice" with high-speed summons to manage his strength so that Krsna and Dogora would not die.

 Kurena and Dogora have already received Fish B's Summoner's special skill 'Turtle Shield' and Awakening Skill 'Turtle Barrier', so Demon Razel's attack is reduced by 60%.

 Even so, the Demon Razel delivers attacks that are so powerful that you could die if you're not careful.

(Is the difference in power too great to be true? (Let's decide the game before the demon god Razel uses extra skills)

 The extra skill of the upper demon Glaster was a threat.
 It took me an hour to kill him.
 The demon god's extra skill will be a blow that I will have to be prepared to wipe out.

 I want to decide the game as soon as possible.

Krsna, extra skill!

"Yeah, okay.

 As he replied to Allen's words, Krsna's body began to refract like a shimmering fire.

"Ho, the gate of extras?

 At Crenna's change, the demon god Razel murmured a word. But there's no confusion in his expression.
 Without a backward glance, the demon raiser goes underneath Krsna.

Alright, Formar, extra skill, please.

 That's when the demon god Razel turned his attention to Krsna in extra mode.


 At Allen's direction, the bird B summoner, less than a kilometer away from the temple, chirped.

 On the back of the summoner of bird B that chirped, Folmar is standing.
 At Allen's command, the bird B chirps and, on cue, takes up a bow and arrow from a gap in the half-destroyed temple.
 Formar's entire body is refracted like a shimmering fire.

 Formar activates his extra skill, the Arrow of Light.
 The arrow is filled with a light source and begins to glow.
 Then it shoots the arrow with its radiance intact. Aim from the back near the demon's heart through a crack in the temple.

 The arrow of light corrects its trajectory and strikes the demon god Razel in the heart area of his back.

 The demon god Razel goes rigid for a moment with the sudden attack from behind.


 At that moment, Krsna, who was facing the demon god Razel, closed the distance at once, grabbed the great sword and swung it down with both hands, aiming at the neck.

It's not a good idea. It's a direct hit to the neck without armor! Did you do that?

 From a distance, Formar uses the Extra-Struck Arrow of Light to turn his consciousness to his back.
 And while you're at it, Krsna uses her extra skill "Break the Limit" to cut off your head and swing the great sword off.

I see...so the kid is as good as he looks. You don't even know the difference in strength.

 Crenna's greatsword rests motionless around the neck of the demon Razel.
 Not a drop of blood seemed to be flowing.
 A direct hit to the neck did not seem to do any damage at all.