213 Episode 209 Battle of the Devil Razelle ②

 Crenna's extra skill "Break the Limit" could hardly deal damage to the demon god Razel.
 Krsna's extra skill, which was overwhelmingly strong and played an active role in the dungeons of the school city and the war in Rosenheim, was completely ineffective.

 A look of desperation appeared on the faces of Allen's companions.

'Krsna! Don't stop the attack! More hands!

"Yeah! I get it!

 Allen instructs Krsna to dispel such an air of despair.

(The difference between durability and aggression is even greater than I expected.)

 I had heard from Hermios about the strength of the demon gods.
 I had expected the strength of the demon gods to some extent, but I felt a tremendous difference in status between Krsna and the demon god Razel.

 Damage is determined by the attacking power of the one attacking you and the durability of the one being attacked.

 To be even more precise, the
The sum of your status and the weapon's attack power, plus the effect of your skills and extra skills.
The status of the attacker and the total durability of the armor
Criticality aimed at a critical point

 These things are calculated in combination to deal health-reducing damage.
 This time, Krsna, who used Limit Breakthrough, aimed at the neck, where there was no armor, and then attacked the vital points, taking almost no damage.

 It was a blow that showed how much of a status difference there was between Kurena and the demon god Razel.

 Closer to the demon god Razel, Krsna repeated the swordfight.
 Extra Skill's time is finite, and once used, it can't be used for an entire day.

 Krsna seems somewhat impatient.
 She seems to be desperately trying to use the skill when the extra skill is activated.
 I can sense that Kurena has a sense of urgency that she will lose if she doesn't activate it.

 The demon god Razel repels Krsna's desperate attack with the back of his hand, as if he were shaking off an insect. The movement of the demon god Razel and the movement of Krsna, who holds a large sword and delivers a powerful blow, do not match.

And I can't do it. ......

 The shimmering stuff around the Crenna is fading away.
 It's as if her extra skill is over.

Are the gates of the extras closed? You may be a swordsman, but you're still standing at the gate. I suppose that's all you can do.

"A man standing at the gate?

Yes. He who opens the gates and crosses them is called liberator. Just like you.

(Hmm? Does crossing the gate mean liberator, not liberator? So I must have misunderstood something. Extra skill maybe)

 Allen understands the words of the demon god Razel.

 Perhaps the demon god Razel calls him extra mode.
 The word "liberator" probably means someone who has opened the gate between normal mode and extra mode and exceeded the limits of normal mode.

Hey, that's too strong! Allen what to do!

 While Allen verifies the words of the demon god Razel, Cecil's voice rings out.
 Cecil, who has been striking magic since the start of the battle, confirms to Allen what he will do from now on.

"Yeah, this is stronger than I thought. We need to retreat.

"Hmm, no more clever maneuvers? But you thought I was going to let you go now?

 The demon god Razel, who was listening to Allen and Cecil, smiles and declares that he will not let them escape.

(Okay, you completely let your guard down.)

 Then a Beast B summoner rushes in through the cracks in the broken ceiling.
 The beast B summoner in the form of a three-headed Cerberus bares its vicious fangs and approaches behind the demon goddess Razel.


"Oh, you're coming at me from behind again. You were expecting the same thing over and over again!

 Before Beast B's summoner can attack, the demon god Razel attacks Beast B's summoner as if he were waving it away with one hand.

 The beast B's summoner turns into a glowing bubble due to the huge status difference.

''No matter how many of these mooks you put up ......

 I was about to tell Allen that it would be useless to show him any number of bodies.
 From the tip of the glowing bubble, a light blue-haired young man in golden armor, also clutching a golden sword, looms over them.

 The demon god Razel wanted to say something, but he couldn't say anything else.

 The brave Helmios was hiding behind the back of Beast B's summoner.

''The God-Cutting Sword!

"You're Helmios? Why are you here, haha!

"Oh, good to die?

 Helmios, refracted like a shimmer, uses the extra skill 'kamikiri-sword' and thrusts the Orihalcon sword into the back of the demon god Razel.
 The sword sticks out from the chest of the demon god Razel, penetrating even his armor.

 However, it's not enough to kill him, so it knocks the demon spirit Razel face down on the ground.
 The impact of Razel's strike shatters the stone slab of the flooring in a wide circle and plunges it deep into the ground.

It's still incredibly powerful. (This was an opponent that Crenna couldn't do any damage to at all.

"...... awesome.

 Krena is impressed by Helmios, who has slaughtered the demon god Razel with a single blow.

 Helmios pulls out the sword that he held in the back of Hazel and shakes off the purple blood on the sword.

"Allen, your plan worked. Thanks to you, I was able to defeat you for sure.

No, no, from what I heard, they weren't going to be able to give me an attack, so I'm grateful.

 Allen decided that he and his friends didn't have a decisive attack on the Demon God Raisel.

 That's why he relied on Helmios' extra skill, the Divine Cutlass, but once the Divine Cutlass is used, its cool time is only one day.

 I need to make sure that Helmios' extra skill 'Shinkirisword' of the heroic Helmios hits the vital point of the demon.

 We need to plan our strategy and set up the demon god Razel.

 To do this, I've secretly brought a hero to Rosenheim.
 Most people in the Central Continent don't know that Helmios is in Rosenheim.
 I have also asked the Ghiamut Empire to block the information.

 Having defeated the demon king's army and thinking they were strong, the demon goddess Razel would have thought that Allen and his companions, mistakenly believing themselves to be strong, had come to the demon gods.

 If you have many strategies, when you defeat all of them, the demon goddess Razel will be caught off guard.
 I decided that bringing them to the most vulnerable state would be the most effective against the demon god Razel.

"It's not easy to use your friends and even yourself as bait, is it? You've got some good company.

"No, no,

 Hermios looks at his friends and admires them.
 I also used Allen's friends, who are not strong enough to take on the demon gods, as bait.
 The more power we have, the more we can catch the demon off guard. The more you let your guard down, the more openings you'll create.

 There was no one in the conference room to oppose Allen's plan.

Now, that's some hard work.

 Allen has been checking the log that appears on the cover of the grimoire for a while now.
 When you defeat a hexenbiest, you get experience, so it's convenient for you to see if you're stopping the monster.

 As I've been looking at it since a while ago, the grimoire doesn't show any logs such as 'I killed a Hexenbiest'.
 Insects and dragons are less likely to die, and the logs are slow to flow, but more time has passed since Helmios attacked the demon god Razel.

''Mr. Helmios, I'm afraid we haven't been able to defeat him yet. I don't think we've killed it yet. Let's put a stop to it.

"Huh? Yeah. Yes, he is. I wonder if he's dead yet?

 When he said this, Hermios was about to pull the sword from the hilt once it was at his waist.

...... I didn't know you had brought a brave man with you. I see that you've made all these preparations. That's why you've crushed one of your three hearts!

 A voice can be heard from the hollowed-out ground behind Helmios.


 And then the demon god Razel, whose chest was pierced by the great sword, slowly rises up and comes out of the depressed ground.

Oh, shit. Couldn't kill him?

 Both Allen and Allen's friends are upset and ready to pick up their weapons.

'What's the matter? No more coming? Then watch. I have given up everything to gain power! I became a liberator to get the World Tree!

 Allen can not measure the strength of the enemy.
 But even so, it's clear that the demon god Razel is changing right before your eyes.

 The demon god Razel's body swells up, tearing off his armor and becoming huge.
 It turns into gigantic legs reminiscent of a carnivorous dinosaur, wings that resemble those of a reptile, and arms that grow out of his shoulders and sides to become six arms.

 The shadow of an elf fades away as his face is transformed into a growling, demonic beast-like face that seems to embody hatred.

This is not good. I'll buy you some time to escape.

 As soon as he said that, Hermios grabbed his sword and walked towards the demon god Razel.

It's just a brave man! I don't care how many people gather there who can't even cross the gate!


 Three of the six arms form a fist and strike at Helmios.
 Helmios is blown away to the wall further behind Kiel and Cecil, who are farthest away from the demon god Razel.

 With a roar, the wall is shattered and Helmios lies in the rubble.

No one will get away!

 When I said that, the transformed demon goddess Razel was coming towards me, with Allen and the others in sight.