214 Episode 210 Battle of the Devil Razelle ③

 The demon god Razel had not been defeated.
 He has transformed into a vicious form and is advancing toward Aren and the others.

 Allen quickly uses a blessing to regain the strength of Helmios, who was blown to the ground by the demon god Razel.

"As a liberator, I won't need to use extra skills. Is that right?

"Nuh? I see. So that's your attitude. You've been fooling me.

We were both deceiving each other. Pretending to be a demon god and pretending to be dead.

"Hmm. You should win. Don't you?

 The demon god Razel was not unconscious after receiving Helmios' extra skill "kamikiri sword". It seems that he was trying to lure her off guard and attack her.

 However, Allen had been looking at the grimoire the whole time to confirm his death.

(Looks like he stopped pretending to be dead because I told him he was going to finish it.

 And Allen realized one big mistake.
 There are several modes: normal mode, extra mode, and hell mode.
 And there is a special skill that normal mode can use, called extra skill.

 I had two questions.
 One is why Extra Mode and Extra Skill have similar names.
 The other was why can't Allen use extra skill?

 All the answers were found in Demon God Raisel's story.

 The normal mode can borrow the power of extra mode for a moment.
 This is called extra skill, what demon god Razel calls "the gate of extras". And the liberator would be the one who entered extra mode.

 Since you are in extra mode, you can't use extra skills.
 You don't have to use them.

 And extra mode is a mode that allows you to use extra skills at will.

 In Allen's case, it's fast summoning and commanding.

(The brave man also said that using extra skill is similar to normal magic consumption and skill use.

 That brings us to the second question, why Allen cannot use extra skills.
 In Hell Mode, you can gain the same level of skills in the growth process as what we call extra skills. So I didn't bother to put it in a separate column from the skills.

You've lived for thousands of years and you're still being tricked by children. Does becoming a demon god stop you from growing?

"Enough. It's all a waste. It was all a waste. Die.

(I thought we'd talk some more.) Oh! (I'm back!

 It seems that the demon god Razel noticed that Allen is trying to buy time by talking uselessly.
 Using the blessings of heaven, restored Hermios returns to the front line.

I'm sorry. Everyone, let's go!


"Yes, it's all in vain. Think of the despair we have suffered!

 Krsna and Dogora also fight back, but the difference in power is even more apparent than it was before they turned vicious.
 I'm sure you've already stopped avoiding and dodging the attacks of Krsna and Dogora.

 The adamantite weapon that strikes Razel's body can only be heard with a hard thud.

(Good grief, the summoner will disappear in an instant even if you disguise it.

 Summons of Stone C reduce the damage your friends take, but if you take out a bunch of them and take their damage on your shoulders, they'll turn into a glowing bubble and disappear at once.

(Oh no! This is impossible. Is it really as I said that I'm losing to the demon gods, except for the extra skill of the God-Kirin Sword? The demon goddess Razel is really getting serious. (You can't get away with this.)

 Helmios entered the game, but their powers were so different that it was quite tough.
 The demon god Razel also reacts to Helmios' attack alone, but he is no match for her.


"Yes, yes. Mr. Allen.

"I'm sorry, but I need more time. Can you reveal the Great Spirit to me?

 If they don't do enough attacks, they'll be wiped out. To avoid this, Allen tells Sophie to use the extra skill of the Great Spirit Reveal.

 The Great Spirit is far stronger than a commanding B-ranked summoner.
 You want to escape while the genie is shielding you.

Oh, um. I've been trying to get it out since a while ago, but I'm having trouble getting it out: ......


I'm sorry. It hasn't been like this lately.

(Huh?) I hear you can't produce a genie at this point. Are you unavailable? (Hey, come on out)

 I guess pinch is something that happens when they overlap.
 It's a dud for Sophie's extra skill, the Great Spirit Reveal, which used to be an occasional occurrence and is almost non-existent nowadays.

Okay. Good luck getting it out.

"Yes, yes

 While I'm talking to Sophie, the situation is getting much worse.

 Helmios, Klarna and Dogora have been fighting hard to withstand a very heavy blow, but their front line is on the verge of collapse.
 It seems they are no match for the demon gods that have turned evil.

 The vanguard's job is to protect the middle and rear guards.
 But those three vanguards are no match for them.

 Krena is blown away, and the demon god Razel approaches Allen in the middle guard position.

Protect the mirror!

 The stone B summoner, commanded on the spur of the moment, is summoned between Allen and the approaching demon god Razel.

"Nephthira told me. This one repels the opponent's attacks.

 Saying that, the demon god Razel approaches Allen to go around.
 The ability of stone B is completely leaked to the demon god Razel. A fist is slammed into his stomach.


 Spitting out blood, Allen is blown away, bouncing around on the ground.

(I guess they knew about my ability. I thought you didn't use a long-range attack.

 All along, Allen was waiting for the demon god Razel to use powerful magic and other long-range attacks.
 But he wondered what happened to the Demon Goddess Razel, who fought almost exclusively in physical combat without magic.
 He seemed to be wary of bouncing off magic.

 Despite being blown off, you regain your strength with the blessings of heaven.

 While she was recovering, Krsna was fully recovered and returned to the front lines.
 But that doesn't change the situation.

Now is the time to make a decision. If you're willing to trade my life for it, you can at least keep the demon here.

 While recovering from the fall, Allen chose to let his friends escape from the demon gods, even at the cost of his life.

 That's when it happened.
 Dogora has been blown off to the side of Allen, as well as Allen.

Dogora! Are you okay?

 I'll use a blessing to restore Dogora's full strength.

Yeah, no problem.

"Thank God. That's it. I'm sorry, but it's gonna be tough. I'll go to .......

"What do I miss?


In the frontier village. You know how exhausted I was with Krena's ridiculous energy levels? This is how you lie in the garden of Krsna and look at the sky: ......

 Dogora suddenly starts talking about the frontier village.
 Allen and Dogora, battered and bruised by Krsna's obsession with playing knights, look up at the sky of the frontier village together.

The sky. What are you talking about?

"I knew Allen was a strange guy from then on. He was a great guy, wasn't he?

"So what are you saying?

(Hey, hey, don't start a funny flag)

I'll buy you some time so you can get away. Please tell the village father that I'm sorry for not coming home after I went to the school. Allen, you promised me.

 With that much said, Dogora stands up and runs towards the demon goddess Razel, whom Krsna and Hermios are fighting desperately.

"Hey, Dogora! Dogora!

 Allen's voice isn't even heard anymore.


 Dogora ran as fast as she could toward the demon goddess Razel, screaming.

 It no longer mattered about extra skills, Dogora had no idea.

 Allen would make sure to tell her about her father in the village she was worried about. Everything about the future and the future was slipping from Dogora's mind. All thoughts are gone and her mind is empty.

 The adamantine axe she clutches is somehow lighter than usual. All Dogora can think about is slamming this axe into the demon goddess Razel.

"Hmph, small fry, it's time for you to die.

 snickers at the human's shout of preparedness to be crushed. The demon Razel clenches his fists as he charges toward Dogora.

 When you are ten steps away from the demon raiser, Dogora's body begins to change.
 Dogora's body begins to be refracted like a shimmering fire.

"d*mn it!


 I defended myself with my two right arms against the overpowering force of Dogora.
 You don't need to defend yourself, but just in case.

 Then, as Dogora flies toward you, he puts all of his power into the axe and unleashes a full-bodied blow.

Haha! Ba, stupid!

 Razel's two vicious arms are crushed in an instant.
 Furthermore, it is cased by the shoulder of the goddess of evil. He tries desperately to pull it out with his remaining right arm, but it's too powerful to pull out.

 Deeper and deeper, Dogora's extra skill "all-out" strike to the chest sends the demon Razel's knee into the ground.


"Small fry, don't get carried away!



 With his right arm, which is now down to one after losing two of its own, the demon god Razel makes a sword and pokes Dogora in the stomach. The adamantite armor Dogora is wearing shatters, until its claws reach the back and pierce through.

 Dogora is blown away, covered in blood.