215 211. Battle of the Devil Razel

 The bloody Dogora is being blown away.  
 Allen quickly uses a blessing to restore Dogora's strength to full strength.

 Allen runs toward the blown-up, motionless Dogora.

Oh, hey! Hey, get up! Dogora!

 Look at Dogora's belly, which was attacked.
 The wound in his belly has healed completely by the grace of God, but he has not regained consciousness.

(Oh, come on.)

 Touch the neck, but there is no flow of blood. She's not breathing.

Keel, use a godd*mn drop!

"Wow, I get it!

 Kiel leans over and puts his hand on Dogora's chest.
 And then his body slowly refracts like a shimmer as he closes his eyes and concentrates on his consciousness as if praying.

Let me do this for sure!

(How can you go wrong at a time like this?)

 With that, Allen turns his back to Dogora and faces the demon god Razel.
 You must defend this place for the sake of your friends who are unable to move.

You'll be able to see that a small fish like that crush one of your hearts: ......

 Demon God Razel has lost two of his hands and one more of his three hearts seems to have been crushed by Dogora's attack.

 He stands up while shedding a lot of blood.

Krsna-san, I'm folding!

 Helmios, this is his chance, he calls out to Krsna to take it down with him.

Yes! I get it!

 Crenna is also worried about Dogora, but instead of running to her, she points her sword at the demon goddess Razel.

 Although the demon god Razel has lost two hearts and two arms, he still seems to be able to fight.

 Krena and Helmios, Allen's summons, Cecil's magic, and Formar also attack from a distance, but the demon god destroyed everything.

 There is no attack as decisive as Dogora.
 Only Helmios' attack, which has reached 10,000 attack power, is defended by the demon god Razel.

 In the meantime, the cut that Dogora made to regain his lost arm is churning away, making a chirping sound.

(Hey, hey! If this is regenerated by the demon Razel, you'll be back to the situation you were in before.

 Allen desperately thinks of a way out against the overwhelmingly powerful demon god Razel.

Oh, please! Please come out, Great Spirit!

 In this situation, Sophie has been desperately pleading with you for a while now.
 In this situation, the support of a great spirit that is more powerful than the commanding summoner is likely to change the war situation. The demon god Razel has been slowed down by Dogora's attack.

 In the midst of the crisis, Sophie keeps trying to activate the extra skill of the Great Spirit Reveal.

Sophie is ready to go. To recover ......

 Allen tries to ask Sophie to participate in the recovery from the Great Spirit Manifestation, which she can't do, because now Kiel is out of the recovery role with the Extra Skill "God's Drop". This is because Keel is currently out of the recovery role with the extra skill God's Drop.

 That's when it happened.

And there it is! Oh, thank you!

 With the sensation of losing all the magic, joy leaked from Sophie's face.

''The Great Spirit is out?

"Yes, yes. Huh? Who is this guy?

 From Sophie comes a questioning voice.
 It's like a great spirit I've never seen before.

 The mass of light is gradually taking shape.
 It's smaller than any other genie that has ever appeared.

 It's like a small animal.
 It's like a flying squirrel.

Oh, you've heard that you can do anything if you try. You've always tried. Haha.

"Oh, you are ....... What, genie king?

"Yes, the descendants of a prayer maiden. What do you want?

"B, stupid! The Spirit King joins our fight! Defying the laws of the world!

 While fighting with Hermios and Krsna, the Demon Goddess Razel criticizes the manifestation of the Spirit King as unbelievable.

'What do you mean? Wasn't it you demon gods who violated God's reasoning and violated the realm first? Oh, it's good that you were able to hold off on becoming a genie god. As expected, with the current descendant's power, it might have been tough to manifest as a genie god. Haha.

(Did the fact that he was left in the belly button heaven mean he was holding back from becoming a spirit god to help us?

 You will have remained in the Queen's lap for more than 20 days without becoming a genie god in the navel.

'Power! Give me the power to help my fellow man.

"Well, if you ask me. It's a given that King Rosen will use 'Spirit King's Blessing'. Okay, here we go. Haha.

 As soon as he said that much, the genie king floated in the sky and began to swing his hips and make cute movements. Then countless light bubbles are falling from the sky, fluffy as snow.
 The bodies of everyone who touched the light bubbles, including Helmios, begin to glow.

Wow. It's so powerful!

 Cecil is the first to notice a change in his body.

(Bu, everyone's status has increased by 30%.)

 Allen checks everyone's status in the grimoire. Everyone's status has been increased by 30%.

 Krena and Helmios are going into battle with their status up.

"Rozen, Rosen. You are thwarting our dreams again!

Of course. If you try to stain the World Tree with your blood, I'll show up at your doorstep as often as I can. Haha.

 Since his infancy, the Spirit King Rosen has fought the Dark Elves with the Elves, the priestess of the beginning.

 Demon god Razel battles Klarena and Helmios while glaring at the Spirit King.
 Everyone's strength has been raised, including Krena and Helmios.

(d*mn, unfortunately the status of the summons doesn't go up as well. (d*mn, unfortunately, they don't get as high as the status of the summoned beasts.

 Allen checked the grimoire, but the 'Spirit King's Blessing' does not seem to increase the status of the summoned beast.

''Hmmm. If I advise you too much Allen, I'm afraid Elmera-sama will be angry with me. ......

No, I won't be offended at all. I'll keep my mouth shut and would appreciate your advice. What is it?

"Again, unreliable. Now, just one thing. My blessing gives you one cool time of zero. Ha-ha.

 That's all you have to say, right?

"Everybody! Extra skills can be used again!

 With those words alone, Allen understands in the moment. Allen tells everyone that he can now use extra skills.

"Oh, it's true! Hey, this time!

 Krena's body refracts like a shimmering fire.

 It's important to use Extra Skill at the right time, because once it's used, it can't be used for a day.
 But when you hear that Klarna can use it again, you start using it right away. He really wants to use the skill when he activates Extra Skill "Breakthrough".

GAH! Why can't you?

 Even in extra mode Krsna is still outnumbered by the demon Razel in all of his status.
 She desperately tries to use the skill, despite being blown away many times. Krsna knows how important it is to be able to use the skill here and now when the extra skill is activated.

 In the meantime, Allen calls out to Keel.

What do you think? Kiel. Can you resuscitate?

No, I couldn't.

 Keel says ruefully.
 Dogora closes his eyes and doesn't move as if he were asleep.

Thanks to the Spirit King, I should be able to use the divine drop one more time, so be sure to revive me.

"Yeah, I know. I'll definitely revive you.

 Having said all that, Allen also turned his back on Dogora and Keel and continues to fill in for the loss of Keel as a healer.
 It's not enough for you to deal with Demon Goddess Razel if you only have Sophie's recovery magic to deal with her.


 Krsna gets impatient, and the Spirit King calls out to her from behind.


'Trust in the voice of your fellow man. What does Mr. Allen say? I'm not lying. Ha ha.

(You're giving advice to people other than me. But this is helpful.

"Crenna! Absolutely skills can be used!

 Allen yells with all his might that Krsna can use the skill.

Uh-huh? Huh? I get it!

(Extra skill is a skill that can be used in extra mode. (Extra skill is a skill that can be used in extra mode. There is no reason why you can't use a skill in normal mode while using a status increasing skill in extra mode.

 Demon god Razel taught me about extra skill and extra mode, and I understood.

 Believing Allen's words, Krsna desperately swung her greatsword.

"What are you doing?

 As Krsna tried something while talking with Allen and the Spirit King, Demon God Razel showed clear irritation.


 Krena continues to wield the great sword, shouting the name of the skill.

(Did the Spirit King come out and make the demon's attacks somewhat messy?

 I don't know if it's become a chore or if the demon has some physical strength and is getting tired.

Oh man. Crenna's extra skill is about to end.

"Crenna! What the hell are you doing! Even that dogora could use extra skills!

 Allen gives a pep talk about how it worked in Dogora, so why can't it work in Dogora?

"I can use it. I can use it! Giant Thunder Sword!

 Allen's words are the only words that Crenna hears.

"I don't understand you!

 Having said all that, Razel was reminded of what he had just done. She had just lost two hands and a heart to a human child she thought was a small fry.

 Seeing the Krena again, Demon God Razel felt a chill.

 There was a clang of thunder in Khrena's greatsword.

"I can use it! Giant Thunder Sword!


 The demon god Razel takes a hit from Krsna. Hazel takes her first damage from Krsna.
 And her face is wrinkled in pain.

Oh, the attacks are finally starting to come through.

 Krsna's skills, combined with the Spirit King's Blessing and Extra Skill status increase, have finally surpassed Demon Razel's durability.

 I begin a coordinated attack with Helmios, which is also surpassed.

(Oh! Finally it's taking shape. (Don't run out of extra skills yet)


 Helmios and Krsna's coordinated move shatters the right arm that has been reduced to a single one.
 It seems that Dogora's extra-strike "All Souls" that crushed the demon's two arms and heart is more powerful than Helmios and Krsna's skills.

Yeah, yeah!

Crenna, don't. Don't look away. But I think I can get it with my one shot.

 Krsna is not the only one who can use extra skill again.
 Helmios has also been able to use his extra skill, the Divine Cutlass, once again.

 A kind of frustration is finally beginning to grow in the demon god Razel.

I've left everything behind to become a demon god. I must not be defeated!

 Saying that much, you spread your huge wings to bounce Krsna and Helmios off the oncoming Krsna and Helmios and take off into the sky. They are getting farther and farther away from the temple into the sky above the city.

(Huh? Running away? (Seriously)

 It wasn't long before Allen thought so.
 Higher than the heavens and further away from the temple, the demon god Razel raises his three remaining left arms to the heavens. Then a huge ball of darkness begins to form.

 It seems to be about to be blown away by a powerful spell.

(Huh? What's this? That's a hell of a powerful shot. A real last blow. Can it reflect? (No more than that, hmmm)

 Perhaps it contains enough magic to reduce temples to ashes.
 I feel it's so powerful that even a commanding mirror can't reflect it.

 But rather than that, I find that this situation is quite tasty.

"Cecil, can you drop a micrometeorite on that demon god Razel?

"Huh? What are you talking about? There will be no city.

 Cecil was hesitant to use the extra skill micrometeorite in this situation inside the temple.

The city will be gone, I have permission. And with that magic offsetting it, maybe it won't break so much.


 Cecil says, "Okay," and concentrates his magic.

Petit Meteor!

 A chunk of burnt red rock, as big as a giant jet-black magic ball, fell with tremendous force on top of the demon god Razel.

(Oh! (Petit Meteor also grew with the blessing of the Spirit King!

"B, stupid! Using such magic in a place like this . Nuh-uh-uh.

 The demon god Razel tried to defeat Allen and his friends from a distance with magic.
 He never expected a human to do this.
 He goes rigid as he tries to counterbalance the huge chunk of rock with a jet-black magic ball of his own making.

Now then, Helmios. Now, Hermios... the target is stuck, please.

 Desperately trying to offset Cecil's micrometeorite with his magic, the demon goddess Razel can't move from there. You know the rest, don't you?

I don't know. That's just like you, Allen.

 Helmios carries his sword and makes a throwing stance.
 And Helmios' body begins to refract like a shimmering fire.


 Helmios throws the Orihalcon sword with all his might.

'What! My heart!

 The sword seemed to be sucked into the demon goddess Razel. It seemed to pierce the last heart.

 Then, all the hearts were lost and the demon god Razel's power was draining away.
 Two of his magic and Cecil's extra skill "micrometeorite" fall on him, rigid from the loss of power.

 The demon god Razel is crushed to the ground as part of the city collapses.