216 212. Under the Tree

 In the end, I used Cecil's extraskill "micrometeorite" and Helmios' extraskill "kamikiri-sword" to crush the third heart against the Demon God Razel, who was trying to stop Aren and the others from a distance.

(Hmmm, I haven't gotten a log of Demon God Raisel's defeat yet?

 Allen has confirmed that the genie is alive and dead in his grimoire.
 However, so far there is no "defeated" log flowing.

 I think the demon god Razel hit the ground at a considerable distance from the temple, but he doesn't seem to be returning to the temple or attacking us with magic from a distance again.

(Did she take too much damage and run away? No way. (If he's dying, he needs to be put down.

 Demon god Razel doesn't seem like the kind of enemy who would abandon the World Tree and run away.

"What should we do? We have to get to the genie. Dogora, wake up or I'll leave you?


"Dogora? What, you want to sleep?

 Dogora, lying on the ground with his eyes closed, does not say anything. It's as if he's dead.

"Hey! Is Dogora safe?

 As Allen talks to Dogora, Krsna comes running up to him. Dogora doesn't move as his friends all rush to him.

"Keel, didn't you make it?

"No, no, Crenna. I think we did it this time. What's that? Something seemed to work a little better with the Spirit King's blessing.

(I see, not so much an extra skill that can be experimented with, but a feeling that increased intelligence increases the chance of resuscitation? (In percentage terms, I'd say about 10,000 is about 100 percent.

 Allen's understanding of the effects of Kiel's Extra Skill God's Drop has improved during this battle.
 I knew that the Extra Skill God's Drop was effective in reviving the dead.
 However, the probability of that effect was not 100 percent and was not constant. And the odds were not fixed.

 It wasn't something that could be experimented with, but there was a resuscitation spell in a game from a previous life that varied in probability depending on intelligence, so it immediately hit me.

Characteristics of Extra Skill "God's Drop
Revive one dead person
Cannot be resuscitated after too long a period of time after death
The probability of resuscitation is 10% for 1,000 intellect and 10% for 10,000 intellect
Cool time is one day

(Probably because Dogora was revived for the second time this time, thanks to the Spirit King's blessing, which raised Keel's intelligence by raising his status. But still, I need to increase Keel's intelligence to 10,000. (Let's look for an intellect-boosting ring in an S-class dungeon.

 Record the results of the analysis and future issues in the grimoire.

Thank you. Thank you, Spirit King, you've saved my friends.

"Okay. Nothing. Ha ha.

 A normal great spirit would have already lost its manifestation, but for some reason, it is still here, riding on Sophie's shoulder, thanking the Spirit King for being here.

You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them. Dogora won't wake up.

"No, Dogora's strength is back to normal. I don't know what it is, but I don't want to get up.


 With that, the companions look again at Dogora. The reason why Allen is talking to Dogora is because Dogora's strength has been restored to full strength in the grimoire.

...... Dogora can also use your skills!

 Dogora muttered with his eyes closed.


I heard you. You said, 'I could use my skills in Dogora,'

(Hmm? (Did you say that ......)

 This reminds me of when Klarna told me to use it on Dogora when using Extra Skill.
 Apparently, Dogora is sulking.

 They were able to revive him around there, and he seemed to be conscious.

Hey, you know what? I'm sorry.

 Then Dogora opens his eyes and stands up.


 The friends rush to Dogora and jostle him. You're going to be able to get a good deal more information about the company, and you're going to be able to find out if this is the real reason why you didn't get up, Allen thinks, looking at the embarrassed potato face.

So, what happened to the demon god after all?

Yeah, we're not done. I need to see what's happened since then, and Folmar just got back.

 From the ceiling of the temple, which was badly damaged in the battle with the demon god Razel, comes Folmar riding the summoned beast of bird B.

Are you alright, Miss Sophia Lorne?

"Well, they haven't killed the demon Razel yet. Let's go put a stop to it!


 Aren and his friends also ride on the bird B summoner and go down to the demon god Razel.

(This is terrible.)

 Allen looks at the cityscape.

"Hey, Cecil, isn't this a terrible idea?

"Hey! Why are you blaming people! Oh, Allen told me to do it!

 I tried to blame it on Cecil, but it didn't seem to work.

Guruchii: ......

 Cecil rides behind Allen and strangles him.

 The combination of Cecil's micrometeorite and the power of Demon Razel's magic sphere shows that it has become a tremendous power. The entire area is hollowed out, and a third of the city of Fortenia seems to have been carved away. Even in the places that haven't collapsed, buildings have collapsed due to the impact of the micrometeorite and magic ball.

Oh, there they are!

 There seems to be someone in the center of the dimpled center.
 When Allen and his team got off of bird B and approached, they found the lying demon god Razel there.


 Demon God Razel is silently looking up at the heavens.
 The body of the demon god Razel is missing both arms from Cecil's extra skill "micrometeorite" and his own magic, and Helmios' orichalcon sword is stuck in his left chest.

 It's a dying situation for all to see.

Demon Raisel.

"You're here: ....... Can you leave it like this for a little while longer?

 Looking up at the heavens, the demon god Razel begs him not to stop.
 Allen says, "I see," and slips his sword back into its scabbard.

Hey, Aren!

"It's okay. You're not going to make it. Your body is starting to fall apart.


 Then Cecil takes a good look at the demon goddess Razel's entire body.
 There is something smoldering and smoldering from all over the body, and it looks like it is about to burn up.
 Just like the demon glaster and Yagov, it will burn up into ashes when defeated, leaving no corpse or magical stone behind.

 Still, there is a reason to look up at the sky.

That's a wonderful tree. I wanted to show my compatriots in a distant land. ......

 With the last of his strength, the demon god Razel is looking at the World Tree like it's an eye seared into his eyes.

"Demon god Razel. Was this the result you wanted?

 Allen can't help but ask.

 You have failed to make the World Tree belong to the dark elves, and you yourself are on the verge of decay and ashes.
 Although the results do not seem to be satisfactory for all intents and purposes, the expression on his face as he gazes at the World Tree seems somewhat relieved.

It's not a bad thing if you can die in the promised land. It's not a bad thing to die in the Promised Land, it's not a bad thing to die in the Promised Land.

 Demon god Razel's entire body is disintegrating faster and faster.

"I see.

Descendants of the Prayer Priestess. Remember, even in death, my second and third, no. ...... It's all right. Yes, that's right. Yes, I was willing. Under the Tree of the World Tree ......

 After saying that much, the demon goddess Razel disappeared into ashes.

I have killed the genie. Your level has reached 76. Your strength has increased by 50. Your magic power has increased by 80. Attack power has been raised to 28. Endurance has been increased by 28. Speed has been increased by 52. Knowledge has been increased by 80. Good luck has been increased by 52.

(Raised level?) I still needed a lot of experience. I don't see how much experience I had, though. (Is it possible that if you defeat one demon, you increase its level by one?

 I don't see the experience value that was there all along. I wonder if defeating a demon god will raise your level by one, no matter what the required experience level is.

 While Helmios retrieves Orihalcon's sword, Allen records what he found out during his battle with the demon god Razel in his grimoire.

Maybe it's really there. Maybe there really is an extra gate.

(Maybe there's an extra or some kind of gate somewhere in this alternate universe and there's a way to open it.

"Huh? What did you say, Allen?

Oh, Crenna. I just thought maybe there really is this thing called the extra gate, and if you go through it, you can go into extra mode.

"Oh my God, I'm going to have six hands!

 Crenna replies, bobbing her hands.

(I'm sure the Spirit King knows that of course.)

 It was then that Allen was about to speak to the Spirit King who was riding on Sophie's shoulder.


 The hitherto meek face of the Spirit King suddenly changed to a stern one and stared into the sky.  

 Then, the Spirit King's whole body started to glow at once.


 The light that the Spirit King wears becomes larger and larger, and then leaves Sophie's shoulders.
 When it reaches the ground, it changes its appearance to that of a four-legged beast.

(Huh? To become a genie god? (It's somewhat lion-like looking)

 It seems that the spirit king, who hadn't been deified, suddenly became a spirit god here.

''Haha . It's not in the best taste to be sneaking around. Why don't you come out?

 The genie speaks to you looking at the empty hollow.
 Everyone looks at the empty sky and the genie god in turn, as if wondering what's going on.

Oh scary. I just came to take a peek. ............

 A voice comes from nothing.


 Then someone dressed like a clown or a clown comes out.
 It's wearing a mask, and I don't know what it is, but the atmosphere doesn't seem to be human.

Silly me! Why is the Superior Demon God Cubel here!

 It was Helmios who cried out to the one dressed as a clown.