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 Helmios apparently knew a man dressed as a clown who came out of the sky.
 The man wearing the clown mask seems to be named Kyber, the High Demon God.

(Hey, hey, here comes a higher demon god.)

"Well, well, well, Helmios the Brave, it's been a long time. What's the matter?

 Then he bowed his head with a joking gesture like a clown and thanked them.

 However, against such a light attitude of the higher demon god Kyubel, Hermios is glaring at her with the tightest look I've ever seen in the past.

''What do you want?''

 Then he asks in a voice so low that Helmios normally would not be able to understand why he is here.

"It's okay. We're not going to fight with the Spirit God here. Didn't I keep you alive last time?

"Ki, you!

 The hand holding the hilt of Helmios' sword is getting stronger.

'So what is it that you're here to do? It's a matter of when and if. Haha'

 The spirit god Rosen, transformed into a lion-like form, interrupts the conversation with Helmios and asks the higher demon god Kyber.

(Oh! Holy Spirit God ~ . (f*ck you, f*ck you)

 Allen decides to take advantage of the power of the Spirit God.

''That's why I've said it before. As a leader in the Demon Lord's army, I'm just investigating why we lost this battle. That's really all there is to it! I'm afraid that fighting a spirit god would break my bones, too.

"Hmmm? You can try to see if you can get away with just the bones. Haha.

 As he said that, the spirit god in the form of a lion bared his fangs and turned violent, provoking the higher demon god, Kyber.

A senior demon god and a member of the Demon King's army? So, a member of the Demon King's army has come out at last. Does that mean Razel is not even a member of the Demon King's army?

 Allen thinks about the organization of the Demon King's army.
 How is it possible that the demon god Razel, who was miraculously defeated at the very last moment, isn't even an executive?

''Scary! But still... Razel had potential. It's just a shame he got beaten up. You talk about throwing away, but in the end you didn't throw away the most important thing.

 He seems disappointed to see the demon god Razel, who has become a pile of ashes, gradually flying away in the wind and disappearing. However, although the mask makes it impossible to see her expression, it's like looking at a broken toy and not feeling any kind of compassion.


 Allen's companions are on full alert for the one whom Helmios calls a high ranking demon god, who has suddenly appeared.
 Regardless of Allen and his friends' attack stance, their gaze is on the ashes of the demon god Razel.

Is this what a strong man can do? Oh, he's looking at us.

"So, in here is Mr. Allen. Please raise your hand.


"Hey~. Don't be afraid to come out. Let's take a step forward!

 No one, including Allen, will tell you their name.
 Superior demon cubel is strange, and shifts his gaze to everyone here.

(A clown? Clown? (Hmmm, no choice)

"...... no Allen

 In the midst of everyone's silence, Allen utters the words with a heartbreaking expression on his face.


 The higher demon god, Cubel, shifts his gaze to Allen and freezes.

 Allen's companions somehow know that something has begun, so they say, "What? I'm resisting the urge to say, "Look here.

Look here. Allen sacrificed himself for us and defeated a demon god. ....... There are no more shadows or shapes.

 Allen says that these huge indentations are the remains of a mortal struggle with a demon god who sacrificed himself.
 He sounds like a boy who has lost everything.

"Huh? Really? 'Did Allen die in pieces?

"Yes . ...... The genie was too strong . There is no hope. Are you satisfied with this?

(Oh?) Can you do that? (Forget about Allen)

"No way! You're Allen, right? You're the only one with black hair. Allen, you're putting my life in danger because of you!

 With his hands raised to the heavens and stepping on the ground, the high-ranking demon goddess Cubel gave a full-blooded crack at him.

I'm not sure if it's possible. Or is this the guy who planned this invasion?

 If you know what he looks like, don't bother asking him, but understand the position of the higher demon god, Cubel, in the demon king's army.


 You'll be able to find out the reason why I'm Allen and stare at the upper demon goddess Qubel in silence.

"Mm-hmm, but whatever. I see that you're like this, Allen. It looks like this war is lost because of you. There may be some more demons coming to kill you, but you'll have to play with them. That's really all I have to do today. See you~

 With a wave of his hand, the high-ranking demon cubel slowly disappeared from underneath his feet to become transparent.

(I guess they found out what I look like. Well, it can't be helped.)

 The Superior Demon Cubel is gone and there is silence in this place.

"Allen, what are we going to do?

"Huh? You're right. Let's just go home. We've already reported on the battlefield, but we should get a direct report. You'll come home with me, Hermios.

 Allen has left a Spirit B summoner in the city of Tiamo.
 The queen and her generals have been informed that they have defeated the demon god Razel.

 Thus, Allen and his men defeated the demon god Razel.

 Upon receiving the news of their defeat, the queen informed every town and shelter of Rosenheim's victory.

 The more than two months of painful warfare were over.
 There is a small remnant of magical beasts left, but the power of the elven army should be enough to wipe them out.

 And on the morning of the day three days after their defeat, Aren and the others were in the hall of the queen's building in the city of Tiamo.

 The queen wanted to thank you on behalf of Rosenheim.

(Some of the elders who did not serve in the war are there as well.)

 It was all the queen and military generals, but the elders who governed the internal affairs were also among the queen.
 Since the city of Nest was being attacked, several elders, including the eldest, were moved to the city of Tiamo.

 Thanks to this, the elders have been able to arrive in time for the official report of the victory by Aren and the others and by Helmios. The elders are also participating in the political process.

"First, on behalf of Rosenheim, I would like to thank you. First of all, on behalf of Rosenheim, I would like to thank you on behalf of Rosenheim.

No. I know there's still a lot to do. I know there's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm sorry I couldn't stay until the end.

 Helmios is also here, but the queen talks to Allen, and he answers her.

(I have to leave immediately.)

 Allen has not explained to the queen the current situation in Fortenia.
 All I've been told is that the demon was strong and the battle was fierce.
 We need to leave Rosenheim as soon as possible.

What do you mean? I will certainly repay you for defeating not only the Hexenbiest but also the Hexenbiest and returning the elves to the World Tree.

Oh, but... As for the genie, Helmios the Brave defeated him. I hope you will remember this point.

 Allen tells him that he was able to defeat the demon thanks to Helmios.

(Actually, it was a brave man who crushed two of the demon's hearts and put a stop to it. The other one was Dogora.)

 The generals and elders are buzzing with excitement, wondering if that means the credit for defeating the demon gods goes to Helmios.

 Allen is staring at the queen.
 I've already suggested that Helmios should be given full credit for the defeat of the demon gods.

(Well, the demon king's army may have found out about me, but there's not much to gain from being famous in this world. It's a miracle that I was able to defeat the demon god.

 Allen thinks that he can't afford to be hailed as a hero.
 So if they get crippled and can't go to S-class dungeons, it's Allen and his team that will be in trouble.

 The demon gods were strong. Miraculously, they were able to win.
 And I don't think we can beat the top demon gods.

 We've learned here in Rosenheim that we have a lot of work to do.
 I've also found my task. All that matters now is that we can move around freely. It's never about status or honor.

 The queen looks back at him with a troubled look on her face and says, "Your name is well known to the human world now.

"That's just like you, Allen. Haha.

 With that said, from the top of Sophie's shoulder fluffy spirit gods move to the top of the Elf Queen's lap. The genie seemed to be on Sophie's shoulder more often than not, as well as the Elf Queen.

 It seems that the genie god can take two forms: the mononga when he was the genie king, and the lion when he became a genie god. After the Superior Demon God disappeared, she was still riding on Sophie's shoulder as a mononga.

''No, no, I'm going to receive the greatest reward of all, the promise I made to the genie god during the war: you can give me four stars for all of you.

 They say, "I don't need status, I don't need fame.

"I see you're trying to create a myth. Well, you saved my little elves, so that's okay. Ha ha.

 I did not say that the Spirit God will raise up to four stars.
 He only said that the maximum number of stars is four, and that he would only raise one star at a time.
 However, he doesn't seem to say no to Allen's offer to raise up to four stars.

(Ox, one more thing to go. You can't say no to that one either.

 Allen has one more story to make the genie god.

Thank you. And I can't get it out of my head that the genie god said, 'The boy in front of me has taken his own actions away from me many times.


"What? What does it mean?'

No, it's nothing serious. I'm just looking forward to seeing what I can do in return for helping the Spirit God become a deity.

 Having said that much, I think everyone understands what I mean.
 Allen had promised the genie gods that he would give them all up to four stars, and now he had asked for a "second helping" in return for their help.