218 Art. 214 Change of jobs

 When Allen was the Genie King, he asked the Genie King if he could save Rosenheim so that his companions could switch to a higher-rare profession that would make them stronger.

 As a result, he was able to get all of his companions to commit to a four-star profession.
 In addition, since Allen's star won't rise any higher, he thinks his sister, who has no talents, could be a monk.

 With this, my brother Mash is a spearman, my sister Murat is a monk and my sister Lily is a fist fighter, we have a good balance. I've taken the liberty of organizing an adventurer's party involving my sister Krsna. The younger brother Mash is a good friend of Krsna's younger sister Lily.

I think I was useful in the battle against the demon. Haha.

"Oh, that was it! I haven't thanked you yet . Thank you for being on the front lines for so long to save the elves!

 Allen thanks you in a grandiose way.
 The Spirit God did not lend his power to the elf. If you want the thanks, the Elves will have to give it to you.

 The genie god's help does not count as a thank you for helping Allen and the others.


 The queen, the general, the elders, Allen's friends, and the brave men are all watching the game between Allen and the spirit god.

 In particular, the elders, who don't know who Allen is yet, have a puzzled look on their faces as they wonder what's going on with their spirit gods. They seem to wonder why the queen and the generals don't stop the situation.

 Then we're back to square one.

''Like I said before, I will never change the mode.

"But the genie can and does ......

I won't do it. Master Elmere will make me disappear.

 As if to interrupt Allen, and with a bite, the genie god says he does not change modes.

(Hohoho, but...) I guess this is also the spirit god's way of thanking you. (When you say "I can't" but "I won't", there must be some way to do it.

I understand. We'll figure out another way to change the mode.

(Because you absolutely need to change to extra mode)

 I think I understand what it means to fight demons and extra mode, extra skill.
 And you understand the strength of the demon gods that are in extra mode.

 I'm sure you'll need the adventure of finding a way to change modes.
 I can't help but be excited to have a purpose other than an S-class dungeon.

 I'll ask you to thank me for having already become a genie god.

Can I thank you for what I can do now that I've become a genie god?

 When Allen is about to say another thank you, the genie god decides to thank him.
 It's possible that the genie god, who can read minds, has read Allen's thoughts.

''Huh? Sure. Can you do that for me?

(I see. I'm just thanking you for being a genie god.

"I'll make it possible for you to change the number of stars to five professions. Haha.

"Oh! Everyone at ......

"I'm alone. Allen, you can't give one person five stars in your group. You can't give that many people five stars. Ha ha.

 I wondered if Allen could make everyone's profession rare to 5 stars, but the genie god denies it with a bite.

 This time, he offered to give all of Allen's friends who saved Rosenheim 4 stars, but only one of them could give me 5 stars.

(I guess I can't get them all. Is there a limit to the number of five stars in the world, or is this feeling due to the lack of power of the Spirit God? But still, it's just one, so I guess I'll have to choose one.

 I wonder if there are some restrictions, as well as things that can't be in extra mode.

Then I'll take care of Krsna then.

"Huh? Me?

"Huh? Why Crenna?

 Allen chooses Krena from among his friends.
 Krena is surprised when her name is called and Cecil wonders if it wasn't him.

'Yeah, Krsna has three stars, so she can only change jobs once.


 Allen's companions are Krsna with 3 stars, Cecil with 2 stars, and the rest with 1 star.
 If you want to raise up to 4 stars, you can change jobs more than twice, except for Krsna.

 We will continue to go to dungeons with our friends to level up and grow together. I think it's best to keep the number of job changes to a minimum.

 The more stars you have, the more experience you need.
 Friends with more stars will level up quickly and stop growing there.

 It's all about efficiency.
 They listened closely to Allen's simple explanation.

Besides, we knew this battle will be tough if the vanguard wall collapses.

 Even with the five-star Helmios the Brave, the demon gods were able to overtake the defense line and attack the mid-guard Allen. This is because Krsna and Dogora were not strong enough. The wall has an important role to protect the rear guard from the enemy.

 If we assume that we will continue to fight the demon gods in the future, then strengthening the vanguard is crucial to the survival of our entire team.

 Not only the queen, generals, and elders listen to what Allen has to say. They wonder if this is the idea of the man who destroyed the demon king's army.

"Well, you can tell me who you want when you change jobs. Haha'

"Thank you.

"So do we all change jobs here as promised?

"Of course please.

When you get to level 1, except for me. You have to level up a little bit somewhere.

"So, Ms. Sophia Lorne,

"Yes, yes

"Ms. Sophia Lorne, you are a spirit mage.

"Thank you!

 Then the spirit god in the form of a monkfish, who was on the queen's lap, floats in the air and starts to swing his hips.

(The Spirit King's blessing and motion are the same feeling?)

 I'd like to see the motion of changing jobs in the lion state.

 Sophie's body glows like a blinking light, and the light stops.

(Oh! Spirit mage turned . BAM! Status is half transferable? (Thank goodness for this!

 Name] Sophia Lorne
 Age] 48
 Protection] Spirit God
 Occupation] Spirit mage
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 362
 Magic] 811 + 1000
 Attack Power] 299
 Endurance] 329 + 1000
 Quickness] 422
 Intelligence] 452
 Fortune] 420
 Skill] Great Spirits <1>, Fire <1>.
 Extras] The Great Spirit Reveal
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Great Spirit] 1
 【Fire】 1
Skills Experience
 Great Spirit] 0/10
 【Fire】 0/10

 The ring is equipped with +1000 magic power and +1000 endurance.

 Allen notices that Sophie's status is quite high for a level 1.
 He remembers that most level 1 stats were in the single or low double digits. However, Sophie's status has already reached three figures.

 It seems that half of the stats you've achieved can be transferred to your level 1 status!

(Before you know it, the genie gods are giving blessings, but is that because of that?

 Underneath Sophie's age, there is a spirit god blessing attached to her that the rest of her friends do not have.
 Apparently, it was given to her during the battle against the demon god Razel, but we don't know what it does.

(Extra skills take over, and skills learned at work disappear. It's a pity that the skills I learned in my profession will disappear. (Well, it seems that the skills you learn are pretty much the same as the ones you learn when you get more stars.

 Extra Skill has not changed since the "Great Spirit Reveal".
 Apparently, if you change jobs, a new extra skill will not be added or changed again to another extra skill through the extra skill gacha.

 And the fire and water spirit magic notations have been removed from the stats.
 I guess this means that you have to learn the skill from the beginning again.

 Furthermore, the high level professions can use the same range-healing magic whether you are a priest or a saint.
 I've heard that the names of the magic are the same as well. The difference between the higher professions is the range and amount of recovery.

 It's true that in a previous life game, you often used the same magic even if you changed your profession to a higher level position.

 I think it's a shame that skills don't increase, although I'm glad to see half of the statuses taken over.

(Now I guess we'll just have to let everyone's levels grow and see what happens.)

"So, next, Mr. Folmar. You're a great archer. Haha.


 There's a lot more to review, but I'll make a note of what I've learned and what I want to review in the grimoire to see how Folmar's job change is going.

 As with Sophie, she will change jobs and become level 1.
 The skills are temporarily reset.
 And the status is still half of a bowman's best.

 Name] Formar
 Age] 68
 Occupation] Archer
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 661
 Magical power] 358 + 1000
 Attack Power] 865 + 1000
 Endurance] 570
 Quickness] 364
 Intelligence] 241
 Fortune] 392
 Skills: Bow Gouge <1>, Distant Eyes <1>, Archery <6>.
 Extra] Arrow of Light
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Archer] 1
 Distant] 1
Skills Experience
 The Bow Wow] 0/10
 Distant] 0/10

 The ring is equipped with +1000 magic power and +1000 attack power.

I see...it's the same as Sophie's. So she didn't inherit half of her status with the help of a genie god? (Still, it helps to have more firepower for long-range attacks.

 With the effect of half status transfer, the attack power of the long-range attack Formal has been increased considerably.

"I'll keep going. Next, Crenna-san. Haha.


(Oh?) (What's next for the Swordsman?

 The genie god moves Krsna from one job to another.

What do you think?

 Allen and his friends peer into the grimoire to check on Crenna's new job.

"'Sword King!

 Name] Krena
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Ken-Oh!
 [Level] 1
 Strength] 1220
 Magic power] 477
 Attack Power] 1220 + 1000
 Endurance] 856
 Quickness] 824 + 1000
 Intelligence] 487
 Fortune 598
 Skill] Sword King [1], Slash [1], Swordsmanship [6].
 Extra] Breakthrough
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Sword King 1
 Slash] 1
Skills Experience
 Slash] 0/10

 The ring is equipped with +1000 attack power and +1000 quickness.

(Ugh! About the 1200 attack power at level 1. (You can beat Murdergarsh, right?

 The profession beyond the three star swordsman was the Sword King. Then Allen was astonished to see Krsna's status.
 With this status, he thought that even level 1 could fight a B-ranked magical beast like Murdergarsh.