219 215. The Hero King

 The top position of the Swordsman was the Sword King.
 He has inherited half of the previous level 60 status of the Swordsman, which is astonishing.


 Crenna is checking her power change, gooping her hand.

'Yes, yes, my status has changed all of a sudden. Be careful, it's different than before. Now, Dogora. Dogora, you're a madman.


(What is that? I can't stop being excited. Berserker or Berserker?

 In Allen's mind, the axe wielder has the image of a berserker, so the occupation of a berserker fits in quite well.

"Berserkers. That's not bad.

 Dogora can't seem to stop grinning either. The word "crazy warrior" has a magical power to tickle a boy's heart.

 Dogora shines with the waist swinging motion of the spirit god.

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Berserkers
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 661
 [Magic] 358
 Attack Power] 871 + 1000
 Endurance] 573
 [Quickness] 362 + 1000
 Intelligence] 241
 Fortune] 392
 Skills] Mad Axe [1], Full Length [1], Axe Technique [6].
 Extras] Wholeheartedness
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 [Mad Axe] 1
 Best of Body 1
Skills Experience
 Mad Axe] 0/10

 The ring is equipped with +1000 attack power and +1000 speed.

 Dogora's level 1 status is also recorded in the grimoire's notes.
 Dogora, who has one star, will change jobs two more times.

I think Cecil is next. Cecil has two choices. A wise man or a great mage, but you can choose between them.

(Oh! The professions have split off from mages. (It's like a tree of professions branching out.

"Huh? So the Grand Mage isn't the only one. Yes. Hmmm. Which one do you prefer?

 Cecil is worried.

If I had to choose between them, I'd go for the Grand Mage. We have Sophie and Keel to heal. I can heal too.

 Allen says that he wants Cecil to be a great mage.

 The wise man can use recovery magic, attack magic, and supplementary magic.
 The Grand Mage has only one choice: attack magic.

 Since there are enough healers in Allen's party, he wants Cecil to grow up to specialize in attack magic.

(Well, there are only four magic types to learn in normal mode. (Well, there are only four types of magic to learn in normal mode, so unless this becomes extra mode, there will be more types.

 I'm worried that as a wise man in normal mode, I'm not skilled enough to attack and heal half as well as I should be.

'Yeah? If Allen would rather be a Grand Mage, then so be it.

 Cecil chooses the Grand Mage he was originally going to be.

Great mage. Then I'll go.

 With that said, the genie god made Cecil change his job to a high mage.

 Name] Cecil Granvelle
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Grand mage
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 514
 Magic power] 868 + 2000
 Attack Power] 330
 Endurance] 421
 [Quickness] 510
 Intelligence] 1195
 Fortune 480
 Skill: Great Magic, Fire, 1〉, Kumite, 3〉.
 Extras] micrometeorite
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 [Great magic] 1
 Fire Magic] 1
Skills Experience
 Great Magic] 0/10
 Fire Magic] 0/10

 The ring is equipped with two magic +1000.

(Hmmm... Cecil's strength and endurance are low. (Hmmm, since Cecil's stamina and endurance are low, it's nice to know that you can increase your stamina and endurance when you change jobs.

 I found out that this is a strong and new game specifics job change.
 I analyzed the grimoire to see if it helped me raise my status, which is a weakness.

"I became a grand mage? Let's see it. The Grand Mage! You've got it! Guffaw.

 Looking into Allen's grimoire, Cecil checks to see if he has become a grand mage.
 He's happy to be the grand mage he dreamed of being.

 The companions are checking Allen's grimoire to see if they have changed jobs, but of course no one else can see the grimoire except them. Both the queen and the generals are wondering what they're doing.

Next, Keel is next. Keel has two choices. A saint or a warrior monk.

"I have two too? Hmmm.

(I see, a warrior monk who can also attack, or a saint who specializes in recovery?

"Kiel is a money man, so why not a saint?

 Allen agrees with Cecil's words.
 It's common knowledge among Allen's friends that Kiel loves money.

Huh? Cecil, what do you mean by that?

"I mean every word of it,

"Well, yeah. Keel would be more helpful in a recovery profession.

 Allen says he wants Keel to be a saint who specializes in recovery, just as he had Cecil choose a great mage instead of a sage.

(If you're hunting miscellaneous fish, an all-or-nothing occupation would be easier, but that's not the case in the battle against demons.

 The demon gods were very strong, and thanks to the help of Helmios and the spirit gods, Dogora, who was able to use extra skills in the last minute, and Krena, who was able to use her skills during extra skills, we miraculously won the game.

 It's a victory thanks to a series of miracles, but that doesn't mean that miracles will continue to happen in the future.

 Miracles are important, but in order to increase your chances of winning, Allen believes it's important to specialize and grow in your profession.

I see. I'll make you a saint, then.

"Saint. Well, I'm moving on.

 Spirit God makes Keel a saint.

 Name] Keel
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Saints
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 394 + 1000
 Magic] 750
 Attack Power] 299
 Endurance] 421
 Quickness] 480
 Intelligence] 661 + 1000
 Fortune] 602
 Skills] Saints <1>, Recovery <1>, Swordsmanship <3>.
 Extra] God's Drop
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Saints] 1
 Repetition 1
Skills Experience
 Saints] 0/10
 Recovery 0/10

 The ring is equipped with +1000 strength and +1000 intellect.


 Kiel also looks quite happy to be a saint.
 Keel checks his status change as he pounds his body.

"Okay, okay, so we're all done changing jobs.

(They're all more specialized in their existing positions. In terms of coordination, I guess it's the same as it is now.

Krsna The Sword King
Cecil the Grand Mage
Dogora Berserkers

Kiel Saints
Sophie the Spirit Mage
Formal Archer

 As Allen looks at his friends, the genie god speaks up.

'It's not over yet. There's one more. Helmios.

 As Allen looks at his friends, the genie god speaks up.

." "Huh? Me?

(Oh?) Can you get a brave man to change jobs, too? (As a reward for helping to defeat a demon)

"It is the will of Lord Elmea that you change jobs, as well as thank you for helping me defeat the demon. I'll leave you to it.

"Huh? Did the Creator God change my job? What's the alternative?

 The conversation between Helmios and the genie god was being listened to in silence by Aren and the others, wondering if Helmios would also be changing jobs.

 As I looked at the genie god while wondering what it means to take over, the fluffy, fluffy, monomorphic genie god stood still, hollow and lethargic.

I am Elmea, the God of Creation. I am Elmea, God of Creation. Thank you so much.


(Huh?) (Elmea, the creator god, has been transferred to Rosen, the spirit god!

 It's a distinctly different quality of voice. A neutral voice sounds like it's haunting you.

No, I'm just doing what I have to do.

 Helmios responds humbly to the spirit god in whom the creator God has transferred.

"Helmios. I'm sorry I've given you a hard road to travel. I offer you an opportunity for a career change as well. Be a hero-king and protect my children in the future.

"Hero King?

 Saying that much, the spirit god's hand is turned to Helmios.
 And a warm light envelops Helmios.

 When the light disappears, Helmios is still the same, but I'm sure he's finished his transition to 'Hero King'.

"Helmios, your new position is 'Hero King'. Haha.

 As the companions check on Helmios' condition, the Spirit God's tone returns to normal.
 After Helmios' job change, it seems that the God of Creation has disappeared from the genie gods.

(I see, a heroic king with six stars is above a brave man with five stars. Can a creator god change jobs with up to six stars?

 Allen records Hermios' job change in the grimoire.

Am I the Heroic King? ......

 Helmios, after his career change is over and he becomes the Hero King, starts to think about something. Then he looks at Allen.

What's up? Mr. Helmios.

I remember what you said the other day, Allen. I see, there is a way to go beyond despair.

(Beyond Despair, or so I heard at the school martial arts tournament)

 As Helmios is fighting against the Demon King's army in the midst of hardship, Allen senses that there is a way to become stronger.

 When Helmios saw Allen's friends changing jobs and getting a new job, he thought that there was a way to become stronger like this.
 And Helmios himself was able to take up his new profession as the Hero King.

That's right. That's why you have to have fun and explore this and that. Otherwise, we'll never get beyond the despair.

Having fun. That's just like you, Allen.

 Hermios chuckled at that.

It's good to know that you're stronger. Now that you've strengthened the human side, we can leave the central continent to you.

 Allen will now leave Rosenheim and return to the Central Continent.
 We have some things to do when we return to the Central Continent.

I'll be meeting up with Merle to discuss the future.

 It is to go to the Baucis Empire and aim for the S-class dungeon.
 I want to equip them, which is our immediate goal, and help them change jobs.

Your Majesty. What about the Bauchis Empire?

 Allen will find out from the queen the status of the dwarf-ruled Bauchis Empire. The Baukis Empire was attacked by an army of one million demon kings.

 Allen's companion Merle is believed to be fighting as well.

''Don't worry, sir. We have received word from the Baucis emperor that the war is favoring the Baucis Empire. It was the elves' elixir that did it.

"It was good to see.

 Having said all that, the Elf Queen shows her annoyance.

But I've been told that you need more elven elixirs.

(Ho, the Baucis Empire is getting greedy. That's just fine.

 Allen's friends notice that Allen's expression is getting worse. It's a sign that he's thinking about something bad.

"If you want the elven elixir, please tell him I have a condition that he must take it.

(Which looks like it got a way to get into the Baucis Empire easily)

"Huh? Okay, I understand. I'll speak to Emperor Baucis that way. Mr. Allen, what do you want to do? Are you going to be in Rosenheim for a while?

 If possible, the queen says she would like to do something for the heroes who led her to victory and saved the elves.

"No, no, the war against the demon king's army is not over. We have a lot of work to do. For that reason, I want to return to the Central Continent tomorrow.

(We must leave before they find out about Fortenia.)

 The Elf Queen also regretfully replied, "I see," she said.

 Thus, the battle between the millions of magical beasts led by the Demon King's army and the demon gods and demon tribes uniting them ended in a victory for Rosenheim's side.

 Then, in order to become stronger together with his friends, Allen and his teammates started to work together to conquer the S-class dungeon of the Baukis Empire.