224 218. Royal City

 It's been 9 days since the graduation formalities at the school, and Allen and his friends are in the hotel of the royal capital.
 This is a hotel for the royal families in the capital of the Latash Kingdom.

(As usual, the streets are full of history.)

 Allen was alone, gazing out the morning sunshine window at the castle town.
 I learned in school class that the capital of Latash's kingdom has never been moved since its founding.
 Thanks to that, in this world that looks like medieval Europe, the streets are even more archaic.

 And unlike the school cities that were built in the past fifty years or so, there are no magic trains running in this royal capital.
 You can see carriages and people coming and going from the windows.

 Allen and his friends are staying at this hotel, the meeting place for General Luchidrall and the Philamere elders who came from Rosenheim. They arrived at this hotel late last night, but I was able to tell them that.
 He said that we can go to the castle this afternoon as planned.

 After briefly getting ready, Allen headed to the entrance on the first floor.

"Good morning. Keel is the best.

 Keel lounging alone on the sofa at the entrance of an upscale hotel .

(Didn't get much sleep, did he?)

"Oh, good morning.

"What? Thinking? Don't bother with it.

"Yeah, I know. I mean, it's easy on Allen, isn't it?

Well, I'm not interested in the nobility.

(Not at all)

Seriously. How can a serf live and say he's not interested in the nobility. Does it come from a previous life?

 Kiel wants to take advantage of Rosenheim's war exploits and return to the nobility.
 It is fair to say that he came to King's Landing for that purpose.

 Rebuild the House of Karnell and create a place for his sister Nina and her servants to return to.
 That's why you came to Academy City and participated in Rosenheim's war.

 This time, two of Rosenheim's leading figures have requested an audience with the king, and all of Allen's men have already informed him that they will be present at the audience.

That's probably why they're not interested. Well, I hope Keel's wish comes true, but that's the king. Don't expect too much.

I know, I know. But what's the point of making something like that?

"Not good enough? We don't have any proof.

 Keel seems to feel as if he has done something wrong.
 Allen says it's okay.

(Everyone has their own precious things to do.)

 The desires of Allen's companions are different for each of their births and positions.

 Krena and Dogora, who were born as peasants and commoners and played knights from a young age, still seem to yearn for a knight.
 Sophie cares about Rosenheim and Formar risks his life to protect Sophie.

 Everyone has different priorities, but Allen is the leader of the party and they all have one goal in mind.

Oh, you're early.


 When Cecil comes downstairs after getting ready, Keel replies to him as a matter of course.

(Come to think of it, what's the most important thing about Cecil? Is it revenge for his late brother Mihai? (He sometimes looked sternly at the Demon King's army).

 I feel that Cecil is not the only one of my friends who has been faithful to my wishes. I'm happy to be a great mage, but if you ask me if that's all there is to it, it's not.

 The house is being taken care of by Thomas, who is two years older than you, and who has already graduated from the House of Lords and is working at the royal castle as well as studying to take over the Granvelle family.

"Well, now that we're all here, let's go to the Adventurer's Guild.

 In the meantime, all of my friends have arrived, so Allen gives the order.

 In the morning, Allen and the others walked to the Adventurer's Guild.
 We're heading for the main street, which is just ahead.

We're at the headquarters of the Adventurers' Guild. Karlova-sensei came to the school for Krsna, but I wonder if she's still there.

 The Latash Kingdom headquarters of the Adventurers Guild, an organization without borders, is just a few minutes' walk away.
 I think I've only met the swashbuckling and talented Dr. Karoluba before I went to Rosenheim.

 The receptionist asks you what you want, and you tell her you're here to pick up an item you won at auction.

"Please wait here for a moment.

 After some time, a large object is brought in on a cart. Because of its weight, the wheels of the cart are not able to bear the weight and are making a rattling sound.

"It looks pretty big, are you sure it's safe?

 Keel says anxiously as he looks at what the Adventurer's Guild staffer has brought heavily.

'Maybe it's okay,'

"No, Allen, Dogora told me.


 Dogora silently grasps the handle in the center of the object brought by the guild staff and carries it up in one hand.

"You got it. Will it work with a two-handed axe?

Yeah, maybe it works. But it's pretty heavy.

 Dogora holds both hatchets in his right hand and the sold adamantite shield in his left.

(So it depends on Dogora's strength. I wonder if this will be resolved as the level increases)

 After the Rosenheim War and the War of the Demons and the War of the Demons, Allen decided that this party was missing something.

 It's the defense of the whole party.

 With the help of Allen, Keel, and Sophie, the durability of the status will be increased, but I'm still worried about the defense of the whole party.
 Especially in the battles against the top demons and demon gods, we had a very tough battle.

 The key to battle is a balance of offense and defense.

 The S-class dungeon you're planning to attack seems to be overrun with A-ranked monsters.
 Even in Rosenheim, there are only about three A-ranked monsters fighting at the same time, but Helmyos told me that there's no room for them in S-class dungeons.

 Krena's two-handed sword will handle the offensive side of the battle, while Dogora will be able to handle the large shield and take on the defensive side of the battle.

 The plan is that as her status increases and her shield skill level increases, she will be able to handle it naturally.

"The axe and shield are quite heavy. Good luck with that.


 In the meantime, a guild employee who was waiting near the entrance came underneath Allen and the others.

Are you sure you have the right goods?

Yes, I'm sure. How much did you get for it?

"Yes, that's 3600 gold coins, including fees.

"One moment, please.

(I didn't even have 5,000 gold coins)

 With that said, Allen prepares 3600 gold coins. This time, Allen says he'll pay for the Adamantite shield.
 Everyone else has not that much money to spare since I won the bid for the 1000 status increase ring.
 I have a few hundred of them, but I don't have 3600 gold coins.

 I've said before that these things are paid for by Allen as an initial investment.
 And I've told my friends to keep accommodating each other like this in the future.

 When you enter an S-class dungeon, you can get rare weapons, armor, and magic items.
 However, it is unlikely that they will be equally available to those who have different needs.
 I'm telling them not to worry if they get rare items during dungeon attacks in the future and they end up being biased towards one of their friends.

Definitely. Thank you for using the Adventurer's Guild.

 The staff of the Adventurer's Guild seems to be comfortable with the fact that Allen and his friends, who are not even fifteen years old, have 3,600 gold coins in their possession. I've heard that Allen and his friends have already conquered five A-class dungeons.

''No, I'd like to recruit as many E, D, and C-rank magic stones as possible. Is that alright with you?

"Of course.

(Ushiushi, they were recruiting in school town, but I'll buy as much as I can over here too.

 When Allen returned to the city, he resumed the recruitment of magic stones.
 As a result of participating in the war in Rosenheim, both magic stones and restorative medicine have decreased.

 From now on, there will be much less opportunity to kill monsters below C-rank, so I'll be recruiting when the time comes.

 I don't know what's going to happen that we'll need so many magical stones.

(Well, even if you recruit like a demon in the small kingdom of Latash, the market won't change.

 The biggest exporter of magic stones is the Baucis Empire. This is because it has the most dungeons out of all the countries. It seems that there are many budding adventurers, so as long as the Baukis Empire exists, the price of magic stones is stable.

 Incidentally, the largest importer is Rosenheim. It seems that Rosenheim has few dungeons, and magic stones are often bought from the Ghiamut Empire.

 The Ghiamut Empire only exports slightly more.

 You'll be asked to mail them to Viscount Granvelle's mansion if you can't come for them.

"Well, I'm off to the castle soon.

 Now that he had gotten the grand shield and recruited the magic stone, he thought it was time to go to the royal castle.

 He returns to the hotel with General Lucidrall and the Philamere elders.