225 Art. 219 Audience ①

 Allen and his friends came to the royal castle with General Luchidrall and Philamere and about 10 elves.
 A luxurious carriage came to meet them at the hotel. At the gate of the castle, the carriage brought them to the castle, where they were greeted by many officials.

 This way," he said, "is the most luxurious room I've ever seen.

"Are you sure it's okay that I came, Allen?

"Huh? What's not to like? That said, I don't have any reason for the king to have an audience with you, either.

 Aren and the others were not summoned by the king to be here this time.
 They rode in on the authority of General Rukidor and Elder Philamere.

 Dogora, who was a commoner in the frontier village a few years ago, asks Allen if it's okay for him to stay.
 He seems quite intimidated as he is ushered into an ornate room.

 Rosenheim has never been as opulent as the castle you are in now. The buildings built by the elves, who value harmony with nature, were somehow simple, even with the queen in them.

 You can't stop worrying about that, so Allen grabbed a plate of fruit and ate it.
 Crenna also joined in and ate with you.
 Cecil sighs, saying that you ate so much for lunch earlier.

Thank you for your patience. Your audience is now ready, please come this way.

 After waiting for a while, an official comes knocking on the door and comes in.
 He's dressed in shiny, high-class clothing that makes you wonder if he's a high-ranking official.

It pains me that you are so quick to respond to Rosenheim when you have no diplomatic relations with them.

 Elder Philamere responds to the official's words.
 I had to wait 10 days for the audience, but I think it is safe to say that you responded quickly enough for 10 days at short notice.

Only, such armament during the audience.

 The official looks awkwardly at Allen and the others and says.

 They came with full gear this time.
 Dogora is here with the shield he just bought. Looking at the shiny hatchet and shield, the official is puzzled as to what they've come here to fight.

 It seems that they want you to disarm and come to your audience.

(I knew I shouldn't have come to the audience with a weapon. I remember that you didn't carry a weapon during the school martial arts tournament ceremony, too.

 Allen met the Dauphin when he won the school martial arts tournament.
 You were not allowed to carry a weapon on that occasion.

 Knowing this, Allen and the others came armed to the teeth.

This is rude. This was a disrespect to Latash's kingdom. Are we to go in unarmed with each other?

"Yeah, well, it's not like that: ......

(Regarding PhilaMale's grandfather's full diplomatic power. It's not like we're dealing with the Empire.

 This time, Allen and his friends were asking Sophie what kind of a person the Queen sent the Philamere elders to meet with the King.

 Rosenheim is a country where the queen is the head of state.
 But the government is governed by a council of elders.

 These elders, but when there is no council, they have their own roles.
 One elder is assigned to agriculture, roads and other infrastructure, finance, and so on, to run each field.

 The field given to the Philamere elders is diplomacy.
 He is one of the few elders in the field of diplomacy in a group of elders who are mostly in charge of domestic affairs.

 And he usually deals in diplomacy with his neighbor across the sea, the Empire of Guiamut, a great power.
 He has also attended meetings between the nations of the Five Continents Alliance and has made world-moving statements.

 Naturally, the Latash Kingdom also knows about the arrival of the Philamer elders.

"Philamere. You shouldn't bother Latash Kingdom too much. Latash Kingdom would not be rude to you.

 Sophie rebukes the elder Philamere while looking at the officials.

"Ha, Princess Sophia Lorne. Forgive me, Your Highness.

 The official who came at Sophie's statement gasps.
 The official leaves the room, saying something to the effect that he needs to wait a little longer.
 Then, after another half hour or so, the official arrives again.

 They ask you to come unarmed, since you are minimally armed for the audience.
 I'm not going to stay here any longer, so I say, "I see," and leave your weapons and shield where they are and follow the official.

(The genie god is still on your shoulder.)

 Allen sees the genie on Sophie's shoulder.
 The official's consciousness, who was desperate to get him to disarm, did not turn to the genie on Sophie's shoulder.

 The genie god seems to be riding on Sophie's shoulder as she approaches her audience.

 When you see the gorgeous decorations and beautifully patterned carpets, Allen thinks that this world exists.

 This way," he said, "is this way," and two guard knights are also standing at the large door.
 When the door is swiftly opened, you can see a carpet extending to the back throne.

 And dozens or more gaily dressed nobles stand on either side of the carpet.

(The newly-formed king would only show his authority. I heard you can have an audience in a separate room. Wonder if Viscount Granville is here. Oh, there he is.

 There are several ways to get an audience with the king.
 You can be in a private room with the king and a few ministers, or you can be in the hall like this and show it off to the nobles.

 Not only the king, but everyone in the castle knows that the heavyweight of Rosenheim is coming this time. It may be partly to show his authority, but I suppose he couldn't be sneaking around to meet them.

 Viscount Granvelle also came up for this audience with Allen and the others.
 Maybe it's because he's a lowly nobleman, or maybe it's because he's from a different faction than the king, but he's standing closer to the door than to the throne.

 The king, who ascended to the throne this year, is reclining on his throne.

 In the rear are several knights of the Kingsguard.
 At the king's side, a man who appears to be the head of the Kingsguard has been glaring at Allen and the others.
 It might have been more if Philamere hadn't said that.

 The princess, the king's daughter, whom you tried to get Keel to protect, seems to be gone this year due to the school.
 Beside the king sits the queen, and at the king's side sit several people who appear to be royalty.

 In the lead, General Luchidrall and Elder Filamere stand on either side of Sophie and stop at some point.

 Behind them are Allen and his companions, followed by about ten elves.

 The king looks at the figure next to him, who appears to be the vizier.

"We are glad you have come all the way from Rosenheim.

 The chancellor's talk may have signaled the start of the audience.
 The aristocrats, who had been somewhat buzzing around, are silent and look at the visitors from Rosenheim and Aren and the others.

Yes, we thank you for this opportunity. My name is Filamere, and I am the elder of Rosenheim. First of all, I would like to thank you. I am grateful that you sent the heroes of Latash to rescue us in such circumstances.

 When he said this, General Luchidrall and Elder Filamere bowed greatly.

 If Aren's arrival in Rosenheim had been delayed by even a day, the city of Tiamo might have fallen, the queen might have been killed, and the elves might have perished.
 Under such circumstances, there is no doubt that whatever Latash's intentions were, you saved us.

 First, show your gratitude in words and attitude.

"Mm-hmm. It's only natural. The kingdom of Latash is a member of the five-continent alliance. The demon king's army's march into the Ghiamut Empire is also challenging, but the Latash Kingdom has simply decided that the salvation of Rosenheim is its top priority.

 He did not expect to be bowed so grandly.
 The Prime Minister is slightly afraid.

"I am here in the name of the Elven Queen, Your Highness, Sofiarone, to say a few words.


 The vizier takes a breath.
 Now, Philaamere said the queen's namesake.
 This means that Sophie has come under the plenipotentiary authority of the Queen of Rosenheim, one of the Lords of the Five Continents.

 Sophie steps forward with the genie on her shoulder.

I thank the wise decision of the kingdom of Latash. Rosenheim will certainly repay the favor it has received. Remember that Rosenheim will be with the Kingdom of Latash forever.

 Without bowing her head, Sophie looks straight at the king and thanks him.

You're right. The Kingdom of Latash was only doing its duty as a kingdom. Hmm?

 At this time, the king notices the genie on Sophie's shoulder, staring at the king.
 The king stares back at the genie, but the genie doesn't take his gaze off the god, leaving a strange silence.

"Are you ok?

"In Rosenheim, you have such a small animal on your shoulder,

No, that's not what I'm talking about. Master Rosen, the King of Latash wishes to speak to you.

"Rosen? Rosen!

 For a moment the king did not understand the meaning of the word Rosen.
 But the word was the name of an object of worship of the elves, known even to those who graduated from the House of Lords, where untalented royal nobles attended.

 The king's surprise was infecting the nobles.

"The Spirit King has come here?
"Is that the little creature?
"Bah, you idiot, why point the finger!

 People gaze at this reasonably large audience room to see the genie god riding on Sophie's shoulder.
 Furthermore, although Rosenheim has already announced that the genie king has become a genie god, it seems that the recognition is not yet advanced.

 At Sophie's words, the genie god slowly floats in the air and looks down at the king.

"Son of man. I am Rosen, God of Spirits. You saved my sweet elves. I thank you. Ha-ha.

 Somehow the words of the genie gods can be heard by those in the entire hall, although they are not said so loudly.

 The king gulps.

 He realizes that even the genie gods are here with the stalwarts of Rosenheim.
 Thus, the audience of Aren and the others with the king of Latash Kingdom proceeded.