226 Art. 220 Audience ②

 The king seems unable to respond to the genie god's words of thanks.
 He gulps and stares at the genie gods as they land on Sophie's shoulders again.

Of course I didn't come here empty-handed. I have something for you, and I want you to pay it to me.

 He bows to the Spirit God and says that he has something to thank you for this war.

"Oh, that's for you.

 The Prime Minister is not able to speak very well due to the speed of development, but he will proceed with this occasion.
 I have informed the kingdom in advance that the gift will be given in the audience.

 After the words of the elder Philamere, the elves standing behind Allen and his friends slowly move forward.

 In each hand is a wooden box that they carefully hold. Each of the ten elves is holding a crate.
 The wooden box was mentioned to the officials as a gift to the king.

 The kingdom's officials come and take the elves' crates.

As you wish. We have been attacked by an army of millions of demon kings and our numbers have been reduced, but these are the elves' elixirs, the treasures of Rosenheim.

 Each box contains 10 elven elixirs, bringing the total to 100.

What is the elven elixir?
"Don't you know? The military says it's a miracle cure,
"But then, don't you have millions of Demon King's Army troops to multiply?
"Don't say that. We'll see if it's true.

 The nobles participating in the audience ceremony say to each other while looking at the words of Philamel and the wooden box being presented.

 The number of demonic beasts attacked by the demon king's army has been announced by both the Ghiamut Empire and Rosenheim since the end of the war, but they seem to be skeptical.
 However, the fact that not only the heavyweight of Rosenheim's side, but also the spirit gods have come, and the truth of the matter is becoming more and more true.

"We thank you on behalf of the King for your valuables.

 The Prime Minister thanks the king on his behalf.

"To tell you the truth, I came here to tell you about my kingdom and to ask a favor from you.

 Filamere, who came to represent Rosenheim as a grateful representative of the Kingdom of Rosenheim, will be the first to tell you of his business in Latash.

What do you want to say? Please?

As you wish, sir. But first of all, Rosenheim would like to take this opportunity to announce a decision in response to this war. This is a matter that concerns the Kingdom of Latash.

"Oh, really. What kind of announcement is that?

 Then Philamere looks at Sophie. As Sophie nods in agreement, she takes a rolled up piece of parchment from the elf behind her and unfolds it openly.

Now I am going to announce it. In recognition of this war, and in order to honor his accomplishments and to ask for his further assistance, I hereby welcome Lord Allen from the Kingdom of Latash as my 'chief of staff' in Rosenheim.

 Philemon reads and then falls silent.

 Neither the king nor the prime minister said, "What's a chief of staff? The aristocrats also begin to wonder if the position of General Staff was in Rosenheim.

Philamere, what is the position of the General Staff to the country of Rosenheim?

As the General Staff is a military position, I will explain.

 General Rukidor introduced himself and began to explain about the General Staff.

 The General Staff is the second position in the military, after the General, a military position that existed in the past but is now absent.
 They mainly advise the general on strategy and tactics and give operational instructions to the general.

What! I'm second only to the Marshal, huh? That's ridiculous, such a big position. Are you saying that you are better than the general? Doesn't that mean you can move the army, like telling the general what to do!

 After hearing all this from the general, the prime minister is astonished and exclaims

No, it means that he is in a superior position to the general. Of course, Lord Allen will be able to mobilize the entire army of Rosenheim.

 There are only a few generals in Rosenheim who are in a superior position to the generals, says General Luchidrall.
 Even the nobles are buzzing with excitement as they look at the dark-haired boy at the arrival of Aren as number two in the military of the great nation of Rosenheim.

We feel it is only natural, considering what has been done for us by Lord Aren. But the sooner the better, the better.


(That's right. The sooner we get there, the better.

 Allen recalls hearing about how to become a nobleman from Viscount Granville long ago.
 That was when he was looking for a way to make Kiel a nobleman again.

 The way to become a nobleman is simple.
 If the king recognizes you, you'll be a nobleman.
 Different countries have different hurdles and some manners, but that doesn't change.

 And there is one more important thing.

 Basically, you can become a nobleman only in one country.
 You can't be a nobleman in more than one country.
 The reason for this is that a nobleman is considered to be a servant of the king and country.

 In Rosenheim, other than queens and other royalty, there are no other nobles like those in Latash.
 Originally, there was a belief in the equality of elves under the spirit.
 Because of that, even elven queens do not have family names.
 But the world knows that generals, elders, and other executives are what is known as nobility in other countries.

 Allen was asked by the queen what he wanted to thank her for.
 I asked her to give me the equivalent of a Latash nobleman's position, even if it is the lowest position.
 The queen's eyes lit up at her words and she was given the military position of "General Staff".

 After the queen's idea, it was soon decided by unanimous consent of the council of elders.

From now on, I won't be made a nobleman in the kingdom or go to the battlefield with a trivial order form. )

 The question is whether the kingdom of Latash will be able to send Allen, who is in an important position in another country, to the battlefield with a single written order.

 I have told the Elf Queen that Allen will help when needed, but basically he will not do anything.
 All he asked for was a free position.
 That alone is worth the trip to Rosenheim.

I will send you a formal letter, but first let me tell you here and now.

"Oh, yeah, I get it.

Next, I need a favor, first of all, will you listen to me?

"Hmm, let me see if I can ask you what it is.

 I've told him that Allen is now the chief of staff, and now we'll start talking about a favor.

The Kingdom of Rutgers and Rosenheim do not have proper diplomatic relations. I would like to see diplomats in each other's countries.

"What! Thank God for that!

 This time, Elder Filamere wants to establish diplomatic relations with the kingdom of Latash.
 At those words, the vizier, who had been wondering what he was being asked to do, let out a joyful cry that spread across the audience room.

 The king was also seated on the throne, but leaning forward half-heartedly.

 The Prime Minister is pleased with the benefits of diplomatic relations with the elven troops in the central continent and elven elixirs like this one.
 But the benefits are not that great.

 In the Kingdom of Latash, the only country that is currently a member of the Five Continents Alliance that has diplomatic relations is the Ghiamut Empire.
 Although the other four so-called allies have not broken off diplomatic relations with the other four, there is only one central continental ally, the Giamut Empire, which has diplomats in each other's royal or imperial capitals and has diplomatic relations with each other.

 Because of this, even before the existence of the Demon King's army, the Giamut Empire was forced to deal with the severe situation once or twice. I've been thinking that we didn't have the strength to duck even if we were forced to do such an unreasonable task.

 Now, three of Rosenheim's most important people have come to offer diplomatic relations.
 I'm told that the kingdom of Latash may now have the backing of a great power called Rosenheim. I sent Aren and the others and they gave me a valuable elven elixir. Maybe they can help us in our time of need.

 This will change the nature of Latash nationhood.
 That's what Rosenheim has proposed to me.

(You may be pleased, but this will allow Rosenheim to exert pressure on Latash in the future.

 Latash Kingdom is changing to a new king, and there is a lot of uncertainty even for Allen.
 But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in domestic politics and I have no desire to overthrow the king.
 If there is a diplomatic relationship, it will give Rosenheim an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of Latash Kingdom.

The other would be a perfect request.

"Mm-hmm. What?

 The prime minister is preoccupied with diplomacy when Elder Philamere speaks to him.

Now that the war is over, I need you and your men to help us all.

"Want help? What does that mean?

 The Prime Minister's questioning voice would again be heard during the audience.