227 Art. 221 Audience ③

 The Philamere elders said they had a favor to ask the Prime Minister.

What is your request? I don't think we have what it takes to help Rosenheim.

 The Chancellor expresses some alarm at the wishes of the great power Rosenheim.

"Rosenheim was invaded by the demon king's army, many fortresses were dropped and cities were destroyed".


 At the mention of the Philamere elders, the Prime Minister gets even more defensive, wondering if it's a heavy story.

(And Forthenia was destroyed...) The Demon King's Army is seriously unforgivable.

We intend to fight the demon king's army with a strong will. Her Majesty also asked Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Lorne, heir to the throne, to leave Rosenheim and gather her strength. I hope you understand what this means.

"Yes, that means,

 The Prime Minister sees the genie god riding on Sophie's shoulder.
 The Prime Minister knows that there are several royalty in Rosenheim with the right to the throne.
 But how many royalty have the genie god on their shoulders?

 Elder Philamere didn't say everything, but isn't the next queen going to be a princess with a god on her shoulders?

This is about the future of Rosenheim, so please understand. And Princess Sofiarone wants to conquer the S-class dungeons of the Baucis Empire to strengthen her power.

"What? Tower of Trials! You mean to capture the temple of Janpani! As that brave Lord Hermios went.

 The Prime Minister knows that there is an S-class dungeon in the Baukis Empire.

But in addition to Princess Sophiarone and Prince Allen, I would like to ask you to send with me some of the princess's friends from Latash.

 The king knows that Crenna and Cecil have been working with Allen at the school as well. So it could be said that he sent them all to Rosenheim.

 Elder Philamere says that they should all be allowed to go to the Baukis Empire.
 Because each country issues its own entry permits, Sophie and her chief of staff, Allen, can process the entry permits at Rosenheim, but not for the rest of the Crennas.

I see. When did this happen? I wonder if Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Lorne still has a school?

"I have already completed the graduation process for the school. There is nothing more to learn. I want it done as soon as possible.

 Having said all that, there was silence in the audience.
 That's because the Prime Minister couldn't give an immediate answer.

 If what you say is true, then Krsna the Sword Saint will be sent to an S-class dungeon.
 If something goes wrong, the kingdom may be without a swordsman.

 The Prime Minister looks at the king for answers.
 The king looks at the king with a difficult face and begins to ponder.

Hey, hey, hurry up and give me permission. You sent us both to perdition Rosenheim.

 Allen thinks that what bothers him is .

"Elder Philamere. The Swordsman is valuable to our country as well. I have heard that the Tower of Trials has shed the blood of many heroes. We have also heard that even Helmios the Brave has yet to conquer the Tower of Trials. We don't want to lose our Sage, but what will you do if I refuse?

 For the first time here, the king speaks to Elder Philamere.

I'm sure you're right. (With a smug look on his face, the brave man said that the magic recovery ring can't be made in Dighragni, but that doesn't mean we've fully conquered the dungeon.

 At Rosenheim, Aren asked the brave Helmio, who also said he was in the middle of conquering an S-class dungeon.

I regret to inform the queen that there will be no further discussion of diplomatic relations due to the lack of cooperation.

 When asked by the king what he would do if he said no, Philamer the Elder replied immediately with the answer he had in mind.

"I see. I see. I don't want this opportunity to be lost. I will allow everyone here to go to the Baucis Empire.

(Did you want to feel like a king?)

 It takes a little while to process the entry permit, but they say they will let you.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. "Thank you, Your Majesty, for the opportunity to visit the temple of Yamperani.

 Sophie thanks you.
 A moment of silence indicates that the three men from Rosenheim have no further business.

"Mm. We will have a ball in the evening, and I hope you will be able to get along with our people. You have come to the kingdom of Latash.

 The king gave his closing remarks, which seemed to be a sign, and the nobles clapped their hands to welcome Sophie and the others.

"Then we have concluded our audience with His Majesty the King.

"What? Wait a minute!

"Hey, Keel.

 As the Prime Minister was about to end his audience, a flustered Keel interrupted him.
 Allen, who is beside him, interrupts him further.

(Ho, no talk of a reward for Keel. Then you don't have to be shy.

 Allen's gaze signals to Keel that I'm going to speak, and Keel nods at Allen's strong gaze.

"Nuh-uh, what's wrong? This is an audience with His Majesty the King.

 Do not let the child make a fuss and the Prime Minister chided.

No, I'm sorry. The promise I made to the previous king was not made here, so I said it.

 When he said that, Allen, as a matter of course, leaned closer to Sophie, who was standing closest to the king in this place, and stepped forward further.

 In addition to the king, the captain of the Kingsguard and the knights of the Kingsguard who are behind him are tense. The nobles also focus their attention on the dark-eyed, black-haired Allen.

"A promise to the First King?

 The Prime Minister also nervously responds to Allen. You can see how much he is in awe of Aren from the intensity of this tension.

 At the very least, the king, the prime minister, and the Kingsguard all know Allen from the time he fought the brave Helmios in the school martial arts tournament.

Yes, about the promise to restore the demolished House Karnel. What do you mean by that, if you achieve any success in battle, he will let you restore the Karnel family? I thought your highness knew the story.

 The demolished House of Karnell has been promised to the prior king that it will be restored through the work of Kiel.
 This is not a verbal promise, but a well-documented and well-documented promise.

To serve for five years on the battlefield designated by the Kingdom or the League of Five Continents.
Consider shortening the time frame if you achieve reasonable results

 I'm told that Keel's work will be reasonably successful.

I'm aware of that. But whether or not to consider a commitment is for His Majesty to decide.

"Hmm? Wouldn't it be a breach of your promise to the prior king to not consider it? Prime Minister

 Allen assures me that there is no choice but to consider it in the first place.

"Your Highness? How dare you talk to me like that! I am the Prime Minister of Latash. What kind of education did you receive at school?

"I am speaking as Rosenheim's chief of staff,


"Didn't I just get a briefing from our General Lucidrale? Didn't you understand that I, for my part, may not be able to help the elven troops in their fight against the demon king's army and support the elven elixir in the future?

(I thought I'd given you more of a position than I thought I would, but it's useful to talk about these things.

"Well, you can't do such a thing: ......

 But the Prime Minister looks at Sophie and the others behind Allen.
 There is no one to correct Allen's words.

"Prime Minister, if you have any doubts about Mr. Keel's actions, would you accept the written statement as well?

 As Allen and the Vizier break into the tension, Sophie says that there is evidence of the workings of the keel.

 Two elves move forward from behind, holding trays of rolled-up parchment stacked on top of each other.

What is this?

Mr. Keel has served in the field of battle. The record of Mr. Keel's service in the field of battle, which will help in the reconstruction of his family.

(No, seriously, it was a pain in the ass to make.)

 It's a record of Kiel's exploits that Allen said it would be better to have and started making. On the way back to the academy from Rosenheim, in a hotel in the academy city, Allen and the others worked together to create what turned out to be a heaping helping of Kiel's heroic tale. Although 90% of the story's content is original, I borrowed the queen's seal, which is used for official texts, and stamped it on the queen of Rosenheim.

 Even the heir to the throne, Princess Sophie, appreciates Keel's success and urges the vizier to keep his promise to the previous king.

 While Aren and the others, Sophie, General Luchidrall, and the Philamere elders all look at the prime minister, he can't help but look at the king.

"Hmm, so that's how it works. I was going to discuss this afterwards, but I thought it might be a good idea to have a talk in the kingdom in front of our guest from Rosenheim.

(Hey, you're lying. You were just trying to get this over with.

So you say that Mr. Keel will be a worthy candidate for the rebirth of the family?

 Sophie goes on for Allen.

"Keel. Come forward.

"Yes, yes

 The king tells him to step forward, so unlike Allen, Keel steps forward as far as Allen, nervously.

Keel. If Rosenheim, a friend of the Kingdom of Latash, is going to prove that you've won a battle, then it must be true.

 The king reminds us that Rosenheim is a friendly country.


What your father, Lord Charnel, has done is unpardonable. The king's house has to take a hard line. Returning it directly to the barons and all of the lands would be a bad idea for the other nobles. I hope you understand that.


Therefore, the territory is half of the original and the title is from the baron. Is that correct?

(I see, this is the place to drop it.)

"Good for you . Keel. Looks like you're going to be a territorial nobleman again, thanks to you.

 Allen speaks to Keel to show that he does not object.

"Oh, thank you guys.

 Keel reminds me of the time when I was making the heroic tale of Keel, wondering if I should do this.

I'll have to ask him what half of it he's going to get later.

"Hmm? Naturally, the Karnell family has controlled the Shiro Dragon Range for hundreds of years. Naturally, half of the territory is from the Shiro Dragon Range. You can rest assured that the capital of the Charnel territory is also half of that.

 The king answers Allen's question.

 I guess that means there's a white dragon, but good luck managing it.

(Ho, you're halfway from the Bailong Mountains side?)

 Allen gets a bad look on his face when he hears that.

"Keel, I know it's hard with the white dragon, but we're in His Majesty's debt.

Thank you, Your Majesty, for keeping the promise of your predecessor,

 Keel was made a baron and the king gave him half of the original territory.
 Finally, the audience ended with Keel bowing profusely to the king.