228 Episode 222 Ima-kai ①

 Several balls and other social events were held in the capital to celebrate diplomatic relations with Rosenheim.
 Allen was not interested in attending these events, partly because he had pressed the king on the promise of his predecessor to Kiel, and partly because he was not interested in such events.

 However, Viscount Granville said that there are some noblemen, such as Count Hamilton, who were indebted to him for the incident with the Demon King's Army, so he asked them to come for just one day. Then I had no choice but to attend the castle's glamorous events for one day.

 This time, I wore a luxurious outfit (for men) and a luxurious outfit (for women) that I had been thinking about selling due to its limited use.
 In A-class dungeons, there were useful weapons and items, but there were also ornaments such as precious metals and armor that could be worn by high ranking nobles, such as this one, from the treasure chest.
 Although the equipment was of little use in terms of durability, I thought it was a good idea to keep it in case it could be used for something.

 Afterwards, the ritual of officially returning the keel to the nobility took place.
 The status column of the grimoire also automatically reflected that Keel had become a nobleman and became Keel-von-Carnell.

 It was said that the future work was important in order to restore all of the territory to its original state as the House of Karnel became a baronial family.

 General Lucidrall and Filamere Elders will stay in the capital of Latash for the time being. At the moment, they each have a room in the royal castle, but in the future, a kind of consulate for diplomats will be set up in the noble district of the capital.
 The Latash kingdom seems to be moving very fast, perhaps to create a fact of diplomatic relations with Rosenheim.

 I've introduced Viscount Granville and Count Hamilton to General Lucidrall and the two Philamere elders.
 They are now going to work on building a network of nobles inside the castle.

 With Kiel safely returned to his noblemancy, they decided to leave the capital for Granville.

 From the capital to the city of Granvelle, they traveled by magic ship and stayed one night at Viscount Granvelle's mansion.
 You will be able to find out the best way to get a good deal more about the company. However, he was still lonely and seemed very happy to see his mother after a long time.

I can see it.

You've been making them since last year. It's so big.


 Aren and his friends rode the summoner of bird B to the pioneer village that Rodin was building.
 The pioneer village began to be built last year, so it's only been a year.

 However, since the summons helped the village in the early days of settlement, the settlement has progressed a lot.
 The village is twice the size of Krsna village and is surrounded by a simple fence and moat. The fence was built by the serfs, but the moat was dug by the summoner of Beast C, a summoned beast in the form of a boa with a 1500 attack power, so the moat was dug deep and clean.

 Thanks to the beast C's summoner's help in removing the roots of the trees, the field is ready to be cultivated in its second year of development.
 It's now past April, so it seems that the planting has already started.
 There is a green carpet on the ground with weeds and other things, and the serfs are working hard.

 A residential area has been built near the entrance of the village, similar to Krsna, where carpenters are building several houses with a mallet.

 This frontier village was started with about 100 people, both serfs and commoners, as well as the settlement of Krsna village. And this year, they are planning to increase the number of commoners.
 From the large number of people coming and going in the residential area, it seems that they had already begun to accept commoners at the end of winter.

 In the middle of the residential area, there is a house that has already been built, in the middle of the residential area.
 It's the home of the village chief, where Allen's parents, brother and sister live.

 The mayor's house was built early on.
 Thanks to this, the house is several times larger than the one Allen lived in in Krsna village.
 They alight in front of the chief's house, which could house three families.

 The peasants are more or less accustomed to seeing several types of summoned beasts, mainly Beast C, since last year, but the commoners who arrived in the spring are surprised to see them.

"Hmm, it's still quite a surprise.

 Seeing the frontier village, Allen muttered.

'I told you so.'

Well, we're going to ride the summoner back to the village in the future.

 To my surprise, I told my father Rodin that I would be riding a summoner back to the village soon.

What's going on here, Aren?

"Yeah, Dad, I'm home now.

 The last time we saw each other was when I went from being a servant to a guest of the Granvels.
 It's been a long time since I've been back home, and Allen has a soft spot in his heart.

"Oh, I didn't know Crenna and Dogora were here, too," he says, "and there's quite a few of them.

 All of Allen's friends came home with him.
 Sophie also wanted to say hello to Allen's parents, so we all came here together.

 Cecil and Keel are also here.
 We're going to spend one night in the settlement village.

 Allen gets surprised looks from his friends as Rodin rubs his head with his head.

This is so new. I didn't know you had a father.

What does that mean?

That's just the way it is.

 Formaar let out his thoughts on seeing Allen interacting with his family as a matter of course.
 Maybe this is the moment when Allen, who has so many unorthodox powers and behaviors, looked human.

 You go up a few flights of stairs on stilts and open the door to the entrance.

"Brother Allen!

"Oh! Mash is getting bigger.


"Hey! Hey!

Murat also.

"Yeah, it's big!

 Embrace your brother Mash and Murat with both hands as they hug you.
 Now I give my brother and sister's heads a waggle. As the three of you are struggling, your mother, Teresia, comes to the door.

Oh my, you're home unexpectedly. Oh my God, you need to get some food".

"Hmm? Oh yeah.

 Allen returned to card the summons that he had placed in this frontier village during the war in Rosenheim.
 The number of reserves of the Demon King's army was so large that there was no room to use the summoner slots for the village.

 That's why we couldn't tell you in advance that we were coming because we don't have any summons in the village.

 Knowing that there would be many guests, Teresia tells Rodin to go shopping.

 Then Allen shows you the contents of the bag he carries on his shoulder. In the bag there are more meat and vegetables than can fit in the storage, bought in King's Landing.
 And Krsna is holding a cask that she bought in King's Landing. Inside are fruit wine that Rodin and Gerda like.

No, I bought the ingredients from King's Landing, so there's no need for that. But since we're talking about this, Gerda's family is welcome to join us. Do you think Dogora's parents have arrived at the frontier village yet?

Really? You're ready. Of course I am, I'm ready to drink!

 Rodin reacts to the cask Crenna is holding more than just the food.

"Huh? What. I don't need to call you my dad.

What are you talking about? You told my father hello when you fought the demon god. (Don't be embarrassed, don't be embarrassed.)

 Dogora's parents have also moved to the frontier village this year. To open a weapon shop in the frontier village.

Put your stuff over there. Dogora's gotten big. The floor is going to fall out with that thing.

 The floor of the mayor's house, which is quite solidly built, is creaking as Dogora is still holding both hatchets and shields.

 In an unused room, Allen and the others set aside their luggage.

 Some time later, it's time for dinner.
 With the Krena and Dogora families and some of Allen's friends here, it's quite a large group.

 The living room of the old Allen house would never have been occupied, but now it's a large village chief's house.
 There's a large enough dining room, so there's no problem at all.

 Village head Rodin is greeting you before dinner.
 Allen thinks that after a year as the village chief, he has more opportunities to greet people.

"What do you call yourself?

 Murat speaks to a small flying dragonfly that is biting into a piece of bread in his hands.

"My name is Rosen. Ha ha.

"Wow! I'm talking. Is this one of them?


 Murat takes the spirit god in his arms, places him on his lap, and begins to nudge his head.
 This is the reason why Formal blows up at the sight of it.

"No, it's not mine. Sophie's over there.

 Murat had the perception that any animal that would listen to him was something of Allen's. He believed that because the genie god spoke, he was something of Allen's.
 Because the Spirit God spoke, he thought they were something of Allen's.

That's not quite true either.

 Allen says something that Sophie can neither agree nor deny, and Cecil will deny it.

'Oh, by the way, you're not somewhere else,'

 Rodin seemed to recognize Cecil.
 He's the same girl with the same light purple hair and winning, slightly angular crimson eyes as he'd seen years ago.

 In fact, I have yet to introduce everyone to Allen's friends.
 Allen and his friends were with Allen and Krsna's younger siblings in the room until dinner was made.
 Once dinner began, Dogora's embarrassed reunion with his father gave me no opportunity to introduce them.

"Well, I haven't been able to introduce you to your friends. His name is Cecil.

"Huh? Where was I?

 I'm sure we've met somewhere, but Rodin can't remember right away.

I think I met you when I first came to the village of Krsna, Mr. Rodin. Mr. Rodin.

 Then, sitting down, Cecil says hello.

"Oh my goodness, what a cute little girl you brought home with you. Allen, what's wrong?

 It seems that Teresia misunderstood something when she saw Cecil.

"Hmm? Cecil is the Master of the House of Granville. That doesn't sound like a lady.

"Huh? What does it mean?



 While Allen ate the Iron Claw from Cecil, the surprised voices of Rodin and his friends echoed through the cafeteria.