229 Episode 223, Ima-kai ②

"What's the Granvels' daughter doing here?

 Rodin and Teresia didn't understand.
 Neither did Crenna's parents, Gerda and Mitilda.

 Allen didn't want us to worry, so he didn't tell us how often he went to the dungeon or the details of the school or his friends. Nor did he mention that when he was a servant, he raided the goblin and orc villages.

 He explained that it was just Crenna, Dogora, and a few others who all got along well with each other at the school and lived together in a rented house.

 Allen thinks that they didn't tell their parents about pretty much anything.
Cecil makes an eye appeal to Allen to make a proper introduction, so I'll give you the details.

I've been spending time with Cecil since I was a servant at the Granvels' house, and we went straight to the school together.

"Hmm? Is that so. What do you get along with the nobility? Do you all live together?

 Rodin recalls that Allen has been hush-hush with Cecil ever since they got back to this house. He was born a peasant and was not familiar with that area, but Rodin suspects that after being with him for a long time, his cursing will become okay.

Yeah, you're all my people. There's one girl who is a little far away right now. Well, I'd like to introduce you to everyone but Crenna and Dogora.


"That tousled head there is Keel. He's a baron who became the lord of the nearest fiefdom.

"Hey, that's a little crude. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

 We get a good comeback from Keel.

"Buh! A baron? That's a nobleman, hehehe!

 Gerda also screams as she spews out the fruit wine that Allen had bought in King's Landing.
 Then his wife Mitilda's fist meets Gerda's cheek as she tells him not to blow on the food.
 Allen thinks it's a shame he bought it in a cask.

 In response to Mitilda's fist to Gerda, Krsna's sister Lily shuffles her fist into the sky. Riri is a talented fencer.

"So Sophie over here is the princess from the next country and the guy next to her is called Formal and is the princess's bodyguard.

 Unlike Allen and his friends, my parents have not learned the history of the kingdom or the history of the Demon King.
 They have little knowledge of geography, so they describe Rosenheim as a neighboring country.

My name is Sophia Lorne. Master Allen's parents, it is a pleasure to meet you.

 Sophie politely identifies herself.
 Formar bows only lightly.

"Oh, you're royalty. What does that mean? Allen, what are you talking about?

 Gerda thinks Allen was making an outlandish joke.

I came to learn from the next country when I was a sophomore at the school.

 Allen adds the explanation that he was asked to take care of his homeroom teacher and then live in the same house and share activities with him.

"So, it's true? By the way, the neighboring countries have long ears.

 Gerda, who has never been to a neighboring country, or even a neighboring territory, looks intently at Sophie's long ears and mutters her thoughts.
 You'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

''So that makes Krsna an honorary baronet, too.


 All eyes are on Krsna as she takes a bite of the big bone-in meat.


 Crenna was baroneted with Kiel when he became a baron and rebuilt the House of Karnell.

 Although the kingdom doesn't know that Krsna became the Sword King, the rule is that even a swordsman becomes a noble after graduating from the school.
 But while both Kiel and Krsna are barons, Krsna's is apparently a lifetime baron.

 This one-time baron is also known as an honorary baron.
 Children with three star talents, such as a sword saint, grand mage or saint, become honorary barons when they graduate from the school.

 Then, as they continue to play an active role on the battlefield, they become a baron who can take over the reigns of the family, and rise in rank to Viscount and Count. The swordsman's doberg was honored for his decades of service with a marquis.

I thought you said this was to be done after graduation?

"Yeah, I'm done. Hey, Allen.

 Gerda asks her daughter, Krena, what's going on.

They let me graduate just because my grades met the requirements to graduate from the school.

 Then he unfolds the diplomas.
 There are diplomas for all of us in the compartment.

I don't think he's lying. There's a lot of complications when I tell you I'm Rosenheim's chief of staff. Well, we'll talk about that soon. Hmm? (Is it possible to read a little better?

 I don't think we need to talk about it all at once here.
 I'm planning to have the settlement of the frontier village by summons in the future, so I think it would be good to convey the details through Spirit B's summons.

 Rodin is looking intently at Allen's diploma.

Seriously? Come to think of it, the school is already in session.

 It's April, and the school has already begun, when Allen and his friends have returned home. Rodin wondered if they had already graduated and returned home to their parents.

I know you said last year that you were going to the school, how's your studying going?

"Yeah, brother Allen! I'm studying hard with my dad!

 Mash, three years younger than Allen, is a talented spearhandler and is planning to join the school next year.

 In fact, Viscount Granville has arranged for a teacher to come to the frontier village.
 The purpose is to help Rodin and Mash develop their academic skills.

 It's not uncommon for some of them to be illiterate or unable to do calculations.
 Someone who didn't receive enough education as a child, but became a village chief because of his or her virtue.
 However, in the future, you will have many opportunities to discuss taxes with the lord and his envoy, or to keep track of the number of people in the village. Of course you should be able to read and calculate.

 Especially after the boa-hunting was over, he was studying pretty hard until early spring.

(Well, my dad's level is up and his intellect is higher than normal and he'll learn relatively quickly. And so is Mash.

 Increasing intelligence does not increase knowledge, but it does improve memory and comprehension.
 Even if you have no talent and your intellect is at E, you will learn at a different rate at level 1 and level 20.

 And then there's Mash, who was originally studying with Krsna and Dogora.
 He has also been participating in boa hunting for the last year.
 Thanks to Mithril's spear and shield carried by a summoner, the danger of boa hunting has been greatly reduced, and Rodin has agreed to participate. Thanks to this, the level of mash has risen and its intelligence has also increased.

 Furthermore, since the newly established frontier village is tax-free, both serfs and commoners eat a sufficient amount of meat, and the serfs of this frontier village are often fleshier than those in the surrounding villages.

 Murat looks at such mash enviously.

Do you want to go to the school too?


 Even Murat, who is only about seven years old, seems to want to go to the academy although she doesn't know what it is.

Murat, you have to have talent to go to the school.

 Then Teresia pats her head and tells her that Murat can't go. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it happen.

"Oh, why not?

 Murat is on the verge of tears.

"It's okay. My brother has arranged for a little help from a friend of his to be given to Murat as well.

 Allen says he was lucky to get a head start on Murat while patting him on the head.

'Huh? What are you talking about?

 From now on, Rodin keeps saying the same thing.

"Huh? Really?

 All eyes are on Allen and Murat.

"Indeed. What talent do you prefer, by the way? I'd recommend it to you, though.

 Rodin will try to prod him further, but he will proceed with his conversation with Murat.

(Does this cancel talents later on?)

 As a reminder, he looks at the genie on Murat's lap.
 Then the mind-reader shakes his head. I'm sure he can't.

"Hmmm...why is that a good idea?

(I guess girls grow up faster in this world, too.)

 While conversing with Murat, I think that his answers are more clearer than they were at Mush's age.

It's because I can help you heal him if he gets hurt,

Wow, so I'll be the one!

 Although I'm leading them quite a bit, it seems that Murat will choose the monk's talents, just as Allen had hoped.

''Well then, Spirit God, it seems that Murat wants to become a monk, so I'm asking you.

"Yeah, it's supposed to be like that. Well, she's a kid. Ha ha.

 Then the genie god begins to float in the air.
 Gerda is looking at it with her mouth hanging open, wondering what's going to happen.
 The spirit god in the form of a flying dragonfly sits and stares at Murat.
 It's a great way to make sure that you're able to get the most out of your time.

 This is the reason why it's so important to make sure that you have the right information.

A drop of light falls on the body.

 The family members, who unlike Allen's colleagues do not know the situation, scream in surprise.

"Oh, hey, are you all right?

 As the glow that enveloped Murat fades, Rodin anxiously rubs her cheek.

"I'm a monk now. Haha.

Thank you. Spirit God, take good care of me when Murat's level has gone up again.

Well, I was hoping you'd say that. Ha ha'

 Murat has successfully become a 1-star gifted monk. But this time, Allen's companions have promised to raise the talent to four stars. I believe that Murat is also entitled to the reward on Allen's behalf.

 The Spirit God must have read Allen's mind as well, but he doesn't say that he can't increase the number of stars in Murat's talent.

''What an amazing thing to behave outside the village.

 Rodin is amazed at the paranormal activity in front of him.

"Yes, that's right. I've already told Viscount Granville that I have a talent for it, so I'll have Murat evaluate it again during the upcoming evaluation.

"Oh, really?

 Rodin doesn't seem to have caught up with the understanding anymore, but he's going to respond to Allen's request.

 In April, when I turn five years old, everyone including the royal family will be appraised to find out my talents. Murat has already been declared talentless but I will have her re-evaluated and we'll pretend that the previous evaluation was a mistake.

 I've already informed Comte de Granville of most of the events that took place in Rosenheim.

 He also said he'd keep Murat in check. You have always been very helpful to me.

(And now that we've introduced our friends to the family and given Murat his talents, there's nothing left to do. And then...)

 The purpose of the trip was to see my family. He could also introduce his friends and give his sister Murat a talent.
 But there was one more thing for Allen to do back home.