230 Episode 224 The extermination of Hakuryu ①

"Ox, now that Murat has gained a talent, there is only one thing left to do, right?

"Hmm? What is there to do?

 Rodin asks what's going on.

I heard that a friend of mine was baroneted, but there's a white dragon in the territory. That's why we were talking about celebrating the baron's birthday together.

"Oh, hey, that's it,

Yes, Dad. I'm going to slay the white dragon tomorrow.

 Allen replies with a smile.

Allen, is that true?

 "A white dragon? Teresia, sitting next to a surprised Rodin, also has a worried look on her face.

"Mom, you don't have to worry. We have friends for that.

 All of Allen's friends nodded at that.
 Seeing the expressions on their faces that said everything was fine, Allen and Krsna's parents gasped in happiness.

 The white dragon is an object of awe to the people of the frontier village.
 Dogora's father, though expressionless, also looks worried.

 I came back to the village partly to return home after a long absence and to introduce my friends, but also to kill the white dragon.

 In the former Karnel territory that has become king's territory, I thought that if I killed the white dragon, Kiel would not be able to become the head of the family for long.
 Now that Kiel has properly become the head of the House of Karnel, there's no need to worry about it anymore.
 Since the process of becoming a baronet has already been completed, it won't work if the king says that he is stopping it after all because the white dragon is gone.
 If he said that, Allen thinks that the king will see something scarier than the white dragon.

 The party has been going on late into the night, as it's been a long time since Allen and his friends have been back home.
 Crenna and Dogora have spent the night at their parents' house nearby, and the rest of the group spent the night at Allen's parents' house.

Hmm? You're early.

 I'm not in a hurry to get rid of the white dragon, so I was making a blessing for my parents' house in the morning when Dogora came into the room where Allen had slept.

Oh, there's nothing to do at home,

"I see.

(Did you tell him he was knighted by the Hamiltonians?)

 For the reward of the war in Rosenheim, Dogora was made a knight of House Hamilton.
 The rewards for the war effort in Rosenheim were largely determined during his stay in King's Landing.

 Reports to the king were mostly filled with Keel's war results, but of course he wasn't the only one to be rewarded.

 Krena was rewarded with an honorary baronet, Dogora with a knight of the House of Hamilton, and Cecil with a tax break for the Granville estate.

 Nobility comes from a baron who can inherit an unhonored house.
 It is only from the baron who can inherit a house that one can have a family name.
 It's not easy for a dogora with a one star rating to become a baron, even with this battle.

 If you're asking if knighthood is such a low reward, that's not true.
 In order for a commoner to become a knight, it is basically necessary to graduate from the school and go to the battlefield.
 Dogora was knighted at the age of 14 in one war.

 The discussion of where to place Dogora is knighted has been decided by the Earl of Hamilton, the highest-ranking family that can dictate.

 Knights have their own rank.
 The highest rank is that of a knight of the Kingsguard, guarding the king.
 And the lowest rank is a knight serving a lowly nobleman, such as a baron.

 The Baron Granvelle thought it would be better than the Baron Granvelle's house with Cecil or the Baron Karnell's house with Kiel, who is about to rebuild their house, who are each other's friends.

 In addition, Allen has declined all the gratitude from the Latash Kingdom for this war.
 The explanation is that Rosenheim already gave him a thank-you that was beyond his means.

I wonder if I could give her the hammer.

 While Aren and his friends shelled out for food and liquor, Dogora bought a blacksmith's hammer and souvenirs for his father, who worked as a weaponsmith in King's Landing, without saying a word.

'Oh, it's all here.

 The last one today was Cecil.
 Now that we are all here, we finish our breakfast and leave the frontier village.
 Seeing the anxious look on Teresia's face until the end, I think it would have been better to go quietly.

Be careful out there.

"Yes, Dad. I'll bring back some white dragon meat for you.


 Not knowing what to say, Rodin falls silent.
 Straddling Bird B's summoner, Aren and his friends head for the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

 As the Shiro Dragon Range becomes larger and larger, Allen checks the holder.

It's time to adjust our card formation. My friends are level 45, too.

 Allen's main focus now is to raise the skill level to 8.
 Since his level is now 76, he has changed his priority from level to skill level.
 The cards in the holder are filled with Spirit B summons that increase magic power.

 The magic recovery ring restores 1% of the maximum magic power per second, so the greater the maximum magic power, the more skill experience you can gain.

 There are a lot of B-ranked magic stones, so you can change the composition of the summons without hesitation in this area.

(I've eradicated a lot of them, but not nearly enough. (I'll have to do the eradication of Karnel after the white dragon is eradicated.

 As soon as he arrived at the settlement, Allen instructed dozens of Spirit B summons to eradicate the goblin and orc villages around the settlement village.
 I almost eradicated them when I was a servant, but since many years have passed, goblin and orc villages have started to form again.
 They are also a danger to the villagers and vermin that eat great boas.
 There's no reason for them to exist, so extermination is the only way to go.
 Since last night, the spirit B summons have been moving in a wide area to eradicate them.
 If we find any survivors in the goblin and orc villages, I've told them to give top priority to rescue them. I've also given them some blessings for that purpose.

 After thinking about what to do after the white dragon's extermination, the summit and footprints of the white dragon mountain range will come into view after a long time.
 I'm going to pass the summit of the mountain and head to the place where the white dragon is located.

 The place where the white dragon is located has already been captured by Bird E's clairvoyant eye.

(No need to run, hide, or attack.)

 The summoner of Bird E waits a few hundred meters above the white dragon.
 A huge white dragon raises its head and silently watches the summoned beast of Bird E.

 Beyond the top of the high white dragon mountain range, Allen and his friends circle around so that the white dragon has its back to the top of the white dragon range.
 This is to prevent the white dragon from running around and attacking the villages and towns on the Karnel side of the territory when the battle begins.

 The fact that the white dragon was a powerful enemy to be on the lookout for was evident from the first time Bird E's summoner caught the big picture.

(Isn't he big? What? I've fought dragons in dungeons and wars, but they're twice as big . (Is this what natural dragons are like?

 Its skin, covered with white scales, clearly shows that fleshy muscles lie beneath the scales.
 Its wings feel small in comparison to its body size, with a weight that makes one wonder if it can fly.
 Its bright red eyes, which contrast with its pale white skin, continue to capture the bird E's summoner.

 For some reason, looking at the obviously huge dragon, I imagine natural and cultured fish.
 Could it be that dragons created by dungeon masters have a uniform standard and are the same size?
 The magical beasts that were gathered by the demon king's army or increased in the continent where the demon king's army is present are all standardized without any differences between individuals.

 I don't know how many hundreds of years the white dragon has reigned in the white dragon mountain range, but it might continue to grow and develop.

 Regardless of such considerations, it's also possible that a dragon of the "white dragon" variety is only this big.

Weird one's here. What's up with you guys?


 As Allen was contemplating the white dragon, which was finally close enough to be seen by the naked eye, the white dragon spoke to him.
 The white dragon seemed to have a very strange presence as it straddled the summoned beasts of bird B, which were about the size of an elephant.

You were talking to me.

"Is it so strange that dragons talk to you?


 I'm sure you'll be able to find your way to the top. The voice was not within reach of the white dragon, but it seemed to be heard normally.

(He said his eyes and ears are incredibly good. All of the five senses should be considered to be excellent.

 The five senses seem to be nothing compared to a human being.

So why don't you tell me your name?

"Huh? Me?

She is the daughter of the head of the House of Granville. And so is Kiel, for that matter.

 When asked who they are, Allen decides to let Cecil and Keel tell him who they are, for now.
 He tells Keel to identify himself with them.

"I'm Cecil Granvelle. I'm here to take you down.

"I'm Keel-von-Carner. You're raiding my territory.

 The Granvels and the Karnels, who have fought each other for more than 100 years across the Shiro Dragon Mountains, stand side by side in front of the white dragon.

Hmm? Granvelle and Carnelle taking hands? That's right! I thought you wouldn't come, but you've finally come to take me down! I've been waiting for you! Gruaaaaaah!

 The white dragon that has been here for hundreds of years seems to have some knowledge of the human world.

 Then, Cecil and Keel called out their names, which was the signal for the attack. With a loud shout, the white dragon rumbled through the earth and approached Aren and the others.