231 Episode 225 The extermination of Hakuryu ②

 Moving its heavy body, the white dragon steps forward to Allen and the others.
 It moves its wings, small in comparison to its body, as it walks down the slope of the mountain, making the earth shake.

(It sounds like you can talk, but not fighting is not an option.

 I'm not sure if I'm the one who asked you to say your name, so Cecil and Keel made you say your name, but I haven't said my name yet, Allen thinks. I feel like the white dragon reacted strongly to the word 'defeat'.

'I've been waiting! I've been waiting for you!

 As if muttering, chewing, seeking, the white dragon lifted the corners of his mouth and smiled, the flapping of his wings grew stronger .

 With its screaming words, the sound of the desolate mountain slope crashing down, the birds flapped their wings simultaneously across the vast expanse of the Shiro Dragon Range forest, and the beasts fled.

 The champion of the Shiro Dragon Range is closing in on Allen and the others.

Krsna, Dogora! The white dragon is about to fly. Hold it on the ground!

I get it!


 The white dragon tries to fly to fight Allen and his friends, who mount the summons of bird B and set up an aerial battle.
 Allen keeps Krsna and Dogora close to the white dragon, preventing them from flying away.

(Dogora isn't used to using a shield at all, but thanks to the glyphs, she's got it under control.

 Dogora, equipped with a huge axe and shield, is not easy to move, but it is able to fight thanks to the skillful movement of Bird B's summoner to a position where it is easy to attack and defend.

 I don't know what power is at work here, but the speed of the bird B summons remains the same, even with the heavier equipped Dogora on it.
 It's also high in intelligence, so it will be able to exploit the white dragon's blind spot.


 A bulge rises from beneath the white dragon's throat.
 Flames spilled into his mouth.

Cecil, ice magic!

Good thing I'm moving on.

I got it!

 When Cecil went from a mage to a high mage, there was a shuffle in the attributes of the four magic attributes he could learn. As Cecil's level and skill level increased, he could learn up to four attributes of magic, and he acquired ice magic that was previously unavailable.

 This is the same for Sophie, who became a spirit mage.

 Since they all had the same skills at skill level 1, I thought they would all learn the same skills when they changed jobs, but this was not the case. Skills seem to change after skill level 2.

 It's unclear if it's the probability of the gacha or something else, but the previously unusable attributes expand the range of tactics.

 Create ice cubes that could not be created by water magic.
 The huge chunk of ice attacks the white dragon's face.
 However, before the ice chunk hits the white dragon's face, it is spat out by the white dragon's breath and the giant ice chunk vaporizes without liquefying.


 The bird B summoner on which Krsna and Dogora ride reacts to Allen's words.

(At level 45, you're going to be outclassed by the white dragon's breath.

 Everyone's star has gone up by one, and they are all level 45, carrying over half of their previous canned status.
 They all have slightly higher status than their previous level 60 before they changed jobs.

 However, that was not enough for Cecil's ice magic to overcome the white dragon's breath.
 In the blink of an eye, the giant block of ice is vaporized and the breath attacks Krsna and the others.
 Even if the timing is right, Cecil's ice magic can only momentarily kill the power of the breath.

 Allen has the bird B summoner take evasive action, assuming that he will be outclassed by the breath.

 Just as I ducked, something rises to the white dragon's throat.

Folmar, aim at its mouth with an arrow of light.

I know!

 By the time Allen shouted, Folmar had begun to use the Extra Skill.
 The power of the breath that vaporized Cecil's huge block of ice instantly made all of Aren and the others nervous.

 If Cecil hadn't suppressed his power with the ice block, Formar wondered how much more powerful it would have been, maybe it would have reached Sophie who was behind him.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on with your own personal computer.

It's not a good idea.

 Taking a blow to the head to the extent that it moves to the body, the white dragon recoils backward with its entire body.
 The breath disappears with only a little flame leaking from its mouth.

 Seeing this, Krsna and Dogora approach and slam their huge swords and axes into the pure white scales.
 Sparks and a metallic sound so strong that it's hard to believe that they had struck a living creature emanate from the white dragon's scaled skin.

 Even the skillful attacks of Krsna and Dogora could only peel off a few scales, rather than causing a fatal wound.

 The white dragon seems to boast an overwhelming amount of defense.


 Dogora is blown away by the white dragon's tail.
 He uses his great shield to block it at the last moment, but the summoned beast of bird B falls back to the back of Allen and his friends.

(It would have been nice to take them down without damaging their bodies, but was it a lick?

 There were many other ways to defeat it.

 For example, Allen has millions of B-ranked magic stones.
 There is also a way to attack the white dragon forever without rest.

 For example, you can attack Cecil by dropping an extra skill "micrometeorite" from far above the white dragon.

 Even so, Allen still chose to kill the white dragon by preserving as much of its original form as possible.  
 However, even with the help of the summoner, the attack doesn't get through to the white dragon.

''Master Allen, do you need help from the Spirit God?

 Sophie calls out to Allen from behind him as he's flying in the middle guard position.

 If Sophie uses the extra skill "Great Spirit Reveal" to call out the Spirit God, she'll receive the Spirit King's Blessing.
 In reality, the genie is on Sophie's shoulder, so there's no need to manifest it.
 She can only use the Spirit King's Blessing when she consumes all her magic power and uses Extra Skill. At other times, they hold onto Sophie's shoulders or head and basically do not participate in battle.

 Sophie asks if she can use the Spirit King's Blessing to increase the attack strength of Krsna and Dogora, as they are currently lacking in attack strength.
 Using the Spirit King's Blessing will increase all stats by 30%.

No, focus on blocking the movement. With the durability of the white dragon, Krsna and Dogora's extra skill should be enough to take it down.

(The upper demon glaster class? I guess it's one of the highest A-ranked monsters. I guess the more powerful they are, the more they become, the more they become an S-class Hexenbiest.

 Allen instructs the white dragon to use another extra skill instead of the Spirit King's Blessing, based on how much damage the white dragon did when it was attacked by Krsna and Dogora.

''You're going to stop the movement. As you wish. Great Spirit. Please respond to my voice.

 Large rocks begin to form at the foot of the white dragon.

 It gets bigger and bigger, and then turns into a huge upper body.
 Then it clings to the belly of the dragon with only its upper body, and the rock becomes entangled with the dragon.

"...... I am a great spirit gnome of the earth. By contract with the Spirit King, I am a son of an elf. In exchange for your magical power, I will lend you my power.

"Nuh! What is this?

 With a pounding sound, the white dragon tries to forcibly peel off the rock that covered its body.

Dradra, Miller, cue up!



 A commanding dragon B and stone B summons appear from both sides of the white dragon.
 Up until this moment, Allen hadn't produced a summoner.

 He was looking for an opportunity to catch the white dragon off guard.

''What? Why do dragons give to people!

(Huh, surprised?)

 It reacts much more strongly to the dragon B summoner than to the stone B summoner.
 It seems that the dragon B summoner, which has become the same size as the white dragon in command, can't seem to understand that it is on the side of humans.

It's a good idea to be smart. You're putting priority on understanding.

Dogora, now! Take the dragon's head off with all your might!

 At her feet is Sophie's great spirit of earth, and on either side, the summonses of stone B and dragon B are blocking her movements .

'Oh, okay! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Dogora throws the Adamantite shield into the air and tightens his grip on the great axe with both hands.

 As it is, I concentrate all my strength on the big axe and with a shout, I close in on the white dragon's neck.



 Dogora's great-axe stops when he flicks off a few scales around the white dragon's neck ... (Another failure?

(Another failure. Or rather, I haven't succeeded once since the first shot when I fought the demon god Razel).

 Dogora expresses regret with his entire potato-like face.
 You've tried to get Dogora to recreate the Extra Skill "All Souls" in the dungeon, but you've never succeeded.

 This time you'll be fighting a powerful white dragon.
 I thought I might be able to use my extra skill, but I was wrong.

Dogora, stay back! Krena, it's extra skill!

 The white dragon tries to chew Dogora, who is still at his neck, throwing down his shield.
 Once Dogora is back down, he instructs Krsna to take him down with an extra kill.

''I get it!

 Hearing Allen's words, Krsna's body refracted like a shimmer.
 As usual, she invoked her extra skill "Break the Limit".

 Then, she clutches her greatsword with both hands as she approaches the white dragon's neck.
 You'll be able to avoid the huge fangs of the white dragon, and then use your skills to deliver a full-body blow into the neck of the white dragon.

The white dragon's huge fangs are dodged, and it is then used to strike the white dragon's neck.

 It was a blow that was almost a surprise to the white dragon.
 After receiving this blow, the white dragon falls as it stares at its own body from above.
 Its head is missing around its neck.

 The white dragon's head is cut off by Kurena's blow.

 A great deal of blood flows from his neck.
 And the headless body collapses to the ground on the mountainside.

So this is what it means to be felled.

"Hmm? Well, we won.

 I'm down to just the head, but the game is over and I'll talk to the white dragon's head.

"You are the one who has been planning to defeat me in the village at the foot of the mountain?

"Huh? Well, yes. I've been trying to beat you since you were in the opposite village.

(Did you know about me? Could you feel an awareness of yourself and the desire to kill? (That's a pretty wide, and high-performance search capabilities)

"I see. I've been waiting. I guess I won't be bored now. ......

 While Allen is impressed, the white dragon smiles and its eyes lose their sparkle.

I have defeated a white dragon. I have acquired 28 million experience.

That's a lot of experience. So you're also an experienced demon. I mean, my friends are all up to level 52.

 With a satisfied smile, the white dragon was defeated.
 Then a huge amount of experience entered into Allen and his friends.