232 Art. 226. New lord

 The white dragon, decapitated and dead, lies in front of Allen and his friends.

You did it.

(Something significant was said at the end.)

Yeah, well, here's the thing. Everybody help me with this.

 In response to Cecil's words, Allen instructs his companions on their future moves.


 Allen will have everyone carry a large leather bag that he bought in King's Landing.
 It's to collect the blood from the neck where the head parted.

They say dragon blood can be used as a medicine. Now that we've killed him clean, we can make the most of it.

 When defeating the white dragon this time, I was very careful to keep it intact.
 Cecil's micrometeorite, dragon B's summoner's angry fire, and stone B's summoner's reflex and total reflex are all very effective in defeating monsters, but I didn't use them this time because they would destroy the monster's body.
 This made it a bit tricky, but I got a great deal out of it.

 Allen and the others retrieve the blood flowing vigorously from the neck.
 The white dragon's blood, which was placed in a leather bag, is poured into the grimoire's chamber.

 A considerable amount of blood has fallen to the ground, but we were able to collect enough thanks to our quick response.

So we'll take this back to town. Are you okay?

 The length of the white dragon is about the same size as the commanding dragon B. It's the same size as the commanding dragon B. But its weight is heavier than the heavyweight dragon B.
 But it's heavier than a dragon B.
 They say they can carry this thing to town....

Maybe it's alright. Dora Dora Dora and her friends come out.


 Summon the four Dragon B summonses and tell them to grab both limbs and carry them.
 Because of the presence of the commanded dragon B summonses, all four of them have been soldiered and have increased in size by one and a half times, the headless body of the white dragon slowly begins to float in the air.

"Wow! How can such a huge one fly?

 Kiel is also surprised.

(After all, there must be something else that makes summons and magical beasts fly besides the normal physical weight and size of the wings.

 For Allen, who has memories of his past life, the flapping of the wings of four dragon B summonses is not enough to make the white dragon, which weighs tens of tons, fly.

 But when you see that the bird B summoner, fully equipped with a dogora equipped with a large axe and shield, is also nimbly moving through the air, you can't help but think that some mysterious power must be working and flying through the air.

"Keel, don't be impressed, you're going to wear this.

 Allen took out of the storage the "luxury clothing (for men)" that he got in the treasure chest of a class A dungeon.

'Huh? Why would I wear it?

"Huh? That's because we're the new lords.

 So, I force him to dress in gorgeous clothes.
 You're not kidding," he says as they all gather around to change Keel's outfit, which they do.

"Oh, you guys are having a great time: ......

That's not true. That's the Baron. That's a baron. Let's go to the city of Karnel!

 Keel thinks that Allen's words have such a heartless "it suits you".

 After having a commanded dragon B summoner carry the fallen head, Allen and his team head straight for the city of Karnel.

 After hours of carrying a heavy load, Aren and his friends arrive in the skies above the city of Karnel.

 It seems that there is quite a commotion as a huge white dragon is being carried by several huge dragon B summonses again.

What do we do now, the knights and soldiers are coming out!

Well, I guess a little commotion is inevitable. The white dragon has almost completely preserved its original form.

 We are in a position where we can see the white dragon even from within the already walled city of Karnel.
 I can clearly see the townspeople pointing at Aren and the others who stay above, and the knights and soldiers moving through the city and on the outer walls.

 If the white dragon was this far away, it might not even know it was headless.
 To the city, it looks like several dragons have attacked the city of Karnel.

''I've given Count Hamilton a schedule for the white dragon's defeat, so it shouldn't be a problem.

 After the audience, I met with Count Hamilton and Viscount Granville.
 They also met with General Luchidrall and Elder Philamere, who came from Rosenheim, where they had a lot of discussions.

 There, we talked about the future actions of Aren and the others.
 The first thing I told them was that we will defeat the white dragon.
 I also told them when we would kill it and what we would do afterwards.

 ''We'll act quickly, then,'' Earl Hamilton said.

"Good afternoon, sir. Count Hamilton here in person.

"Yeah, I'd say you're the General.

 The cavalry is coming underneath Allen and his friends, who are waiting in the air at the gates of the city of Charnel.
 At the head of the cavalry will be Count Hamilton.

 Allen and his men instruct Bird B's summoner to head down to Hamilton's door.

I didn't know they could really beat him. ......

 Count Hamilton speaks to Allen as he arrives in front of him.

Yes, I took it down with as little damage as possible. That should be enough to fund our future activities in the territory.

"Nah, I see.

 Earl Hamilton stares at the nearly intact body of the white dragon and the severed head.
 I'm talking about how he can do this with a light tone of voice.

 Allen knows that there is one problem in returning his fellow keel to the lord. It's that there's no money in the realm.

 It's been several years since the white dragon moved to the Karnel side of the territory.
 This means years since the day the mithril ore was no longer available.
 The Karnel territory that had prospered for more than a hundred years was also running out of mithril and its wealth was rapidly drying up.

 There were no starving people dying of hunger, but there were many miners and other fiefdoms who had lost their jobs.
 Since the city prospered on mithril, it had an economy that depended on it.
 Part of it was taken over by Granville, but that was only part of it, now that mithril was available.

 From now on, the Charnel territory would resume mining the mithril ore, but it couldn't be today or tomorrow.
 I had Bird E's summoner check and there are some mining sites that were destroyed by the white dragon.
 We need money to reopen them, so they are going to use the white dragon's body to fund the reopening.

"Right on schedule, but wasn't it early?

''Of course. I have already notified the Charnel territory that the new lord arrives today. You will now enter the city.

(You still don't look like Refol. (You don't look like Rifolu, do you?)

 The Earl of Hamilton has a mustache and a macho body that is recognizable even in his clothes.

 One of Hamilton's knights will tell you what's coming up.
 From the neck down the white dragon will be dismantled right here in front of the gate.
 From head to foot, we will enter the city together for all the people of Karnel to see.

 The city's people will know that the white dragon has been defeated.

 Aren and the others will also ride into town.
 The knights are hurrying to get ready.
 They already have a cart for the white dragon's head.

That's very supportive. Did the 1,000 blessings work? (Well, it's nothing new to be cooperative)

 I have given the Earl of Hamilton ten times the amount of heavenly blessings that I gave the king to spend on the politics of the castle. That is, if it would allow Allen and his men to move freely.

 You and your friends will parade with the Count as the heroes who defeated the white dragon that plagued Karnel and Granville for years.
 I told him that I only need a keel, but he smiled and grabbed me by the shoulders and prepared a horse for Allen and the others to ride.

 Allen slowly places the white dragon from the neck down on the ground and places the head on a large cart.
 The cart should be big enough, but I think the white dragon's head is too big and sticks out.

"So, Keel will be alongside Count Hamilton and Dogora will be behind him.

"Hey, hey, how come I'm the one in charge? Allen is the leader.

No, Dogora is a knight of Count Hamilton. That's your job as a knight.

"Nah, I see.

Dogora, nice.

 Allen rounds Dogora up nicely, while Krena looks enviously at Dogora doing his knightly work.

Oh, give us some white dragon meat for us, for the families in the frontier village, and for the Granvelle family.

"Hmm? Of course. No, is that what you want your share?

 The Count promises to give you enough white dragon meat.
 This dragon slayer isn't just about killing dragons.
 You have slayed the white dragon that lives in the profitable mithril mine.
 Allen says he'd like meat as his reward.

Of course. Use the rest for the development of the Kernel realm.

I see, just as Lord Grandver told you. You're not greedy.

 Count Hamilton looks puzzled. For he knows that there is nothing more frightening than a hero who has no need of position, honor or money.

 As it was, swiftly the triumphal return to the city of Charnel was made.

"Cecil. What a nice way to get into town.

'Is that old school? I don't want to remember that time, okay?

 Allen tells Cecil the story of how he was kidnapped many years ago, but Cecil tells him not to talk about it.
 Cecil glares at Allen, wondering whose fault it is that he fell off the mage ship.

 As you enter the city, the soldiers are struggling to keep the townspeople from interfering with your progress.
 Thinking it's a tough job, Aren looks at Keel.

Oh, is that guy at the front the new lord?
"Really? Isn't she still a child?
Idiot, keep your voice down. Look at the white dragon's head behind you. A hero has arrived as our new lord!

(Not many people have a bad word to say about Keel's dad. Well, he wasn't exactly a reigning tyrant.

 Allen wonders if Kiel's father, Viscount Karnel, wasn't that much of a bad reputation.

 And so the new lord, Keel, dressed in splendor, returned to the city of Karnel as a hero, carrying the head of the white dragon.