233 Art. 227. Remuneration for subjugation

 Led by the Knights of the Earl of Hamilton, the triumphal return of the new lord, Kiel, took place. The news of the defeat of the white dragon was accompanied by the news of the defeat of the white dragon, and with the arrival of the new lord, many townspeople saw the head of the white dragon brought to the city of Karnel.

 Already the main street was flooded with the townspeople of the city of Charnel.
 In such a short time, Count Hamilton has spread the word throughout the city that his new lord Keel and his companions have succeeded in defeating the white dragon.

 Some of them even cry at the sight of the white dragon's head.
 Perhaps they are the bereaved family members of those who were killed when the white dragon suddenly appeared in their territory a few years ago.
 It is said that the white dragon destroyed several mining sites of mithril ore.
 Many miners are said to have been killed in the process.
 Perhaps the joy, gratitude, and sorrow of those days is coming back.

 The head of the white dragon is said to be left for a while under knight's guard in the central square for the townspeople who have yet to see it.

 Aren and the others proceeded with the flow of the knights, and after a while they arrived at Karnel's mansion.

(Ah, an official of the castle.)

 When you enter the mansion, which is larger than Viscount Granville's mansion, you will find several people dressed as they were in the royal castle.

 You'll be able to see that you're not the only one.
 I'm sure there are still some paperwork that needs to be done, such as handing over the succession from the king's domain to the baronial domain, Allen thinks.

 You'll be able to see the girl you lived with until a few months ago.

You are going to be able to find out more about this. Well done!


(After all, there's an aristocracy in the way they run up to each other. It's a far cry from our mash and Murat.

 It's not just a simple matter of time before you get to know your friends.
 You'll be able to find out the best way to get the most out of your time in the event that you're in a position to make a living.

"This is Baron Karnel.

"Huh? Yes,

 An official with a rubbing hand comes up to Keel to wipe out the emotional resumption of the siblings.

I am an envoy of the royal family. Congratulations on being made a baronet. To that end, please visit .......

"Hmm, how about a few more places to talk like that?

"I'm sorry, too. Count Hamilton.

(Count Hamilton is not beholden to the royal family's messengers. That's a nobleman's touch.

 With his position as a senior nobleman and a powerful position in the faction known as the Alliance, I wonder if Earl Hamilton can at least complain to the messenger of the royal family who comes with the royal command.

 The messenger of the royal family says, "I see, so let's talk about the future," and I move to the conference room.
 We've just arrived at the palace, but it's best to finish up with the royal family as soon as possible.
 Allen and the others will go with Keel.

 Count Hamilton, Keel, Allen and his companions, Nina and the royal messengers, and several servants from the mansion attend the meeting.
 At the center of the meeting are Earl Hamilton and Keel.

"Congratulations on being made a baron and on the rebuilding of the Karnel estate.

The reconstruction is still in progress, but thank you.

 Keel thanks him as he is once again congratulated.
 He confirms to Kiel that he wasn't so shocked that he was a baron this time and that only half of the territory was returned to him.
 You're going to be able to get the best out of it.

(It's not a bad thing for Keel, who will be traveling with me from now on, to have only half the territory to manage.

 Kiel is only 14 years old.
 And since he has not been educated as a lord by his father, Viscount Charnel, he still has a lot to learn.
 If you're going to start as a lord, you might as well start with half the territory you manage.

Baron Keel. I hear the Earl of Hamilton has a deputy in place.

(Well, I'll put a deputy there.)

Yes. I'm asking you to do that.

 Surrounded by the royal messenger and the Earl of Hamilton, Allen thinks that Keel is also very polite.

"Yes, the selection is done, and they will be arriving shortly.

 The lord does not necessarily have to be in the territory.
 We have a system of deputies to act as lords, and we will let them do so.
 I've told the earl of Hamilton that Keel will always be with us on our adventures as a recovery position.

 I asked Viscount Granville to look for a replacement for Keel, and he said he could help me find one through his extensive network of contacts.

You slayed that white dragon. And so soon after you arrived. His Majesty will be pleased.



(What are you staring at?)

 Keel is stared at by the royal envoy.

"Would you be so kind as to present it to the royal family?

(Yes, I did. (Seriously, it felt like that.)

 A messenger from the royal family asks you to give him the white dragon.

 Allen wants nothing but meat to eat so that the white dragon's carcass can be used to rebuild Karnel's land.
 Naturally, he doesn't want any magic stones either, and everything he has will be used for Kiel's start as a baron.
 I have no intention of offering the white dragon to the royal family.

What kind of deliberation do you have in offering up the white dragon?

 The Earl of Hamilton is not sitting still.

"No, no, I'm not asking you to give up everything. In the first place.

 According to the royal messenger, it is the responsibility of the noblemen to donate the profits from their domain to the royal family.
 You don't have to donate everything, but you are asked to donate a part of the white dragon's body.

"Count Hamilton

"Nuh? What? Mister Allen.

I'm talking about profit, we need to restore the mining sites that were destroyed by the white dragon, and we need to recruit the miners that are gone. I think the cost of running this kind of territory is called profit, right?

"Well, you will.

 The loss lost by the white dragon is too great.
 Perhaps even if I sold the entire body of the white dragon, I don't know if I would make any change.

 I've heard from Keel that he wants to offer condolence money for the families who died from the white dragon's attack.
 Hearing that, Aren insisted on taking down the white dragon in a way that would preserve most of its original form.

I'm sorry, but that's just how it is.

 In the end, Keel tells the royal messenger that there is nothing to pay.


 The royal envoy takes your breath away.
 The first baron refuses to give the gift to the royal family.

(Well, that's not much to gain from being needlessly at odds with the royal family.

However, I know that His Majesty the King would like to show his authority with his new appointment as King.

"Ha, ha!

 The royal messenger replies to Allen's words.
 The messenger of the royal envoy feels very uncomfortable because Allen is speaking from the king's point of view.

 The king is the crown prince who just became the king of Latash a few months ago.
 If he defeated the white dragon in the kingdom and presented it to the king, it's one of the reasons why he's so important to secure his position.

Then why don't you buy the white dragon's head to keep in the town square for a few days?

"Buying out?

Well, between you and me, I'd be happy to give it to you as long as you give me the money.

"Yes, it's ......

 Allen closes with a wicked look on his face and the words "please consider".
 Hearing that, Allen's friends began again and sipped the tea that was served.

(We'll have to do the same.)

"Yeah, later, I'll go to the Adventurers' Guild in this city.

"Hmm? What can I do for you?

 Allen tells Keel that he's going to the Adventurer's Guild, and Count Hamilton asks him what he's doing there.

The royal family sent a request for the killing of the white dragon years ago. Now that the slaying is complete, I have to go and get the 1000 gold pieces.


 The royal envoy was stunned to hear the conversation.

(I told Viscount Granville to withdraw the reward for killing the white dragon as soon as possible.

 For decades, Viscount Granville had sent a request to the Adventurers' Guild to slay the white dragon.
 The reward was a thousand gold coins.
It's an extraordinary reward for Granvelle's pocketbook, but it's his duty as the lord of his domain. Not only Granvelle, but also lords of fiefdoms with hard-to-defeat A-ranked monster monsters will ask the Adventurer's Guild for help.

 Then, when the white dragon moved to Karnel, the royal family also sent a request to the adventurer's guild to kill the white dragon when Karnel was annexed to the royal domain.
 The reward was a thousand gold coins.

 After informing Viscount Granvelle that they were going to take down the white dragon, when Allen found out that the request to take down the white dragon was still in progress, he asked her to withdraw the request immediately.
 I have no intention of getting a reward from Viscount Granvelle, who has been a great help to me.

 Furthermore, the royal family will reward me for killing the white dragon.
 This means that the king will reward our team of adventurers, the Scavenger hunters, with a killing fee.

 The royal envoy fell silent to avoid any more unpleasant surprises.

How long do you plan to stay? I would also like to hear your story while you were away?

 In the meantime, Nina worries about her brother Kiel's future.


 Keel gets a look from Nina, who wants him to stay for a bit.

'Yes, I suppose so. As I recall, I was told that I could get a permit in a few days before I came here, but in the meantime, why don't you stay in the house?


"Oh, Nina

 Kiel tells Nina that he has to go to the Baucis Empire.
 It was the royal family's answer to Rosenheim's request.

"I see.

(Murat also sounded pretty lonely when he said he was going out, but that's how it goes.

 While Nina looked lonely, the story of their departure from Karnel territory continued.

 Thus, after staying a few days in Charnel territory and stopping by Viscount Granvelle's mansion, where Allen's family's home is located, to deliver the meat of the white dragon, Allen and the others headed for the Baukis Empire.