234 Art. 228. Invitation

 Allen and his friends are at the royal capital, on the landing field of the largest magic ship in the kingdom.

Then take care of Cecil.

"Yes, thank you for everything.

 Allen thanks you profusely.
 Today we will now leave for the Baucis Empire.

 Allen and his companions are being escorted off by Viscount Granville and Cecil's brother Thomas.

 Now Allen has thanked him about his sister Murat.
 Murat was endowed with the talents of a monk by the genie gods.
 As a result, Viscount Granville has asked the church to send a priest to teach her recovery magic. The church is called the Church in the Kingdom of Latash and in the world, but it's officially called the Church of Elmea.

 Among the many gods, Ermea, the creator god, is the most prayed to.

 Originally, the village started to be built last year, and since the village is growing well, the church was planned to be built this year and then the priest was going to be invited.
 You will be able to find out the best way to make your life easier and more fun.

 Once you learn recovery magic, you can cast recovery magic from a distance and your level will easily increase.
 Since the village will be boa-hunting in the fall, I will also be supporting the summons to ensure full safety.
 Allen thinks that we will be able to raise our levels at a steady rate every year.

 Finally, Cecil bids farewell to Viscount Granvelle, and everyone gets on board the grimoire.

 There are various types of mageships, including fast-moving ones called high-speed boats, huge ones and smaller ones.
 The one I took this time is a normal speed boat, but it's a fairly large one that travels between countries.

 Book two decent-sized rooms and stay in separate rooms for men and women.
 I've already been on the magic ship several times, so I'm familiar with it.

 But after you leave your luggage behind, you'll gather in the men's room to talk about the future.
 The feeling like a school trip has been going on since I was at school.

But what is the use of 1,000 gold coins?

I hear it costs a lot of money to get a craftsman in here. And then there's flood control.

 Allen gave Rodin, his father and the village chief, a thousand gold coins.
 I also told him to use them to pay for the settlement of the village.

 Cecil asked me about it, knowing that it doesn't cost much to build a village.

 It wouldn't cost so much if the serfs only built a village.
 That's how the village of Krena was settled.

 But hiring experts in construction, civil engineering, flood control, and village building to deal with monster beasts is also expensive.
 Allen believes that if you insist on settling the village, there will soon be no more gold coins.

"You've left a lot of gold on the table, Keel.

"It's okay, I'm a lord. Dogora.

 Lying in bed, Dogora mentions that Keel has deposited a thousand gold coins with the Earl of Hamilton. Dogora often falls asleep in these meetings.
 Next to her, Krsna is already beginning to utterly fall asleep.
 As Allen watches, he looks at Krena to see if he can carry her to bed.

 Keel has given most of the money he has left to the Earl of Hamilton for his sister and the servants to use if their lives are troubled.

 The 1,000 pieces of gold were given to him by the queen at Rosenheim.
 Allen was thanked for his service and became Rosenheim's chief of staff, but that doesn't mean everyone else didn't get a thank you. They all received a thousand gold coins.

''S-class dungeons will have a lot of A-ranked monsters. You can sell them and you'll get the gold right away.

 Money-conscious Allen says he's optimistic that he'll continue to make money.

That's true. I wonder if Merle is going to be OK, though?

"From King's Landing, but I have already asked the Baukis Empire through Rosenheim for Merle's graduation and to accompany me. I'm sure they will be sincere in their efforts.

 This time, Sophie answers Cecil's question.
 This time, I believe that Merle's accompaniment is indispensable in attacking the S-class dungeon of the Baukis Empire.

 Aside from being a companion, there are many things I don't know about the Baukis Empire.
 In order to ask Merle, the dwarf, a lot of questions, Allen and his friends have been talking about this war.

 The school has issued a diploma on the premise that Merle played an active role in this war, and Rosenheim has asked me to accompany Merle to the Baukis Empire's S-class dungeon.

You haven't responded yet, have you?

 I have contacted Rosenheim using the Kingdom's magical tools, but the Baucis Empire has yet to respond.

Yes, I have. But I have never heard anything disrespectful from the Baukis Empire before.

 To Allen's question Sophie sees no problem.
 Not long after that, the meeting on the mage ship is over, and Allen takes the bombed-out Krsna to the women's quarters he has rented for her.

 A few days passed, and the grimoire was sailing smoothly through the sky.
 Allen and his friends spend time together eating food and occasionally going off on their own.

'Aren? You're making it for dinner, too.

"Yeah, well, I spent quite a bit of money in the kingdom and ran out of stock,

 Allen spends all of his time acting as he pleases, gaining skill experience through magic consumption and creating heavenly blessings.

(Well, you can never be sure you'll get home safely.)

 I don't know if I'll be able to return safely. That's why I gave Rodin some gold coins and left some more blessings in case something happens.

 I'm using the blessings from heaven to make this meal in a private room I borrowed in the dining room, which caused Cecil to question me. The questioning is just a matter of ordinary conversation.

 You're always like this with Allen. Cecil only thinks that the frequency of the magic recovery ring has increased tremendously since you got it.

 It was for Sophie that I asked for a private dining room.
 In other countries, elves are only found on the front lines or in schools, so their long ears are very noticeable.
 Sophie's fair complexion makes her easy to attract attention, and this is a consideration to avoid that.

 That's why Sophie usually wears her hood when she's in public places.

Is Miss Allen here?

"Wow, food!

 Because it's a private room, the door is closed, but on the other side of the door you hear a polite voice checking to see if Allen is there.
 Then you can hear Krsna's cheers from beside Allen.

(I just ordered from the waiter, but he's here already?)

 Allen thought so, and put away the blessing creation set in the storage room.

No, I belong to the Gearmut Empire. May I have a word with you?

"Huh? Yes, please.

 Allen slips the spirit B summoner inside the wall and agrees to let him in.
 His friends seem to be alarmed by his sudden arrival.

(Hey, isn't this the person who talked to me in the castle?)

 The person who opened the door and walked in was someone I had met days ago.
 It was a woman who claimed to be a diplomat of the Empire of Giamut during a social gathering at the royal castle.

 She asked for time to talk, but she was surrounded by quite a few nobles and could not speak.

She was dressed in a tight-fitting suit-like outfit.
 He's probably in his early twenties.

(Hmm? (You followed us to the magic ship.)

 You take an empty seat, and since you haven't eaten yet, I'll order some food for you.
 I'm sorry," he says in a low voice, but his eyes are fixed on Allen the whole time.

"I ordered a platter, so you can eat with me.

 Always ask for a platter and share it with everyone.
 Crenna and Dogora are big eaters, and the elves Sophie and Formar are quite small eaters.
 Moreover, they rarely eat meat.
 They don't eat almost any hexenbiest meat, so they didn't even eat the white dragon steak they grilled at the settlement village.


 Krena replied cheerfully and the diplomat bowed, so we'll eat together.

"So, can I help you with something?

 Asks the diplomat while sipping the soup with a spoon, "As a matter of fact, His Majesty the Emperor has called on you, Mr. Allen.

To tell you the truth, His Majesty the Emperor has asked for you, Mr. Allen. I would like to invite you to come to the Imperial City of the Ghiamut Empire.

(Well, I had a feeling that would be the story. I see, you've been waiting until now.

"I'm sorry. We have plans for the future.

"Is it more than a call from His Majesty the Emperor? We will be arriving in the imperial capital shortly?

 They say that you ignore the emperor.

 As a matter of fact, there are no direct flights from the Kingdom of Latash to the Baukis Empire.
 That's because the Latash Kingdom and the Baukis Empire don't officially have diplomatic relations.
 It is supposed to go to the Baukis Empire via the airport in the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire as a hub airport.

 Tomorrow, you will arrive at the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire when a diplomat from the Ghiamut Empire called out to you that the emperor wanted to see you. It seems he's been waiting for this day for a long time.

I'm sorry, but I don't have any particular need to be summoned. It is a great honour for an ally of the continent.

"Are you sure?

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


You are usually at the royal castle of Latash. If I ever need your help, I'll let you know.

 The diplomat who followed us confirms that he will return to the royal castle of Latash Kingdom.

(Well, it's so much like being the leader of the central continent. There might be dungeons and things that are only in the Empire. (Like legendary weapons)

 I'm not going to go now, but if I need you, a diplomat, I'll give you a shout," said Allen.

...... I understand. As is Mr. Hermios, it's not easy.

No, no, it's a great honor to be in the company of a man who could save the world.

 The diplomat didn't seem to have anything more to say.
 Thus, Allen refused the invitation of the Giamut Imperial diplomat.