Allen politely refused an invitation from a diplomat of the Ghiamut Empire and got off the grimoire from King's Landing in order to transfer to a grimoire bound for the Baukis Empire.
 The next day there was a magical ship to the Baukis Empire, and Aren and the others set out for the imperial capital of the Baukis Empire.

 Since we were going to the Baukis Empire, there were quite a few dwarves on board this magic ship. I think there are many dwarf traffic between the Baukis Empire and the Gearmut Empire.

 The shaggy-bearded dwarf, who appears to be an adult, is even shorter than a 14-year-old, still-growing Allen, and has a muscular, muscular body.

'It never gets old, day in and day out.

 Today as always, everyone is eating in a private dining room.
 Cecil sighs at the commotion of the muscular dwarves that echoes through the private room.

"The dwarves love to drink,

 Sophie reacts to Cecil's words.

 It's lunchtime, but the dwarves are drinking in the morning, afternoon or evening. The private room is not soundproofed, so the noise is so loud that you can't hear Cecil's voice beside you sometimes.

"Merle also liked to drink, as I recall.

 Allen also joins the conversation.

 Apparently, this world allows people to drink alcohol from the age of 12.
 However, since Allen's previous life, under the creed of 'gamers don't drink alcohol', he never drank, so buying alcohol at the school's base was not an option.

 In the second year of school, Merle moved in, and when we all walked around town together, Merle would not move from the front of the store's liquor store, so alcohol was deployed to the base.

 Since it was bought in barrels, Keel, Keel's servants and elderly squires were also drinking it with Merle. Merle would drink so much that Allen would draw back.

 Remembering Merle's drinking prowess, Allen looks at the desolate land.

It's not a very green land. Is that how the technology of magic tools developed? (And, hmm?)

 Already the magic ship has crossed the sea from the central continent and is flying over the land of the Baukis Empire.
 I heard from Merle that unlike the lush green land of Rosenheim, the land is desolate and brown.

 I wonder if this dry land is the reason why magic tools have developed the most on all the continents.
 While I was thinking about this, the bird E summoned by the bird I left behind in the Shiro Dragon Mountains discovered an extraordinary thing.

"Allen. What's going on?

 Crenna, who is munching on her rice, notices the change in Allen's expression.

"Guys, listen up. The white dragon is born.


 Now that the white dragon is gone, Karnel territory is going to start mining mithril ore again.
 In order to help him do so, Allen has been using summons to eradicate the magical beasts that are in the way of the resumption of mining.

 In the middle of the Granville Mountains, he discovers what appears to be the young body of a white dragon.
 The white dragon is in a large depression that it used to nest in when it was in Granvelle's territory.

(Is it said that there's a white dragon in the Shiro Dragon Mountains? This is a total repopulation. (Maybe it's the laws of the world?

 Allen begins to think.

 If you remember from a previous life, there was an enemy that would always reappear if you defeated it, like an enemy that would always be the boss of an area or a dungeon.

 Defeating an enemy once and reappearing is called a 'repop', and the timing and frequency of repopulation varies. Considering that the lowest level boss in a school dungeon can be fought once a day, the timing of the repopulation of the lowest level boss in the dungeon could be said to be once a day.

 It had already been more than ten days since he had defeated the white dragon, but it seemed that a new white dragon had been born.
 This could be because there is one white dragon in the Shiro Dragon Range, which is a condition for repopulation.

''What do we do now, Allen? Do you want to beat it again?

 Cecil asks Allen what he's going to do now.

"No, we'll raise him.

"Huh? Taming. You mean tame it?

Well, I guess so. There's no point in continuing to defeat one if there's always one. I'd like to know what the demon king can do.

(Though there is also a way to see if it's something that keeps repopulating, or if it keeps defeating the white dragon.

""Demon King?"

 Allen's thoughts, which are always blown up, are still incomprehensible to his friends today.

 Allen explains.
 It is said that the Demon King raised the ranks of all demonic beasts by one.
 Is it the same with the newborn white dragon's rank, or does it suddenly become more vicious after a period of time, I'll take this opportunity to watch it grow and investigate.

 And the white dragon that Allen and the others defeated had an ego.
 It doesn't seem to be under the control of the Demon King, so I want to know if the Demon King's ability only makes the monster stronger or not.

 Now all that's left is the white dragon's own memory.
 If she can retain her memories from before she was defeated, we might be one step closer to the truth of this world.


 I don't know how far Crenna has understood, but she is surprised that Allen's explanation is amazing.

We're going to be attacking S-class dungeons from now on, but that's only to defeat the Demon King. But this time we found out that even the demon king's men are intractable. We have to do what we have to do and what we can do well.

 His companions nodded at his words.
 They remembered that even the deadly attacks of Allen's companions had little effect on the demon god Razel.

 I'll send a dragon B summoner to the young white dragon's body.
 On the way, catch a Great Boar and tell it to feed on the white dragon.
 I naively hoped that a dragon B summoner of the same dragon would feel right at home as a parent.

I'll call him Haku. He asked for his name and didn't tell me his own.

 I'm not sure if the white dragon had a name of its own.

"How can you tame it if you give it a name?

That's part of the validation.

 The genie god devouring potatoes on the table seems to be keeping information about this area under wraps. Since he won't give me any answers, I need to verify everything I can think of.

"Oh, the city is in sight.

 While Allen is talking about the white dragon, Dogora notices that a huge city is coming into view.

(Oh, it's the imperial capital of the world's strongest Baucis Empire? There are a lot of tall buildings, and the development of civilization is not on par with other countries. (Well, I like natural cities like Rosenheim, too.

 View the city of the Baucis Empire from the top of the mage ship.
 Krena is still looking at the imperial city with her cheek to the window.

"Well, what should we do when we get there? We need to find Merle.

Of course.

 After a while, the magic ship arrives at the depot and the dwarves begin to disembark in droves.
 Allen and the others will go down with them.

 It's almost evening, so we'll look for Merle tomorrow and stay at the hotel today.

(As expected, there are dwarves on the left and right.)

 There's something exciting about the first time in a new country.

 Maybe the real joy of adventure is to expand your range of activities and visit new countries and cities, Allen thinks.

 Throughout the city, the buildings are shiny, cornerless and mysterious. The train is equipped with a magic train, and you can hear announcements inside the train, so you decide to get off at a station that sounds vaguely like the center of town.

 You'll find a building that looks like an upscale hotel, and you'll go to the counter.
 It's just a normal hotel.

 For now, you book two rooms, one for a man and one for a woman.
 Since no one asks for a private room, we usually stay in two rooms.

You'll have two rooms on the third floor. To the third floor, please use the elevation grimoire.

"Elevating mages?

 Crenna gives me a look that says "what the hell".

"Maybe it's like an elevator,


 With Krsna, who cocked her head in further confusion, we headed to the elevation mages indicated by the receptionist.

 It's like a private room, and when you go in, you'll find yourself in a small, dead-end room.

What is this?

I think there's something that sets the trick off.

 Embedded in the wall are things like blue jewel-like buttons.
 It is triangular in shape and seems to be able to choose whether to go up or down, depending on the direction of the corners of the triangle.

You can't choose the number of floors? Apparently, it's a stop on every floor.

 It's not like you can go directly to the third floor.
 Allen touches something that looks like a button on behalf of the


"Oh? Are you okay?

 Dogora is also upset by something unfamiliar.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I don't have an upside down reaction.

 There's no sensation of going up like an elevator.
 Just a faint glow of a button and a response.

 When I get out, I see a sign on the floor saying "2".
 It seems to be on the second floor.

 I see, so I go back into the elevation mage room and touch the button.
 It glows faintly, just like before, so you go out of the room again, and there's a sign on the floor that says "3".
 It looks like you're on the third floor.

"I can go upstairs like this?

 Dogora also muttered, looking at the letter 3 on the floor.

'I suppose so. I'm sure the traveler has a certain amount of luggage, so it would be more convenient to have this kind of magic tool.

 With that, Allen and the others go into their rooms and spend the night.

 The next morning, while waiting in the hotel lobby for everyone to arrive, a dwarf speaks to them with his men behind him.

Good morning. My name is Nukakai, Minister for Foreign Affairs." "With all due respect, Miss Sophia Lorne?

Yes, yes. Yes.

(Hmm? You've been accosted again. (You're on to Sophie this time.)

It's a pleasure to meet you. How about we have a private room for you to talk over breakfast?

 He was spoken to by a dwarf who claimed to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Baucis Empire.