239 233. The Temple of Yampani

 Allen and his team drop the bird B summonses to a little distance from the giant S-class dungeon too.

 Just as Foreign Minister Nukakai told them, there are quite a few people at the entrance to the S-class dungeon, so make sure not to surprise them.

 Aren and the others head towards the queue at the entrance of the tower.

(Is there no window in this columnar tower? There seems to be quite a few doors underneath the tower.

 Because of the presence of the tower, I judge it to be a dungeon that physically exists, not in another dimension, unlike the school dungeon. I start analyzing what kind of dungeon it is, as well as the dungeon attack.

 You use Bird E's summoner to check the outside of the tower, but there are no windows and you can only enter through a large gate on what seems to be the first floor where it meets the ground.
 I keep raising Bird E's summoner to see what the top of the tower looks like, but I can't get to the top any time soon.

(Well, it's a world with a magic ship. It's not going to be easy to capture it by entering from the rooftops).

 Its gates are arranged not just one in the tower, but equally spaced.
 Line up at one of its arranged entrances.


"An? What the hell are you looking at!

 Seeing the man in front of him in line, Allen yelped out.

 He was two heads taller than Allen, wearing no jacket and half-naked, carrying a large sword on his back.
 When I looked at his head, I saw that he had ears that I had never seen before in this world.

 This adventurer-looking man has dog-like ears.
 Then, as if noticing Allen's gaze, he turns around and glares at Allen, baring his canine teeth.

"No, it's nothing.


 But the dog-eared man, after glancing at Allen from top to bottom, perhaps because he was a child, returned his gaze to the front of the procession.

Beastmen. There are a lot of beastmen here. I wonder if they're from the southern beast kingdom. Beastmen in this world must be pretty hairy.

 In the queue, there are not only dwarves, but also people.
 And there seems to be quite a few beastmen as well.

 South of the Baukis Empire is the continent of the Beast Kingdom.
 I wonder if the reason why there are so many beastmen with adventurer-like appearance here is because they want to earn money by attacking dungeons.

 After waiting for a while, it's Aren's turn.
Perhaps because Aren and his friends are made up of various races, the gatekeeper looked at me strangely for a moment, but when I presented my adventurer's ID, he let me in normally.


 As you pass through the gate, you can't help but hear the voices of Allen and his friends.
 There's a huge city inside the tower.

That's amazing. There's a city inside the dungeon?

 It's a ridiculous crowd, so I thought it would be a nuisance to stop walking and check my surroundings as I walked.

Hmmm . There's a temple of Janpanis in the center!


 Allen summons the summoned beast of bird E into the sky and checks the entire city from above.
 I feel like I was told by someone high and mighty not to summon a summoned beast in the city about half a day ago, but maybe it's just my imagination.

(It's a pretty big space, but is there a ceiling? It's quite a big city, by the way. Is the city on the first floor and the dungeons from the second floor onwards? Oh! (Is that the Temple of Yampani?)

 There are kilometers of sky above where the bird E's summoner can fly with ease.

 Through Bird E's summoner I could see that there is a ceiling so high that it would not be visible from the ground.
 It's still early in the evening, but it's so bright that it's hard to believe it's inside a windowless tower, perhaps because it's illuminating the entire city.

 The streets and buildings are arranged in a circle from the center of the tower like a circle of years.

 At the center of the building is the building called the Temple of Yamperni, which I was told when I received the S-class dungeon invitation.

"What do we do now, Allen?

"Hmm? Oh, Cecil. Yes, I suppose so. We got there sooner than we thought, let's go to the temple of Janpani and talk about the dungeon for a minute.

 My friends nodded at that.
 Basically, they don't do sightseeing when they arrive in a new city.
 They know that Allen isn't the type of person to tour the city.

Yeah, there's a magic train over there.

"There's even a magic train? Are you sure this is a dungeon?

 Dogora reacts to Kiel's words.
 Looking ahead to the railroad tracks with the summoner of the bird E, it seems to run to the center of the city, near the temple.
 We'll get on the train.

"We'll enter the S-class dungeon from the temple of Yamperni, right? Why were there adventurers out there too?

Well, I heard there are a lot of dungeons around the Tower of Trials, and a lot of adventurers are looking for them.

 Merle answers Allen's question as he mumbles to himself as he looks at the city from the train.
 This S-class dungeon called the Tower of Trials is surrounded by countless C- to A-class dungeons, and there are quite a few adventurers who come here for the sake of it.

 Allen thinks that by providing the city with these S-class dungeons, a world has been created around the dungeons.

 With that in mind, you'll arrive at the temple.

 It is indeed a temple, but it is not the same as the wood-grained temple dedicated to Rosenheim's spirit god Rosen.
 You can hear the sound of some kind of power moving throughout the building with a sense of a magic tool.

 As you go in and out of the temple, Allen and the others try to enter the temple with the flow.

What! Hey, kids. This is not the place for your kind.

 The temple gatekeeper reacts to Allen and his friends and yells at them.


This is a place only for S-class dungeons. Get the hell out of here!

(Huh? (Seriously, ......)

 The temple gatekeeper looks at Allen and his friends and decides that they are not qualified to enter an S-class dungeon.
 Surprised, Allen presents the temple gatekeeper with an S-class dungeon invitation ticket.

I'm sorry. Such a child.

 It was blocked by the body in the direction of travel, but it retreated, saying it was safe to go in, to my dismay.

What. Judge by the looks of it!

 Cecil is in a hurry to respond to the earlier gatekeeper's reaction.
 Cecil is very responsive to these things.


"What. Allen was surprised!

 Cecil protests that you should be just as angry because of the small reaction of Allen, who looks around.

'No, well, if you don't stop there, won't there be young adventurers forced to enter an S-class dungeon and die and all that?

(The gatekeeper is the one who blocks the entrance. Sometimes you have to sneak in during the night when the gatekeepers are asleep, so it's not easy.

 Allen was also yelled at, but Allen didn't think anything of the gatekeeper's attitude.

What? Well, yeah. Or was Allen surprised to see you?

Oh, you'd be surprised. Look at the number of adventurers in this temple. That's what the gatekeeper said. Only those who are qualified to enter a Class S dungeon are allowed in the temple. It's a big world.

 Allen only showed his adventurer's card when he entered this tower.
 It was an A-rated adventurer's card, but any adventurer can enter.
 As he entered the city, Allen suspected that there were many people in the city who did not have an invitation to an S-class dungeon.

 His homeroom teacher at school had told him that there were no more people in the kingdom who were qualified to enter an S-class dungeon. However, there are quite a few adventurers here who would have received an invitation to an S-class dungeon.
 It's a big world, and I wonder if they've come from all over the world to conquer an S-class dungeon.

 Cecil looks around to see for sure.

 There are quite a few dwarves, people, and beastmen.
 They all have invitations to Class S dungeons.

''Oh? Is that the receptionist over there?

 Sophie notices that the receptionists are lined up in one corner of the temple.

"Really. Let's see if we can get a word in.

 Allen and his friends lined up at the counter where there were dwarves dressed in what looked like a uniform priest's uniform, different from the other dwarves.

Oh my, young adventurers. How can I help you?

It's nice. I guess dwarves don't feel inferior at all to their smallness.

 The priest in charge of the temple's reception seemed to feel young when he saw Allen, who was a head taller than him .

'I'm trying to conquer an S-class dungeon, but I was wondering if it was okay for me to stand in line here to talk to you?

Of course. What? So there are dwarves too?

 The temple receptionist notices Merle the Dwarf in the midst of Aren's group.


 Merle replies cheerfully.

"Are you a golem user, by any chance?

You are well aware of this. Well, Merle doesn't have any weapons or armor.

 I don't have the spear and shield I used to use when I was in school.

That's right.

"Do you have a grimoire?

"No. I don't have a . I don't have one. They told me I had to return it.

(What's a grimoire?)

"I see. What to do? Can I lend it to you as well?

"Yeah. I want to borrow it!

 Merle's face lights up.
 Saying so, the receptionist of the temple drops into another room and comes back with what looks like a black board.

"This way, sir. Please give me your adventurer's card. I'll record the loan of the grimoire.

(What? (Although the flow is like borrowing a book in a library)

"Well, what is a grimoire?

 Merle and the temple receptionist are just carrying on a conversation, so Allen asks what.

." "Huh? Yes, sir. This is a necessary spell to bring out the golem soldiers.

"Mm-hm. That's right!

"You're talking about a spell to bring out the golem soldiers?

 Allen was staring at what looked like a jet-black metal plate placed on the receptionist's counter.