240 Art. 234. The Sorcerer's Panel

 When I was about to ask about the S-class dungeon in the temple of Janpani, a priest asked me if Merle was a golem messenger.

 A golem wielder is a general term for dwarves who have the talent to ride a golem.

 When I said yes, the temple's receptionist brought out a jet black board called the "grimoire".

(It looks like it's got some dents in it. Are you trying to fit something in here? (Or rather, there are humanoid-like indentations, and if you put something in there, you'll have a golem.

 One side of the grimoire is flat, but the other side is rather ragged.

 Merle happily slips a cord tied to a black plate called the grimoire and hangs it around his neck.
 This seems to be the standard way to carry a grimoire.

 Allen looks at the crowded reception area and sees a line of dwarves.
 Among the other dwarves, you can catch a glimpse of a dwarf with a jet-black board hanging around his neck.

They look like schoolchildren on summer vacation, going to early morning radio exercises.

 When I look at Merle again, he is holding the grimoire happily, and I have a frank impression.

I'm going to be able to get the components of the golem in the recesses of this grimoire in the dungeon and fit it in, right?

That's right. As for the golem parts, you can get them from the second floor of the Tower of Trials onwards, or rarely from the lowest level bosses of the Class A dungeons around the Tower of Trials.

 It will show me where I can get the golem parts.

My companion Merle has a talent as a demon rock general. I heard that golems have different ranks, do you mean that the parts are classified by rank?

 Allen continues to ask questions.
 I'm going to ask a question today, and then I'm going to go into the dungeon tomorrow to prepare.
 I've thought about the questions I was going to ask.

 We're told that golems have a class.
 Golems have ranks of strength, and the one you can move becomes stronger according to its talent.

 To move a bronze-class golem, you must have the demon rock soldier's talent!
 Mage talent to move the Ironweight Golem
 The talents of the demon rock generals to move the mithril-class golem

 A demon rock soldier will only be able to move it to the bronze class, but with a demon rock general's talent, he can move it from the bronze class to the mithril class.

''That's it! Really?!

 With that word, the temple receptionist clasps her hands on the counter and her eyes widen in astonishment.
 Maybe she was so shocked that she couldn't say anything else, but she was staring at Merle from top to bottom.

So this is the value of the demon rock general's talent that only one in ten million people is born. I heard that some golems can even defeat a dragon by themselves.

 I feel like I was able to find out once again how valuable the Demon Rock Generals are in the land of the dwarves.
 There are quite a few dwarves lined up behind Aren and the others, and they're all saying, "They're saying Demon Rock General! A voice can be heard saying something like.

"Yeah! That's right!

 Merle replies cheerfully.

Indeed, this grimoire needs to be fitted with a stone tablet of the same rank.

 Then, after a pause, the receptionist answered Allen's question.

"The tablet? Does that mean a bronze or mithril slab?

Yes. Please note that if you fit even one tablet of another class, it will not work.

 It is described as a tablet, but it seems to be the material of each class, not the stone.

 Allen takes a closer look at the grimoire board.
 There are about 10 or so indentations, but the tablet that fits into the indentations must be of the same class.
 There's going to be a lot of confusion.

"What happens if the body part of the same iron comes out?

If you have more than one part of the same part in one grimoire, you are insured against damage. However, there are many adventurers who decide that they don't need it, so they buy it in this temple.

 The price differs depending on the parts, but they seem to be willing to pay more than 100 gold coins for it.
 Since there are many adventurers who aren't golem users, I've heard that they come to sell them as well.
 I think these are the items that come out of the upper levels of A-class dungeons, as expected.

 Furthermore, this temple only buys parts related to golems.
 Other items such as magical stones obtained by killing monsters or weapons and armor obtained from treasure chests are to be bought and sold at the Adventurer's Guild located in front of the temple.

 As for the dungeon's strategy information, such as what kind of dungeon it is and how many levels there are, he said, basically nothing is taught.
 Unlike the adventurer's guild in the school, they do not tell you how long it takes to complete a dungeon or the ranks of the monsters that appear, unlike the adventurer's guild in the school.
 However, since this is a dungeon with a high mortality rate, you are advised to attack the dungeon at your own risk and discretion.

 Everyone here has conquered five A-class dungeons.
 I guess I'm supposed to find out for myself.

"Thank you for everything, there's more, okay?

Of course. What do you want?

Can you get this grimoire in the dungeon?

This grimoire was given to this temple by Master Digrigni. You won't find it at any level of the dungeon.

(After all, it's only available here.)

"Okay. Then you said earlier that you want to 'lend' this grimoire, but can I 'buy' it?

 The receptionist noticed that Merle was a dwarf and offered to 'lend' the grimoire before Allen and his friends could ask him questions about the dungeon.

 Merle and I will continue to have adventures together.
 I think Merle, the golem user, is the only one who has a golem.
 The biggest problem I've heard is that Merle doesn't own the grimoire he needs.
 We have to solve this problem.

"Uh, I'm sorry. The grimoire is the property of the Baucis Empire. It's basically on loan.

 Politely declined by the receptionist.

"Basic? So you mean there are exceptions?

"Yes, the grimoire will be given to the golem user only if you offer 10,000 gold pieces.

(Oh, I see. This is how they say there are 10,000 golems.

 Allen understood from the conversation so far.

 The Baukis Empire is in charge of this temple.
 If there is a dwarf who is believed to be a golem user, they will actively lend him a grimoire and have him collect the tablet.
 If the same part of the tablet is collected, the dwarf who uses the golem may come to sell it to the temple.
 I don't know how much of the grimoire is in stock, but if war becomes imminent, the grimoire can be loaned to the dwarven adventurers for them to take from them.

 And if you really want the grimoire, you should give me 10,000 gold coins.

10,000 gold. See for yourself.


 Allen flips the grimoire onto the counter, invisible to the priest in charge of the receptionist, and opens the page of storage.

 Then he drops the sachets of gold coins, divided into 100 sachets to make it easier to trade, on the counter.

That should be 10,000 gold coins.

 Allen gestures to indicate that it's okay to check.


 The others are watching Allen closely.
 Cecil seems to have somehow known this would happen.
 He sighs.

 Once the receptionist withdrew into the priest's room, she called a few people over and began counting the gold coins.

 It took about an hour to purchase the grimoire and to register the grimoire as Merle's on his adventurer's card.


No, well, that's just as well. Well, it's getting dark, so I guess we'll stop by the Adventurer's Guild tomorrow.

"Yes. Let's stay the night and do it tomorrow.

Because of the late questioning of the receptionist and subsequent formalities, Allen said that's it for today's plans, and Cecil said it would be better.

 Thus, the next day I stopped by the Adventurer's Guild and on my way to the Real Estate Guild, where I rented a house for rent near the dungeon.
 In a hotel, meals are served and the beds are comfortable, but like the blessings of heaven, there are parts of the house that you can't help but worry about being seen.

Having a meal with your friends in an unfurnished room.

(Well, I guess I'm almost done with everything I have to do except go to the dungeon.

 Then Allen spoke up.

"Hey, listen. I want to talk to you about the challenges we face in the future.

 Allen believes that the companions have their own problems and challenges, as well as conquering the dungeon.
 We were to talk about that point.