241 Art. 235. The thoughts of friends

 Sitting in a circle on the floor in a house that we just rented today.
 This is a fairly large dining room, but there are no tables yet.
 There are many different races living in this city, and different sizes of furniture are used by different sized races, such as dwarves and beastmen.

 Because of this, the owner of the real estate guild told me that in this city in the Tower of Trials, there is not much furnished furniture.

 I spread a rug on the floor and lay out the food I bought at a nearby store.
 Everyone was grabbing their food and gobbling it down when Allen opened his mouth.

"Listen to me while we eat.


 Biting into the bread and moving her mouth, Krsna looks at Allen.

"Finally, we're ready to conquer an S-class dungeon.


 Crenna replied happily.

 It took more than ten days to travel through the Ghiamut Empire on a grimoire ship, met with the minister and met up with Merle, and even in this trial tower, I got the grimoire board, talked to the adventurer's guild and rented a house to get to the present.

 For now, the base is completely unfurnished, but we're talking about going to the dungeon tomorrow.
 For Allen, the furniture in the base is not part of his preparations for an S-class dungeon.

In the meantime, I have a question for you all.

 As Allen's expression grew more serious, Dogora and Keel, who had somehow heard about how to get around in tomorrow's dungeon, focused their attention on Allen.

'What? Again.

 Cecil asks Allen, who is in a different mood than usual.

'I think it's pretty tough to beat a demon, even if you conquer an S-class dungeon.

"Huh? What! What does that mean?

"I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm not saying it's impossible, but yes, let's talk in terms of the demon Razel.

 Furthermore, Allen began to talk about the example of the demon god Razel.
 Before the fight, Allen predicted that without the brave Helmios, the odds of beating the demon god Razel before his transformation were about ten percent.
 That's probably about the same as the actual fight, Allen believes.

The demon gods were desperately strong. Demonic beasts get stronger as soon as they move up one rank, but I think that's the equivalent of an S-ranked enemy.

 A hexenbiest becomes several times stronger as it rises in rank.
 It's not that the demon god Razel called himself an S-rank equivalent.
 But she was much stronger than the demon race, which is said to be about A-ranked.

 From now on, even if you prepare equipment while attacking S-class dungeons, you still won't be able to win for sure, Allen said.

''Huh? How do you know. You're not there yet.

 Dogora eats into Allen's expectations.

"The brave man had five stars and all his equipment in an S-class dungeon. Well, he hadn't completely conquered the dungeon, though.

"Oh, I see.

 Add the words "everyone will be a few thousand higher in status than a brave man in the status transfer due to a job change.
 Everyone gets a half-status transfer bonus for changing jobs.
 Even if you take that into account, you still won't have enough power to overwhelm a demon.

(Maybe after everyone's job change is over, their levels and skills are all conquered, and their equipment is changed to Orihalcon, then I can finally reach a 50% win rate. (Is that too tough?)

But that doesn't change the fact that you should still go, does it?

 Cecil asks the purpose of the story.

"Of course. I think our adventure has just begun.


"It's an adventure. It's an adventure. An adventure to slay the demon king. I got caught up in a war when I was at school for a bit, but this dungeon will be our first adventure.

I see. This dungeon is just the beginning.

 Krsna, who had already stopped eating and was listening to Allen's story, understood the meaning of Allen's words.

'That's right, Krsna. First of all, we have to conquer this S-class dungeon to get all the power we can get in this dungeon. But it doesn't end there.

 The dungeon you are about to conquer is a process, not an end.

Then we have to get our levels and skills stronger as soon as possible!

 Crenna clenched her fists.

(The girl who loves swords is becoming more and more mature. I wonder if she has a purpose in wielding a sword.

 The girl who was only crazy about the sword seems to be slowly being influenced by Allen to become stronger and more targeted.
 Even within Crenna's mind, the battle against the demon gods may have left some regrets.

"Now we have friends who weren't there at war. Merle has joined them. It's unknown how strong the golem is, but we'll find out as we go along.

"Yes, Tam-Tam is very strong, so you can count on it.

 Merle assures us proudly.


 The first word I've heard comes out of Merle's mouth.

'It's my golem's name.

"Oh, I see. Names are important. Tam-tam.


(I see. You have the same sense of naming as I do.

 Apparently, the name he gave to the golem he borrowed from the battlefield was "Tam Tam".

As I recall, the golem Merle used on the battlefield was a bronze class?

"Yeah. There are only a limited number of mithril classes.

 Merle could have handled mithril-class golems, but apparently there was a limit to the number of golems he could handle, so he used bronze-class golems.

 Merle has one talent per 10 million people, but the Baukis Empire has a population of hundreds of millions.
 There must be a certain number of dwarves with the talents of the demon rock generals.
 Or perhaps there are 10,000 golems, but most of them are Iron- and Bronze-class, and there are not that many Mithril-class golems available.

I want everyone to bring their level and skill level to the top of the list as soon as possible, as the priority in the dungeon is to get Merle's golem. Maybe skill level will be a struggle, so try to fight with skills as much as possible.

 It will probably take more than three months to cannibalize everyone's level and skill level.
I expect that by the time you can master them, the year will have changed.

 I expect to stay in this S-class dungeon for about a year.

I hope the Demon King's army doesn't attack until then.

"Cecil. I think it's all right. You've already caused the Demon Lord's army such a loss. I don't think they'll attack for the rest of the year.

I see.

So, Dogora, I need you to learn extra skills as soon as possible.

 He wants Dogora to be able to fully handle the extra skill "Whole Spirit".
 This skill is the strongest blow, at least among the current Arens.
 It will become even more powerful as Dogora changes jobs and becomes better equipped.
 A one-star gifted Dogora could do so much damage against a transformed demon god.
 Maybe it has the potential to hunt the demon god's life with a single blow.

I know. I see.

 Dogora also looks at his palms and replies.

Keel will be equipped with intelligence-enhancing equipment as a top priority.

"Yes, you're right. Last time I was in Dogora, I failed once.

 Kiel's extra skill "God's Drop" is a resurrection spell.
 In Allen's estimation, the success rate of the magic depends on the level of intelligence.
 As well as increasing your intelligence by changing jobs and leveling up, you also need to find equipment to increase your intelligence.

Sophie will be able to manifest spirits as she moves through her career. When that happens, I want you to be able to communicate with the spirits as soon as possible.

I understand.

 With one more job change, Sophie, a spirit mage, will become a spirit user.
 Spirit users can manifest spirits, but spirits are often quite moody and difficult to handle.
 This is what I heard from the strongest man in Rosenheim, the spiritist Gatluga.
 There is not a perfect hierarchy like the relationship between a summoner and a summoner beast.
 On the contrary, he even told me that spirits are in a higher position and will have a hard time borrowing power at first.

 In the meantime, Allen mentions the main challenges of Merle, Dogora, Keel, Sophie and others.

I don't?

 As the conversation was about to end, Cecil said, "Do I not have one?

"Not at the moment. But I think we might find some challenges ahead. Get your levels and skill levels up as soon as possible. Keel takes precedence over intelligence equipment, but Cecil is next.

Yeah, I get it.

"Now all I need to do is to get my skill level up to 8 within a year, because I don't know when the next war will be. I don't know when the next war will be.

 Finally Allen began to tell his story.
 Allen says he wants to raise his summoning level 7 to 8.

 At level seven, none of the summons' attacks worked against the demon gods.
 Especially the demon gods that had transformed weren't even dealing with them.

''Hm? Allen, you're so obsessed with demons.

 Allen's words made Cecil realize one thing.
 Even after the war was over, Allen had always talked in terms of demon gods.
 Compared to a demon god, or to defeat a demon god, and so on.

Yeah, I haven't told everyone, but I have a feeling that hunting demons is on my agenda.


What do you mean?

I told you before that hunting demons raises my level. I suspect this is because Elmere wants me to do it.

 When I defeated the Demon God Razel, his level went up without any indication of experience value.
 I've only hunted one demon, but I think it's safe to assume that hunting a demon raises your level unconditionally, regardless of the required experience level.


 For a moment, the companions didn't get into Allen's story, wondering who he was calling off .

''I believe that if you hunt 100 demon gods to raise your level by 100, then the first priority should be skill experience, not level,''

 Allen's level has reached the point where he can't go up quickly enough, even if he hunted monsters.
 Now that I've hunted the demon gods, I have a good prospect of raising my level.

 So from now on, I'll concentrate on leveling up my skills as much as possible.

That's why you were asking so much about magic stones in the Adventurers' Guild.

Yeah, it seems that the Adventurer's Guild in this tower has the largest trade volume of magical stones in the Baucis Empire along with the Imperial City. I'm going to buy all the magic stones, even if it means tearing up the market a little bit.

 Allen asked the Adventurer's Guild for 100,000 D-ranked magic stones with 1000 gold coins.
 I asked the staff of the Adventurers' Guild how much I could charge, and they replied "any amount", so I tried to produce 7,000 gold coins I had in reserve, but they told me I could only ask for 1,000 gold coins at a time.

 And it will take 5 days to get 100,000 D-ranked magic stones.

Oh, you know what? ......

"Allen, do you have a minute?

 Keel tries to say something.
 But Keel stops himself from saying anything else as Cecil speaks to Allen to cover him up.

 The others seem to have something on their minds as well.
 They're waiting for Cecil's words.


We're not on the same team. Can we stop splitting the money we earn in the dungeon evenly?

 Allen had always split the money he earned in dungeons evenly.
 That's been the way of the hunt for Allen.


We can see how much Allen needs the magic stones. And that's a lot of gold.

 Cecil continues.
 Different companions need different money and equipment.
 And what Allen needs can be solved with money.
 He says that the money earned in the dungeon should be focused on collecting magic stones for Allen.

"Mm-hm, Cecil. I think that would be a good idea, too.

 Crenna agrees.

 Allen looks at his friends.
 I don't see a trace of disapproval on anyone's face.
 They all seem to think that everything should be used to improve Allen's skill level.

I see. That's nice of you to say.

 Allen thanked everyone profusely.
 And so the discussion of the day before going to the S-class dungeon was over, after hearing the thoughts of his friends.