242 Art. 236. Admiral Gallala

"Well, let's go.


 Dogora replied to Allen's voice as he finished his breakfast.
 This is the dining room without tables and chairs where we heard yesterday about the future direction and everyone's thoughts.

 I have rented a house with a garden in a prime location near the temple.
 This building can house more than 30 people and costs 30 gold coins a month.
 When I lived in the academy, I rented a pretty nice place for three times the rent of my base.

 The owner of a real estate guild told me that if I looked for a building with a temple, adventurer's guild, and many stores nearby, it would inevitably be this large.

 Good properties are populated by talented adventurers.
 Looking at the property, Allen could guess how many adventurers were taking on the Tower of Trials, an S-class dungeon.

 After packing up his gear, Allen and his friends set out for the temple.

 The entrance to the temple, less than 10 minutes' walk away, was crowded with adventurers.
 Allen and his friends line up and show the gatekeeper who blocked their path the day before yesterday an S-class dungeon invitation.
 Today, he will let you through without blocking the entrance.

 He will let you through without telling you where in the temple the S-class dungeon is located.

 To prevent congestion, you need to enter several separate rooms to advance to the next level of the S-class dungeon.
 Each room is very large.

 Even in the room where you enter, there are many adventurers in front of you.

That's still a lot of people. Well, I heard that the next level is made up of B-ranked monsters. (As long as you're equipped, a single star won't be a problem.

 Why are there so many people, Allen wondered.

 In the kingdom of Latash, it is said that almost no one can go to the S-class dungeon now.
 However, there are quite a few adventurers here, including dwarves and beastmen.

 They're all outfitted with fairly fine equipment of baboons and adamantites.

 In Allen's estimation, it is possible for a 1-star talent to conquer five A-ranked dungeons.
 It is not necessary to conquer an A-ranked dungeon with only one star.
 If you have a lot of 2 or 3 stars in your party, you probably won't have a problem.

 If the whole country is going to conquer the dungeon, then I think that this much is possible.

(Well, if you step on the transition trap and your party gets separated, you'll probably get almost wiped out. I wonder if you can prevent that from happening with the trap detection of the scouting profession).

 I wonder if the adventurers here have survived the risks, Allen thought.
 As he was thinking about this, it was nearing their turn.

 In front of my eyes, the adventurers are disappearing.
 Perhaps because the number of adventurers disappearing at once is more than ten, I think that their turn is coming faster than I expected.

 And there's a cube-shaped object floating a little higher in your line of sight.

(Are dungeons managed by this cube-shaped object on different continents?

Welcome. Dear devastated gamers. This is S108, the dungeon hierarchy management system. Would you like to go to the next level?

 It seems that the usual systematic voice will guide you to the next level.

 The current location of this S-class dungeon "Tower of Trials" seems to be at the first level of the dungeon.
 The Adventurer's Guild tells me that there will be two levels of the next level.


 When Allen, the party leader, replies on behalf of the party, the view of Allen and the others suddenly changes.


 All at once, the view changes and the voices of Allen and his friends leak out.

 It's an empty place, crowded with adventurers.
 Allen looks around, trying to wrap his head around what's going on.

(After all, the mackerel was the same as the Adventurers' Guild had said. This dungeon sends everyone into one space. So the ground is dirt.

 I can tell you that the dungeons are completely different from the dungeons of my time in the academy.
 The dungeons in the academy were in a different dimension where you moved from one party to another entering a room.
 The other dimension is what Allen describes as a different mackerel.

 It seems as if all the adventurers who queued up for the second level have come here intact.

"Hey, let's see what's going on here.

Yeah, I'll see if I can't find something out.

 Cecil replies to Allen's words.
 Perhaps under Allen's influence, it's starting to sink in that the companions will think and analyze things for the first time in their own way.

The ground is dirt. So, this is a square. (Are you transferring adventurers in parties to an empty place in this square?

 In front of Allen's eyes, another group of a party of more than 10 adventurers suddenly appears.
 Checking where we are with the eagle eye of the bird E summoner, we see that we are standing in a square.
 The adventurers are randomly transported to the square, which is about a kilometer on one side, and they appear.

 It seems to be a resting place, and some adventurers are eating on a rug.
 At the end of the square is a mixture of forest and grassland.

 The area around this open space looks like a lush green space.

It's quite a wide space. And you can't see the ceiling as usual? Maybe I should check to see how big it is. Hawke, take a moment to look through the clairvoyant to see how big it is.

 Try to figure out how big this space was with the summoned beast of Bird E. The summoned beast of Bird E was summoned to try to figure out how big this space was.

 Activating the user-friendly awakening skill of Bird E's summoner, which can grasp everything in a 100 kilometer radius at once, it was a lush green space with no end in sight.

''Seriously . I mean, it's bigger than a tower, or even a city on the first level!

 The forest is much larger than the thickness of this ordeal tower, and Allen can't help but let out a sigh.

(No, no . It's probably a pretty big space, no doubt about it, but somewhere along the line the space is distorted. We never made it to the top of the tower. So this is an S-class dungeon made by the dungeon master. (Well)

 There was an overwhelming amount of space, and the place where Allen and the others were now located seemed to be in the middle of it.
 I have a good idea of where I am, and what's going on around me.

Did you hear something out loud?

"Oh, Cecil. Let's share a little situation with everyone.

 Gather the once dispersed comrades and explain the situation on the second level of the Tower of Trials.
 They seem surprised that it's that big.

"So, let's see, maybe that's it?

 When Allen finished, Keel pointed to a cube-shaped object floating in the air.

Maybe it is.

 As Allen said this as he approached the cube-shaped object, it seemed that adventurers were being transported from time to time.
 A considerable group of adventurers has disappeared all at once.

Hello. Dear abolished gamers. This is S201, the dungeon hierarchy management system. Would you like to go to the next level? Or do you want to go back to the first level?

"What. You can go to the next level now.

This is what we've heard. This dungeon is supposed to have cube-like objects in the immediate vicinity to move through the hierarchy.

 Allen recalls the story of the brave Helmios.
 Helmios had said that finding the goal itself was not difficult, because the cube-shaped object that served as the exit for conquering the dungeon was very close by.

 The conversation of the cube-shaped object also indicates that there is one cube-shaped object to return to the previous level and one to go to the next level.

 Although Allen doesn't hear all of the strategy information about this dungeon from Hermios, how far you have to go to get to the goal to cross the levels has a lot to do with how long it takes to complete the attack.

(I guess there aren't that many tiers, after all. Did I mention that the brave man had four levels and equipment to level and equip).

 Even though the space is distorted, it is true that each level is large and the ceiling is quite high.
 From the height of the towers, I would expect this dungeon to be structured with no more than 10 levels.

I thought we were going to be able to capture it quickly.

 Dogora would say what he thought.
 Class A dungeons were complex and wide, and it took quite a few days to clear one level.
 And there were about 20 levels of levels.

 By comparison.

Well, it won't be that simple. Well, I'd like to go to the next level.

"Three levels. Take out three bronze medals.

"I don't have one.

(There is no such thing)

"Now, if you collect three bronze medals, you will be taken to the next level.

 You can't go to the next level until you have three bronze medals.
 As the conversation was going on, a group of about 20 dwarves were talking to Allen.

You're too late! I was thinking of leaving it and going to the next level!

"Excuse me. Admiral. The admiral got him drinking like that last night.

"Godd*mn it, Pepek. You're not going to blame me for this, are you? An? And don't be an admiral in a dungeon!

"Hey, Admiral. Don't be so rough~

"Shut up!

 The dwarf wearing a pirate hat that looks like the party leader is apologizing to the old man with the pirate hat, and the dwarf, who seems to be a party member, is apologizing as hard as he can.

 The voice of the old man in the pirate hat is so loud that both Allen and the other adventurers around him turn to look at him for help.

The man's voice is so loud that the adventurers around him turn to look at what's going on. Admiral Galala?

 In the meantime, Merle points to a dwarf in a pirate hat.

Hmm? Oh, isn't that Merle? What are you doing with a human being here?

 Admiral Galala and the dwarf Merle had called seemed to know Merle as well.
 The gruff dwarf was coming toward Merle.