243 Art. 237. Quick touch

 A rattling dwarf in a pirate hat asks Merle why he is with a human.
 Merle calls this dwarf Admiral Galala.

He's more of a pirate than an admiral. (More like a pirate than an admiral, both in look and attitude.

They're all my people.

 Merle answered Admiral Galala's question immediately with a carefree smile.

"What are you talking about? You have a valuable talent. Hey, Merle. There's still room at the party. You coming with us?


 It seems unbelievable that Merle is with humans.
 Recruiting Merle to the party as a matter of course, with Allen and the others right in front of him.

The admiral. Only in the Baucis Empire, the military ranks are called differently.

 Allen recalls, looking at Admiral Galala, who came out of nowhere.

 This world is a world where not only language, but most units of currency, length and time are unified across countries and continents.
 There was never that much difference between nations and continents, but over the past few decades, they have rushed to unify to fight against the demon king's army.
 Different sizes of goods, different supply methods and amounts of supplies to the battlefield, and different values of currency make transactions more complicated.
 All this is to make the battle against the demon king's army more efficient.

 The Baukis Empire did not use the same name for its military ranks as the Central Continent or Rosenheim because their continent would not seek assistance from other countries in their wars against the Demon King's army.

 It uses its own ranks, with the traditional names of Admiral, General, and Lieutenant General.

(An admiral is the same rank as a general. What's with the highest echelon of the Baukis Empire? (I knew you liked dungeons)

"I'll be in the dungeon with my friends!

 As Allen was thinking about something else, Merle turned down Admiral Galala's invitation.
 The dwarves, who seem to be under Admiral Galala's command rather than in his company, are incredulous.

"Hey, guys, what did you tell Merle about this? You can't mess with Merle just because you want to capture a dungeon.

"Huh? Nothing at all? Let's see, I'd like to go for a dungeon attack?

 Allen replies on behalf of Merle as he changed his speaking partner from Merle to Allen and the others.

(I wonder what this conversation is about.)

 As for Allen, he tells Admiral Galala that he has nothing in particular to do with him, so it's time to start attacking the dungeon.

"Hey, you. You've got some nerve with me! You don't have to do it by force, do you?

 Unlike Allen, who remained calm at his words, Dogora, who was staring at the dwarves in front of him, reached for the hilt of the axe that was slung over his back.

 Apparently, he couldn't ignore Admiral Galala's word "by force".


 The dwarves behind Admiral Galala did not miss Dogora's movement as he gripped the hilt of his axe.
 The dwarves put their hands on the grimoire around their necks.


 The grimoire reacts to the dwarves' touch. What looks like geometric letters float in the air.

(Huh? (Something floated on the tablet embedded in the grimoire.

You know who we are, don't you? You know who we are, don't you?

 He seems to have completely identified Dogora as the enemy, who has taken up arms.
 One of the dwarves behind Admiral Galala further provokes him.

"Huh? I don't know. Merle's one of us. Why would I give it to him?

 Without taking a step back, Dogora shifts his center of gravity and changes his body posture so that he can attack at once.

Dogora is a hot man. Now, what to do? (I don't want the fight to affect the dungeon attack.

 As Allen was thinking about what to do, Admiral Galala sighed.

"Hey, what's up with the kid's antics?

(Because you're a provocateur.)

 Then he raises one hand and flicks it away.
 That seemed to be the signal to disarm, and the dwarves let go of the grimoire.

"Dogora, let go of your weapon!


 At Allen's words, Dogora lets go of his hand.

"Hmm? You're the leader of the party?


 The pecking order in the party seems to have been revealed by Allen's words to Dogora.

"Well, if Merle wants to be a part of you guys, that's fine. But I'll tell you what: ......

What do you want?

If you use Merle as a shield to get out of harm's way, then I'll find you no matter where you are and I'll make sure you're dead. Then I'll find you, no matter where you are, and I'll make sure you're dead. Remember.

 After saying that, Admiral Galala walks past Allen and his team and goes to the cube-shaped object. Apparently, that's the end of the story.

"Don't troll Admiral Galala anymore!

 The dwarves behind Admiral Galala quiet down.

"Shut up. Give me your medals! Because of the mean emperor, why don't you finish the war and get into the dungeon early ......

 He is mumbling to himself, asking the dwarves under his command to give him their medals.
 Then the dwarves rush to surround him and hold his mouth.
 It's as if she wasn't supposed to say anything.

Give me your medal!

"Hey, what the hell are you doing? Let go of me. I'll kill you!

(It's being carried around like a portable shrine.)

"Oh my god. Admiral, please don't say that in public~

That's why the admiral said not to: ......

 When Admiral Galala said that much, he and the dwarves who were being carried disappeared from the scene at once. They seem to have jumped to the next level.

What was that? But still, that's a medal. It's pretty big.

 Allen watched intently as the dwarf held out the medal.

That's how it's used. But it's still a shield. So it's a shield.

"What are you talking about, Allen? But what the hell are they doing?

 Cecil has been silent during the whole exchange with the dwarves, but he seems to be furious.
 While everyone else is prurient and angry, Allen speaks up and says, "No, Merle was a tank after all.

"I knew Merle was a tank.


 He says to Merle, "Tank", the name of his party's battle role in a previous life.
 Merle parrots the word "tank" and says, "Well, I could be a tank.

Yeah, I could be a tank. It's the ultimate tank.

 Merle replies as if to say what he's talking about, so he decides to share with everyone what Allen is thinking right now.

 Allen believes that the weakness of this party is in its defense.
 That's why he hastily gave Dogora a large shield and so on.
 The defense will be needed to conquer S-class dungeons as well as future battles against the Demon King's army, especially the Demon God.

 Aren's companions include quite a few rearguards and midshipmen.

 The saint Kiel, the high mage Cecil, and the spirit mage Sophie are complete rearguards.
 The archer Formar is also almost a rearguard, and Allen is the middle guard.

 The five of them have been practicing their positions, with Dogora and Krsna guarding these five desperately.
 I gave Merle a spear and shield in the school's dungeon because I wanted to improve my defense as much as possible.
 However, if you meet a real strong enemy, such as a demon class enemy, there is a risk that Krsna and Dogora will not be able to protect the five of you alone.
 You'll be able to use all kinds of methods such as high-speed summoning, but you still don't know if you can keep the four of them safe.

 He is now remembering what Admiral Galara said.
 He said, "Don't use Merle as a shield to escape.

 If Merle got a Mithril-class golem in this S-class dungeon and the Mithril-class golem could withstand the demon god's blow, the battle situation would change quickly.

 With Merle as a shield, his friends, including Allen, can attack as much as they want.
 Allen knows that the rear guard will become immensely powerful when a full shield tank appears.
 The wizard or other rearguard will be a high-powered cannon, and the healers will be able to cast recovery magic from a safe distance.

 Dogora can also drop her shield and focus on the attack.
 Sophie can now easily choose to reveal an attacking spirit instead of a defending spirit.

 Without attacking, the enemy cannot be defeated.
 If you can increase the number of attacks, you will spend less time in battle and be more efficient.

Oh, Allen. ......

 Cecil is at a loss for words.
 Allen is at a loss for words because he is so passionate about the tank's usefulness.
 I'm beginning to think that maybe we were wrong to be angry at the dwarves.

I've heard that you can get a bronze level tablet at this level, but as expected, we don't want to start with a bronze level. We'll just use the iron grade as planned.


Well, we need to go to the next level.

 In the Adventurer's Guild, they asked me where to get the Golem tablet.
 You can get a bronze class tablet at the second level.
 You can get an iron-grade tablet at the 3rd level.
 You can get a mithril-grade stone at the fourth level.

 The goal is to get a mithril-class stone plate, but I heard from the hero Hermios that there will be strong enemies on the fourth level, so Merle and his friends said that you will have to build an iron-class golem before you can attack the fourth level.

''Then we need to collect three bronze medals and go to the next level.


 Merle's smile and Allen's voice erased the mood of the earlier flashback.