244 Art. 238. Battle of Struggle

Well, let's go find the medals.


 Now that Allen has passionately discussed the usefulness of the tank with his friends, he's ready to move on.

That's what we've heard from the brave men. What are the conditions for obtaining a medal?

 The brave Helmios had told me roughly how to attack this dungeon.
 It is true that you need a medal to cross a level, and this medal is needed every time you go to the next level.
 And the number and type of medals required are different for each level.

"There are three ways to get medals.

It seems so.

 Cecil and his friends think they know how to get the medals.
 Allen recites three ways to confirm this.

 First, in every level there is a hexenbiest stronger than the normal monsters known as the hierarchy boss.
 You'll get a medal for every monster you defeat.

 This hierarchical boss is clearly different from C class to A class dungeons.
 In C class to A class dungeons, there is a monsters' boss at the lowest level.
 In S-class dungeons, the hierarchical bosses of each level are located somewhere in this wide hierarchy.
 Moreover, it seems that there are many different bosses in each level.

 The medals you can get from the hierarchical bosses change with each level.
 Bronze medals from the hierarchical bosses at two levels
 Iron medals from the hierarchical bosses of the three tiers
 Mithril medal from the hierarchical boss of the four levels

 Secondly, in the dungeon there is a treasure chest, which contains weapons, armor, items to increase the status, and many other things. There is a medal in the chest with half the chance of getting it.
 The types of medals available are linked to the first method of obtaining them.
 These two chests will give you a bronze medal.
 You are told that there are several ways to get the chests.

 The third one is to trade with the adventurers as usual.
 You can trade through the Adventurer's Guild and you can get the bronze medal for 100 gold coins each.

 With Allen's wealth, he could get three bronze medals for 300 gold coins in a trade.
 There seems to be a lot of trades going on, and I'm sure you will get them soon.

 We'll see if trading is faster or if it's faster to get them from the hierarchical bosses and treasure chests on your own.

 So, your goal in this dungeon is to try your best in the first tier boss and the second treasure chest to collect the three bronze medals.



 Allen summons the bird B summoner in a square full of these adventurers.
 I've been told not to summon them in the city, but these two levels are right in the dungeon.
 I have permission from Minister of Foreign Affairs Nukakai to summon the beast.

Now, no one is going to attack us.

 Checking that they will not attack, they stepped over the bird B summoner.
 Some of the adventurers picked up weapons, but they did not attack.

 Even if they did, they were going to summon Stone C's summoner to use his special skill 'Mingawari' in a high-speed summon, so I don't think it would be a problem as long as they didn't strike a blow as brave as Helmios.

 I'm going to conquer this dungeon for a year from now.
 It's impossible to avoid being seen every time.
 It would be even more suspicious if we are sneaking around.
 If possible, I will summon him in front of you in the hope that he will become familiar with other adventurers.

 To the amazement of the adventurers, I keep rising.

(Well, Hawk.) (Once again, using my clairvoyance.)

 Re-summoning the bird E summons, the information seen in the Awakening Skill "clairvoyance" goes into Allen.

(That's quite a lot of adventurers. I see, there are quite a few monster beasts that I've never seen before, but most of them are B-ranked monsters. That's what I was thinking. Isn't that right?

 I heard that the second level consists of B-ranked monsters, except for the hierarchical bosses.
 Since Allen and the others don't have the ability to identify monsters, you can't tell the rank of a monster beast just by looking at them.
 We'll look for the monsters that are larger than the other monsters or that work by themselves, which are rarely seen, as the hierarchical bosses, and try to defeat them.

 I wish I had asked Helmios what the bosses of each hierarchy look like.

 Your clairvoyant eye catches the largest monster in the world.
 It's the biggest lizard monster I've ever seen.

"Maybe that's an A-grade hexenbiest. Let's go over there!


 At Allen's call, head to the location of the hierarchical boss.


What's going on?

 Allen stops on his way.
 All of Bird B's summons are shared by Allen, so all of Bird B's summons will stop in mid-air.

 Merle, who is riding with me today, will ask me why I stopped.

"No, it was taken by another adventurer. We'll find another.

I guess there must be a few scouts in the party. The beastmen are moving so fast! The scouts and the others are running around.

 Just as Allen and his team are about to arrive, adventurers, who appear to be scouts, start attacking the hierarchical boss while keeping their distance from him, and try to lead him to the party's location.
 Then, using a howling signal, they hear it and rush to the scouts as fast as they can.

 Although he doesn't join up with the scouts and their friends, Allen is resigned to defeating this big lizard-like beast.

So they're fighting over a hexenbiest. This brings back memories. That's what my first internet game was like.

 It's an unwritten rule from Allen's previous life that a hexenbiest belongs to the person who attacked her first. It's an unwritten rule that should never be broken.

 Break this unwritten rule and you will be hounded from the hunting grounds and unable to party, even on an impromptu basis.
 You will be named on major message boards as an etiquette violator until your service is terminated.
 Recall that terms such as "first attack" and "tagging" were often used to defeat a few enemies in a large field.

 As long as the target of the hexenbiest doesn't change from the attacking adventurer to the search-and-seek adventurer, the big lizard-like hierarchical boss is considered to be the search-and-seek adventurer's.

 This is not the world of the game, but one manner Allen will observe.

 Give up and change to another hierarchical boss.
 Again, let Bird E's summoner use his Awakening Skill "clairvoyance" and this time find a hierarchical boss in a free state.

'Oh! Now there's some kind of big chicken in the middle of nowhere. I thought that was a hierarchical boss too.

 There's an astonishingly large chicken roaming the field.
 I've seen through a clairvoyant's eyes that there's no other monster beast like this big chicken.

 I'm starting to get the hang of finding the hierarchical boss.
 There's probably only one boss of each type in this too large hierarchy.
 With my clairvoyance, I'll know if there's a hexenbiest or not as soon as I activate my skill.

 We're on our way when something strange happens.

Hey! What are you doing?

 I can hear Cecil's accusing voice from behind.
 We're all moving, because we've stopped again on the way.

"No, I'm sorry. The subject is gone.

"Huh? What does that mean?

 I'll call Cecil and the others nearby to explain.

 As Allen and the others were walking towards it, the big chicken monster suddenly disappeared.

A clairvoyant. So it's already over there. There are adventurers nearby, and now they're going to be taken. (This means that the hierarchical bosses that are not in combat for a certain amount of time will disappear and move to another place.

 I looked again with my clairvoyance by the summoner of the bird E. He was quite far away.
 I didn't feel any sort of instantaneous movement behavior.
 Apparently, hierarchical bosses seem to move randomly on a timed basis.

But if the hierarchical bosses appear out of nowhere, it looks like the adventurers are in danger too.

 Sophie noticed a troubled look on her face and noticed a problem with the transition of the hierarchical boss.
 This is a very large space, so the probability of having adventurers around even if you randomly transitioned was low.
 However, if you were fighting another hierarchical boss, or if another hierarchical boss appeared near where you were resting, you could be wiped out.

''That's right. I heard there are hierarchical bosses ranging from A-ranked to S-ranked monsters.

 This reminds me of what Helmios told me, regardless of hierarchy, the hierarchy bosses are not only A-ranked but also S-ranked monsters.

 Somehow, I think I understand why half of the adventurers lose their lives every year.

'What are you going to do? It's not easy to find though.

"What are you talking about. The hunt is just beginning. We've got a lot more to go.

 To Cecil's question, Allen replies, still continuing.

Well, let's see. What else is unique about this hexenbiest? A red beetle? Staghorn? Moo? Don't let it run into the adventurers. I can't lose!

 You'll find a hexenbiest that looks like a combination of a bright red beetle and a stag beetle flying a little high off the ground.
 There's also a party of adventurers a short distance away from the beast.

 My clairvoyant eye has also caught the adventurers' behavior.
 They still don't seem to have noticed the beast that looks like a red beetle.

 It looks like the red beetle hexenbiest is about to cross paths with the adventurer's party.

 It's Allen's rule that this hexenbiest belongs to Allen and his friends if the adventurers haven't already noticed it.

"It's close. It's going to be taken if it's not. Let's go!


 Cecil files a complaint to the bird B summoner, which suddenly jumped out of nowhere in a hurry, but does not slow down the speed of movement.

 If this is taken, you've missed three times.

(d*mn it, the adventurers will catch us if we don't.)

"Griffs, the sky is the limit!


 At Allen's call, Bird B's flight speed increases dramatically.
 It's approaching the red beetle-like monster beast with great speed.

 But then the situation changes.
 The red beetle-like monster beast seems to have noticed the group of adventurers first.
 It accelerates its flap of wings and heads toward the adventurers.

That's as far as I can go. I can't do it from this distance: ....... What do you mean by that?

 It was at that moment that I clearly thought I would lose the battle for the hierarchy boss again.
 The adventurers reacted differently than Allen had expected.

 The first to notice the party's scouting party would be the scouts.
 He shouted loudly.

 The adventurers, who had caught the red beetle-like monster in their sights, began to flee as soon as he pointed at them.