245 CHAPTER 239 BABY ①

Hey, there's something wrong with you!

 I hear Cecil's voice behind me.

Yeah, it's not looking good. Let's go!

 replies without turning around to respond to Cecil, who shouts behind Allen.

The beastmen are moving so fast. (Are the beastmen very fast?)

 A beast that looks like a bright red beetle is chasing the adventurers around.
 The adventurers' party seems to be composed of beastmen.
 It doesn't matter if they're in the vanguard or the rear guard or the ranks, they just keep running as if they're desperately protecting their lives.

 Its speed seems to surpass the speed of humans.

So that mysterious monster is such a formidable foe. Some adventurers seem to be carrying the Adamantite's great sword.

 They don't look like a party of weak adventurers with cheap equipment.
 Some of them have a shiny black adamantine greatsword.


 One of the fleeing feline beastmen stumbles over his feet and falls hard.

"Kisser! Kisher!

 To such a cat beastman, a monster beast that looks like a red beetle, letting out an eerie cry, changes its target.
 It has large horns on its forehead like a beetle, but it also has large jaws like a stag beetle, showing jagged teeth and a long tongue that twists and turns.


"Ur! No! Run!

 The wolf-beast seemed to notice right away that the cat-beast man had fallen.
 He hesitated for a moment, but seemed to go back to help.
 But the red beetle-like monster beast is closer to the cat-beast, so it's unlikely to be in time.

Krsna, Dogora, you take care of the front!



"What? Who's that?

 Then Allen and his friends come in.
 The summoned beast of Bird B is using the Awakening Skill "Heavenly Drive".
 Ignoring the reaction of the wolf beastman called Ur, the great swords and axes of Krsna and Dogora are slammed into the face of the beetle-like red monster.


 There seemed to be considerable momentum generated by the summoner's heavenly spur of the bird B. He let out a sickening cry, and a high-pitched metallic sound from where his weapon was struck.
 It let out a sickening cry, and a high-pitched metallic sound could be heard from where the weapon was struck.
 The red beetle-like monster beast retreated backwards, bouncing on the ground once or twice.
 But just as it bounced, it regained its position by hovering in the air.

I'm very hard, Allen!

Oh, it's not working at all. What the hell is this?

(Doesn't look like the damage went through. (Intact and with no effect at all.)

 He added a perfect attack, blowing it up but not doing any damage.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?

"Well, we're under attack and we're here to help. We'll take care of it, please run away.

(That's a lie. I wanted to stop by to kill the hierarchical boss. (Please run away from me, as fighting together will cause you to share)

"Oh, you know what? That's a Bevy.


(The famous Hexenbiest?)

Blood-Blast-Beetle. It's an S-ranked hexenbiest, and you don't even know that you're fighting it?

 Allen asks me what "Beebe" is and he tells me.
 It seems she's an S-ranked hierarchy boss.

(So she's an S-ranked hexenbiest. I don't think this beast is going to attack us. Are we just waiting to see what's going on?

 There are S-ranked monsters at these two levels as well.
 There are multiple hierarchical bosses in this S-class dungeon, and I've heard that there's always an S-ranked monster beast at each level.

 Allen understood that the S-ranked monster in this hierarchy is commonly known as a beast.

 The beast has been chasing around the beastmen, but as Allen and the others arrived, the compound eye turns its gaze to Allen and the others, as if it is trying to figure out who they are.

I'm sorry, but I'd like to concentrate on the battle. We would appreciate it if you would retreat, if you could.

 We can't afford to have any more questions.

"Okay, all right. We'll thank you when we get out alive.

Thank you. I will definitely charge you.

 Allen says to thank him later, thinking that this would be easier to get away with than a relationship where he would help you without compensation.

I'll be sure to do that. Hey, guys, we're retreating.

 The beastmen still remaining and a cat beastman called Sarah, who had healed her own wounded leg, which seemed to have been a healer, begin to retreat.

'Let's go too, Ur.'

"Oh. What's your name?

 Ur asks for the name while being urged by Sarah.

"I'm Allen,

See you. Allen. I'm Ur. Beebe is immune to magic.

 Saying that much, the beasties start running away as fast as they can.

Wow! It's good to hear. Are they so hard that they can't work magic? I guess we're armed with those long horns and a mandible. There doesn't seem to be any poisonous needles or anything like that. (Do you think he'll use magic?)

"Dogora, Krena. That big chin is dangerous to hold on to. Keep your distance and attack me.


 Predict how the enemy will attack you and make a plan to defeat them.

 As Kreena and Dogora keep their distance and head towards them, Beebe will attack as the two of them engage in melee combat.

 Both Kurrena and Dogora have fairly large weapons, allowing them to keep their enemies at a distance as they fight.
Both Kreena and Dogora are wary of Beebe's large jaw and long horns as they fight.

"Cecil. Hit me with fire magic.

"Huh? They said the magic doesn't work!

 To Allen's instruction, Cecil says it makes no sense.

"That's just what those animals said. We have to try first.

 Allen says he doesn't know if all of the beastman's advice is correct, so he says he will verify it.

'All right!'

 When I said that, Cecil invoked fire magic and a big fireball attacked Beebe.

(Hmmm, none of us except Merle got skill level 6, but it's still stronger than when we fought the demon god Razel.

 Thanks to the fight against the white dragon, all of my friends, except Allen and Merle, have increased their levels considerably.
 The status increase in normal mode is available at skill levels 3 and 6, but I've only gained it for skill level 3.
 But still, they are all slightly stronger than when we fought the demon god Razel.

 This S-ranked beast is about the same size as Bird B, and it's not that big of a beast.

 The fireball attacks the place where Crenna and Dogora are fighting without any regard.
 But at the last second, Krsna and Dogora move to the side to escape the fireball.

 Beebe, who was fighting just before, is completely consumed by the fireball at the perfect moment.

 All of the Bird B summonses that are now in play are now shared by Allen.
 He's in complete control of his movement and field of view, so he can do this without having to tell Krsna or Dogora what to do.

"Cashew, cashew.

 But out of the flames emerges an unburned beebee, shaking off the flames with its wings. It doesn't seem to have taken any damage at all.

(Hmm, insects are supposed to be vulnerable to flames. That's too much magic resistance. (Well, if it's not magic, I guess it works.

 Allen understands that the story of the wolf beastman called Ur is true and considers his next strategy.

Krsna and Dogora, find a time to use extra skills.



 The fire magic didn't work, so we move on to the next one.

Sophie, use the Spirit King's Blessing. Folmar will see an opening and crush it with an extra skill, even if it's just one compound eye.

"Yes, Mr. Allen.


Cecil uses a magic barrage to block the beebee's movement. Stay with me.

Yeah, I get it.

 It's a mission we've been doing since we were in school.
 It seems to have gotten a lot better after the war in Rosenheim.

 Sophie uses all her magic to ask the genie god on her shoulder to use the Blessing of the Spirit King. The genie performs a waist-swinging dance, and a shower of glowing bubbles falls.
 Everyone's status has been increased by 30%.

 As the beebe momentarily retreats, Allen summons several Stone E summons and has them use the Awakening Skill "Self-Destruct".

 With an explosion, the beebee is engulfed in flames and smoke.

(How about this timing? Come on out, Dradora!

 With a sound of explosion, a commanding dragon B summons appears in front of Beebe, who retreats when the stone E summoner self-destructs.

 Then, as soon as it is summoned, it is hit by the Awakening Skill "Angry Fire".
 The beebee is completely engulfed in flames.


 However, a stab at the corner of Beebe's forehead, which came out of the flames with great force, turned the dragon B's summoner into a glowing bubble.

I don't know about this!

 Just as Dragon B's summoner disappeared, Cecil used his ice magic to smash a huge block of ice, this time with ice magic.

 Cecil's ice magic blows you away, but Beebe is still undamaged.
 It bounces a few times, but it balances in the air and hovers.


 Folmar uses the extra skill Arrow of Light to crush one of Beebe's compound eyes, but it bounces back. The damage doesn't seem to be getting through.

'Gisher! Gisher!

 The beebee continues to emit an eerie whine, showing fangs and tongue from a mouth visible in its mandibles.
 Then, all at once, it closes the distance from the blown-off point.

(How's that?)

 At that time, Allen summoned the Stone B summoner in Beebe's path with a high speed summon, causing it to thrust a large, round shield in front of him.

 The beebee suddenly crashes into the Stone B summon, and at the same time, the Stone B summoner uses its Awakening skill, Total Reflex, to counter with a triple damage attack.

Oh! The damage has finally been done.

 The beebee's bright red exoskeleton is cracked open and leaking purple fluid.
 At that moment, Krena's body begins to shimmer like a shimmer.

 Krena uses her Extra Skill "Break the Limit" to take down the cracked and diminished durability of the beebee with all her might.

 Khrena's attack further cracks the exoskeleton.

"Oops, Krena. It's going to work. Knock it in!


 That's when I thought.
 The beebee changed the target of the attack from Krsna to Dogora. Then she used her mandibles to pin Dogora between them.


"Oh no, Krena. Crush the jaw that's holding Dogora in between!

I get it!

 The Beebee doesn't care what Dogora does as he tries to shake it off with his armor and shield, which Dogora has in his great shield and armor, and tries to cut it in half.
 Crenna panicked and launched an attack that combined the Extra Skill "Break the Limit" with the Sword King's skills, hitting the beebee on one of its large jaws.

 The attack that worked for the transformed demon seems to have worked for the beebee.
 The jaw is released and Dogora is freed.

Dogora, are you okay?

"Yeah, I'm fine.

 Both arms are bleeding due to being caught in the large chin, but Dogora says it's fine.
 At that moment, a recovery spell rains down on Dogora from Keel.

If Dogora didn't have the shield, it would have been too much. But a lot of damage is coming through.

 In this fierce battle, Beebe's strength seems to have been significantly diminished as everyone worked together to attack.
 His body is cracked and leaking purple fluid all over the place.
 And one of its large jaws has been severely damaged by a blow from Krsna's full force.

We're almost there, let's all go down!


 That was the time.
 The beast approached the stone B summoner.


 And then, without caring that one of them has been kidnapped, he clasps it between his mandibles.
 Then Beebe's body begins to flash.

What? Energy Drain?

 Allen knew immediately what Beebe was doing.
 He quickly put the stone B summoner on the card, but it was too late.

 The large jaw that should have been broken and the cracks that had spread throughout his body were mostly healed.

Oh, so I was drained of energy and now I'm back on track. ) You can't use recovery magic, but you are a magical beast with a way to recover.

"Hey, hey, what do you think?

"Okay, it's no use. Everybody!


 The worst-case scenario of Beebe's recovery forces everyone to focus on Allen's next move.

Let's go!

If you persist now, don't make any casualties. This guy is no match for me.

"Huh? Wow, I get it.

 Allen has decided that he can't win in his current state.
 No one, including Cecil, would disagree.
 The strategy has been changed to a move of escape.

There's good news, the beastmen are nowhere to be seen.

 The beastmen's party had already gone somewhere when they broke in.
 Using the summoned beasts of Bird B, Aren and the others turned to run away.