Allen and his team escaped from the Blood-Blast Beetle (a.k.a. Beebee) like rabbits.

 Since all of the energy they'd lost in the fight has been recovered, there's little chance that they'll be able to defeat it even if they continue to fight.
 There have been many times since Kenichi's time in his previous life when he defeated demonic beasts that had regained their physical strength only by standing and maneuvering.

 However, there's so much to lose if you fail to stand around.
 Even if you persist and win, you decide that it will cost you your friends.
 Decisions made too late will drain your recovery potion and put your friends at risk.
 Allen believes that a party leader's job is to make decisions quickly.

 Although he was a highly durable and quick demon beast, he had no problem running away, and there was no such thing as being "run around by a beebee.
 Aren and his friends are riding a bird B summoner that has an awakened skill called Heavenly Drive and can move quickly.
 And by using the summoner as a decoy, you can gain as much distance as you want.

 He could even afford to lead it to a place where there were no adventurers nearby.

 Once I got some distance away, the beebee stopped chasing me, so I also tested how far away it would stop chasing me.

 The investigation of the beebee's ecology was done while I was collecting medals by defeating the other level bosses.
 The content of the investigation is about the search range of this monster, and how long it will disappear if you leave it alone. Since there were no adventurers who wanted to actively hunt the beast, it was a good target for investigation.
 Apparently, if they didn't make contact with the adventurers for about an hour, they would disappear and randomly appear elsewhere.

 I'm impressed with this S-class dungeon that such a thing could come out from two levels.
 And it's not hard to understand that half of the adventurers die every year.

 Over the next half day, I hunted the tier boss as hard as I could and managed to get three bronze medals.
 When I defeated the hierarchical boss, I found a large medallion on the ground along with a magic stone.

 For some reason, you couldn't find the treasure chest you were expecting to find.
 It's hard to imagine that you can search for a 100-kilometer radius, yet you couldn't find a single treasure chest.
 Maybe the treasure chest is located in a place where it is difficult for Bird E's clairvoyant eyes to find it.
 Bird E's summoner's clairvoyance cannot search for the treasure chest across the obstacle.

''Well, let's get out of this crappy hierarchy and go to the next level.

"You're still saying that?

"Of course. It's been a long time since I've seen anything like this.

When was the last time in a while? ......

 Dogora is dumbfounded and goes along with the story.

(I couldn't beat the hierarchical boss as if it was a newly implemented hunting ground. I will never hunt at this level again.

 In net games, sometimes new dungeons, fields, etc. are implemented in version upgrades, etc. I remember that there was often a rush of players, and the number of players was greater than the number of enemies.

 In front of Aren and his friends, there is a cube-shaped object floating in front of them that takes them to the third level.

'Hello. Dear abolished gamers. This is S201, the dungeon hierarchy management system. Would you like to go to the next level? Or do you want to go back to the first level?

"Go to the third level.

"Three levels. Take out three bronze medals.


 Allen holds out three bronze medals to a cube-shaped object.
 The medals have a chicken and lizard pattern floating on them.

 After getting the bronze medals, I realized that not all the medals are the same. Deformed patterns of deformed fallen monsters appear on the bronze medals.

''Indeed, I've received three bronze medals. Now let's move to the third level.

 The moment the cube-shaped object said that, Allen and his friends were transported.

So this is the third level. So there's nothing here that can't be replaced. Hmm? The ground is sand. So it's a desert field. (Also, is it a hierarchy with a good line of sight?

 Allen peeked at the three levels.
 The companions also moved through the hierarchy in an instant, but they looked around for any changes in the empty space where the adventurers were.

 The ground has changed from dirt to sand, so you can see that the third level is the level of the desert.

It looks like there are a lot of dwarves on this level. Let's take a look at the big picture.


 Cecil responds to Allen's words.
 Using the summoner of the bird E, you see from the sky that the square is about a kilometer long, just like the second level.

 And away from the plaza, the sand continued to ripple in some places in the desert.
 The terrain seems to be dotted here and there with chunks of rock like hills.

(Oh! Golem. There are quite a few of them. (They're still not the golem I expected, but is the field still favorable for golem users on the third level?

 Compared to the second level, there are more golems strutting around on the desert at the third level.

 There were golems on the second level as well, but they didn't have the mechanic feeling that Allen had expected.
 They are not robots, but puppet dolls (golems).

 The golem has a copper sheen and does not seem to be too tough.
 It has long hands that seem to be attached to the ground.
 There's a head, but it's buried in the chest, so hands grow out of the torso in a flowing curve from shoulder height.
 And although I've heard it's 100 meters long, most are about 10 meters long.
 There are golems of 100 meters, but they're almost never seen.

(I heard there's a dwarf in the crystal in that golem's belly.)

 The second level felt rather more like a beastman.

 Think about how Allen came to be like this.

 Perhaps the two tiers, consisting of forest and grassland, are a good tier to earn money for the beastmen who are very fast.
 The field of forest and grassland would allow him to find and kill the hierarchical bosses faster.
 That's why there are so many beastmen on the second level.
 Maybe the beastmen have the ability or something that allows them to find more treasure chests that Allen and the others couldn't.

(Come to think of it, we haven't seen a beastman like Ur yesterday. Well, I don't plan to go to the second level in the future, so I may not see him again.

 I did not meet the party of beastmen I helped yesterday.
 We talked about thanking you, but I don't want to prompt you, and for an adventurer whose main place of activity is on the second level, there's no thank you I want. I don't think you'll be able to hear the strategy information of this dungeon.
 I don't even know how many bronze medals I can give you in return for 100 gold medals.

 Since Aren and the others don't plan to go out and find them themselves and ask for their gratitude, I think there's a high probability that we won't meet.

I see. Is this what Admiral Galala was talking about?

 Allen realized something as he watched the golem strutting through the desert.

'What's the matter with you? Allen

"Ah, Cecil. Looks like the dwarves have the advantage in this desert.

What do you mean?

 Allen seems to have noticed something, so everyone gathers around to share the information.

 The golem user's golem doesn't seem to have a party by itself.
 Beastmen and people are partying together as well.

 Some adventurers are partying together across species.

What do you mean?

"Let's see, Merle. It seems there's a Hexenbiest in the sand in this desert, and she's attacking us. The golem seems to be protecting the party from the first attack.

 A scorpion-like beast attacks the dwarf-filled golem advancing through the desert from the sand.
 While the golem responds with its hard armor, its party mates move in to surround it and the battle begins.

 I suspect this is because the golem is sturdy and resistant to surprise attacks.
 Some parties will have the beastmen on the high shoulder of the golem, scouting the area from a higher position.
 If you are on the golem's shoulder, you can protect yourself from danger and kill two birds with one stone.

 Admiral Galala must have been well aware of this situation on the third level.
 The dwarven golem wielders have proven to be very good at these three levels.

We'll have to find at least five stone tablets.


(I won't say it because Merle is here, but the Baukis Empire is a rip-off. (Like 3,000 gold coins per iron tablet.)

 In order to use the grimoire board to bring out the golem, you must fit the stone tablet into the grimoire board.
 There are 10 dimples in the grimoire panel that you can put the stone tablet in.

 In order to make a golem, you need five basic stone slates called "stone tablets for the body".
 You can complete a minimum level of golem by inserting 5 stone slates (head, body, right hand, left hand and foot) into the grimoire board. You don't just need to collect five, you need to collect five in total, one for each area.

 You can buy the plates you don't need at the temple, but if you are wearing bronze, you can buy 100 gold coins for each part, and if you are wearing iron, you can buy 300 gold coins for each part.

 So, does the temple only buy and not sell?
 However, in order to buy a bronze or iron plate for the main body of the golem, you have to pay ten times the selling price for each.
 You can buy a bronze plate for 1000 gold pieces and an iron plate for 3000 gold pieces for one of the component plates.
 To buy the five main body tablets and the Iron Golem, you'll need 15,000 gold pieces.
 It would cost twice as much as Allen's wealth. I couldn't afford that.

"Oh! There's something awesome out there!

"Huh? What?

 Allen shouts out, and Merle and everyone else reacts.

"No, there's a golem running on the sand!


(Is this the effect of a special tablet?)

 Allen recalls what Merle told him about the potential of the golem.
 The golem had considerable utility outside of combat.

 Now Allen sees a golem gliding across the sand through the summoned beast of Bird E. The golem's lower body is like a ship, and it glides over the sand.
 Its lower body is like a ship, and it glides over the sand with ease.
 You can also see that your party members are on top of the golem.

 This is the effect of the special tablet.
 Some of the stone slates that fit into the 10 grimoire hollows will change the function and shape of the golem.
 Merle told me that there are also special tablets that allow you to travel over seas and fly.

(I need to find a special tablet that can transform into a house at all costs.

 There is one thing in particular that Allen would like to have, and that is a tablet that can transform a golem into a house.
 There's even a tablet inside that allows the golem to transform and become a house.
 It's as solid as a fortress, and apparently you can sleep inside.

Now this is exciting. Let's hear the conditions for getting to the next level and collect the tablet.

 Allen's voice was enough to move the friends to the next action.