247 Episode 241, Tier 3 ①

 The usefulness and potential of the golem was reminded once again when Allen saw the golem in action at the third level.

(I'll try to collect the main body plate as soon as possible to get to the next level. Where is the best way to raise the level of my friends? I need to collect some magic stones too. I don't know, I'm really excited about all this work. Is Digrigny a god? (No, he's going to be a god.)

 I'm thinking of collecting stone slabs to level up as well, since my friends have only changed jobs once.
 There are many things that I want to do, including money and collecting magic stones, which makes me feel very excited.
 I need to earn 1000 gold coins in 5 days to recruit D-ranked magic stones in the Adventurer's Guild.
 This S-class dungeon "Tower of Trials" seems to be full of challenging elements.

 Thanks to dungeon master Dighragni, you'll be able to walk to the cube-shaped object.
 Just as at the second level, there are cube-like objects at these three levels that will guide you to the next level.

 Since there is a cube-like object in front of you that will guide you to the next level, you should check the conditions to move to the 4th level before strolling on the 3rd level.

"Hello there. Dear abolished gamers. This is S301 dungeon hierarchy management system. Would you like to go to the next level? Or do you want to go back to the first level?


(Oh, come on!)

What's going on?

 Allen gets upset, so Krsna asks him.

"No, Krena. Let me just check it out.


I'm sorry. Can't I go back to the second level from these three levels?

Sorry. You can only move to the next level or one level.

"Wha! I need a lot of medals.

(Huh? What? (Are S-class dungeons a medal game?

" "!

 Allen's friends also understood the meaning of Allen's words.
 You need a medal to get to the next level.
 And a medal is needed every time you go up to the next level.

 This means that you have to use your medals to go up from one level to the next each time.

I want to go to the next level.

 Allen confirms the conditions for moving on to the next level.

'You have four levels. Give me four bronze medals and four iron medals.

I don't have one.

(Not a single piece. Seriously. (You need a bronze medal?)

"Hey, hey! What's going on. You're going to need more and more medals!

 Cecil recalled the agony of the medal he had barely gotten yesterday after nearly half a day of travel. My friends are also exclaiming over it.

 I think I now understand the difficulty of this S-class dungeon.
 This dungeon requires more and more medals as you go up the levels.

Indeed. I'll have to think about staying in the dungeon for this one.

...... Yes, you do.

 Sophie also replies with a hand on her cheek, "I'm in trouble.
 I've rented a place near the dungeon, but I found out that the specification of the rental property is such that every day you leave the dungeon, you will need more medals.

 You see adventurers resting in the square on the third level.
 Maybe they are resting in the dungeon because of the specification that requires this medal every time they leave the dungeon.
 There must be a party of adventurers who have been sleeping for days.

Well, let's keep track of the dungeon and collect the medals.

 It is easy to imagine that the Iron Medal will be needed in the future.

 Allen summons the bird B summoner.
 It flies up into the sky, startling the resting adventurers.

(Hmmm, there are some adventurers, but it's not crowded. But it's troubling. Is everyone else in the sand except for the monsters in battle? How to find this . (Hmm?)

 The third level is not crowded with only 20 to 30% of the adventurers who were active on the second level.
 The hexenbiest is in the sand and you can't find it through Bird E's summoner.
 It looks like the hexenbiest in the sand is already fighting with a party of adventurers.

 In the meantime, a party of adventurers is approaching a rocky mountain the size of a hill dotted in the sand.
 It seems to be a rather large party of adventurers, several dozen in number.

(Hmm, what's this? Oh! There's a hole in the rock pile! Hmm? What? (What's in this hole?

 While Allen checks on the adventurers with the summons of Bird E, the adventurers begin to form up in front of a gaping hole in the large rock pile.

 The adventurers seem to be ready for battle.
 Two golems stand in front of you, with the rear guard adventurers behind them.
 Above the golem's shoulder stands a lightly armed archer.

 Two or so beastmen, who appear to be scouts, slowly enter the hole.
 Once they're in, they rush out as if they were being chased.
 A monster scorpion beast came out from behind them.

 They don't look like that big a rocky hill, but they keep coming out.
 Then a large scorpion beast emerges from behind the dozens of scorpions.

 The battle between the adventurers and the hexenbiest has begun.
 The battle was favored by the adventurers, as their formation was well organized.

So there are magical beasts in the hole too? It's not just in the sand, is it? Hmm? Is this the same for the second level? (Come to think of it, there's a big tree growing on it.

 As the party of adventurers battled, I recall two levels consisting of a forest and a grassland. Sure enough, there were large trees scattered several kilometers apart on those two levels as well.

 I will send the summoner of the bird E, who is still flying upstairs, to a very prominent large tree.
 The trees have large scales.
 All the big trees seem to have scales open.

(Hmmm, are there treasure chests and magical beasts in these places? The tree on the second level is not as big as the pile of rocks on the third level, so maybe the only thing there is a treasure chest. I see.

 Allen expects to find a hole in this large tree or rock pile, which could be a hexenbiest or a treasure chest.
 The adventurers would be searching through the trees on the second level and the rocks on the third level to retrieve the treasure chest and kill the magical beast.

What's going on here?

 Merle waits in the sky and asks Allen, who is not making any progress.

"I'm starting to get an idea of what to do on this level.


"Oh, let's go to that rocky hill over there.

 Allen goes to the rocky hill where no one seems to be located to see if he is right in what he has noticed.

This is the right place. Everyone be careful, the enemy may come out.

 Then, at a distance from the large hole in the rocky mountain, Krsna and Dogora take the lead and form up.

 Then, when my companions have formed a formation, I send Spirit B's summoner towards the hole.

''Hm? There's nothing there.


 Allen directed the spirit B summoner to a large hole in the rocky mountain big enough for an A-ranked monster to enter and exit, and inside the hole was a bit like a cave.
 I expected to find a hexenbiest in there, but I reached a dead end and there was nothing there.

Maybe there's not always something there. Let's go to the other rocks.

 Looking through the clairvoyant eyes of the summons of bird E, there are more than 100 crags in the vast, wavy desert of these three levels.
 The verification has just begun, so I'll change to another crag.

 When we arrive, we'll form up in the same way and send the Spirit B summoner towards it.
 But there's nothing, it seems.

There's nothing this time either. But it seems that there are many adventurers who hunt monsters like this, aiming at the rocky mountains.

 Checking the movements of the other adventurer parties, it feels like they are largely divided into two behaviors.

 One is the party of adventurers who roam the desert and hunt monsters.
 The other is a party of adventurers moving towards the rocky mountains.

 Thinking that there is always a point to what you are doing, the third one comes to the crag.

 It was right after the spirit B summoner went inside.
 I thought there was nothing there when I went deep inside, but then something like a magic circle with lots of geometric characters appeared.


 And from that magic circle, a large number of magical beasts in the form of scorpions appeared to fill the hole in the cave with a large number of scorpions.