248 Episode 242, Tier 3, ②

"Everybody come!

 With Allen's shout, the companions who were already in formation shifted to a more warlike posture.
 Dozens of scorpions' magical beasts are rising from the large hole.

 They keep coming toward you, but as planned, you decide to attack them without breaking your formation.
 It's common knowledge from Allen's previous life that forming a formation would be beneficial.


 With a shout, Krsna's great sword is slammed into the head of the scorpion beast coming toward you.
 The scorpion's head is dug into the sandy ground, spewing bodily fluids.

A rock scorpion has been killed. I've acquired 24,000 experience.

"This is a B-grade Hexenbiest. He's a small fry.

"All right. Just go for it.

"Yeah, Cecil. Let's go for it.

 Allen knows the rank of a hexenbiest from experience.
 Tens of thousands of experience are B-ranked hexenbiests.

 After hunting millions of hexenbiests in the war in Rosenheim, B-ranked hexenbiests are no longer the enemy for Allen and his team.

 Just as they said, they are reducing the number of guns.

''Oh! Humph!

 The gigantic scissor-like tentacles of a larger monster than the scorpion you've been fighting collide with the great shield of Dogora with a crashing sound.

 In order to defend the formation, you try to hold off the blow from the monster scorpion, which is much bigger than Dogora, but it retreats backwards, leaving a sneaky trail in the sand.

That one's A-rated. Dogora, hold on. You must destroy the small fry in a hurry!

 There are several basics to fighting.
 If you're fighting dozens of enemies, you'll take less damage if you kill the big boss after you've eliminated the monster flies.

Yeah, hurry up!

 At A-rank, the power of a magical beast will skyrocket.
 With a bitter smile, Dogora subdues a scorpion beast ten times larger than his own.

 Then another large scorpion monster will come out of the hole.

There's another one coming out of the pit! What?


 Another hexenbiest of the same size as the one Dogora is holding down has come out, and this time it's going to be Krsna's turn to deal with it.

 But an even bigger monster monster beast than the one Dogora is holding down comes out of the hole.

This is probably the hierarchy boss. There's a hierarchical boss on the way, but we'll save our extra skills as much as possible! Oh, Dogora can use extra skills at any time.

 As if remembering, Allen dares to say.

Huh? I know that!

 From now on, Extra Skill is a strategy to save it for emergencies in S-class dungeons.
 Extra Skill has a one-day cool time and can only be used once a day.
 We've just started hunting in the dungeon this morning, so we'll have to hunt monsters in a series of battles.

 There are S-ranked monsters at this level as well, so I want to save as much as possible for that time.

 As an exception, Dogora is the only one who is allowed to use extra skills at any time, to which Dogora replies grudgingly.

 I'll have Krena deal with a scorpion beast the same size as the one Dogora is holding down.

 When the B-ranked rock scorpion is almost ready to be eradicated, Allen sends a stone B summoner to the last hexenbiest that seems to be the hierarchical boss coming out of the big hole.

 Both Dogora and Krsna have their hands full holding down the scorpion monster that seems to be an A-ranked monster. The A-ranked monsters are still a formidable foe for Krsna and Dogora.
 Without extra skills, they won't be able to defeat the A-ranked monsters by themselves.

"These guys aren't good with ice magic.

(Oh, I didn't know there was a weakness attribute. That's pretty helpful)

 Cecil was examining the effects of damage as he cast his magic with different attributes.
 The damage seems to be noticeably different when you release ice magic, and you're taking damage as you lean back.

Okay, I'll take Krsna first. Let's take Krsna down first. Sophie might be vulnerable to water as well, so use water spirit magic.

I'm awestruck,

 There are three A-ranked or higher monsters, so we'll have to reduce their numbers first.
 Against Dogora's opponent, Allen will work with Krsna to defeat the scorpion beasts.
 Sophie, Cecil, and Formar will aim and work with Krsna to reduce the vitality of the large scorpion beasts.

(Do I have more summons for this kind of situation? No, if you think this patience will lead to efficiency in the future, now is the time to be patient.

 Allen's summoned beasts, which can produce up to 70, can only summon about 10 of them now.
 This is because for the sake of skill experience, Allen has about 50 Fish B summons in his grimoire holder that can increase his magic power.

 If you don't raise them to summon level 8 quickly, you might not be able to cope with the attack of the demon gods, or if you're in even more trouble in the future.

 In this case, I'll choose not to send out too many summons to promote the growth of my friends.

 Allen's friends have been going to dungeons with him since school.
 They participated in the war in Rosenheim and have gotten much better at coordination and fighting.

 But there is no right answer to battle.
 Even when you think it's best, there are always new ways to fight.
 If you change your job and your status, your fights that seemed optimal will change.
 Allen has been talking to his friends to ensure that they are always fighting for the best.

 While I was thinking about this, I was able to defeat two A-ranked monsters.

It's pretty tough to recover from this by myself.

Well, the healers will be hard, but it's a practice. Keel.

 This is a blessing that we used like hot water during the war, but this time we will not use it until the last minute.
 It's important to store it for the day when it comes, because it can be stored infinitely in storage.

 I'll use the blessings of heaven only until the last minute, but since the Adventurer's Guild is also looking for D-ranked magic stones, I'll use them like hot water.
 The magic seed restores 1000 times the magic of the entire party within a 50-meter radius.
 Thanks to this, Kiel's recovery magic is the lifeline of the party.

I've killed a Death Scorpion. You have gained 200,000 experience.

Okay, I killed them both. Now that I've weakened them, let's take out the last one.

Two mirrors are down, but I could have hurt you a lot. But I managed to hurt him a lot.

 With Allen's words, target the last largest scorpion hexenbiest that came out.

"Hey, Allen, you don't think that big thing is S-ranked, do you?

No, this one is a top A-rated one.

 Allen assures you that he is not S-ranked.
 He knew that before this fight began.

"Well, yeah. You look so weak. You're looking a lot weaker than the red bug below you.

 Cecil would have no doubt if Allen had said so.

 The last scorpion beast that came out had cracks all over its sturdy-looking exoskeleton, spewing out bodily fluids.

 This is because Stone B's summoner had used the "Total Reflex" skill three times.
 It's not that smart, or it's trying to deliver a powerful blow, so it's quite weak because it kept using its total reflexes at the right moment.

 Both Krena and Dogora will give priority to attacking the cracked areas, so the scorpion monsters, who seem to be the hierarchical bosses, will thrash about while screaming loudly.

 Sophie, Cecil, and Formar will cover them from a distance so that Krena and Dogora won't be attacked by their large scissor-like tentacles and huge, taut tails.

 Sophie and Cecil protect the vanguard as Crenna and Dogora protect the rear guard.

One Death Scorpion King has been killed. I've got 4,000,000 experience.

 On the cover of the grimoire, a log of the defeat of the last hexenbiest, the Death Scorpion King, is shown.

"Oh! There's a medal. It's a hierarchical boss, after all.

"Oh! Nice. 200 gold coins are good!

 Keel, who was at the back, runs to the medal.

 As everyone rushes over, an A-rated magic stone and a scorpion-shaped iron medallion fall in the place where the Death Scorpion King was defeated and turned into a glowing bubble.

 You won't get any materials in the dungeon, just like in the school dungeon.
 Defeating a hexenbiest will only drop magical stones, so if you need materials for a hexenbiest, you have to defeat it outside of the dungeon.

 You'll always get a medal from the tier boss.

It's worth 200 gold coins for one medal. No wonder everyone wants to go to the dungeon.

(If you want to buy all the medals with gold coins to get from level 3 to level 4, it will take 1200 gold coins?

"Yeah. I think being here is going to make me feel differently about money. Well, I'm with Allen, so maybe it's already changed a long time ago.

 Allen says sorrowfully, clutching his Iron Medal.
 Cecil says in a different way to Allen's words.

"So you're going into the cave?

"No, Krena. There doesn't seem to be anything in the cave.

 I've already confirmed with Spirit B's summoner that the inside of the cave is empty after the magical beasts have left.

I see. Then it's time for the next hunt!

 Krena grabbed a big sword and fumed! And says enthusiastically, even though the fight is just over.

'Oh, now it's that way.

 I already know what to do next.
 I was sending Spirit B summons towards the rocky mountains around us as we fought.
 That's why I could hardly summon a summoner in this battle.

 After retrieving the magical stones and medals, Aren and the others headed for the next rocky hill.