249 Art. 243. Kenpee

 After finding out that there was a hexenbiest lurking in the rocky mountain, Allen and his friends kept moving towards the rocky mountain where the hexenbiest was lurking.

 The rocky mountain must be what we call a magical beast's springing point.

 Since it would be inefficient to use Spirit B summons alone, I sent a large number of Fish B summons in my grimoire holder to swim in the sand toward the rocky mountain to increase the magic power.

 After swimming through the sand, I found out that there were quite a few magical beasts in the sand.
 A B-ranked monster beast would not be an enemy of the Fish B summons that look like Archelon, which has a fairly high endurance, but there are more A-ranked monsters in the third level besides the hierarchical bosses, and that kind of enemy would just eat up all the damage.

 If there is a hexenbiest, run away from it and find a rocky mountain to avoid dying, and when Fish B's health is low, summon him to the hexenbiest's rocky mountain, within the range of Keel's recovery magic to regain his full health.
 Allen knows that this kind of persistence will reduce the unnecessary consumption of magical stones.

 We spent the whole morning hunting monsters in the rocks and found a treasure chest.
 I knew there was a treasure chest inside the rocky mountain.
 As for the hunting of monsters, the hierarchical boss may or may not be in the rocky mountains.

 As a result, the results of the morning's battle were
3 Iron Medals
The helmet and sword of the hollyhock

 In addition to this achievement, I was able to obtain A-rank and B-rank magic stones.

''I think this place is good enough for me to level up.

I know. Do you feel like this is where you're going to stay until you get another job?

I guess so. I think we can all hit this place once in another month. We'll find the Hexenbiest and the tablet this afternoon.

 I was told that I could find stone tablets in the treasure chest, but they were only weapons and armor.
 I'm going to work on collecting the tablet in the afternoon.

I'm sorry. Do me a favor.

 Merle said cheerfully.

(Oh? (Suddenly you're not so energetic)

 Merle is given a large shield and is left to guard Cecil and Sophie until all the golem tablet is ready.

 Knowing the strength of the golem, Merle was confident at first, but once he changed jobs and his friends were noticeably stronger than when he was at the school, he began to feel sorry for his role in the battle.

 In the end, I spent the entire morning getting four medals and two treasure chests, but the tablet did not appear. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the tablet comes out, but Merle is worried about it.

"Well, that's okay. It won't take months for the golem to come together.

(I got two treasure chests in half a day. It's just a matter of time.)

"But ......

Merle's power is full of possibilities that probably can't be measured by simple power. And it's clear from the other golems that they would be useful as tanks as well.

 I tell Merle that both Allen and his friends have seen the golems at work in this desert area, so they all do.


 Somehow, Merle seems to agree with me.

"But then again, Allen is so obsessed with the tank.

"Hm? That's not true. I just know a little bit about it.

 Allen's conditional reflex is to deny it.

'If you say so, then yes,'

 Sophie seems to agree with Cecil's words.
 Allen's gaze is drawn to him, "Why are you in the tank?

Hmmm. Well, there's no need to hide it, but I've been a tank in a previous life.

"Heh. Really. So you know a lot about this.

 Cecil reminds me of Allen, who talks passionately about the importance of the role of the tank.
 It seems surprising that his friends did as well.

 Having seen Allen as a summoner, I wondered if he was a summoner or something close to it.

(Well, it's not that I wanted to tank. Do I need to say this?)

"Yeah. That's why Merle. I chose to be a summoner, but you don't know what it is until you try it. You never know what you're going to do. You get attached to it after so many years.

 The summoner in this world is not what I thought it would be, but I truly believe that this is what I enjoy doing. That's why Merle says not to worry if you're not in a good place right now.

I see.

Something convincing. It's an empirical story.

 When Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, he chose the role of a tank in his first online game.
 There were many different professions to choose from, but I chose the role of a tank because it looked strong.

 You didn't choose a tank, but you chose the role of a tank.

 Since it was his first time to play online games, Kenichi had no concept of the "tank" in his mind.
 Compared to other avant-garde professions, I thought it was less aggressive and more durable, and that it had the skills to protect your allies.
 It wasn't until more than a year after I started playing that I learned of the tank position in that role.

 I believe that I fulfilled my role as a tank until the end of the net game service.
 The first net game I played was my first and last main role as a tank.

(So it's not an exaggeration to say that I'm in this world, though.

 Allen is here because he cherishes the memories of those days.
 The strong memories of the internet games that I was crazy about at the time have defined my life and values in gaming since then.
 As a result, I came to this world in order to devote myself to it.

But a tank is a 'role' in your story, isn't it? I wonder if there is a separate occupation.


"...... seems to be.

 Allen said cryptically.

'Huh? What's that?

 Cecil feels more uncomfortable than ever in Allen's reaction to Sophie's realization.
 It's obvious that he's hiding something.

No, what?

Say it. What's your occupation?

 Cecil, who had been eating, was leaning against me.

"What's Allen been doing?

 Krsna joins in on Cecil's questioning of Allen.

It's an adventure.

(What else is a great adventure)

"Hee! Why! Ouch. No, seriously!

(Ri, that's unreasonable!)

 As Allen blurts out in response to Crenna's question, he takes the sanction of the Iron Claw from Cecil.


Well, they wore armor and weapons such as spears, swords, and shields. He was also equipped with a shield.

(Brings back fond memories of Kempy)

 Allen played his first Internet game under the name "Kempy".
 I named it after myself because I couldn't come up with a cool name for my first online game when I was a student, and I remember playing it for a long time and getting attached to it.

'Oh! Cool?

 Imagining Allen's previous life and asking more about what Krsna was like.
 Allen wants to change things, but there's no escape for him.

"Mm-hm. That's really cool.

"But it's like a piece of equipment, not a profession: ......

(Hey, Sophie...) You're the only one who's not on my side. (You're the only one who's not on my side.)

Sophie also seems to be curious about Allen's previous profession.
 I don't get the gentle feeling that Cecil has a hold of you.

 It seems that no one here is on Allen's side.

"Hey! It hurts!

You'll tell me, won't you?

Yes, yes. I was actually a 'holy knight' by trade.

(I chose it because I thought it was a cool occupation, both in terms of equipment and occupational name.

 This is the moment of birth of the Holy Knight Kempy.

 After the first online game I played was discontinued, I found in the many online games I played afterwards that a heavily armed occupation like holy knight was usually a tank.
 It was just that Kenichi was ignorant at the time.

"Ki, knight! Allen was a knight! It's amazing!

"Hey, a knight! Why didn't you tell me?

 At these words, Krsna and Dogora stand up and react strongly.

(See, that's why I didn't want to say it. Crenna and Dogora react. (This must be cleared up.)

 I know how much they admire knights since they played knights.
 So, when you were at the school, you have memories of your previous life and said that you have worked in many different professions in your previous life, but you hid the fact that you were a holy knight, a profession with the word 'knight' in it.

"Don't get me wrong. It's just a profession. It has the word 'knight' in its name, but it's the same as a commoner in terms of status and such.

(I was a businessman.)

"No way!

 Dogora, who has been keeping a low profile, says, "I'm going to be reduced to the usual Cecil again?
 This may be the best comedy of his 14 years of life.

Hmm? The Cube? The Cube!

 The summoner, who has been searching during the break, discovers a floating cube-like object deep in the cave.

(Oh, that's just what Helmios told me yesterday.)

"Hey, what are you talking about?

No, there's a cube in the rock cave. I think everyone had a break. Let's go.

"Oh, hey. I'm not done talking to you! Tell me more about the knight. I mean, why didn't you tell me?

 Against the backdrop of Dogora's voice, Allen summoned the bird B summoner and prompted everyone's questioning faces to brush off the departure.