250 Art. 244. Hidden Cube

 Brushing aside everyone's protests to hear the story of a previous life, Allen hurriedly moved to get on Bird B's summoner.

Hey, I'll tell you more about the Holy Knight later! Answer me! Allen!


 Allen silently accepts Cecil's words as they come flying in a strong tone from behind.

We'll just have to wait for the storm to pass. Well, I finally found one. But you found it on your first day listening. Lucky you.

 I've told my friends that I'll be going to the dungeon for 4 days and 3 nights from today.
 The square to which you are transpiring is free of magical beasts, and other adventurers' parties are stuck in one place, lodging as they please.
 Some of them have transformed their golems into bases and are sleeping inside.
 When night comes, there is nowhere to run, but Allen puts off the problem.

 Last night, Allen heard that there is a hidden cube somewhere in this rocky mountain.
 It's located in the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire, in the mansion of Helmios near the royal castle.

 There's a Spirit B summoner there.
 Through Spirit B's summoner, I sought additional information about this dungeon's attack, including Beebe's. After all, the more you go in, the more you want to know.

 Since Helmios was mainly working on the fourth level, I was able to get information about the second and third levels, even though I was told that I didn't know that much about them.

 In addition to the Helmios Mansion, Allen currently has summonses placed all over the world.

 The capital city of Fortenia is currently under reconstruction, so you can visit the city of Tiamo, where the queen and her elders are.
 The mansion where the elven diplomats were assigned to live near the royal capital of Latash Kingdom.
 Viscount Granville's mansion in the city of Granville.
 The settlement village of Rodin.

 The reason why they are placed in different parts of the world is to gather information, and the placement is determined by taking into account the fact that the dungeon is under attack.  
 You're in a dungeon, so that you don't miss the invasion of the demon king's army.

 The frontier village where you have your family also serves as both helping to settle the land and guarding you from demonic beasts.
 Prosperity of the family is one of the things Allen values most.

 I've also assigned a dragon B summoner to help you defeat monsters in Baron Granville and Baron Karnel's territory. He's also raising Haku, the white dragon, so he's pretty busy.
 The most common food eaten by the defeated monsters is Haku's food, but he has an unbelievable appetite and keeps on eating it, and it's getting bigger every day.

 Allen and the others walked into the huge hole in the rocky mountain.

Thank goodness it wasn't gone yet. So he's not gone yet. Work up your guard as I talk to you. Maybe you'll get blown away.

 At the back of the large hole in the rock pile we found, there was a cube-shaped object, the same one in the square.

"Hmm. I see.

 So saying, Formal removes the bow from his back and clenches it to his chest.

Then, here we go. I'm sorry.

 Allen also speaks to the cube-shaped object, wary of it.

Hello. Dear obsolete gamers. This is S302, the dungeon reward exchange system. Would you like to exchange your medals for a tablet?

(Not the trap type, but the replacement type.)

Is the exchange. Excuse me, can I ask you a few questions?


 Allen decides to find out more about what this cube-shaped object does for you.

 Both the medal and tablet types are iron-only.
 You can exchange a medal for a tablet or a tablet for a medal.
 Three medals for one tablet.
 Only one stone tablet can be exchanged.
 One stone plate at random from the head, body, right arm, left arm, or foot for the main body only.
 In this cube you do not replace any tablet other than the one for the main body.

What. Isn't this a special type of replacement?

 Helmios told me that there is more than one cube-shaped object in the hierarchy.
 It could be anywhere in the hierarchy, and after a while it would transfer back and forth like a hierarchical boss.
 They are often, but not exclusively, found in tree scales at second level and in large holes in rocky mountains at third level.

 You can exchange not only stone plates for your main body, but also giant plates, strengthened plates, mobility plates, special plates and many more for medals.
 The number of medals you need depends on the type of stone plates you want to exchange.
 Some exchanges require more than 10 medals.

 Furthermore, this cube-shaped object is not only for exchanging medals and tablets.
 They can also give you medals and tablets for free.

 They can also transfer you to places outside the normal hierarchy, such as the bonus stage, the death stage, and so on.
 For the transfer to the death stage, the moment you talk to them, you will be forced to move to another space where there are many monsters in your party.
 As a result, you may be surrounded by a bunch of A-ranked monsters and get wiped out, which is apparently another reason why there are so many deaths in dungeons.

 It seems to be common knowledge among adventurers that you shouldn't talk to the hidden cubes even though they have no skills.

Three Iron Medals for an exchange.

 Without hesitation, Allen pulls three Iron Medals out of storage.

(Merle's golem is a playful one.)

 None of his friends would stop him as he lavishly exchanged the three medals he had obtained by running through the three levels since morning.
 I've known since I was at the school that Allen has always sought the best strength for his friends.

I confirm. Then you will receive it.

 Three Iron Medals disappear from Allen's hand.

 And the head part of the stone plate for the body of the iron is floating softly as if it lost gravity.

This is the head. That's the first one. That's four more. I'm sorry if the head is covered.

 I'm sorry to say that the next time the head tablet comes out of the treasure chest and I get covered.

(Well, these are the ones that keep getting covered because the last one didn't come out)

"Thanks to ......

 Sparing no expense in exchanging the three medals you've earned from fighting and defeating a magical beast that you've spent the morning searching for.
 Merle is flustered by the lack of hesitation.

"Here, put the tablet on.

"Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. ......

 The steel plate that you obtained is placed at the head of the body plate part of the grimoire board.
 Merle, who was feeling sorry, is able to take a step forward and his expression changes from anxiety to joy.

Allen is not like this. After all, he's a holy knight. Maybe he's a big guy. That's because he was a holy knight too. ......

I see, so that's why you're so used to royalty and nobility.

 Cecil seems to be curious about the Holy Knight.
 There seems to be something about Allen's actions and statements in the past that makes sense to him.

 Keel says something that makes Cecil's words even more convincing, and everyone else is nodding their heads.

(Something is becoming more and more misunderstood.)

 Allen, who is having a hard time saying that he chose it just for being cool when he was a student, strives to be unresponsive.

 Speaking of knights being cool, Krsna and Dogora are likely to react strongly this time.
 It's easy to imagine that the two of them will take you on the road to knighthood.

 The cube-shaped object slowly disappears as if it were losing its outline.

Oh, when it's done, it's gone. Well, that's next.

Now let's go to the next rock pile. There's a treasure chest over there, we'll get it before it disappears.

That's what I'm talking about, Mr. Allen.

 Sophie, the complimenter, clasps her hands to her chest and is moved by it.
 Allen earnestly hopes that Cecil and his friends will also follow their mistakes.

 It's only the second day of entering an S-class dungeon, and this is how much of a clue we're beginning to get.
 Allen is constantly using summons to keep them checking inside the rocky mountains.

 The other adventuring parties will be attacked by magical beasts in the sand while they are on the move, so they have to move in corresponding formations.
 There might be monsters in the rocks, so you need to form up once again.
 Thanks to this, time is running out.

 But Allen and the others don't have to do that.
 There are more than 10 summons that don't lose any time and don't stop to search the rocky mountain.

(Huh? (My vision has changed all at once.

 While riding the bird B summoner with his friends, the view of the fish B summoner that they were sharing changed.

Hmm? And is this in the air? Gembu is flying in the sky.

What's going on? Allen

 Merle notices something is wrong with Allen.

Why are you stopping again?

 Cecil protests from behind as he slams on the brakes in midair.

No, I saw a long vermilion torso for a second, so I think it's 'Scarlet,' but I think it's going to get Gembu. Let's go for a minute.

"Huh? Scarlett is the hierarchical boss of the S-rank of this hierarchy, right? Are you okay?

If not, I'll run again. Hey, I want to see what kind of Hexenbiest you are. It's close!

(With an S-rank, you don't always lose, and if I could, I would beat it.

 It was only yesterday that he was defeated by an S-ranked monster beast, the hierarchical boss of the second level.
 As Allen decided to change the destination to an S-ranked hexenbiest, the expressions on the faces of his friends were tense.