Allen had heard from Helmios about the name and characteristics of the S-rank hierarchical boss of this level.
 Allen and his team will fly down to the only S-ranked hierarchical boss at the third level, a monster called Scarlet.

(Wow, this is terrible. (Gembu's vision is nearly 100 meters in the air.

 The body of the summoned beast of Fish B in the form of a ten-meter-long Archelon that should have been swimming in the sand is far up in the sky.
 You can see that Scarlet has been dragged by force from the ground and lifted into the sky.
 Summons have a weight, and Fish B's summoner is one of the heaviest summons Allen has.

'Allen, they're all running away!

 A group of adventurers run across the sand, desperately fleeing from Scarlett, who suddenly appears out of the sand. None of the adventurers seem to be willing to fight.

Oh, that's where we're running from. Yeah, that's where you're running from.

 In front of Allen's eyes, Fish B's summoner, who was out of energy, disappeared into a glowing bubble.
 The giant worm-shaped monster that defeated Fish B's summoned beast is seen.

This is the strongest hierarchical boss in this hierarchy, the Scarlet Sand Worm? What a huge worm! This is great! This one's good.

"Oh, Allen, what are you talking about? We can't do this.

 Merle stared at the overwhelmingly strong man who had crawled out of the sand, despairing.

"What are you talking about. No enemy is impossible.

 Its worm-like body, which is over several hundred meters long, is stained with vermilion and has spines sprouting from knot-like areas.
 While his friends were pulling, Allen couldn't stop his heart from racing as a magical beast of an unprecedented size emerged.

(Is Scarlett's only weapon, from the looks of it, a mouth with fangs on the tip of her head? (As the spines on the body surface are also naturally careful)

 Hundreds of uneven fangs sprouted from the huge circular mouth at the tip of its head, which also held the hard shell of the gembu in its mouth.

It's going to be a mess if we all get caught in that mouth. Don't fall off! Crenna and Dogora, turn and aim for the torso area. I'll attack the mouth over here, so don't go near the mouth area!

"I get it! Let's go, Griff!


 As Krena pounds on the head of Bird B's summoner, Bird B's summoner accelerates at once.
 It circles around Scarlett's body and continues to deliver its fullest blow to her body.

Okay, the rest of us are going for the head. Cecil will also check for any weaknesses. Let's time the extra skill.

 I declare the ban on extra skills.
 Allen has always told his colleagues that the use of extra skills is most effective at the best of times.

Let's bring them all back in.

 Allen had summoned the spirit B summoner to search in the rock pile and bring it back to us.
 Even if it flies far away, it can be returned to your side if you share it.
 Because of Scarlett's huge size, I assumed her stamina was quite high, so the plan was to kill her with a full attack.

Hey! And, Allen, something is going to recover soon!

"Oh, my God. It's not working at all!

 As Kreena slashes at Scarlett's long torso, the wound is regenerated from the point of slice to close it.

 That seems to be the case even when Dogora attacks.

Oh, okay. The attacks seem to be working, so keep going. For the last time, don't get caught by Scarlett.

(Funny. Doesn't this have almost no durability? (Does it feel like the resilience that makes up for it?

 Demonic beasts also have their own status.
 Even if they are of the same rank, their endurance can be high or low.
 Looking at the attacks of Crenna and Dogora, I suspect that their durability is quite low for a hexenbiest of the S-rank, and that they have very little of it.

 I'm guessing that even if you throw away your defense, it's still good because it has a recovery speed that more than makes up for it.

Hey, Allen. Maybe he doesn't have any resistance!

(Physical defense as well as magic feels totally irresistible?

"Oh, I guess so. Cecil. Probably not resistant to attacks of all attributes. Their endurance is also infinitesimal. He's the type of Hexenbiest who uses his extra strength and recovery speed to fight. That's unusual.

 The level is approaching the canthmus, and you're not going to go down, despite the attacks of your friends. They are coming towards you, healing their wounds all over their bodies in a flash.

Don't be impressed, do you have a plan?

"There is . Krena is breaking the limit. I want you to activate extra skills in conjunction with Kurrena's attack, except for Cecil and Sophie.

I get it!

 Crenna activates the Extra Skill "Break the Limit".
 Then, using the Bird B Summoner's Awakening Skill "Heavenly Drive", she slashes Scarlett's torso with all her might.
 As Scarlett sprays more blood and fluid than ever before, her friends' all-out assault begins.

 Allen also uses magic stones sparingly this time, and continues to attack spirit B and dragon B mainly with his awakening skills.

(Good, good, the speed at which damage is dealt is higher. It's surpassed the speed at which the wounds heal. (One more push?)

 Allen has also fought spontaneous recovery enemies in his previous life.
 In order to defeat a spontaneous recovery enemy, you must deal more damage to your opponent than that.

 As his strength is being drained to the last minute, just as Krsna's extra skill is about to fade, Allen calls out to Cecil, "Cecil.

"Cecil. Petit meteo. Crush my head.

"All right. I'll take care of it.

 While attacking with magic, Cecil's body, which was timing the "micrometeorite" awakening skill, begins to shimmer like a shimmering flame.

'Krsna, Dogora! Get away from there! Petit Meteo is coming!

"Oh, okay.

"Let's go! Petite meteo!

 Once again, Dogora tried to use Extra Skill but couldn't activate it, but when he reluctantly moved away, a small meteorite fell from above his head at the right moment.

 I don't know the reasoning behind this, but this is a dungeon that should have a ceiling, but instead of destroying the ceiling, a chunk of burnt red rock with a diameter of several tens of meters suddenly appears from near the ceiling and falls down.

 The use of micrometeorites in dungeons has been verified in the dungeon in the school city.

 As Scarlett lifts her head, the micrometeorite crashes into it, crushing it.
 Scarlett's head is crushed by the micrometeorite as her fluid boils, and her disempowered torso slams to the ground in a cloud of dust.

You did it!

(Shit, it's not instantaneous. You might recover from this one.

 She looks at the grimoire, but if she dies instantly, the grimoire instantly shows a log of her defeat.
 But since it doesn't show up at all, you assume Scarlett, who lost her head, is still alive.

"No, I'm not. No, I haven't defeated it yet. Use Sophie's Blessing of the Spirit King.

 Allen tells everyone to use the Blessing of the Spirit King, which is used by the Spirit God to restore extra skill.

 Allen's prediction was correct.
 Scarlett writhes as she moves her entire body.

 Scarlett's body, which had been ravaged by everyone's attack and by Cecil's micrometeorite, is regenerating.

 Even her crushed head has been completely regenerated.

 You'll be able to see the look of despair on Cecil's face as he has immense confidence in the micrometeorite, which also played a role in the battle against the demon god Razel.

"No, the battle is not over yet. We're just back to square one.

 More battles with the horrific figure of Scarlett continue.

 And then a few minutes pass.

"No, our overall firepower is too low to take this thing down.

"Yes, of course you do: ......

 Allen decides that he cannot be defeated.
 This time, unlike Beebe, he was able to take damage well.
 However, this is an enemy that always seems to maintain a recovery rate that exceeds our attack.

 I tried to persist in the hope that the recovery speed might weaken, but the recovery speed did not diminish at all.
 With the exception of Dogora, everyone except Dogora had already activated their second extra skill, and the recovery speed of Aren's attacks, which had decreased in power, was overwhelmingly faster than that of their attacks.

 Because such a situation continued, Scarlett is now unharmed.

(If we don't have enough firepower to defeat this thing.

"We need to get stronger to capture Scarlett. Let's get out of here.


 At Allen's word, Krsna and Dogora also stop the attack.
 Scarlett's movement speed is not great, so she can escape in plenty of time.
 After some distance, Scarlet stops chasing and dives head first into the sand again.

 Thus, the battle against the three-level S-ranked hierarchical boss Scarlet-Sand Worm ends with a retreat.