252 Chapter 246 Visit the store ①

"Oh, hey. Don't stare. It's okay. It's all here.

No, I'm not staring at you.

 Keel can't hide his confusion as Allen stares intensely at him.

"Good for you. Merle. We have everything now, don't we?


 When Cecil called out to Merle, ignoring the exchange between Allen and Keel, Merle responded awkwardly. At that moment, the hidden cube swiftly disappears.

 Allen and his team are in a large hole in a rocky mountain on the third floor.
 For the next 20 days or so, they spent their days searching for the monsters, treasure chests, and hidden cubes inside the rocky mountain.

 The stone slab is divided into head, body, right hand, left hand and foot, but the last one, the right hand, never appeared.
 I kept searching for the tablet from the treasure chest and hidden cubes, but other parts of the tablet were covered and could not be found.

 All the while, Allen was talking to the hidden cube and making deals with it.
 Keel wanted to do it too, so I took over for him, and we ended up with the current situation.

d*mn. It's always this way. It always takes me longer to collect my equipment.

 If I remember from my previous life, it seems that it took me a long time to get the equipment and create a strong weapon like this one, when there is an element of luck involved.

I've got the body, but what should I do? We can't keep Helmios-sama waiting, and...

 In an attempt to change Allen's depressed mood, Sophie tells him what's coming up.

 I'm going to meet with Helmios now.
 I've only been in the dungeon for about 20 days now, and I heard that he's coming to this S-class dungeon because the events in the Empire of Giamut are over, where Helmios celebrated his victory.

 Hearing of the victory, Aren thinks that it has been almost two months since then.

 He hadn't been at these three levels for twenty days.
 Every five days, Allen trades 100,000 D-ranked magic stones for 1,000 gold coins in the Adventurer's Guild.
 He also has to sell the weapons and armor he got in the dungeon for the baboons and mithril, as they are no longer needed.
 Since Allen's grimoire won't contain large items, some of the contents of the treasure chest will become baggage.
 Once you get a grimoire, you also need time to use fast summons to turn it into a magic seed.

 To combine the time for packing and trading in the adventurer's guild, as well as a rest for my friends, I've decided to stay in the dungeon for three and a half days out of five days. Four days and three nights in the dungeon, with one and a half days left to rest.
 My companions helped me gather magic seeds that Allen had set up in his room, which was more like a vegetable garden than a pot, and they all spent their time in the city on the first level of the S-class dungeon.
 In the evenings, Merle insists on going out for a drink at a nearby restaurant.

 Seeing Merle drinking alcohol like water after three days of walking in the desert, Aren and his friends can't hide their confusion at the thought of dwarves dying when they run out of alcohol.
 In addition, there is a bottle of liquor in Allen's storage for Merle, but basically no alcohol is allowed in the dungeon.
 As long as you're in the dungeon, you'll act as an abolished gamer.
 There are no gamers in Allen who drink alcohol.

I know. It's almost noon. Shall we wrap it up for now and examine the golem the next time we're in the dungeon? Is that all right with Merle too?

"Yeah! Of course! Thank you all ......

"Hey! Don't cry.

"Merle okay? Hungry? Me, too," he said.

(Hey, Crenna.) Oh! (I fitted all the stone slabs on the body and the geometric letters started to glow)

 At last, I was able to complete the main body of the Iron Golem in about 20 days, but I was too happy.
 Merle grabbed the grimoire with all the plates for the main body and cried out.
 The grimoire, worn around the neck like a stamp card from elementary school gymnastics, reacts to Merle's hand.
 The grimoire is filled with geometric characters and a golem is about to emerge from it.

 The scene is ruined by Krsna, who is hungry at noon.
 After condemning Krena to a gnashing of teeth, Allen leaves the great hole and moves to the first level from the central square of the hierarchy.

"Can't we stop by the Adventurers' Guild now?

 You will be able to find out if you will be going to the adventurers' guild where you will be meeting with Helmios.

No, I got out of the treasure chest quite a bit this time, so let's leave our bags and go.

 Clutching an adamantine bow from a treasure chest, Allen replies, "It's just a 10-minute walk from my usual base.

 It's a ten-minute walk and you'll be at your usual base.
 Take the weapons and armor you got from the dungeon's treasure chest and move to the base.

Hey, you home from the dungeon? You're late.

"Hmm? Eh? Huh? What does this mean?

I'm going to tell you the truth about what's happening right now. I was talking with a brave man about meeting up with him in the Adventurer's Guild around noon today. We're going to complete the same dungeon, so that's what we were thinking. And then somehow there's a guy carrying a bunch of stuff to our base.

 They have hired a dwarven contractor, and a large quantity of goods are being carried into the base.

Hey! Maybe you don't have permission to do this?

"No, well . Sylvia. I just wanted to surprise you.

 Helmios' companion, the Swordsman Sylvia, noticed the appearance of Allen and his friends.

Do you mean that Helmios-san will be using this base?

Yeah. I don't mean me, I mean my party, Sacred. No?

(Okay, and it was locked up tight. I mean, Mr. Doberg is there.

 My eyes are drawn to a thin, navel-gazing bandit who looks like a scout.
 It seems that this female thief has unlocked the key to the base with some skill.

 And nearly a dozen of Helmios' apparently powerful companions, including Kensei Doberg, are watching the exchange between Helmios and Allen.
 The somewhat guilty expression on his face is probably because he was forced to go along with Helmios' bad ride. You can't help but feel that this is not a once or twice occurrence.

I see, we'll leave it to them to carry the luggage, shall we talk about the future?

(Let's just say I'll have you pay more rent.)

 Allen does not ask you to leave the base now.

 He says he'll let the dwarves, who he thinks are movers, and his servants, who he thinks are under Helmios, take care of things, and then they'll find somewhere calm to talk.

 Allen is also hungry and wants to eat.

That sounds great. I'll tell you where to go. I'll go with you.

 Helmios offered to give me some recommendations for stores along the boulevard.
 Helmios called out to his friends, saying that he would go there as well.

 Allen, under the circumstances, talks to his friends and decides to drop his stuff in the basement warehouse of the base and go to the store.

Here it is. Here it is.

"Oh! Yes!

 As Helmios points to the store, Merle clenches his fists in front of his chest and lets out an emotional cry.
 Is it just my imagination that they reacted better than they did when all the grimoire boards were in place?
 It seems that the drinks here are delicious, and whenever I come here, the dwarves are always busy drinking.

 Because it is located along the main street near the base, as if there is some kind of strong magnetic force at work here, Merle sticks to it and doesn't move.

Over here.

(No, it's a place I've been to a lot.)

 With a mature expression on his face, Allen also walked into the store, not giving the impression that he was here for the first time or that he had been here many times.


 When you open the door, the owner of the store greets you in a loud voice.

(There are a lot of dwarves here today, too. Well, they are an elite group of dungeon conquerors just because they can drink here. (Oh, there's Admiral Galala again.)

 You can't help but notice Admiral Galala wearing a pirate hat performing a cobra twist on a table to a dwarf who seems to be under his command.

 This store is close to the temple and is frequented by many adventurers who go to S-class dungeons.
 There are many skilled adventurers in this city who can obtain not 100 gold coins, but over 1,000 treasures at a time.

 Furthermore, in the periphery of the city on the first level of S-class dungeons, there are quite a few adventurers who have conquered the C-class to A-class dungeons around the Tower of Trials.

 Allen notices the presence of Admiral Galala.
 When he's not in the dungeon, Admiral Galala can be found here, drinking with nearly 20 dwarves.

"Hey, hey, isn't that the dark hair?
"Yeah, maybe so.
Let's go call Master Zeu.

(Hmm? (What?)

 A couple of beastmen who were drinking near the entrance seem to have noticed Allen at the same time he noticed Admiral Galala.

 After whispering to each other, they paid the bill and left the store.

"Huh? Isn't that Admiral Galala?

 After Allen, Helmios and his companions had been ushered into their seats, Helmios noticed Admiral Galala in a noisy crowd.

'Huh? Hey, you're the hero of the Central Continent. Hey, guys, I'm going to say hello to you.

 So saying, Admiral Galala jumped down from the table and approached impersonally, clutching a wooden mug, with several dwarves in tow.