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Do you know him?

 Because Helmios called out to him, the rattling Admiral Galala comes over with a wooden mug to the large table where Allen and Helmios' party sit.

I'm not sure. Admiral Galala is in this dungeon a lot. We occasionally share information. Sometimes we even get together at the Council of the League of 5 Continents.

"I see.

(How often do we meet in each other's shoes?)

 In the midst of the conversation between Allen and Helmios, Merle is frantically ordering from the dwarf clerk.
 Allen thinks that the last time they met, he was acting like, "I'm your superior officer, thanks for your help.

 And now Rosen, the genie god, has stepped down from Sophie's shoulder to the table, looking at the parchment with the menu on it, folding his arms and mumbling about whether he'd like it today.

(It's just the usual hucaman. There's a bunch of freshly made ones in storage, too.

 Hucaman is a specialty of the Baucis Empire, a steamed and chewy bread.
 With Rosen's recent boom, the spirit gods demanded that Allen's storage be filled with freshly made hukaman.

The heroes of the Central Continent have already conquered the dungeon. That's the spirit.

 When I was drinking oolong tea at a drinking party, the memory of my previous life when I was tangled with an old man sitting next to me came back to me.

The same is true for Admiral Galala. Are you in the dungeon yet?

"Hey. The war is over. It's time to start cracking dungeons.

Okay, so that's all you've got. Does this mean that the Baucis Empire is on the move?

 Conversing with Admiral Galala, Helmios the Brave looks at the table at which Admiral Galala came to sit down with the dwarves.

"Well.... The Beast Kingdom is serious about this. Don't fall behind. It's hard work being in the service of such a swarthy emperor. Oh, wow! Fu Fu Fu!

 As he was about to speak ill of the Baucis emperor again, the dwarves who came with Admiral Galala covered his mouth and carried him back to the table from which he came, strangling him with their wings.

Mr. Helmios. What do you mean the Baukis Empire is serious?

"Hmm? Yes, the dwarves at that table are all demon rock generals. Except for Admiral Galala.

(Seriously? You have come to attack with the total strength of the Baucis Empire? Is that the seriousness of the Bauchis Empire? (And Admiral Galala, the Demon Rock King who leads the Demon Rock General's troops?

 Admiral Galala combined, there are 20 people sitting at the table.
 Except for Admiral Galala, he tells me that there is one demon rock general talent in ten million.

 I learned about Admiral Galala from Merle in the last 20 days.
 The Admiral Galala is the strongest and only one talented 'demon rock king' in the Baucis Empire.

This is nice. This brings back memories.

 Allen feels nostalgic for such a situation, as memories of his previous life come back to him.

"Huh? Allen, the holy knight, is also a golem user! Hey! Why? Fluffy!

"No, it's nothing. Let's eat when the food is here.

 Cecil, sitting next to him, was about to say something unnecessary, so Allen covered his mouth.

 In his previous life, Allen had basically tried to develop his character by hunting in what is called the desperate hunt of the efficient kitchen, but that was not the only way to play.

 For example, I would go out to the hunting ground with only wizards and shoot magic together to defeat the enemy while being frightened by paper armor.
 It's called story play.

 Admiral Galala's party, which is made up of only golem users, has both offense and defense, so it's not a story play, but a real one that you can actually attack.

No, please don't worry about it. I just thought that the same golem user would be able to capture the dungeon. So, how do you go about conquering a dungeon, Helmios-san?

"Hmmm. I'm just here to level up and equip rather than to attack. We're just going to work on the fourth level. Allen, you're trying to attack, right?

I came with the intention of doing so. So you and Helmio's party will share a base, but you'll be separated in the dungeon.

"Mm-hm. I wonder if I will.

 I'm not going to kick out the party of Hermios who came up to the base.
 It's a big building that can house 30 people, so Allen thinks that he'll have them pay rent on a per capita basis.
 Naturally, Helmios' servants are included in that number.

 It's true that Allen and his friends have had trouble managing their base.
 You want to focus on capturing the dungeon, but there's no one to manage the base.
 I was just thinking how tiring it was to stay in the dungeon for days at a time doing house work.

(Well, as long as we don't talk about summoner abilities and past lives, it's okay. But still, don't you have a strategy? (The brave party seems like a pretty good bunch, too.

I thought you were here primarily for the attack because of this configuration.

"No, no, this dungeon is tough, even for our party. Oh, I almost forgot. Let me introduce you guys.

 As if remembering this, Helmios introduced me to the names and occupations of my companions.
 There are 10 people in the party, except for Helmios, whose talent seems to be 3 stars.

 Sacred' party led by the brave Helmios.
Helmios the Brave
Swordsman Silvia, Swordsman Doberg
One holy knight
Two saints
2 large mages
One Archer
One thief

(All women except for Ms. Doberg. Was there a man among the servants? But still, there is only one holy knight. I didn't know that this world has a common understanding of "only one holy knight".

 Allen also feels nostalgic for the fact that there is only one holy knight, as he introduces everyone in the "abandoned gamer" led by Allen.

 The holy knight, who played a tank role and could also use auxiliary magic, did not have the benefit of having more than one in the party, as their assistance did not overlap and their firepower was slightly lower than that of the vanguard.

 I remember there was a limit to the number of people in a party to go hunting together, such as "how many of this profession". In the internet games Allen had played in his previous life, there was basically only one holy knight in principle.

The Sword King. So it was true that you could change professions?

"Yes, it is.

 While Allen missed it, Allen's party also introduced themselves, and at the end, Doberg responded about Krsna's profession.


 Helmios tries to control it, but Doberg stands up.

"Dear Spirit God Rosen.

"Hmm? What is it?

"I would like to change my job. That's why I'm here.

 Doberg bows his head deeply and pleads with Rosen, who is chewing on his Fuqaman.


 Rosen put his hand to his chin and began to think.

(Honestly, that's what happens. Who wouldn't want to change if they heard it would make them stronger?

 I wonder if Doberg went with Helmios on this trip to change jobs.

I was told that I could change jobs for a price.

"Hmm, doberg. I wonder what you'll pay me. Ha ha.

"I have only one year to live. I will give my all for the rest of my life. Isn't that the price?

 Doberg keeps his head down and continues to plead with Rosen, who is sitting on the table.


Hey, Allen. You don't have to stop!

 Everyone is upset except Allen and Helmios.
 Cecil tells Allen to stop.

 The Swordsman says he only has one year of life left if you'll let him change jobs.
 That's how much power he wants, he thinks.

Blessed Doberg.


"Elmere, the god of creation, told me about the way you've lived your life. How you've left everything behind to fight demons and demon gods. The Elmer is very grateful.

Yes. So, you're moving on?

I'm not done talking yet, okay?


This time, I arbitrarily changed your party, Allen. It's been a little bit of a mess in the god world. It's all about 'equality' in the God world. So just wait a minute.


''Yes. Let's just say I'm currently working on a job change in the God Realm. Is that the answer? That's why I came here, too. It's what I did. Ha-ha.

I understand. I'll be waiting.


 The conversation between de Bergh and Rosen seems to end there.
 Rosen resumes desperately stuffing her cheeks with her hukaman, her belly heaving.

 Doberg also begins to drink in silence.
 His eyes are closed and his shoulders are shaking, so he seems to be in his own world.

 Maybe there is something about being able to change jobs and gain power that you feel strongly about.

(Okay, so there's a reason why Rosen followed Sophie. By the way, Merle drinks a little too much.

 He wouldn't tell me why because of Rosen, but Allen knew that Rosen had his own reasons for being here.

 I shifted my gaze to Merle, who was drinking out of herself.
 I try to warn him that he's drinking too much.

 That's when it happened.
 The door swings open with force.


"Yes, yes. Mr. Zeu. This way, sir.

 A lion beastman, more than two meters tall, entered the store with the beastmen in tow.